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Four Cornered Race, for,
Last Fr Dq lays has Seen Increaising
Interest in Races for Mayor and Al.
dermien for City. Eirction to lie Meld
February 28. Much Iiitercst Shown.
The last few days have 'been days
of increased interest in political cir
cles ,f tholcity., Three additional
'nmeshave leeiq,4dded to the list of
mayoralty candidates while alderman
Ic candidetes h ve been un.!overed in
large nuimbers.4
The Advertiser carries this morn-i
Ing the announcenic11t from lUx-\tayor
C. M. Babb that he will not be In the
race. Mr. Babb is at present a mein
ber of the legislature from the county
and states that he feels it his duty to
fill out his term there.
With :John A. Pranks, incumbent,
who announced last week, are three
others whose names now alnpear in
the niayoralty column, as follows: Dr.
W. H..(DIal, Fred A. Fuller and D. M.
Norwood. The'last named was nomi
naied by friends.
Aldernianic candidates have been
plentiful during the past fow days.
Their names will be found in the
regular announcement column in an
other section of the paper.
Q 4. the. bonfit of those who wish
to be1certain that they are enrolled on
the club's books, The Advertiser pub
lishes again the enrollment commit
teed for the various wards. They are
as follows:
Ward 1-E. D. ;Easterby, John F.
Bolt, -Mrs. B. 1L. Jones.
Ward 2-J. 1. Ellis, Boyd Sexton,
Miss Sarah Dorroh.
Ward - ,y , S. Ten;
Pleton, Mrs. T. - ._ $lin ermaan..
Ward 4-J. A. Taylor, E. U. Barks
dale, Mrs. H. 8, dilackwell.
Ward 5--johri Swit'zer, T.:C. Ow
Ings, Mrs. W. J Gray.
Ward 6-L. B. Blackwell, Saies M.
Clardy, Mrs. C. M. Olarke.
The first 'primary Is to be held ob
ruary 28. In .rdek to vote In the pri
nary, it is edessaif to be enroled
at least five days prior to the primsiry.
Regular Mbthly Nebtink to be Held
in the Court 11ouse'atSrday.
Dr. H. N. Snyder, president of Wof
Cord College, twill deliver 61 address
tat the teachers of the coUty -at a
eetkta to be held in the cout't house
sturday, Feb. 18th. The subject of
fr. Snyder's address has not yet been
announced. .
The departinental meeting of the
comty teachers wll begin at 11 A. M.,
at which tirge, .t p sutbJeht "D~efinite
As~ignement aof Iessos," will be dis
ogssed. Snpt~ offidL(Oa'then R, T. Wil
een $tated that the qwestion of assign
sa~it et lessons is one of paramount
inagortance In which pupils, parents
and 'teaoeh' alike are' interested.
The 'ligh.w,'A department wlli be
ted 1y4 Otit. fWnu and the grammar
gtedes 'by'- iss 'enle Aiken. Miss
1gay Bean irill lead 'the -priinary
Part of the dafs. prograin 'pffte a
5901al hour in which refrdnitw
w~ll .be served.
Sixteen Enrolled at Organization Meet
lng at Watts Mills School.
Dtespite the inclement weather laist
*1'uesday night a number of men tsa
women att'ended~ the organizatiotn
sneeting for the adiult school at 'Watts
'Wfis held inteWatts Mills school
A short talk was mede .by Bp.of
'ldmcation Wilson, In wich, ho ex-.
*presl the hope that every mran and
- *oman. inthe vicinity would take ad
nght ge q'the opportuqities' that the
dagtschdol offe3red.
The iWatts . Afills *' banti. ,frp ished
niusic during pa rt .of the evenimig and
at the close of the meeotifig 'sixteetd men
enrolled iln thet school and ;bledge$
themselves to ftttend the three sessiops
'overy week., Sessimnwill be held. *n
egedyTpwfn Friday. Miss
e~tW flichardea nd vies. Mlargait
City Couniicil Makes Definite Decihion(
on Laurens and Church Street Work.|
That arrangements are being rapid
ly completed and work will soon coi- 11
mence on the permanent Improvement a
of Laurens and Church streets was an- f
nounced several days ago following v
the meeting of the council last week.
