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Even Careful
Calomnel Users
are Salivated
Very Wext Dose of Treacherous
DMug may -Start Trouble
Calomel is dangerous. It. may salivate
you ani muake you %utier fearf-illy from
Bor,'neno of guins, tenderness of jaws and
.teetl, -swollenl tongue, and excessive
b saliva'dribbling from tihe mouth. Don't
trusttIlonmel. It is nercury; quicksilver.
If .you feel bilious, headachy, consti
1mstA! :and all knocked out, just. go to
your 'iUIggist and get a bottle of Dod
.Hons iiver Tone for a few cents which
is r. harmless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Tako a spoonful and
'i it doesn't start your liver and
imrbiightegn you up better and quicker
'than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you just go back and get your
'If 'you take caloinel today you'll be
'shdk and nauseated tomorrow; besides,
Rt imay salivate you, while if you take
TrAIIson's Liver '1'one you will wake up
'feeling great. No salts necessary. Give
itto the children because it is perfectly
liarrzhless and can not salivate.
1iabitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
4LAX-FOS WITI PEPSIN" is a specially,
(prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
:(2mnsti Pat ion. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
tto induce regular action. It Stimulates and
iRegulatea , Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
'per bottle.
Even a sick child loves the "fruity
taste of "California Fig Syrup." l the
little tongue is coated, or if your child is
llistless, cross, feverish, full of cold, or has
'colic, give a teaspoonful to cleanse the
liver and bbwels. in a few hours you can
-see for yourself how thoroughly it works
-all the constipation poison, sour bile and
,waste out of the bowels, and you have a
swell, playful child again.
Mill ions of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea
qpoonful today saves a sick child to
-morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine
'"Odlifornia Fig Syrup" which has direc
tions for babies and children of all ages
-pninted -on bottle. Mothert You must
:say"(California" or you may get an imi
tsion ig..syrup.
No. 4
Cr ao 'u thtin
pinge; ndtht *;c comres
irorsctore cauofte thajorI
consqunnction sncalledosub-ne
veain fteyrtebral seu h pn-t
thich meansththatrthe areti-a
surfas theuse bony nths mari
tyr o dieses.oto lnet
Tusondaitn thse bonec, "the
Chioactor ue vnthbral ut
hich maehans ta tee aimar
sufacero thson tuntlesin ar
the rless oofalignmenbtanc
To freig thee trunks, the
ual fibers.
That this contention is cor
?ect has alreaidy befen proven in
thousands of mneta'cos. Men
and women, as w cIm as children,
have come to Ohiropractie ad
justments as a last resort often
S after their bodies have gone uin
der severe =paln in attemp~ting to
rentove the effect rather than
get at the cause of the trouble,
Chitopractlc helps Nature to
11he1) you.
Drs. Coon & Todd
*ura: 10-12, 2-8, Monday, Wed.
narnday and Friday,
~nterprise W(at/i. Bank Bldg.,
-Retail Prices HaLve Dropped I Per
'Cent, According to Report of Na
tional Industrial Odnfereno Board.
New York, Jan. 30.-4Retall clothing
prices of all kinds had drahped 12 per
cent by November last bolow the peak
of prices reached in -Alarch, 192Q, and
the cost of clothing forin'an and W-ife,
loni July, 1920, to November last,,
dropped 39.4 per ceit-these ire out
standing facts -in the analysis, jitst
prepared by the 'Ntilonal Retall Pry
Goods Associatton, 'of the Impressive
research report'on'changes in the ecost
of living compileol by the Natounal In
dustrial Board.
. The differenct- of 2.6 per cont be
tiween the averacge fall in clothrllM pric
es and the cent of clothing man and
wife is due to the circumstaee that
the clothing cost for the average cou
ple is actual, as being, not thte cost of
clothing items separately, but the cost
of just such 4luant-itles of eich cloth
ing item as the average caulle con
sume In the course of one %ear.
Previous invest.Igationv having
shown that the cost for c.h-ildren's
adults' the reduction applies practical
ly to the cost of clothing the entire
family. The cost of yard 'goods having
increased in proportion i) the advance
in ready-to-wear clothing, home-mnado
clothing produced from yard goods
iwould show about the .same net in
crease in cost as ready-to-wear which
in November, 1921, (emained 61 per
cent above iuly, 1914, ablihough the ac
tual cost of the liom-made clothing
would be somewhat less than that of
the ready-to-wear.
The prices entering in-to the survey
were obtained by the National Indus
trial Conference Board.from schedules
obtained from 196 stores in 77 cities
of the United States.
