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Clinton, Feb. 21.-Miss Margaret
l4otz,- of 'Winthrop college, spent the
tweck-end with her sister, Mrs. John T.
'Alr. and 3irs. J. I. Colomnin. and 'Dr.
and Mrs. Jas. R. Copeland spent Sun
(lay In Spartanburg.
ir. Joe Little, ol( Abbeville, spent
the week-end with his mother, 'Mrs.
Emmliiia ILit-tle.
.\Mrs. John '. Young was hostess to
the "T.riesday Club" last week. After
a Pleasant hour of sewing, the hostess
assistcd by Miss Emma Young, served
a delicious salad course and hot tea to
the following guets: 'Mesdames 'Reece
Young, W. B. Owens, Jr., 'L. \1. Dil
lard, 'i''. A. WFerguson, J. 1-1. Young, G.
l. Copelanid, G. A. Copoland and 1). J.
M11s. N'. W. Ferguson delightfully en
Stertained the "Merry Wives" and a few
f'ienids last Friday afternoon. )ell
-(1(11s refreshments were served by the
hIostess, assisted by Mesdames Jas. R.
Copeland and T. D. Copeland.
.Alesdames 'Ntdgar Owens, R. E. Sad
her and Miss May Owens entertained
last Tuesday in honor of Miss 1llene
McCaJ an, ,whose wedding takes Iplace
-this veek.
i.l-. Geo. 1Ellis most delightfully on
tettaied the "Idle Moment 'Ulub" last
W1ednesday afternoon.
The AMusgrove M31ill Chapter D. A. R.,
met at the home of Mrs. A. H. Spencer
last Thursday afternoon. After an in
teresting business hour a delicious
sweet conise was served by the host
esses, 'Mesldames J. '1-. Witherspoon,
J. A. Balley, Goo. -W. Young and A. E.
Irs. W. -D. Mason entertained a num
ber of her friends at a spend-the-day
party last Wednesday. Those present
were: Mesdames G. A. Copeland, J. I.
Copeland, CNI. A. Rays, J. M. Pitts, J. A.
Bailey, Jas. 'R. Copeland, Enmma Little,
Jack 1-. Young, Will ILeake, W. B. Ow
ens, Jr., Ceo. Odiorne, J. W. Crawford,
Tom .Holland, Jennie Briggs and Hugh
.Attention Fatrmerst
To Farmers of !Laurens County:
Almost every lay some farmer comes
to me to 'buy some of his mules. In
my judgment 1,apren County has a
surplus of several .hundred mules. In
order to -get 'id of these mules I nav;
decided to handle them at a cost of 5
per cent to the farmer. - My plan is
this: bet enough of them agree on a
certai' day to ship these tuules to At
lanta.- The freight ch-arges will be
about.$2.50 i:,er head. I can sell these
mules for the cash as' soon as they
arrive. I would, however, reqjuire the
parties shipping these mules to agrpc
o i a, nal to gd46lonf WlW hie 'to see
the sale made. If interested, see me
Saturday. -
32-1t D. H.-COUNTS.
ltub-My-TIsn antiseptic and pain
killer, for ted sores, tetter,
sprais, neu'talgla, rheumatism.
Million Packets Of
Flower Seeds Free
We believe in flowers around the
homes of the South. Flowers; brighten
up 'the home surroundings and give
pleasure and satisfaction to ighose who
have them,
We have filled more thian .a million
packets of seeds, of boautifui yet
easily grown flowers to be given to
our custorners thIs spring.
Wouldn't you like to have five
packets of beautiful f lowerp free?
1922 catalog Is a 100'Dage handsomely
illustrated seed book full from cover
to cover of truthful 4oscriptions and
ilustiationis of vegetables, flowprs and
farm of'6ps. It is full of helpful gar
dent, flower and thrm information- that
is need~d in every SoutherR home,
and, too, thre catalog tells you how to
get tbgse flower seeds absolutely free.
Write for our 1922 catalog now. It
i the fiposet, mest valuable and beau
tifu seed book ever published, and
you will' be mighty gl$g you've got it,
There is no obligatT to buy any
thing. Just ask for the catalog, and
it' will conie' by return mail.
Calomel is a
Dangerous Drng
Next Dose "may Balivate You,
Loosen Teeth or 'Start
Calomel is mnercury; quicksilver. It
crashes into sour bleo like "dynamite,
cramping~ and siokening you, Calomel
-attaoks the .bones and should never be
put into your systenm.
If you feel .bilious, headachy consti
*pated and all J~noQ1ke out 1s* e to
your druggist And get e ot co
o's flyer Tomgo forI~
Is a' iarnless veget 1' M' for
dangetous caloniel, TaI~ n
\ straighten yott up bete q~o~
tlan aty etlomel a~ ithout ma ki,
ou e ou j6 gobao your
siok ew em. 6s~ 1toe jua d~:
64 du N
~ It Is~tt~otl hainl
* * * *... * e C e o **e e
Lanford, Fob. 20.-Dr. Graves IA.