The meeting iwas attended by Alayor I
Franks and Aldenmen 3ishol, Irvin (
and Simpson, and was held at the J
home of *N. 10. Illughes, engineer, on ac- f
count of the latter 'being confined to ii
his home. A
Upon motion of Alderman Simpson,
Council agreed to let the contract for it
the paving of ILaurens strcet and to do Iv
the necessary resetting of the granite I<
curbing. It was also decided to im
prove Church street 'front West Main a
to the bridge- wti Augusta gravel, to- 0
gether with coeieit curbing and gut- t
ter to Buford street. (
"V. S. Mcerily, a Columbia contra'c- t
tor, made the lowest bid of $15,185,80 n1
based on the following specifications t
of the'work .to be done:
'Brick paving and gutter ol Lau- 11
rens street Including 1,000 feet of
granite curbing and 1,760 square S
yards of paving, $4,240.80. v
Cement curb and igutter on Church g
street from West Main, 4,000 lineal 1
feet, $3,520.00. V
Church street from West Main to r
the bridge with Augusta gravel, I
Cement culvert at the Intersection
of Hampton and Church streets, v
$1,875.00. I'
The Council decided not to let the 0
contract until the money from the sale S
of the bonds is received. 'This how- c
ever, will not longe deter the begin- v
ning of work since Mr. Stanley Crea's, u
city clerk, is in receipt of letters from
attorneys of the bond purchasers in 'V
which they approve the validity of the c
bonds. . -I
Child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Owens
Mr. and.. Mrs. Thomas Owens, of
-Barksdale, were sadly bereaved Sat
urday, Feb. 4th, when their bright lit
tle three year old child, "Ohatiem" i
was claimed by death. The child nyas li
greatly beloved by everyone and her 1n
untimely death brough sorrow to all g
-the family and those who had learned F
to love her. b
Tire body was carried to Warrior l
Creek Church Monday at eleve4 s
o'clock, and was laid to rest beneath ii
a mass of flowers. The funeral ser- t
vices were conducted by Rev. I. N. t;
Kennedy, of Ora. t
The parents have the sympathy of.
their neighbors and friends in their c
bereavement. .
S. Wilkes Dendy to Address Christian
'What Is said to be a message for
young and old. alike of all or no
churches will be that to be delivered
Sunday, Feb. 19-th, at the First Pres
byterian Ohurca of L.aurens.
S. Wilkes Dendy, who bears the,
reputation of being a fiorceful and in-,
teresting Npeaker will .address the,
meeting.. He hs a 'message that Is
particularly tilVking to young p-90
pie and all are urged to hear him.
Mr. Dendy Is field secretary of the
Christian Endeavor Extension Corn
mittee, and is covering Alabama, Geor
gia and South Carolina for the Chris
tion E~ndeavor UnIon. .The meeting
which he will address at the 'First
Presbyterian Church will begin at
7:3p (P. M. Sunday, Feb. 19th.
Deputy Collector to Assist Making l26.
Those who have already begun the
annual 'tria)p that are incident to the
making out of an income tax return
may be relieved 'in kowig- that a
dmputy collector will aeon be here.
Advices have .been received from the
Collector of Internal IRevenue at Co..
lumbia, that a deputy will 'be in Lau
rens at the Court *House, 'Feb. 27 and
28, and March 1, to help those need
ing it in making out their returns,
Death of a Child,
Mr. and Mrs. .Conway :W.. Gray, of
the 'den' community, were dadly be
'reatved on -January 19th wheon their
infant son, 'H~ilph, paa(sed away after
an .ilness of .but a few' days. ,The
child 'was the Idol of dts pai nts-'n
their neighbors (ecdply; isya athie
'w.ith thmin 'their poireave lnt,
Meetings to be lid In the County
Next. Week in the lIterest, of tle
Cotton Marketing Assoclition.
