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To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds. Head Colds and
Oeo~p Isenloed with every bottle of
A S' H LING HONEY. The salve
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of chidren suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Heal[ru Honey in
side the fhroat combined with the heai ng effect of
Gtwve's 0-Pn-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment Is 39e.
HFjG o druggist for HAYES'
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
wries Mrs. Mattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "I was very 1ll;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of watcr. I
took . .. medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Car dul."
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one bot
tie of Cardul I was fim
provIng," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Six bot
ties of Cardual and . . .1I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. 1 belIeve I "0o'1d
have died, had it not be,, ___
for Cardul" Cardut has
been found beneflet~el
mnany thousands of other
cases of womanly trou
bles. lI [email protected] feet the need
of a godd, strengthen..
ing tonIc, why not try
CarduI ? It mtay be just
hat ou eed.
*aurens Ity Sch'ools *
Eleventh Grade-Highly Distil
,iished, Sarah Eliza Swygert, Grace
i'aylor; Distinguished, Allie Gosnell,
Rebecca Adams, Eula Mac Martin,
Louise Smith, Herman Taylor.
Tenth Grade-Ilighly lDistinguished,
Sarah Katherine Barksdale; Distin
iuihed, J. J. Adams, Robert Babb,
Fred Clifton, Roy Gaston, Ray Good
win, Margaret Knight, -Mary Senn,
Ruby Templeton, Maude Wofford, Wy
att Waldrep, Carl Thompson, Ruth
Sullivan, Winifred Sitgreaves.
Ninth Grade-IHighly Distinguished,
lary Goodwin, Sidney Holmes, Paul
Philpot, Rose Rosenthal; Distinguish
ed, Clara tBoyd, Jalnie Holmes Davis,
Nelle Cheek, Marlegene Gray, Thad
deus Hamilton, Katherine Hicks, Beth
Long, Cornelia -Machen, Norine Mar
tin, Louise McCord, Sara Senn, Hilda
Eighth Grade, (A)--Jighly Distin
guished, Willie Kate Baldwin, Pascal
Miley; Distinguished, Zell 'Blakely,
James Machen, Inez Motes, Horace
Eighth Grade, (B)-d-lighly Distin
guished, Frank Roper; Distinguished,
Fay Chaney, Allie Culbertson, Bryon
.Goodwin, Orroh 'Lou Irby, Gertrude
Sexton, Jonede Teague, Elizabeth
Eighth Grade (C)--Distinguished,
IZothran McCravy, '.iller McCuen,
Perrin Wright.
Seventh Grade (A)--Highly .Distin
guished, Legare Blackwell; Distin
guislied, Sara Cheek, Billy Bolt, Letha
Kennedy, Samuel Fleming, Hugh Cole
man, Augusta McClintock, Collyar
Barksdale, Thomas Hamilton.
Seventh Grade (B)-Highly Distin
guished, Charles Rosenthal, Bruce
Thompson, Martha Power, Clara Sex
ton, ,Harriett Todd; Distinguished,
Cceil Sullivan, Sam Todd, Henry Wil
liams, Beatrice Rowland, Amaryllis
Smith, Mary Thompson.
Sixth Grade (A)-diighly Distin
guished, William Bramlett, Mary Ball;
Distinguished, <Mary Anderson, Wil
liam Crews, Robert Moore, Jones Mar
Sixth Grade ('B)--Distinguished, En
nie Power, Fannie Rosenthal, Ger
trude Templeman, -Margaret Wasson,
Peninee Watson.
Fifth Grade (A)-Dstinguished,
Jack Bolt, Ralph Ball, James iDunklin,
W. C. Miller, Russell Moore, Bertha
Barnett, Virginia Clardy, UMartha
Franks, Arminda Hough.
Fifth Grade, (B)-Highly Distin
guished, Irene Todd, Jeanette Hamil
ton; Distinguished, Mary Idell Row
land, Frances 1Switzer (Mary Lewis
Swink, Lillian Kitchens.
Fourth Grade (A)-Distinguished,
Margaret Check, Sarah Dorroh, Belle
Hamilton, Marion Hil), Rolfe Hughes.
