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The Laurens Advertiser
EluentionllI A411u1ntages of "1111yin11p inl
Laurens" ito 1iw 'reseited l in Series
of Strikingly l'orceful ind Iustriue.
livo Cartoons 111141 Artieles to Appear
Wekly inl the Coluinsll. of The Ad.
lilere are ten reasonls, that are good,
why 'people inl aId aroild liatItins
ihoulld t(nuie htere :
lirst A town that is good eniough
,o it 1i1an1 to live inl is good enouigh for
'hitn' to trade inl.
*'econld The good fa rier puts ev
erything back into the soil that lie cal.
Jiikewise ile good citizen'i should put
all he canl into his own community.
* Third If the farmcuer will patronize
4lte m116iehianci, thei the miierchant will
in turn pat:onize tice farmiLer, ald 11111
ltial patron aldge brings il tual 1pros;
Fourth -1Iy lickping LarIeInvils earell
monyC in latiire' , therl will he no
daiiger of hari times of. ( I I icia I
.i trinlgeicies,
-, f-lt ill nreasonlable that mloney
e'rniied il and I.roTnd batrns shoui(1
he sent to Chicago. st. Loun is or New
Yorki; there to Iild beautifil chiliel
('s, schlools and.i skypiei n iIll uiildinigs
Where is the lmoy coming from t<
huii these thingi. s for us?
Sixth ve dollar invested 0
91ent inl I ;urtenlls helps b:iuiies ail
conise qently yott get, a1 dollar'
w ort.h 1, while every (CIt selit. out o
'b4auriens.. ieilps -eddc hole ci'ty or com
8evencth Coiciinity spirit is thi
greatest city h teiler kniownl. "ty a
home" teaee comillinity spirit IoV
all thiings else.
t'ligith -licEise cilt ivation of bial
ins' resoce and11c acvalitages wi
ma1:k1w it a very wevalthiy city.
Ninth -it is to the individial hem
fit of, every citizent of a eoununiii Ity I
I rado in thIlat I ic ulinity. It is til
only solul. ecomunmic principle sim
out of thec pockets of homie ilitsirit
are paid thce taxes that sitip port tI
cO Ilc 11iiwealIt iI.
TtI Lairencs isa " faImil " wat
incg for cultivation. Dollars plan1t<
hiere will bring inl a surprisingly lar.
haivest. ill a very short. tieiv. It w
Imieini mcior( jobs, higger salaries. lioi
if you
start by ra
Sale .st
* bidder reg~
and Leading Merceant:
liomes anld prosperity for ill.
Ctizeinship ald patriotism colnsh
of someinig more thban vot ing, payin
Itaxes ald cheeriig the flag. II ens
of war. could you respect a ileighba
who deserted your lag, joinled the e(<
Iy atl fought : raist the countir
which had given 111111 freedlom, oppo1
tunity and happiness?
You can't afford to desert the con
munity in which you live-from iwhic
You get Your living. The Welfare (
your home commnnlnity should be yo1
first thought because you rise or fa
with it.
Donl't e a traitor when you b)t
buy from your hoie merchanUt.
To he Presented at Opera louse Fr
day Night, Feb. 10th.
"A Daughter of the Sun," the stol
of an illawaiian Butterfly, written I
Loriun J. loward and Ralph T. KeIte
ing and prestlted by The Mutla l%
Coipaiy, is the latest play dealil
with 0111 islai( possession1s, "'1'
Paradiso of the Pacific", which Coi
to the Opera Hlouse Friday evenui'
FebM. loth.
The I1ure of those islands has be
ithe inspiration for Writers 11in 1umt
able. One of the earliest was Ma
Twain. In the early seventies he w
!employed by- the Sacrameuto Union
write a ser ies of letters from IIa.w.
- rega rdling thin gs Ilawaii an. The rest
was tha he itent one year in the
la1nds and wrote Ietters that are to t
dar the epitome of i lawaiian deser
Times have changed wliwii. 'I
native is iast being absorbed throu
I marriage and his inimber is fast I
"A Daughter of (lie Sun1" deals it
o most intelligenut and interestig m;
e tor on thin:-;s and events I lawaiien. 'I
Saliosphere and local color is m11a
a ta0led by a most extelisive, elabor
' ald Iassive scen ic eli iuiplenlt. A
tive band of Ilawaiian musicians is
.so t1mployed, anld tley discourse I:
d wn peculiar native music at in
e vals throughout t(e action of the pl
ilPrices 75c, $1.00 and $1.50. Sec
-e your seats now.