Andrew 'Blramlett, district organizer
of the South Carolina Cotton Growers
Association, was In the city yesterday
conferring with 'the marketing coin
mittee of the Laurens 'Bsiness League
and othera 'with the view of organizing
Laurens county. as a unit in the asso
After a canvas of the situation here
Mr. Blramlett, on the recomimenclation
of this committee, decided that Thurs
day and Friday of next weck would be
feasible dates on which meetings in
the county might 'be held.
A meeting will be held at Gray
Court-Owings school buildin'g Thurs
clay 'morning at 11 o'clock. On the
same afternoon at 3 o'clock a meet
ing will be held in Clinton.
,On Friday morning at 11 o'clock
a big mass meeting -for the county will
be held in the court louse at Laurens.
Mr. iBriamlett will be present at all
of these meetings and will be prepared
to explain the workings of the organ
ization to the farmers. It is possible
that other sileakers 'may be secured,
though this is In doubt.
While here yesterday, Mr. Bram
lett appeared to be very sanguine as
to the benefits to be secured from af
filiation twith the association and said
he would like very much to see this
county enrolled under the associa
tion's banner.
Pavlown, "The Incomparable," Will
Appear in Greenville with Her Ru.s
slan J)ancers on Limited Tour of
United States.
Appealing' to the aesthetic as well
as material sense Anna Pavlowa "The
Incomparable", wi-th her Ballet Russe
and Sypphony Orchestra promises to
attract a large audience at the Textile
Hall in Greenville, Feb. 28th, if the
large crowds that have seen her and
her-company -eloewhere -may be -taken.
as a criterion.
'Mile. IPavlowa is widely known and
heralded In 'this country, although she
has been absent from America four
years. During her engagements in
London and Paris the famous Russian
dancet has added 'many new ballets
and divertisements and is now able
to 'make up -her entire program with
out including 4ny of the numbers with
which Americans are familiar. -
While Mlle. Pavlowa is the main at
traction at this classical entertain
ment, her company has also attracted
favor'ble comment from critics. Be
sides the classical dances, which in
clude several. that will be seen for
the' first time in this country, there
is a, synNphony orchestra of forty
pieces. Each member of the orchestra
Is 'an accomplished artist and under
the leadership of the present manage
ment they have developed into one of
the leading symphony organizations in
the world.
l~ome of the new successes 'which
will be shown in Greenville are "Fairy
Tales," "The Fauns," "A Norse Idyll"
and a 'Polfth Ballet with fourteen di
vertiemenits equally new,
Jnformation as to reservations for
tickets may be found in an advertise
ment elsewhere in this paper.
Leglon Passes Besolutien
Being. prompted by what officials of
the local post of thme American Legion
believe to be an' emtroneous impression,
resolutions were ipassed at the last
meetitig of. 'the .post Monday night to
punish violators of the existing rule
which, prob'ibits gamblng and drink
ing att the club.
The ruales at the American Legion
club rooshas have prohibited drinking
and- gatmblhig in any form but no pro
vision Awls mnade 'for the punishipent
of violatoru- 1i'ith the new Tule,
which was pa~sed unanimously, in ef
-fect, any member 'guilt$y of snelhi prac
*ieamili be requested. to egn
Squaere Dance Frlpy
The local post of timq Arnerican
-Legion in planning a aeason of social
actbgtles has arranged to begin with a
equgpe Aaiacq on Friday. night *at the
Legiani Club rooms to which all are
-iivited. An admission .of twenty-five
cents 'will bephbarge4 'to men,
At ltOlIve School
There .will be a niistrel given at
the Mt.-'Oive school house Wednesday
night, cFeb. 22, begiunnig' at 7:30
o'clock. Adnilssion 10 an( 20 cents.