Fourth Grade (B)-Distinguished,
2. T. Equires, Jr., Louis Wham, Mary
Ellen Owens, Helen Vincent.
Third Grade (A)--Distinguished,
Jack Balle, Charles -Hicks, .oe Hough,
Bert Kcnnington, R. A. Martin, Emi
ly BWabb, Mary Crisp, Katherine H~ud
Third Grade (B)-Distinguished,
. Joe Reid, Margaret McCravy, Sarah
Riddle, Dorothy Sitgreaves, -Loise
Taylor, Clemilegene Treague.
Second Grade .(A)--Distinguished,
Charles Crews, JIames uDavis, John A.
Farnks, Jr., Robert Fleming, John
Glenn Kitchens, Billy 'Lancaster, lHar
old Lee, Mary Clarence Bramlett, Lau
ra -Uabb, Martha Susan Blrlggs, IHar
riett DuBose, 'Roberta Holmes, liar
riett Gray, D)orothy Humbert.
Second Grade (-B)-Highly Distini
guished, Maudaline Sullivan, Mary
Elizabeth Squires; Distinguished, 'Es
ther Lurey, Inez Templeman, Lawton
Vincent, Samuel Wilkes, Fred 'Lan
h am.
First Grade (A)-Hlighly Distin
guished, Bob Childress; Distinguished,
Trhomas Babb, Jesse Barton, William
Bolt, 'Robert Bolt, Maurice Cannon,
Billie Copeland, Charles DuBose, Wi
11am Hipp, Reuben Irby, Otis Madden,
Marie Allen, Sarah Barton, Helen
Blakely, A-zile Clary.
First Grade ('B)-4Highly Distini
guished, Frank Sloan, Helen Temple
ton; Distinguished, Harold Ogiesby,
James Owings, John -Rose Putman, G.
L. Watson, Jr., Carrie 'Elmore, -Laura
Madden, Rachel Norwood, Frances
Putnam, Frances Rowland, Doria
Swain, Edna Switzer, 'Mary Francos
* Laurenis Mill School
Fourth Grade-Distinguished, Carl
Li1 27 Troy .Is-hop, Nellie Dagnel,
Trhird Grade-H-ighly 'Distinguished
Elmer Davis; Distinguished, Bessie
Davis, Bertha Marlar, 'Lora Seay, Al
ma Templeton,
Second Grade-Highly Distingnish*
ed, Oma -Davis; 'Distinguished, Loret
Busby, Elmira Cannon, Bleulah IDavisa
Goldie Waddell, Oscaur Lee Bishop.
First GIrado-Distinguishedl, 'Ray
I Bishop, Clinton Bishop, John Wesle5
Gws Clyde MicGill, Nellie Davis,
(If your stomach is olt. bf order o
ditressed, no m&1tter from what cause
--4Ta stomaeh tabieta wili gigin
:test relefi n oapo o ndige'tiOll
* . V * V * * * * * * V *
Lanford, March 13.-A social event
hat proved of exceptflonal interest
nd pleasure was that of Monday cv
ning when Mrs. J. S. Higgins enter
ained in her hospitable iway the teach
rs of Lanford school at a 5 o'clock
linner. The guests were -invited into
he dining room, beautifully decorated
vith hand embroidered butterfly do
dgns with numerous centerpieces and
>retty flowers which added attraction
.o all. A sumptuous four course din
ier was served. After the meal the
'emainder of the evening was enjoyed
in conversation and music. Those
mnjoying the occasion were Misses
4ina Lewis, Jennie -Burgess, Anna
Footman, LNesdames J. R. Patterson, C.
D. Cox, and C. L. Waldrep.
Rev. J. M. Robertson preached a
good sermon 'Sunday afternoon at the
Methodist church, emphasizing es
p)eally the importance of enlisting
students of the Word of God or the
school of Christ. The quarterly con
ference -will convene with this church
on the 4th ISaturday iand Sunday in
Miss Grace DeShields, a student at
Lander college, spent the week-end
with her iparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Miss Nina Lewis was the week-end
guest of her brother in Spartanburg,
Missfennie :Burgess also visited hei
brother, Prof. Jas. Burgess, at Greer
Miss Anna Footman visited hei
friend, M11iss Wylie, the principal ol
Trinity-Ridge school, this week-end.
