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Hastings' Seeds
1922 Catalog Free
It's ready now. 100 handsomely il
lustrated pages of worth-while seed
and garden news for Southern garden
ore and famnters. This new catalog,
we believe, is the most valuable seed
book ever publisied. It contains 100
full pages of the most popular vege- 1
tables, flowers and farm crop plants.
the finest work of its kind over at
With our photographic illustrations
adl color pictures also from photo
graphs, we show you just what you can
grow with Iastings' Seeds even be- 1
foro you order the seeds. Our cata
log makes garden and flower bed
planling easy and it should be In I
every single Southern home. Write us
a post-card for it, giving your name
and address. It will come to you
by return mail and you will be mighty V
glad you've got it. t
Hastings' Seeds irt% the Standard
of the South, and the largest mall I'
order seed house in the worldi is back
of them. They've go. to be the best.
Write now for the 1922 catalog. It (
is absolutely froe.
The books of the County Treasurer
will be open for the collection of
State, Uounty and Commutation Road
Taxes for the fiscal year, 1921, at the
Treasurer's office from October 135th 8
to December :11, 1921. After December
31 one per cent will be added. After
January 31st, two per cent will be
added, and after Feb. 28th, seven per t
cent will .be added until the 15th day
of Malarch, 1922, when the books will
be closed.
All persons owning propert- In
m11or1e than one township are retiuested
to call for receipts in each of the t
several tdwnships in which the proi)
erty is located. This is important, aq
additional cost and penalty may be at
All able-bodied male citizens be- .
tween the ages of twenty-one (21) ama y
sixty (60) years of age are liable to
pay a poll tax of $1.00, except old sol
diers, who are exempt at lifty (50)
years of age. Commutation Road Tax I
$1.50 in lieu of road duty. All able
bodied men between the ages of 21
and 55 are liable to Road duty except '
those in military service, school
trustees, school teachers, ministers, <
and students. Dog Tax $1.25.
The tax Levy is as follows:
State Tar ..-..-..-..-..-..-12 mills
Ordinary County Tax . ..3 3-4 mills
Road and Bridge .. .. .. 4 1-4 mills S
Railroad Bond ..-..-..-..-.1 mill
Road Bonds-..-.-.-.-..-.4 1-2 I'ills
Jail Bonds-..-..-..-..-..-. 1-2 mill
Constitutional School Tax .. 3 mills C
Total State and County Tax ..29 mills
Special Schools Laurens Toiinship,
ILaucns City .-..--..--12 1-2 mills
Trinity Ridge No. 1 .. .. 16 1-2 mills
Prosipect No. 2-..-..-..-..-. 8 mills c
lanrens No. 3..-..-..-... 16 mills i
Bailey No. .1.-..-..-..-..-.. 7 mills
Watts Mill, Fleming, Copelanld 8 mills
Oak Grove No. 6 ..-..-..-..-6 mills
Ora No. . -.-..-..-..14 1-2 mills
Special Schools Yo11ngs Township 1
hIMbenezer-lat-ton .. .. .. .. .. :. mill4
Friendship No. 2 ..-.-..-..-..-milis
Warrior Creek-lt. Old Field . . S mills
Blethiel No. I. ..- I 1-2 mills
Gray's No. 5-..-..-....-..-..S nills
CTentr-al No. G ..-..-..-..-..-..S mlills
Yountgs No. 7--..-..-..-..-.. .. 16tills
Tanford No. i0--..-.. -.. -.. i:1-I mil
Fointain inn'. Noll .. ..----..- .1~ mili
Spec~(ial Schools D itais Tlownip~ii
GretP ton d No. 1.. .......... S1mi11
E'lent No. 2-..-..-..-..-..12 I ..2 mills
New lI armlony No. 1--..-..-.. -1 mils
(ira5v Cout-(Yxings No. ...20 1-2 ils
I larksdalIe No. ( Consol1ith:,ted I111mill
Dils ')llireh No. 7. .. .. .. ..S milly
.\Ierna No. .. ............12mil
F~ounimin Inon No. :1 . . .....21 mills
Speciul Schotols Suhli' in Tow nshtip
P'rinefon1 No. I-..-..-..-..-..17 mills .