1The public Iscordiely livited.
ffenses Vary and Treasury (if Conin.
Iy Is Replenished.
The last week-end proved to have
veel full of activity forl peace oflicers
lid an excellent source of revenue
)1r the county when a nuimber of law
iolators were apprehended.
The law enforcement cyusade be
an Saturday night when the sheriff's
elluty, ii. IF. Owings, and Deputies
. A. )avis an( J. F. Stroud arrested
3)r transporting whiskey Watt Bar
ett and lairry Al ilns, both from \Vatts
The oillcers mlet thle party about
iree miles from here and after they
-re Unsuccessful in stomlping the al
ged offenders' ear, followed in i)ur
ilt of them. Sheriff Reid stated to
reporter that before being caught,
nie of the pair arrested threw from
ie car they were in a half-gallon jar
f whiskey. The jar, when striking
W ground, tile sheriff explained, did
ot break and when found still con
lined sone whiskey.
'loth Barnett and Mims are being
eld awaiting bond of $200 each.
The same night Ollcers Owings,
troud and Davis conducted a raid
'hich resulted in the arrest of six ne
roes for gambling. 'Each nwas re
ased on bond of $10. In connection
'ith the rald another negro was ar
i'sted for interference with an offifer.
le also netted the county treasury
The nature of offenses did not end
'ith transporting whiskey and ganib
ng, since ia "pistol toter" entered up
ii the scene Sunday morning when
heriff Reid arrested George Anderson,
>lored, for carrying a concealed
'eapon. Anderson is in Jail being
liable to secure bond of $50.00.
With the advent of a new- week, Tom
litmiore, negro, was arrested on a
large of being drunk and disorderly.
[e was released Monday on payment
f bond of $5.00.
[ale Quartet Is Making Decided Hit
With Swiss Hand Bell Melodies.
Lceum .ticket holders and others
uusically inclined will be interested
I the announcement that the next
unbei of the' lyceum course .is to be
[ven next Monday night at the Opera'
ouse and that the Bell -Ringing Quar
It Is to be the attraction. Personal
,tters from the lyceum management
Late that this company has been draw
ag unusually large audiences during
ieir present tour and that the enter
uinment which they give has brought
lem highest ipraise. t
The program of the evening will in
lude both vocal and instrumental
umbers as well as reading and im
ersonation. The sale of tickets has
een taken over by the Business Girl's
lub, which is expecting to have a
irge crowd at the entertainment. This
eing one of the largest attractions of
lie course, the single admission charge
till be 75 cents.
The following program gives all
lea of the varied entertainment whiclh
he -quartet gives:
Juiblate" IV. Dunbar Arm
Sailor chorus" Parry
Wile-A4W'ay Home (Coon Shout)
Onward Christian Soldiers".--Sullvaa
Sweet and Low" Barnby
Arr. for Bells
sass Solo: "Chip Off the Old Block'
Mr, M4ac 'Gregor
In Absence" Buell
bctipon Popularn Nuimber: "Emaline'
teading&. Selectec
Mr. ohnson.
'Bells of Shandon" Nevir
Arr. 'Bells
'Winter Song" Bullarc
\KeeD on a Rollin" (Spiritual Song.
dusical 'Reading: "On the Road to
'Mandalay" Speaki
Quartette Acc. and Mr. MacGreglor
r'enor Solo "Little Mother 04Minc'
Mr. Shugert.
[)ramatic Action Song: "Casey JoneL
Went Iflown on the Robert E. Lee.'
Bell Number: "To a. Wild Rose"
specialty for Quartette, featuring -Mr
Shuigert with bianjo..
0When. Uncle Joe 'Plays a Thag on Hil
Old Banjo."
Irnor Solo: "Mother O'Pearl" Blal
Mr. White.
Juartette: Smilin' Thru", Penn; "Boy,
of thie 'Old 'Brigade," 'Parks.
