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L: 9
-I Kills
Instant Relief from Scalds,
Burns, Cuts, Wounds, etc.
Contains No Alcohol, Acid or Pepr.
Painful injuries often result from
accidents. Mustang Liniment kept
always at hand is cheapest and best
insurance. Made of purest oils, it
penetrates quickly, soothing and
healing the affected parts.
S Rev. A. S. Singleton, Danville,
ayS Va.--Ihaveusdyour Mcxican
Mustang Liniment for 30 years
and find it the verX best remcdy in case of a
cut, a burn, a bruise-in fact. almost any
ailment that can) be cured by a liniment.
In using I think it quite important to rub It
well into the pores and rcpeat the operation
at frequent intervals."
FR E-a solid brams * 'ut-and -Take"
TODDLE TOP. i larious fun! Hend26conts
stamnps or coin for Trial loattia (Hlousehold Ship)
BMufsag Linimecnt. and RetT.IddioTojl aboolutoip~
free. Lyon bifg. Co.. 41 So. 6th St., uklyn, N.Y.
25c - 50c - $1.00
Sold by Drug and General Store&
"The Good Old Standby Since 1848''
Gas, Indigestion,
Stomach Misery
"Pape's Diaiepsin" has proven itself
the surest. relief ffor Indigestioii, Gases,
Flat ilence, 1Heartburn, Sourness, Fer
imentationl or Stoiaeli I)istress caused
by acilitv. A few tablets give almost
immediate stonach relief and shortly the
stonutch is corrected so you ean eat fi
vorite foods withotut fear. Largo caso
costs only fow eents at drug t-tore. dlil
lios helied aninally.
Colds &
"For years we have used
and I have never found an3
place," writes Mr. H. A. Stac
g cy, who is a Rutherford Cou
Draught as a medicine that s
hold for use in the prompt tre
vent them from developing ini
* "It toucb~es the liver' ai
*declared. "It is one of the
cold and headache. I don't
*family if it wasn't for Black'
*dollars .*.. I don't see how
*out It. I know it is a reliable
*in the house. I recommend
*never without it."
At all druggists.
n Accept Nc
We wish so ann<
.now handling tU
Full Line of Fertil
H.. L. Ro
"Unless all signs fail -the Astor Pro
d(Iiing Company has in "Rose of Wash
ington Square' what iwli be to miusi.
cal comedy -what 'Lightning' is to til
dramiia. To be really -truthful 'Rose
is not a inuaical comedy in the accept
ed sense of the word!. H Is a cmod
diaia with a musical setting. It Is
something new to the -theatre and it
shokild prosper."
''lhe above. is quoted from the first
atagraph o the- Detroit Freo 'Press
critilIue follow-ing the initial perform
alce of "'ose of Washington Square"
inl thc autOoile mflet 1 alt;1!s a wedk
or so ago. Tlio attraction will be at
Ithe Oipera :llouI e n ilMoudly, Feb. 27
enroute to its New York inaugural
which will -t-ake place less than a fort
ntigit. later.
"1:;w of 'Washington Square" is
most everything that a stage enterttain
ment should be. It is light but not
brothy, it has, its serioua momen:-s h-it
they are not. b)oresioe() , P-i ?, . is col
sist t. and -well sust a ined, e. 'there
ar- moments one thinks of a revue.
'lhe story is that of a family of mnoun
taineer Carcilinians who suddenly be
com3e weal thy through the discovery
of rich ore oin their Blue Ridge farm.
Rose is the .comely Dixie Miss who Is
sent to Grenwich Village -to study
music and pliinting. Tie tenptations
that surrourid the innocent maid from
the hills, in the exotic atiosphero of
Now York's B3ohemia, provide a dccid
edly intetesting story. When one he
holds thle unconventional environment
of the art-ists' studios there is oft a
iwinge of wondert. whether unac
companied 'good 'girls should b al
lowed to absorb this trut ly artistic but
not necessa'rily elevating atimtosphero.
United .Stes of Amerlca,
Distrie, of South Carollimar.
li the iatter of 11. IL Fuller, Bank
Notice is hei-eby given that tho abovo
naied pi:rson has been dunly adjudged
bankr-upt, antd the first. Ieetilng of tihe
creditol's of said bankrupt will be hold
in the Cmirx't. llouse in the city of La
ecns, S. (., on the 21st day of February
A. 11). 1922. at 'tine o'clock lit tho fore
soon. lit which tilio and plaeo tite
creditors may appear, examinlo the
banki-ipt, prove their clahuxs and
transact such other business as tomy
properly cOllie before said imeoting.
F' N19 . M ..11 jY' ,111F
R(eferee int ltankruptoy.