.\t. ilethjel No. 2-..-..-..-..-..-- mills*
Popiar- Sptings No. :3.... ...17 miills
lirewertonl No. 7-..-..-..-..-.. ut milIs 1
I lickorv Tlavernl No. 17 . . . .1. mills
Speci.i Schools Witter'loo Tow;:sihly
Mt. Gallagher No. 1-..-..-..12 mlills
Ilethllehlem No. 2-------- . .-I mills 1
Ekom No. 3.--.... .....17 mlills
Cente~r Point1 No. ..-.. .......mills
Oakville No...--............mills
Mt. Pleasant No. 6------.-..-..-. mills
M't. Olive cNo. 7 .. ........I 1.-2 mill5 1
WVaterl1oo Town No. 14 .. .....8 mills
Sneclal Schtools Cross 11ill Townshipl
Cross Hill1 No. 1.. .........2 mills
Cross -Hill No. 2.. ...... ...6 mIlls
Wade No. 3 .. .... .... ..6 mIlls
Old1 Moutntvllle No. 6 . . .. mills
Cross Hill Town No. 13 .. .. 15 mills
hS~ool Hunter Township
Efdc6 oX .. ,. .. . . ...12 mills
I.- .w. 2 -'-.... . ...8 mills
Rock flridge No. -3...........6 mills
Wadwworth No. 4. .. .. .. ..8 mills
RleedervIlle (part of No. 4) . . 13 mills
Clinton No. 5 .. .......201-2 milla!
Odldville No. 4 .-..... .......A m'
Kinards No. 49 (part c.. :c. C ,:. :.
Belfast No. 7 .. .... .......5 mills
Htirricane No. 15.... .. .. .. 6 mills
Mountville No. 16 .. ...... 1- ----
Special Schools Ja.
Shady 'Grove No. 2.-.-... .. .. 7 mills
Renno No. 3-----..-....-..-..8 mills
Ilatton No. 4 .... ........3 mills
O'dell echool No. 6-.-.--.-.--.-.8 mills]d
Hulrr-icano -No'. 15 ... .. 6 rpllis
Special Schools Senffletown Towntshlp
[Long 1Dranch No, 1 .. .. .. ..8 qnills
Bi'rd'e-Musgrove No. 2 .......8 mills
Langston No. 3 .... ......3 mills
Samtly Springs No. 4.. ....4 mIlls
Ianford No. 10 .... ....16 1-2 mills
Ora No. 12 .. .. ......141-2 mills
Proper attention will be given those
who wish to pay their taxes thr-ough
the mail 'by check, money order, etc.
Persons sending in lists of names
to be taken off are requested to send
them early and give the township of
each, as the Treasurer is veray busy 1
during the montti of December. 1
- ROS8 D. YOU-bj,
15-tt County Trreasurer.
iecretary Denby Acts at Presidents
1111re(lion. W1tatitig for Treaty.
Washington, Feb. 8. --A'onstruction
vorik on 1-1 capital shil's was suspend
-d today by order of Secretary Denby
linder dirtetion of Presideit larding.
lhe :tep was takeni in anticipation of
atitiention of the naval Ilimitation
teaty which ISILted from Ohe Wash
ti.toit conference andt iuder which
m)fly lthree of the vessels involved will
)V compl aett s war craft. The other
I will be serar:ped or Col vrted to
ineithan1t ships under tihe treaty pro
Secretary l)cnby acted after Assist
,nt Secretary Roosevelt had discutssed
vith Presidtnt Ilarding the terms of
he treaty afecting the new ships.
ir. Ilaidling approved the suggestion
hat work be brought to a. standstill
mimnediately on the eight super
readnaughts and six battle cruisers
wieding final action on the treaty. Ini
ouind figures, the building operations
hus halted have cost the government
pproximately $5,000,000 a imiouth.