intend to make
isimg your owr
arts at 11 o'clo
rdless of price,
linereaed inhoritance Tax Is Adioa.1i
ed by 31r. Ram(seyer ais a 1eans of
Financing the Honus
AN1sh1ingtonl, Veb. i-ipbia
1louse leaders are understood' virtual
ly to have abandoned the idea of tin
ancing the soldier's bonus by means of
a general sales tax, a prograimi iwhich
t has beeni freely discussed with imar'
o los0 favor at both eids of tile capi
0 tol.
r Opposition among t he lmajorit.
members, mostly from the m(iddle ann
Y far west, to a sales tax is said to be
so strong as to threaten defeat of such
a program. The alignment against it
Is understood to be practically that
hI which forced acceptance of the 50 per
cent income surtax voted into the rev
r enue bil by the senate.
\lRevelopmnts at further hearings
today before the I louse ways and
1 ans committee disclosed that in
sipite of Secretary Mellon's opposition
to the plan, a nuimiiber of the majori
ty members favor the use of part of
the proceeds from the refunded British
. debt In 'helping to finance the adjusted
compensation. They believe that this
wolld meet with a greater 'measure of
y public approval than would a program
ly involving the raising of thp' entire
r- amount by means of special taxes.
y Arguments on both sides of the
k- question were heard by the commit
iv toe. Representative Rllamseyer, Repub
s lican, Iowa, opiposed the proposal, ar
guing that such use of the money
would be a breach of contract with the
holders of liberty bonds, 1who, he said,
lhad been told in the law adopted by
Sicongress that the proceeds from tlc
*l.foreign ldebt would be used to retirc
to the liberty bonds issued to raise tiht
Ii money advanced to the debtor nations
('halim eMvladden, of the hank
i ing and currency committee, favoro
i tile financing of the bonus through thi
'isales in this country of the refunde
Ilr itish miibolnds. with the principal an<
interest guarja'nteed by the Americat
n01 guovern iment as weIl as the Britisl
government. Ie conltended that witl
tis double gnarantee the bonds would
bring a higher price than would Amer
Ican government securities sold for th
sanie purpose50.
inCiased inheritance taxes as an
ite otler means of ilnancing the blinu
liwere advocated by Mr. Ramnseyer, li
said such taxes could not be passed o
and would not be a penalty on init1
tive and enterprise. Ie(! thought th
er- Ipreient return of $151,000,000 frot
this source coulId be increased b
ire $200,000,000 a year without imposinl
Ihardsh1ip. Chia1ima Fordney anld Son'
Rain <
a successful fig]
meat. These
eck and will cont
for CASH.
t .Hicks Stable
other members of the committee a,:
parently received this suggestion owitl,
out approval. -but other members Ili
dlicated sympathy with it.
E tgagement Annomnced
Mrs. .ohn Olynithus Cu 1nn gia
Flemimng announces the engagement (
her daughter Carolyn, to M1r. Cec
Paul Roper. The wedding to tali
place in April.
Monday a
[email protected]
>r Shine
it against the 1
are well brec
inue until hog
Rear of Post
* Pension Board
'The 'Laurens 'Pension Board will
meet on \Vednesday, Feb. 22nd. The
board must have facts as to those, to
wit: Is pensioner living? If living,
what is your physical condition? And
1 present address?
I f dead, give (late of death, 1921 or
ii 1922?
:1 If soldiers (ied sInce Dec. 31, 1921,
widow must apply In person.
'ing Displa
aid Tuesday, Feb
Mr. C. H. Humphrie
E. V. Pri,
will be in our store with i
the new Spring and Sun
this iationally known f
tailoring inidustry.
Here is your opportunit
and Summer suit and ove
widest range of the latest
at the lowest possible pri<
Delivery now, or when
Remember the dates--I
your friends.
1.ry I
b~oll weevil, now
1. hogs to make
s' are sold out. i
It is .impossile for the board to act
Intelligently If you fail to alswer.
All ,;hould report. Report promlptlY.
If you are unable to come then send.
Js P. CAbDL A.
Feb. 3, 1922.
Garden Note.
The esilest way to remove weeds,
Robert, Is to warry a w1dow.--Bos
ton Transcript.
y Sale
13 and 14
e & Co.
complete showing of
imer 1922 woolens of
>remost house in the
y to select your Spring
rcoat from the season's
fabrics in the piece and
:es, quality considered.
aver you say.
>ass the word along to
is the time to
a start from.
o0 the. highesr

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