Knight, pastor of the Baptist church,
delighted his 'congregation iwith a very
able and scholarly sermon Sunday.
'lie and AMrs. 'Knight had the pleasure
of hearing Billy S-inday on Saturday
night. His remarks Sunday morning
were complimentary to the famous
evangelist. They were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. -G. J. Lanford, Sunday, for
The I. Y. iP. U. met at the church
Sunday night and carried out a most
interesting program. It will meet ev
ery Sunday night at 7:30 at the church
iromll now on1.
The school children will present a
very interesting exercise on Washing
ton's birthday, 'Wednesday afternoon,
Feb. 22nd, at kihe school house. All
are .expected to attend. The Rural
Improvement association will have its
regular monthly meeting soon after
theie exercises.
Among those attending the last ser
vices of the big tabernacle meeting at
Spartanburg were 'Mr. T. A. Drum
mond and daughters, Misses Margaret
and Eleanor, Mr. T. M. Burnett and
family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. 'Patterson,
'r. and Mrs. K-. C. Garrett, .Mr. J. B.
Harmon and Aliss Nora Cannon, Ir.
Furman Williams, and Mr. J. D. John
Mr. and Mrs. UIlobson Franks have
been spending several days with'rela
tives in S;partanburg.
'Irs. C. D. Cox and Mrs. Stella Bo
mar have returned hbme after a pleas
ant visit to relatives and friends in
Mr. and vIrs. J. 13. Cooley left Satur
dlay morning for their sailing 'port in
California, and they are scheduled to
sall March 4th for the Philippine is
lands, a voyage of about six weeks.
They have pnany friends here who re
gret to see them leave, but -Mr. Cooley's
interests in the island dem'ands his
presence. 'We are all hoping for then
a safe and happy sailing.
-Mrs. R. A. Wash, from Grcclbwood,
spent the week-end with her parents,
Capt. and Mrs. J. W. Lanford.
Mrs. Mary IDrnmmond was the week
end guest of her niece, 'Mrs. J. S. Hig
'Mr. and Mrs. Lou Hill, of Owings,
spent Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. J. 'D. Williams.
Misses Lewis tBurgess and Footman,
and Mr. Boyd DeShlelds ,paid Prof. J.
N. Burgess, of Greers, a brief visit
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fran 'W'ooi of the
Green 'Pond section,, and (Miss.Mattle
Bell Cox, of Owings, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Cox, -last Sunday.
Miss Belle :Patterson left Saturday
morning for a visit to relatives in
Spmartanburg and Pacolet.
Prof. Yates Waldrep, of 'Woodruff,
spent tile week-end with his parents.
Mr. .1. Vance Johnson, of Spartan
burg, spent Monday owith his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Johnson.
%eIr'.e ea CMers.
Cross IHill, Feb. 20.-We have had
a week of typical winter ,weather.
.Mr. Ernest iHipp and family, of Clin
ton, spent last week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. S. D. Austin.
Mr. EFugene Hlollingsworth was
cslled to Atlanta last week on account
of the illness of his brother, Mr. Bon
ner Ilollingsworth.
Miss Emnia J. Dial is undergoing
ts'eatment -at a hospital in Richmond.
Little Janette Black, 'who has been
quite ill of 'pneumonia, is .improving.
Dr. J. H. 'Miller leaves' this week for
Norfolk, Va., -to attend a meeting of the
Tri-State Medical society.
'Miss Vivian Nance, of the Pacolet
school faculty, spent last week-end
with honmefolks.
'Miss Catherine' Bryson, one of our
emicient nurses, left last week to take
charge of a case at Monroe, W. 0.
Miss 'Penny, of Abbeville, is the
guest of Miss Gertrude Leaman.
Mrs. Henry Jones, of Newport News,
Va., is visiting relatives in town.
Mr. Simmons .Pinson, of the Barks
dale-Narnie schobi;' spent last week
end with homefolks.
.Mr.. William 'Leaman, of Greenwood,
is visiting 'air. and 'Mrs. S. A. Leaman.
.Miss Pearl. West, spent last week
.end' at Newberry with Ilomefolks.
The abody of Mrs. Ilagin, who (lied
at her home in Greenwood, last Wed
nesday, was brought 'to this place~
'Thursday, anid the 'burial ser~iices 'were
held at Liberty Springs churchyard
Thuraday afternoon. Mrs.' Ragin was
the ,daughter' of Mrs. SFanny 'Stephens,
of Newberry county. '8he is survived
1Vher husband arnd four;.small -chhIl
n, who htlve our sincere sympathy
in t elf' greatlbereavement.