Comparative figures over the post
armistice period are taltogether en
lightening in view of the current dis
cussions of retail prices. The largest
Increase over any foiur-mionth period
occurred between November, 1919 and
(March, 1920, the rise being 18 per
cent. Then the drop began. By July,
1920, with the retail prices ofelothing
which had ruled for March reckoned
at 100 'per cent, there was a decrease
:of 4 per cent. From :the 96 per cent
remalning, 14 per cent had disappeared
by November, leaving 82.66 per cent,
every successive decime being calcu
lated, not on the original 100 percent
figures of March, 1920, but on nwhat re
mained of them after each reduction.
tBy March, 1921, the 82J66 pei' cent left
in iNovember, 1920, was reduced 24 per
cent, leaving only 63.6 I)er cent. By
July, 1921, 6 per cent came off that
63.6 leaving 59.8 per cent. .By Novem
ber last, a drop of 2 -per cent from the
59.8 per cent loft only .58.11 per cent
remaining, and that was 41.39 per cent
below -the prices prevaillng in March,
The percentages, however, fail ito
allow for minor fractions running
through the calculations as made on
the actual price figures, which give the
exact reduction as 42 per cent. As a
rule, the fall in prices was greatest
where increases had 'been-greatest and
least wvheer they' had been least.
Record Took 'Place in Now York.
Wash~ington, Jan. 22.-4Representa
tive Fred H-. Dominiok of South Caro
lina declares tihe opinion that legal
restrictions against lynchin-g in South
Carolina have had nothing to do with
a decrease in lynching wvhich, during
recent years, has obtained in South
'He was preceding in a speech in the
'house of representatives against the
1Dyer anti-lynching bill. HeI said "In
tils debate, a great deal has been said
about the South Car~olina ]awv. I am
glad -that finally there has been some
Ibody, especially on the Reipubflican
sidle, -who could say something good
-for South Carolina. We are proud of
our state.
"South Carolina has a section in
its constitution regarding lynching, it
was .put in our constitution in 1895.
'Lynchings took .place in South Caro
lina before the passage of that law,
and lynchings have taken place since.
I htave no doubt that if certain condi
tions and circumstances arise in the
future, there will possibly .be oti er
lynehings. And there would- be oth'er
lynchings in Ohio or iMinnesota, or
any other state.
IThe law of South Carolina provides
that in the event of a lynching the
family of the person lynched may
'bring.suit against the county in rwhich
the lynching occurred and recover
$2,000. L~ think vossibly three cases
have .been -brought since the enactment
of the lawv. - Two of theni went to the
'supre'mp court, which sustained the
constitutio'nality of tile law.
But I want to' tell youl something,
my friends. My honest judgment
and it is the judgment of everybody
else, 'I believe-is that that .provision
ha the vonstitution 'has no ijore to dlo
in' preveonting lynching thani if it was
not, there. -If a mov aroused td frenzy
by a heinous crime' apprehends the
cubrit of thed4eed, it .will never -stop
to conslder whether the county will
be subject to a fine of $2,000 tw $10,
000 or tJ,040,000. I
"You -can never stop Iching by
leglilttion. We have not. %succeded in
South 'Carolina. Enlightened public
opini'on Is responsible fAor the success
t.ha't we have scored."
Dlh. Dominick, as a inember of the
Aindiciary committee, was permitted
to make one of the 'principal speech
es against the Dlyer bill. Ills discus
'oion involved the constitutional fea
tures almost exclusively. le was
generously applaud'ed at the conclu
sion of his address.
Representative Stevenson of South
Carolina in his specch against the
bill, declared, to the surprise of the
Republican personnel of the house
that burning negroes d(d .not originate
with lynchers but -with the laws -of ie
states of the Northeast. lie referred
to the record of a court "'holdent for
the tryal of negro and Indian "Iaves
at the Citty hall of the Citty of New
York," April 15, 1812.
The decision of the court In a cer
tain case was thus- pronouncedi: "The
defendt Tom bein brought to the
lar & having nothing to say Tor him
self why judgment of death shou'ld not
pass agt him according the verdict
&c. It is considered by the Coni't that
he be carreyed -from hence to the
PlAce from when he caie and "from
thence to the .place of execution and
thence to be burned with a slow fire
that lie may continue in torment for
eight or ten hours and continte -burn
Ing in said fire until he be dend and
consumed to ashes."
The case iwas styled: Domn Regina
v. Ton the negro man, shrve of Nich
ohass 'Roosveitt, J. D.
The Modern Spirit.