Domedy N4umber:' '"Wfl I Sway"
The Bong.
Ies '1 Pastorite of Episcoli i
Church to Accept a 'all to North
Aninouncenent was inlade to Isi cn -
gregation last Sunday by 1Ite. \Vi lmsot
S. lolmies, pastor or the Cisir'h of the
10piphan sy, l;)lpjisp l tt he o md ac
cepted a call to Grace Chusreh. I ex
ingtu, N. C., and that he would r( -
gretfully give up ( rectoray here. The
aIl 11o(1n eWlflent fromlj t he ir Pastor wasi
received with gre-it sorro 'v hils coi
gregation nalad when the news was
Iearneid in the comInun ity general re
g'et was expressed.
Rev. II olmsues has been rector of the
EIpiigeopal cIIr i here an1d at NOW
lerry for about seven years. this -be
il- his secold per'iod of service in
this fHeld. Ihe has always taken a deep
Interest in civic as: well as chkirch
affairs and his elevating insfluence will
be greatly missed'In the comimuunity.
No decision has been reached by the
congregation as to filling the place
made vacant by Rev. Holmes' resignia
110o1 Weevil Meeting to be Held in the
Opera House Friday aid Saturday.
'What is expected to prove the most
instructive an valuable meetings held
in this county in a long time are to
be held in the Opera House Friday
and Saturday of this week under the
direction of the Enterprise National
The object of the meeting is to
spread information on the best method
of combatting the boll weevil. Mov
ing ipicture scenes of )ol weevil con
ditions and methods of fighting the
weevil are to be shown while a special
ist from Clemson (will be present to
explain the pictures and give further
information on the subject.
Three meetings are to -be held, Fri
(lay morning at 11 o'clock, Friday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock, and Saturday
morning at 11 o'clock. The biggest
meeting of the three is expected to be
Friday morning, when the speaker
from Clemson will be present.
iBy special arrangement with the
City Council, provision has been made
for colored people to attend the meet
ings and occupy -places in the gallery.
Tickets for the meeting are being
distributed from the Eatenprise Na
tional Bank.
Varied Program at Theatres
Seekers of diversion had a varied
program of amusement and entertain
ment last week at both the Opera
House and the Princess Theatre.
The week opened with a three (lay
showing at the Opera (House of an act
other than the usual theatrical per
formance. "Saiwing a 'Lady in Half"
was the feature of the act, which was
performed by Vishnu, hypnotist and
wizard. 'Many were amused by the
hypnotic Influence of Vishnu and ev
en now wonder how he sawed the
lady in two.
1frliday night brought the "Daugh
ter of the Sun" to our midst. It swas
a pleasing play with song, laughter
and love, each in 'their proper pro
To close the wveek's iprogram, 'Woolf's
Travel Festival entertained several
audiences at the Princess Theatre,
where they showed Monday their two
reel moving picture of scenes 'from all
parts of America. 'Mr. Woolf is a
trick musician, and Iris wife whos
bears the distinction of 'being the
champion woman~ walker of the swotild,
have walked across the continent three,
times and also up and doWn the At
lantic and PAcific coa's. 'They were
photographed at orauiy places 'together
with world-wide celebrities, and have
walked to and from the principal cit
ies 'and toins hn America. Mrs. Woolf
lectured about their trips' -while the
picture was being 'shown and their
show was, besides being amusing, very
05icken Case Settled
Allan Beasley, colored, was released
from the Sheriff's custody last 'Friday
at the request of John G. Wham, farm
er who lives near Clinton. It 'was al-.
leged when Beasley was arrested that
lhe stole a quantity of fowl from Mr.
-Wham and his release followed a set..
tlement with the latter outside of
fleox Supper at Brewertop
There will be a hor supper at Drew
erton school house Friday night, Feb.
24, before which a short patriotic pro
- gram will the rendered. The public
is cordially invited to attend.