W It lsti'astore Wats entered by
rephers Saturday niglit. A copsider
tbeaikpunt of grocerieh and tobacco
wietakeni Atrnee *M unde
thro igh a front winqow.
i1n ~ D.~T1e eang6 li e
Ekoni, Feb. 21.-Our teachers, Misse
Madden and Culbertson, have starte
a night school at 10kom. 'We ' hope the:
will have a good attendanco as this I.
a great help to the grown ups.
We are glad to report Dr. Cooper bet
ter after sevtral (lays of sickness.
Mrs. Nell IMoore and little daughter
Nancy, returned to their new home i:
Florida last week.
Mr. and MIs. Ryan 'Pinson and a.ir
and Mrs. Tranthain spent a few day:
of last 'week with relatives in ti
nountains. They were accompanie(
back home by ,.liss Ada Trantham am
Mrs. Youn-gblood and children.
Mrs. Allie Culbertson and Mr. ant
Mirs. T. J. Cooper wero callers at thi
home of MIrs. 1ou Culbertson SundaY
Mrs. James MeNinch and sister, oi
-oboken, N. J., are spending awlic
vith .Ir. andl Mrs. Alf McNinch.
Miss May MaIdden, llsses Myrtle
FDvelyn and -Dollie Culhbertson, 11iss
Rosa Elmore and little brother, -Car
los, were 'Sunday guests of Mr. Carl
Culbertson and family.
M1r. and Mrs. T. II. Hurts and little
(laughter, Sarah, and 'Mr. Edgar Burts
visited Mr. and Mrs. lurphy Bolt Sun
ay afternoon.
Mrs. iljuranie Mdl)anide and daugli=
Ler, Margaret, visitedl M. and 'Mirs. .1.
P. Elledge Sunday. They, are both in
reeble health, we are sorry to report.
3rove'q Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
It brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate itstrue tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. ' The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich It. .Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating. Effect. 60c.
At Red Iron Ra
1 Rutland Tablet (10c valu
1 good School Tablet and 1
3 good School Tablets, sli-e
12 yards Gighami of
12 yards 3-4 Pereale
16( yards of Plaid Hor'
10 yards good Ouitinig
-10 yards goodl 36-in-ch
8 yards 'best heavy Checviott
$3.00 Men's fine Fur Hats
$4.50 Ladies' Silk Po'plin 17
- 7 cakes Washing 'Soap .
-7 pack-ages 'Washing Powc
3 cans Good Luck :Baking
- 10 'big cake 'Toiet 'Soap .
--.4 cakes (10c) Toilet Soap
S3 'eans (15c) 'fino Tomiatoet
S10 lb. sack Granulated Su~
" 3 'boxes iMatehes .. .
2 rolls (10c) 'Toilet Paper
15e Lamp Chimney ..
1 set (6) lEne White Plates
1 set (6) fine 'White Cups
15e pure LemonR or Vanilla
-30e plug Schnapps Tobace<
30c plug 'Browns 'Mule Tlob,
30c plug 'Red ijay Tobaoco =
40e .Axe IHandle, tough 'hi
50c long handle 'Broom .
1 lot' (-25e) yar'd-wide Per
1 lot iChildren's $1.50 to $
15e quality yard-wide , 'L
16e quality yard wide 'Ble:
Good Kentucky Jeans Pan
Full eut Work 'Shirts, biu
'See our table of ~Remnari
'Good values in sihort len
75c quality Men's UnderS]
$3.00 'Men's line Dress Shi
S1 lot'Mien's 'Dress Shirts=
$1.50 iMen's Union Suits
Remnember, A
Burns & Co.,
a Our stocks ar4
i at random fro
can save dolla
No. 1--.210 W. Lauw
6uiut . 0., (- BR!UMBWfY 22, 1922
ed Steef
an the bag
is your
f Hi hest
PosiI bl'e'
All you need to look
A small percentage of southern farmers
obtained a bale of cotton per acre list year.
Plenty of fertilizer plus hard vork overcame
the boll weevil, crop diseases and adverse
weather conditions-and mlade money for
This year it will not )e a question of
whether you will buy fertilizer, but what
make of fertilizer is the best buy.
Swift's Red Steer Fertilizers are backed
by the Swift reputation, maintaine(l for
more than fifty years, of making every
Swift product the best of its kind. Swift &
Company has the resources, the equipment,
the raw mateiials and the knowledge nee
essary to combine and process different car
. Swift &
Atlanta, Ga.
Charlotte, N. C.