Two little boys wv-ho prided thei
selves on their courage were sitting
over the nursery fire and diselssing
-ipparitions. 'Biut." said one very con
ldentinl I y, "sholidn't you really be In
a miost awful funk if you did see a
ilhost--a most evil-looking one, I
eanm?" "Good gracious, no!'r was the
boastful reply. "I should just say,
carelessly, in a throaty voice, 'Good
evening, Devil; going stvong? What?'"
When Women Took 'Snuff.
Queen Charlotte opened a snul
account at the Old Snuff house in Hay
market, in 1799, and onutinued with
out a break until 1818. Princess
Charlotte (in 1809) and Princess
Elizabeth (1812) were rood customers.
There is a man who keeps a list of
all the banks in the -country, so as
to be able to -say !he "keeps a hank
P eS
Only Si
Will you ]
July after
You need
do it, wha
All this in
Call and Get Cl<
Gas, Indigestion,
Stomach Misery
Rhilp' 1 iApepsini" bas11 proven itself
W. suret Ocief for indigestion (, 'Ises,
'bilatuilence. 1leartburni, Sournem-, Fer
anentattion or 14Stqmacvh Dijstress cell"d
>Y acidity. A few tablets giVn' almoist
immediaik, stoimachi relief and shortly the
stomach 'is corrected s o you cain cat. fa
vorite thXds w ithout. fecar. 'Large enso
cist. a lht' l mfow cents at drug-store. Mil
liolsl't tjd)ed &nnuafdly.
Th' 'Laurens Dnig Co. *ays the cost
of a 7rial by reinding 'your inoncy If
HyomieI falls to relieve that cough Or
Cdl' you 'have.
You St.
-Because Bread is
cother foodis mad(
is the Bread p arti<
deliciousneus eind
/Ask your 1procr.
ire Way
let them eat ug
Syou have done
not! 'We are
t it will cost, and
and the poison,
formation is 0
nt and endorsed
i Our Ad. for
t Will Be Duri
emson College's Lab<
arise Na
The Auditor's oflice will be open
rom the 1st day of January to the
th of February, 1922, to make re
urns of all real and personal pro
)Crty for taxation.
For the eonvenience of taxpayers
he Ailuditor or Ills dopity will. attend
he following named places to receive
'eturns for said year to wit:
Those wishing to" make tax returns
or 1922 can find blanks on Satturdays,
"eb. 1th and I 1th for ailreils, Youngs
ind Scuffletown to*vniships, at. Mrs.
1i'uphemllie T. Ilrysont's. .\Make rethurns
n111(1 lave with her at Ora.
I'lease make note that the aploint
mc'nts will be filled Just as -advertise(l
anil to pleaze Come out- aild muake re
tun;'s. One man usually inakes the
whol4 rounid and somie may not under
stand the notlee this tile, as I have
illvidell up the territory in the several
towr'sh ' ']S.
All imale citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years o nt he 1st of Jan-,
uary except those who are incapable
of eariing a support from being
ma1111imed or from other cautlses, arc
Bread is your Best F(
irt Your Meal Witt
real foundation food. Soup,
better when accompanied 1
,ular people insist upon. Alw
rich nutrition.
ey' s Bakery
to Contr
i> your crop in
Sall to make it'
poing to show 3
:I where youi c~
and how to US<
K'dl by the A
[ by it.
the Day to
ng This Month
ast and Best Bulletit
s. C.
(01. ed 1)011. Confederate veterans
Also all m111ale citizens between the
ages of 21 to 5~> are liable to a road tax
of, $1.50 alld are required to make dur
Ing the tiile above twoeitied and their
retiri of tle samte to t he A id it or'
siiall pay to the county Treasurer at.
the samp time11 otler' tlxes are paid in
lien of workiing tti' r oai. sciool truis
tee:,, stidents aid ministr(.s ar) ex
empt fromi road tax.
All taxpayers are required to give
towiship anid lumlil'er of ,c(ool dis
tricts; also state whether. mroperty is
Situiated inl towi or. couiltry. Each lot,
tract or parcel of land must be en
tered separately.
After lie 20th of February 50 per
centi penalty will be attaelwd for fail
tire to mako returns on personal pro
verty and 20 per cent on real estate.
.1. WV. '1'HOM I'SON,
21 -td. Comnty Auditor.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops the Cogmh and leadache and works Olf the
Cold. E. W. GROVE ES rlg!nture on each box. 30c.
od--eat more of it!
salad, roast--every
y liberal serving of
ays the top-notch 'of
*1 Them.
June and
rou how to
mn get the:
a them.
i---You Need It.

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