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Dials, Feb. 27.---The anniversary of
the great Washington's birth was cele- I
brated with fitting honor in the school
at this place. The teachers endeavor
ing to impress Uoil the pupils -the
sacredness of the 11ay to all t rue
Many decades have passed since tile
body of America's best loved patriot
nwas laid to rest forever in the shadow
of the home lie loved so well. Since.i
that day generations of Americans I
have visited the shrine. R ich and (
poor, high and low, have found inspir-l(
ation in that n.iiajestic presence. P rince
and lords of many foreign in have
reverently placed imi nortelles up1)on1
tle tonimb of him whose love of liberty
slistailed hii dirin'. Ile lark days of
\alley Forge. lo'vover, Washi ntol
did not winl onrl .\'nericanl freedomII
alone. No : ,liloir - ' tIle great ma
caln claim that distinctionl for him11. Thlel
victory coald no 111 have been won witi
out tie help of his glorious chiefs and,
his brave ariniy or heroes, who dream-!4
ed of nothing hut an Alerican liber
ty, free from i-ihnad's chails of
slavery. lilt it may he said in all
truth and fairness that ith e man whose
bilrth\ we celebrate each 22nd day ofl
Februa ry was tlle revolut2ion*s guid
ing :pirit. ills spirit is not dead-itj
still lives in the hearts of' all loyal
An riails ani imay the (lay never I
coie when the Spirit of the great
Washington Ahall die in tlis reoublic.
IMiss Cevil Owings had as her recent
week-end guest Miss T. Craig Hunter
of Gray Court.
Miss Mattie Sinions, of Greenville, 1
accompanied by Mrs. George, also of I
Greenville, were the guests of hlole
folks here1 during tile week-end.
Miss Laura Hellamns has returned;
from a recent visit in Spartanburg,
where she was so fortunate as to at
tend the Sunday revival.
Mrs. hiia Harris, Misses Fannie andi
'Sallie Brownlee, and Messrs. D. ID. and
J. L. iBrownlee were the spend-the
1~~. '***"~.......
- *- -
lay guests of 61r. D. 1). Harris and
amily, Friday.
.Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Brooks were
hopping in Greenville, Wednesday.
The question uppermost In the
n1inds of those interested in education
ust now, is the, proposed slash of the
chool fund. I do not know how the
aiurens delegation stands on this
reat issue, but I do know hat they
hould consider the wishes of thekr
onstituents and come out squarely
in favor of all appropriations which
vill enrich andl improve the finance of
lie common schools of the state, there
)y enriching and improving the
mowledge of the hundreds of children
>f the state. The cidii(iren of the rural
listricts want a square deal and the
ountry schools want justice, but
ieither call be secured if the appro
riations for the common schools are
It should he remembered that ap
>ropriations for the education of the
-outh of today is not an expenditure,
mt ati inve.tment by tile state that
vill yield uitold results in progress,
tdvalecllent and development.
Alr. 1. M. Owings, who is teaching
lver in Greenville county, hiad as his
Vek-elld guests, ills sister, Miss Cecil
mvings, and Miss limnter, of the Gray
'ourt-Ow ings faculty.
Miss Lilly Tiomason is oil an ex
ended visit to relatives in Fountain
Rev. and Mirs. C. W. Watson and lit
le -Margaret, of the parsonage, spent
iaturday with %It. and Ii-s. Sam
MIrs. W. R. flarris was a visitor in
iountain Inni, Friday.
MNir. and Mrs. L,. ). Curry spent Wed
iesday with Mr. Fred Peden and fan
ly, of Fairview. They were accom
alled home by AIrs. Eileen Peden and
ittle 'David, who had been spending
;omte days with relatives in that see
MIiss Emma IDial leaves Saturday
7or kClhesnee where sie has accepted a
position in the school at that place.
Miss Mlarcelle Satterfleld, daughter
,f -Mr. and Mrs. Will Satterfield, and
Mir. Robert Willis, eldest son of Mr.
Isaac 'Willis, were recently married,
the Rev. Geo. Hopkins performing the
ceremony. Both iMr. and .Mrs. Willis
are very popular and are receiving a
liet of congratulations and best wish
t 'rom their -many friends.