Following ratilcation of the treaty
ontracts for the new ships NWill be
ontcelled. The ultimate cost to the
overnmleit of this cancellation can
ot be determined in advance but
aval officials believe that a con
iderable saving will be made through
oday's action.
Only one capital ship under con
t-riction was exempted from today's
uslPension order. She is the Colo
ado, more than 90 per cent. compiete,
nd which will be .retained in the per
anent fleet. Ships on which work
.as stopped included eight first-class
attleships, the Washington at the
'ew York Ship Building corporation;
he West Virginia, NcwI)ort News
hipbuilding and Dry )ock company;
he South Dakota, New York navy
ard; the Indiana, New York navy
ard; the Montana, -%are Island navy
ard; the North Carolina, Norfolk
avy yard; the Iowa, Newport News
hipbuilding and Dry Dock company,
nd the Massachusetts, Bethlehem
hipbuilding corporation, Fore River,
Work was also ordered suspended
n six battle cruisers as follows: Lex
ngton, Bethlehem Shipbuilding cor
oration; Constellation, Newport News
hilpbuilding aid Dry Dock company;
aratcAga, New York Shipbuilding cor
oration; Ranger, Newport News Ship
uilding and Dry Dock company;
onstitution and United States, Phila
elphia navy ya-d.
-While work on the battleships West
'irginia and Washington was ordered
topped one of these ships will be
olipleted and added to the fleet when
nished. Which is to be selected for
omin;Aetion has not been decided, but
t was indicated that the West Vir
Inia probably will be named. It is
elieved by naval officials that the
Vashingtoi, a sister shill of the post
ulland vlass like tle colorado.
With the Colorido, the vessel thus
elected for ('nip1eto 1 011n will ri - u1 p
he two ha;ttleshiips '"of tihe W\est Vii
iniat clais" which the lttitedl StaLtes
s to ret a in to replace the Delaw~are
nd Noirt' I :ikola of the present fleet
vlhich will he scrapped 0on compllletiont
i tile new ve'sst Is. Tile sair form the
hip .\luto.
The4 othter halttlesips on which ;vork
vas5 St oipped ate of thle l10,t00 ton type
:03m fittire tnaval estabilihments of
he Itreaty tIower's.
Of tihe six batt le crutisers, two are
i be compiletedl as airplaneti carriers
ype will not he undiertaken until the
reaity has beent ratifled. IPlants for
le ('enversion ini accordlanea With
reaty restrictions are now ini 'lre:)
tration. ilThree of tile ships are prac
ically at the same1 poit In !ontruc'tt
ion. Thle twvo to be retained have not
eeon selectedl.
[n the 'District Court of the United
States for tile Western !District of
Soutth Carolina.
[n the matter of E. B. Watson, Bank
Notlt'e is hereby given that 'purstu
at to an ordier of H~on. ID. H. 11111,
er ca ..1 *-anlkrupitcy, heretofore
nade in the above entitled matttr, I
vi sell at piublic atuction to the high
hit dd' on t'iesday, Monday, 'March
A. .regular hours of sale,
n front ofthe Court House a~t Latu
'ens, S. C'., the following:
All :the one-half lr.ter'est of -said
)ankrtupt in all thart tract or planta
ion of land situtate, lying and being
n the county of 'Laurens, State or
south Carolina, contaInIng one hun..
bred and NInety (190) acres, .more or
ess, and bounded by lands of-Guy
sopeland, A. B. Blakeley, Earl Adair,
3. Blakely, and known as the Abranls
Terms of sale: one-third cash, bal
unce In one and two years secured by
nortgage of the promises and the pur
:haser's note -bearing eight per' cent
>er annum and the usual ten per cent
Ltorney's fee, mortgage to contain
'sua-l receivership, clause. Purchaser
o pay .for stamps and papters..
1-3t-A Tute
OIly Slight :lhiage Done, However,
by Afternooi Blaze on Roof.