Black-Draught In our family,
medicine that could take its
r of Bradyville, Tenn. Mr. Sta
nty farmer, recommends Black
hould be kept in every house
atment of many little ills to pre
o serious troubles.
id does the work," Mr. Stacy fl
best medicines I ever saw for~*
know what we would do in oi~
)raught. It has saved tis many
any family can hardly go with-A
and splendid medicineo keep U
Black-Draught highly and am.
Imitations I
unce that we are
e products of the
izer Kept on Hand.
per &. Co.
Cleimson College, Feb. 20.-in Ex
tension Bulletin 50, "Cotton Varieties
for South 'Carolina," which in now ba
ing iprinted, the follQwing recoinen
dations are m(ade as to the best va
riotios for use in South Carolina un
der boll weevil conditions.
Short staple varictles---Clevoland
Big Boll for wilt-freo land, Dixie
Triunph for wilt-infested :land.
Long staple varieties--Wobber 49
and D)eltatype Webber.
'Brief notes on those and otier
varieties, miany of which have boon
common in South Carolina, are given
iI the publication and those bear out
the reconinioudations above.
Not4s en Varieties
Cleveland Big BUli.-This is the bost
short staplo variety for South Caro
lina conditions iw'hero land is free
fron wilt. It is very productive, be
gins fruiting early and fruits rapid
ly, continuing to fruit throughout the
season. Plants aro of mledlium sizO,
oe)n1 growing, with two to four vego
tative branches, numerous miedlum
to long fruiting .branches, mnediun
foliage, large bolls (60 to 65 per
pound.) Length of staple 1 inch; per
cent of lint 3) to 40.
(Dixle-Triumph (Wilt ltesistau.
This variety was developed by the
United States Departmnent of Agri
clture, special attention being di
rected to producing a type of plant. to
resist wilt and best suited to boll
weevil conditions. It is highly wilt
resistant and has proved to be one of
the earlicat, highest yielding wilt-re
sistant cottons. Plants are inediimil
size, open growing, with tiwo to four
vegetative branclies, and num1ou011
long fruiting branches. Foliage me
diuni, bolls large (60 to 06) ped pound),
stapile one inch, 68 per cent of lint.
,Seed are small and germinate quickly.
Webber -19.-Marliness, productive
ness, and excellent straples are (iuali
ties that make Webber 49 ono or the
leading long staple varieties. VehNibor
.19-3 and Webber 49-4 are m11oro Icen1t
imiproved strains of this variety, aitl
the recoiiendat ion of Webber 49
meani either' of these two strains. Thlis
variety is now being grown as suc
evssfully uni1der boll weevil conditions
as the short staple varieties, and fro
(iuently yields as much seed cotton por
acre. Plants are medium to small in
growth, open growin-g, medium to light
foliage, and fruits very heavily close to
tlme ground. olls are largo (60 to 6.5
per pound), staple 1 6-16 to 13-S inch
os, 32 to 33 por cent of lint.
King.,-Planta are 14aill and slender,
with very light foliage, -fruits early
and rapidly, but fruiting Dortod is tob
short. Bolls small (85 to 90 per
pound), pcrcent of lint 35, staplo 7-8
and of rather poor quality. In yield
and money value this variety has rank
ed very low as comipared to the bit
boll varieties. Duo to its very short
fruiting period, small boils, poor sta
ple, and low yield, this variety is not
suited 'to South Carolina conditions
and it is not recommended.
Slmpkins. - 'Practically Identical
'with Kinig, 'd theC above description
and recomin qdations for King applly
to Simpkins.
Expresse-ilants of this variety are
siender~m, medium size, open1 'growing,
very light foliage, with few or 110 veg
etative branchles but nu~merous long
fruiting .branches. Fruits roipidly and
ver'y early. Bells small, thin hull,
opens wideo, not stormn-lroof. Seed
used( in these tests wer'e omtained
from Gieorgia, andl were lacking In
breeding, as the staple wvas not uni
form, varying Itrom i to 1 1-4 Inches.
The lint percentago was also low, vary
ing from 32 to 34. More recent im
proved strains have eliminated some1
of thle objectionable features -above
Hlartsvillne-Large size of plant,
lateness, -and heavy foliage make this
variety unsuitable for' bo01 -weevil con
Claytor.--This variety produces a
wonder'ful staple, practically 1 1-2
inches in -length. Lateness, large
size of plants, small bells 'with very
thin hull are objectionable qualities
that make it unsuitable for growving
under boll weevil conditions.
Dlx-Afifi----A wilt-resistant variety
wIth 1 1-8 to 1 1-4-inch -staple.