Days of
B rgain.Gi
:ket, J. C. Burns & Co.'s Under
)for ......... ............50 $1 (K) lloy\' 11
Pencil, all for ........- - - ..5c $225 'Men 's
paper, eol ..... .... .... ..10C . table lloy I
Chambray for .... ....95c *1 .'5() At-h
.... .... .... .... ....95c$10 (
mespun .... .... ........95c TeMnsGl
Bleaching..... .... ....95c 2clakg
for Work Shirts .. .. .. .. ...95c o o mb
For only ... .. .. .. .. . ....$1.98 ~lt'ais
~ress -Skirts, 'for .... . ......$1.98 Seortbe
............ .... .... ....25c ~eortbe
er...... .... .... .... ....25oc Seot.tbe
Po'wder .... .... ....... ..10~c haid a
........... .... .... .......7c o li H
..... ..... .... .... ..,.25c 1ltCide
..... .... .... .... .... ..25c ospca
~ar .... ......... ..........o 65cay hc
.......... ......... .... ..5oc . eprr
.........................15c o 0itn
......... ................100 wer; u
..... .... .... .... .... ....89c 1lagsze]
ind Saucers..............89c o iai~
Extracts .... ......... ....100 Sc'Mns o
>.... ......... .........22 1-2o icLde'1i
wco... . ... ... ....... ..22 1-2o o Mn' o
.... .... .... .... .... ..221-2o
..................$1290 5a Wpcal'ch .
25e...........5e pckae wi
ts...........$.9 1 lot 'Ladies'
..Seio.........oeaiour table
t~-~ercle8 Gighas, utigs. 1 lot Plaidn'c
th,2to5yrspee.1 lot 'Laiden'
....................$.69 1 .lot spialg 3
e Unerby, e U der -ll Coepprl
weyucnaw y u hee ourai
1 i fgnun agis Ware sczn 'A
50u mm nesos oe ten's Ho
Depatmet Sore i ot LMenS
eaS. OIldan d . .....N.1o .bigN r
to use theni
for in buying fertilizer
riers of plant food to insure the right kind
of fertilizer for different crops and soils.
Swift's lIed Steer Fertilizers for cotton
coitain the right amount of -uickly availa.
ble plant food to cause a quick start and a
suff iCent aniount of more slowly availablo
Plant food to insure tho continuous growth
ad the early maturity which in most cases
will get ahead of the boll weevil.
The famous Red Steer bag shown above
is your guarantee of the highest possible
quality. It is all you need to look for int
buying ferfilizer.
Buy Swift's Red Steer Fertilizers-con
taining 14 or more of plant food-from
your local Swift dealer, or write us direct.
New Orleans, La.
Albany, Ga.
Red Hot
elling Stores, Laurens, S. C.
'1 Girls' Union Suit .... .... .... .... ..69c
veater Coats .... -.... .... .... ......98c
Kiee Pants, ages 6 to 17, special values . .98c
... .... .... .... .... .... .... ......25c
-.-........ .... .... .... .... .... ....98c
loek.--.- -........................98c
1 Filled Cuff 'Buttons ...... ......48c
ine of Cardui--the woman's friend .... ..73c
lack Draught.----.... ......... .......18c
ellas-Special -Friday an'd Saturday .. . .98c
;hoes ..-..-..-..-.... ...............$148
of Shoes .... .... .... ....98c and $2.48
of Men's and 'Boys' Hats..... ..48. and 98c
of IMen's and 'Boys' Caps .... ........9c
>le Oil Cloth, (worth 35e)..... .... ....25c
mfen4pun, per yard .... .... ........ ....6
a'Hose (sizes 5, 6, 7 .... ......... .......5o
alue Window Shades, first quality, worth
e-.----.---.--...--.......... .... .....48c
sheeting, 'worth 65e elsewhere .... .......47o
Percales, 36 inches wide, worth 20e else
>rice Friday and iSaturday....... .. ..12 1-2o
uminum Dipper (worth 35e) .... ......19c
rose,; seonds. 'While they last .... .... ..5
e this week.-.--.--.-.............. ..200
de Hose this week -....... .... .... ....29c
C, special sale, 3 pairs for . ... .... ..... .25o
hoes. We thave two (big stocks of Shges going
ing out, cut prices. Now is your chance to
ole family.
;ocks of 'Men's and- 'Boys' Clothing. Come in
gh. You can dress up for a little money.
silkc Pon-gee 'Shirtwaists, well made, -latest
. ..,-.......a-........ .... .... ..$2.98
nice 'Pongee 'Shirtwaists.... .... .... ..98o
3repe-de--Chine and -Georgette Shirtwaists,
d, only.---.---..-............ ...9
Toile Waists, special sale now .... .... ..39o
per, good patterns to select from. Double
Is) ............ .... .... ........22120
to Red Iron Racket.-J. C.
ne Goods for Less Money.
ist only a few items picked
'eek and look through-You
, South Carolina
h Side Public Square in Burns Block

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