Washington, Feb. 8.-1lazing scat
folding and repair materials, accoi
panied by the exiplosion of a barrel of
kerosene on the roof of the treasury
building, threatened the structure for
half an hour late today until the lire
was brought under control with
nearly every engine company in fhe
dlow IItocn secti in action. A blue
print laboratory and a amall contrac
tor's shack on the roof were destroyed.
Treasu y olficials estimated that the
damage was slight, but no figure on
the loss from fire and owater was avail
able tonight. Thousands of afternoon
shoppeds were attracted by dense
clouds of smoke pierced by high
flames thrown up when the blaze
reached n supply of tar and tar paper.
Treasury enbployees, who left , the
building in orderly imanner after the
alarm was sounded, Joined the spec
tators while the firemen went about
their work.
The millions of -Lllars of the na
tion's treasure stored in the building
was guarded by a cordon of United
States marines ind secret service
men. No one was injured and no
valuable blue prints were destroyed.
according to J. A. Wetmore, super
vising architect of the treasury, and
William Y. Brady, superintendent of
construction. Six clerks in theqrint
room, nyhen the fire started, saved all
the important plans before they left.
The print rooni was situated directly
above the supervising architect's of
fice, where plans for government
buildings are drawn. Repalir work
has been iproceeding on the roof of
the structure for several months.
* * * * * * S S S e * * S S
Hickory Tavern, Feb. 13.-On ac
count of bad weather the farmers of
this section are not making much pro
gress toward another crop.
Mrs. W. L. 'Bolt, who has been crit
ically ill, is imiproving very slowly.
Mr. Walter Saxon, who has been ill
for the past four months, is reported
no better.
Miss Carrie Stone, who underwent a
very serious operagion, is reported
as resting nicely.
Mr. J. A. Hellams, who has been ill
for some time, will leave for a hos
pital in Greenville Wednesday.
Rev. W. A. Baldwin filled his regu
lar appointment at Henderson Satur
day and Sunday.
Rev. George Hopkins and wife, of
Gray Court, dined at Mr. and Mrs. J.
M1. Sumerel's Wednesday.
'Mr. Walter 'Chestine and mother
spent Sunday'with Mr. ir. 'H. I. Aber
cronbie and family.
Mr. J. Or. Sumnerel returned home
from Palsco, N. C., last week.
Miss iearle Ienderson spent tlk
rxeek-end with homoefolks, at ilials.
ihMr. Joe hirownlee visited relatives
Sunday, in this sect ion.
.\lr.: A. A. Abercrombie spent Satur
dlay night with .Mr. J. K. Thomason.
Dr. J1. L. D~onnan is critically ill at
this writing. We hope he will soon be
out and at his )ractice again.
('ollege Enigages C'omimeneII '4ment
Speakhers. Wells Will1 Preach.
C'lmnton, Feb. 11.--The coiimence
ment exercises of thle hiPresbyttrian
College or South Carolina swill beg in
Sunday. May 28. and continue through
the 3 1st. The haccalaureate sermcdn
will lbe preached by the Rev. .Johnm M.
Wells, D). 1D., ciresident of Columbia
Theological seminary. The sermon lbe
fore the Young Men's Citristian asso
ciation wvill ho preached in -thme even
ing b~y the Rev. R. C. Gricr, of -Due
West, president of- #rskine College.
William 0. McAdoo, of -New York
has accepted an- itivitation to deliver
the commencement address. Dr. 'D.
M. Douglas, president of the college,
called on Mr. 'McAdoo Ia New York a
few (lays ago, at which time hetwas
assured that he would .be able to accept
the invitation.. Dr. iDouglas considers
the college vtry fortunate in the se
lection of its pseAkers for the coming
commencement occasion.