'Plants very large -and weedy,. boli,
small, hull thin, foliage medium. Un
suItable .for ISouth Carolina cond~i
Dlxle-Plants large, with long
vegetative branches, slendeCr fruiting
branches, medium foliage, small bolls
(75 to 8(0 per pound). Staiple 15-16 .to
1 inch, 36 to'-38 .percent of lint. This
is a -wilt-resistant variety, hut it Is inot
as early and Droductive as Dixie-Tri
u1mph, and should not .be planted for~
best results If seed of latter vari
ety can 'be obtained.
Half and Half.--This variety has a
very shor? 'staple, 7-8 Inch, of poor
qulality. Anthraenose, or boll' rot, is
very prevalent " in this 'variety amnd
often cOnes5 .serlgus loss. It~ should
not >bo 'lant~ed.
748NtkP)~nts ' of semi-eluster
-type, bea"vy /flpiago, ilte .boUp, hard
toa 1,isk,.d'erst lated~ "Ineu~~taW for'
8oati Carolina conditions.
b1t the st"tuplo Is very short and of
:poior qiuality. Anthracuoso, or boll
rot, is very prevalent In -this variety,
and frequently causes serious lose.
Not recommendod.
Sawyer.-Planto modium to small,
soini-ciuster typo, large bolls (60 to
65 por pound), lint percontage 38,
staple 16-16 to I Inch. This variety
Using Cypn
"A Dollar !
Be thrifty. If you'
ing, shed, fence or
Insist on "Tide Water"
Cypress-youcan iden
tify it by this mark.
because Cypress
"He who uses Cyp
Write us for list of FREEV
and no substitutes" from y'
a 4a
Tht' wha yo ar toi eerin
yy o
s ( u teieai o e hoenf
:md nou hint p ue-n pric to hattr is'e,
youn(Xtflrcsn~ l- Gradp 'ind objr. dma.
s' ut l the obdet s tomye heondfe
bers ntflyoui- i'un ii tethr t his Pue
i n! Evei rybfpreo y J
- 'e At n.':tin , mos'ii t 'P-\\nia-'i'
-ui T'i Ch - .m i - jnv t , i y n :. t id
hisfng to ! e n .inre o san y ot
yt.nn : her hav rihi e 1 14(11 ne fn itiid
lii ii) l rd. it ' ~is an hiterestin' p~i'ctue,
ho i oten eNnOofThe ize.
'.\ng t t. h'ie or lt tom wr V3'itir
'*her of an emptove' ii nnty, Itnitd
- t'.v I ubmil.it in ens er lt i ts 7.ite
notht 'n t r .te
2. A ( i .)11 01 w , m t he 'ly .
m .All by '.s-reh tit h '2 ti to
..nu' whtlre't..isd to It. I ienrlers'ont, will
t'in'.izleitO Amr.er, Theii .\ngustn more01
rChroniile. tithir
* 13 ut A ser;shonh be wrlcti i 'tl- tw.
. t ectatlsiel, I, '2, 3. eb,'. \\ rile nny
. s-.tach page~s in the ttppr r right patid
: t ha end t' f crner. I iiou ei.. ii'oi I i.t
olorate sheet. ' l''
. I. O)nIy words f'ounw N th liuoIn
- tnglish Dt.ic tiar will h e t" "I1
comtiptmdii, or obsoli'te wsords. deper5'
- l'ne e~ti't the iiepgnIi er or plutr- ('on11t
- t, .1)ut where the shigtiui' Is who
ttseds the pharal ennnltot lie ' mitlte
c'otedssI ittd viee versta.-Prt
5. \\ords of tile same spelt- decia
ing'it en ~ts ed ontly once, seen tand I
thtough tt *Lgg (esRIgmrte dif-- Ii.
- tlerent ohieJcl 's, s' 'r, oh- short
howevetr, any -vIsbl ,l'pnr'k .hr of w;.
the ob.t't tmay alhso 14 imegld, (of wv
- 6. T'he persboa sen'idhime ih The
the largest anld nearest correct there
H . H'enderson T
Pnnzle Mgr. .11
fruits .very ' early and rapidly, 'but
fruiting season is short. Sheds fruit
rapidly -with na-favorable weather
conditions. Appears to be a selec
Lion of 'Cleveland but does not yield
.16 twell.
Engraved Caes anud InvitatIons.
Loose Loaf Ledgers, E~tc.