Legislature Endeavoring to
Shift Tax Burden
Ways and11l Mlemas Commlitee Worling'
onl Appropriation Bill to Hediee Ap.
propriltloin While iouise and114 Sen
aile Tryingr to Shift liurdeii of Tax
Columiiibia, Feb. 10.- - hat the state
general i r oerty tax levy will be re
(lteed to (itheIr three or Iour mills this
year and practically elimiiniated in the
years to follow if the varios tax
Ineasires now pending before the two
houses of the genieral assembly he
come. a part of the la w or the state
was the lpediction or m,. T. miaghes of
Marion, chairman of the ways and
means committee, in the course of his
debate on the luxuries tax, the last of
tle series of revenue measuires to be
given consideration in the house. 1'he
appropriation bill for 1922, .lr. .11ughes
also intimated, woulld probably carry
reductions of approximately $1,000,
000 under the amount appropriated
last year. The state leyy last year
totaled 111-2 mills, the special Cita
del 1-2 mill levy exclude(.
The ways and means committee is
still engaged In the task of drawing
up the appropriation bill and no ex
act figures are available but, accord
Ing to the figures presented by NIl.
iiughes, the ways and means commit
tee is preparing to raise only $5,465,
)00 this year as compared with $6,
34,925 last year, a reduction of ap
p)roxilmately . $1,070,000 under last
rear's appropriation. This would also
Indicate *a $1,225,000 cut In the ap
prolriations recommended in the 1922
budget,. which would have provided
for a total appropriation of $6,691,
25971. ~ -
The passage of these new revenue
incasures,. according to Mr. Hughes,
would'-provide - for. all but about $1,
100,000 of tile state's revenue, which
kvould then be raised by the three or
our miill levy .on visable property.
[n preparing his estimate Air. Hughes
id not take into consideration the
nheritance tax, which as amended by
:he senate would not furnish revenue
lom: this year but will be counted up
)fn to aid in the total elimination of
the state levy on visible, .tangible pro
perty in 1923 and the succeeding
years. The motion .picture license
bill, which is in the hands of the sen
ite, and the brokers' license bill were
also not considered. Further reduc
tion of the levy in 1923 may also be
made possible through the taxing of
many forms of property that now es
capo taxation, such as bonds, mort
gages, stocks, etc. This can only
come through the amendment of the
state constitution as proposed in the
Mfarion and Sapp resolutions now
jpending in the two houses.
Taxes for 1921, according to Mr.
Hughes, were borne as follows: gen
eral property tax, $5,000,000; corpora
-tioni licenses and fees, $475,000; de
partment fees and sales, $325,000, and
state institution fees, $175,000.
The .estimated returns from alt
sources for 1922 if the tax program
is .passei -entirely wer'e placed by Mr.
Hugh'e M' follows: income tax, $1,
600,0Q0; general property taxi.- $1,
200,Q00; luxfries tax, $900,000; cor
poration licenses and fees, $850,000;
gasoline -and oils tax, $450,000;' de
partment fees and sales, $a25,000;
state institut.ion -fee~s; .$1'400; * and
the hydro-electric tax $150,000.
Will Clem Acqalted
Will Clem, of Clinton, who was
charged with violation of the prohibi
tion law, was acquitted itr the Federal
court at Greeniwood last 'l'uesday. In
connection with the charge against
Clem, 'Clarence Eubanks was 'bound
over to the 'Federal court to be tried
in Greenville, following a hearing be
fore United States CommissIoner RI. E.
Babb. Eubanks, it is alleged, assisted
Will Clem ins the escape from a fed
eral officer.
Death of William Leake.
'Mr. William 1~eake, the only son of
the late air. and Mrs. S. 0. Leake,
formerly of this city, died at the home
of his aunt, Mrs.'Sim Biley, in Green
yille, Thursday, and was buried at
LTeesville church Friday afternoon. He~
was 20 yenrs of age.

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