The present year has -been' a sue
cessful one 'for the college and the
outlook for next year' is exceedingly
bright. 'President Douglas has just re
turned 'fromi a trip to Chicago and Now
York, at which time he visited, the
R'ockefelier .fdffndatiori'in the 'hope 6f
getting the board further interested in'
his institution, 'flo' as weost cordi
ally received and given the asaltr~nce
that the college's elaimls will .be 1laid
before the board f~r 48nideration at'
its meeting the lattei' part of the
mon'th. The R'okefeller foundation
gave 45,000.last year to be aDplied on*
'professors' salaries an'd it is ne0w
hoped that the board wil1 become fur
ther interested and give a substantial
amount for enlargina the nlantl afstha
Gifts from Delegation please Evange.
list. and One Put d(n at Once.
Spartanburg, leb. 11.-Billy Sui
(lay put over a new one tonight When1
lie changed neckties on the platform
before lie began preaching to an au
dience of more than 7,000 people. Thc
Junior Order of American IMclianics,
who were there in a body tonight, pre
sented .r. Sunday with three neck
ties. The three boxes were opened -by
him on tile platform as lie remarked
"Well, I guess that bunch has gottei
oi to muy weakness for these things.'
lie examined and admired each one of
them but was finally impressed with
a dark brown tie of heavy silk, maten
ing almost perfectly the brown suit na
was wearing. This tie lie Immediate
ly, there and then, substituted for the
tic lie wore, the change being made
while the audience looked on and ain
.r. Sunday preached tonight from
the 5th chapter of St. John, 4th
verse, "And ye will not come to mc
that ye might have life."
lie spoke of the things that stand
in the way of those who will not come,
declaring at one timt lie had rather
undertake to save tenl drunkards thatn
one money shark. The response to
night to his appeal was again morc
than 800 persons.
Among the larger delegations pres
ent were the United Commercial Trav
elers, several hundred persons from
Gaffney and Cherokee county, and a
delegation headed by a band from
Cliffside mills in North 'Carolina.
Mr. Sunday nwill preach to the ne
groes jomorrow morning and to every
body again tomorrow afternoon and
You don't have to risk a cent to be
relieved of catarrh. Get a Iyomel
outfit from Laurens %Drug Co., the
druggist, and if it does not satisfy
they will refund the purchase price
Does morning find you with a lame
stiff and aching back? Are you tired
all the time-find work a burden?
Have you suspected your kidneys?
Laurens people endorse 'Doan's Kidney
Pills. Ask your neighbor! You cal
rely on their statements.
Mrs. D. W. Wix, 428 Mill St., Lau
rens, says: "I had an awful -time wit1
my kidicys. My back ached all the
time and 1 felt worn out and tired
When I bent over I had a hard time
to straighten up again and I got sc
dizzy I had to hold ontea chair to keep
from falling. Mornings I felt sore
and lame and all 'worn out. I had
headaches and was so nervous It seem
ed I would fly. My kidneys didn't ac
as they should, either. Doan's Kid
ney 'Pills were recommended to me
and 'I got some, I began using then
and In a short time I was entirely
cured of the trouble." .
60c, at all dealers. Foster--Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
* Norfolk, Va.
Tarboro, N. C
Columbia, S.
M~acon, GA
by Mr. Edison
at a cost of
The only phonograph
which sustains the test
of direct comparison
with living artists
Broadw, y
-0 Hits
Fill in your own first payment
You know that, down in your heart, you'll
never be satisfied with any phonograph but the
marvelous New Edison. So, why even consider
an ordinary phonograph? Especially, when
"this week's spending margin" will put a
New Edison in your home.
Come in and name vnur nwn firot navment.
You may budget the balance any way you
wish. The only "if" to this remarkable offer
is that your initial deposit be sufficient, of
course, to indicate good faith.
Look into our Budget Plan today. Come in
or nhone.
Putnam's Drug Store
Laurens, S. C.
usuaon .a . Lynr
- *~
- ----
Richmond, Va. Lyn61ahbrg, Va.
Charlotte, N. C. Wsiington,N.C.
C. Spartanburg, S.C. A1anta, Ga.
Columnbus,Ga. Montgomery, Ala.
la. Baltimore, Md Tol&o, Ohio

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