Advertiser PrInttag Co.
ass "mends the rip in a le
saved Is a Dolk
-e going to build or repair,
anything around the plac
lefies decay and lasts p
>ress builds but once." Th
LANSfor farm buildings-but in the meant
)ur local lumber dealer-no matter for what I
I Gralam Bldg.. Jacksonville, Fla.
oin Tis Pitr -Sat
ndte tmost iteen chpRizCs wi
edprie, crtc. rth e dowea t hoe"'
t inrt i nteres enT
i test of your skill, your
pictuare' begiinning with 1tPrz
in. Gn.ather aill the turni- 1tPrz
dnit, give eacha af thenm 211(d Prize
he pi'ture enr'efuiiy and( trIPrz
5th Prize
-- -7th Prize
7th Prize
10th Prize
i TO TRY 12t Prz
lir .1 ieder anstd rnmily, 1-1th Prize
'oni will finr it the best 15th Prize
,erl unio na iand inter-- _______________
wilil ngree wC'Aithi us thatl
lnesn't look hard,* naitd it
tist baubbling river with SUBSCRiPT
wordcs will win tihe firsit I Yeer, fDnil
Nentness, style or hatud..I (One yeaorly
c4 havie nao hing'ii upon
na the winners.
llili(lla t ile )uryle, iit
mec prize w li ie awuard. rou
fil 11 hoehodnor, It costs n
than one of no roup iv to a
e' h10C ave >ern work- piic l)b the ja
inl 'the event oft a tie foer ing the fol'low
arize off'ered, thae full wiv hggeru casi
It of such. rize wilt be mnzthis subsri
o iC~ aie ra tir eatl'l Chronilcle2 will
e~'" n.ldr hat n uhsn- answer first r
o The Augusta Chronie mthi sutbsCi
i ta. Citron ide" yi
Thecre win hel three ill- 30O.00. ('Sec:
dent judges .havinag no list.)
etion wi hi The (:hronlele, Or, if .you
wiliri ge the nnaW~' ferslsu- In two slx-nmot
~ip ift5 age to rW~l the Sunda~ Ch.t~
on ofr. i',e udges as final stead of $30.0(
oinclusive, prize list.)
'The juidjes will meet .It takes b~
nners and the correct lilt iitt,le effort.
ton i Just at liekle .1a0 Ao d w
Ifter', as possIble. an
ON -BtQUESTf ato
A~ugusta Chr<
Djonprekt 19)2 The Ananata Chronicle&
i1 break a Cold, Fover anU rlGrpp
iuloker han anything we know, pro
renting p neeia.
aky purse."
tr Earned."
any sort of build
e, use
Insist on "TIde Water"
Cpress youcaniden
ractically forever.
at's real economy.
ine insist on "CYPRESS
urposc you buy. Address
Vih *h Letter"P
sy ihu n tobewaee
Vel h ohr rejs s ayt
e1ivn o te jife ntitsf
igth the taLeterw:
es given fPrzhe fivten Plzat liven o
adnest forret sub- of "P' wordb
crdptos sacripn nscdript i
cast is st ae sent 1lo
$30.0)0 $31)0.00 t ,O000.0lt
20.00 150.0I0 :00.0n
10.010 75.00 150.00
5.00 5100 100.100
5.00 30.00 75.00
5.00 20.00 50.00
0.00 15.00 -40.00
3.00 10.00 30o.00
3.00 10.00 20.d40
:.00 10.00 20.00
2.00 10.00 ' 20.00
2.00 10.00 201.00
2.00 10.01) 20.00
2.00 10.00 20.00
2.00 10.00 20.00
[ON .-ATES-Payable in Advance
By CarrIer or Agenat
lily andi Sundlay.............$1.50
y and1 Sundaiy ..,..............$.0...
ay an Saunday ................$0.00
iandlf( Suiny ................80
subsc'riptlon wIll count as two six
~an Win $1,000.00
fthing to. take. part and( you don't
ini a sinle "subscretIion to win * n
ir liit of "P--Words' is awar'd fir'sl
(ies you will win $30.00, b~ut if yo
win more than $30l.00 we are mnak
ing special offer, whereby you can
Sprizes by' sendin in one or two six
ltions for Th e -) )nIly and1( Sundayt)
I remittance to cov -r.
OWV: if the. jud ife awardi your'
rize, and you have seat in 0one six
'iption to "Tfhe Daily and Sunday
iu will receive $3001.00 insteadl of
icond column of figures ini prizeM
are award first prize, and have senlt
ths subscriptions to "The Dajly and
iele," you will recoivo $1, 00.00 in
I. (See third column of rigures l
~~wo subscriptions to qualify for
Ad. . utely' 'two subsr.
r.own subscr'iptbon will count
e ake. s1uscrtlons to start at
rin nsedn in y'our subfcrip..
li Istructions on a separate sheet
wheh y'ou setid in your anlswer'
0 ugAno a. n

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