The Epworth 1League of this place,
at the last meeting, elected the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing quar
ter: President, Miss Dewey Arm
strong; Vice-President, 'Miss Laura
Hellams; Secretary and Treasurer,
Miss Sallie Brownlee; Supt. of Ju
niors, Mrs. Ena Harris. The 'League
is ve-y much alive and is doing siplen
did work, yet is hoping -to accomplish
still more for the advancement of all
righteous causes.
lrs. H1. Y. Simmons is spending a
Iew days in the "Mou ntain City", the
guest of her daughter, Miss Mattie
The lRev. C. 'W. Watson, despite the
inclemency of the weather, fllled his
regular appointment here Sunday af
ternoon. The congregation enjoyed
to the fullest his able discourse which
was handled in iis usual pleasing and
schoIrly manner.
FIGIIT WILL ('0311",
Contest Sure to Develop in lIouse.
Sales Tax Favored.
Washington, Feb. 22.--The financing
of the s.oldier bonus by means of a
manufacturers' or wholesalers' tax
was discussed in what 'was described
as a "general sort of way" at two ses
rionQ today of the 'Republican members
of the house ways and means commit
tee dealing with this subject. It was
announced that there would be no fur
ther sessions until Friday and mem
bcr.s indicated that there was no dis
psltilon to hurry a decision.
Representative Lngworth, ranking
member of the special committee, said
it was his judgment that a gentral
manufacturers' and 'wholesalers' tax
similar to that in force in Canada
would be recommended. He hought
the rates would be lower than thosc
in Canada as treasury exiperts had es
timated that the Canadian rates, i]
These are 1
*Newest Cr
Prices Mosi
Specials for Fri(
One lot Crepe de chi
in beautiful patterns an
$2.50 the yard, going S
day for
New Sprir
We are showing lots
our Millinery Departme
every clay. See these
put in force -in this country, woul(
yield $580,000,000 year, or more thax
$200,000,000 in excess of the amouni
which it has been estimated will b
needed to fluance the cash payments t(
the former service men.
Mr. Longworth said he did not thint
the bonus bill would be ready for thi
house this week or next. 1He state(
that there was some disposition or
the part of many house members t(
postpone action . the measure foi
a time to await the opening of refund
lig negotiations betiween the Unitec
States and the debtor nations. 'Callinj
attention that the refunding commis
sion had been appointed by the presi
dent, the Ohio member said there was
reason to believe that before July th<
Inited States would have some of th<
refunded bonds in hands.
The president, Mr. Longthworth weni
Ion to say, undoubtedly would not b(
opiiosed to the sale of some of th<
foreign bonds .in this country to ob.
tain money for the bonus. lie adde(
that before this could be done con
gress would have to enact a law giv
ing authority to the secretary of th
treasury to so dispose of the securitie,
as the presCit law provides that hi
must use them in retiring a part o:
the public debt.
The Ohio member said the presiden
was opposed to the enactment of honu:
legislation without any provision foi
raising the funds. If the propose(
sales tax iprovision was be- it in thi
house, lie added, the bill th n wouk
simply be a charge against the treas
ury. It was his opinion that if ,
sales tax were reported the hous
would be given an opportunity to vot<
separately on that tax.
A separate vote unas been demandeu
by opponents of a sales tax who con
tinued today to tighten their Lines fo
the fight that is now regarded on al
sides as almost certain. Opponent:
said if necessary there will -be a figh
all along the line, from the ways ani
means commnittee, to the party con
ference, to the rules committee an
finally to the house. They did no
think the fight would last that lon
but continued to circulate ipeition
among house members.
the Season'6
eations and
lay and Saturday
ne and Georgette Crepe
d all shades, worth up t<
pecial Friday and Satur
ig Millinery
of new Spring H-ats ii
nt, and new arrivals mos
before they are picke<
..rC( TV11 r
Tables Made of Paper.
Tablos, chairs and other articles of
furniture are now made from com
pressed paper so colored and polished
as to 'give it the appearance of the
10nest woods.
i,~10DODrie I
A ga
Sedan $1.440, Coulpye $
t Roadster $850, Panel
Screen Business Car
t Pho$e 200
g Dri
. . . .. . . ;;' \
To Cure a Cold In One Day
8(ops the CoU I and Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. ROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
k ' ill ~
280, Touring Car $880,
Business Car, $980,
880, F. 0. B. Factory.
Public Square

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