L3r. Homer T. Ferguson spent a fe'
days with his sister, Mrs. J. S. Hig
gins, last week, and will visit relative
in Lbaurens before returning to hi
home In Birmingham, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. -Fred Prince, of CHin
ton, and Mr. and 3Mrs. Kelly, of Spar
tanburg, iwere guests at tile home o
Mr. and M-rs. W. S. Prince, last Sun
Mrs. J. R. Patterson visited her sis
ter in I1aurens last Saturday.
'Dr. G.raves 'L. 'Knight will preacl
at the Baptist church next Sunda:
Born to \ir. and Mrs. 'Laurens C
-Holmes a son, March lst.
The mission and Bible study classe
will meet at the Baptist church Thurm
day afternoon.
The B. Y. P. U. meetings are we)
attended every Sunday night and th
young people are taking a great intel
est in the rwork. We didn't know w
had so many young people until w
Aluminum Set i
organized the Union and we are proud
of their Interest in the organization.
The -books have been ordered for a
mission study class, which will begin
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * .*
Hickory Tavern, March 13.-The
farmers of this section made very lit
tle progress in the preparation of their
now crops -last week, on account of
bad weather. We were all glad to see
Alonday dawn clear and bright.
Rev. C. T. -Squires, ,f Laurens, filled
his usual atppointnent at Friendship
church Sunday.
Rev. W. A. Baldwin preached an in
teresting sermon at Henderson Sun
Mr. Walter Saxon, who has been ill
Camping, picknicki
glowing coals, you'
Its fragrant crunc
Ask your grocer.
is Illustrated.
j Gi
a ni
I Cole
9 Qi
for the past four months, is reported ;
no better. h
Mrs. A. C. Owens, one of the .Inter- d,
mediate teachers at Hickory Tavern, B
was sick the past week. Weo all hope
she will soon be back at her usual ej
Tho principal of the school, Miss '
For Constipated Bow
The nicest cathartic-laxative to
physic your bowels when you have
Headache Biliousness
Colds Indigestion
Dizainess Sour Stomach
is candy-like Casearets. One or two
Bread is your Best Food---eat nt
LST---Foor Growing Appe
ng, any time there's a chance
!e assured a feast. Especially
hy goodness is ideal building
ey's Bakery
iaranteed LIFE
elivers this high quality a
tensils, as pictured, to yoi
make new friends and to si
of our established custome
ed in your home under a g
of a satisfactory service du
~w utensil free.
ne to Our Store and See
s Set Delivered to Yoi
4-Piece Combination Set--Can be
nial Doubre Boiler
olator, 8-Cup
ad Roaster
e0 Pan Set-i, 1. 1-2, S Quart
rex.Covered Sauce Pan, 4 Quart
Pan or Skillet
asat Stew Kettie
nial Tea Kettle-5 Quart
to Dish Pan
Serves Every Kitc
These are not ordinary utensili
-desirable becafise they not or
are an ornament to any kite
~e with a.bleautIful lasting poll
~htens and beautifies the' horne
aggie J. Becks, nyas .called to her
>ne last week, on account of the
3ath of her brother, Mr. Charlio
ecks, of AWare Shoals.
Mr. J. G. Sumerel spent the week
id with homefolks of this section.
Mr. Joe Brownlee spent Sunday-with
[r. and 'Mrs. W. S. Bolt.
els- Bilious I :,-er
tonight will empty your )., Is com
pletel, by morning and youi vill feel
splenid. "They work wile you
slep." Cascarets ne--'r st:r you up
or gripe like Salts, ii Calomel,
or Oil and they cost ov ten cents
a box. Children love ca Z-a -ets too.
tore or it.
to make toast over
if you insist upon
P food, and, oh so
riME Ware
ir home.
trengthen the friend
rs. Every utensil is
uarantee by the fac
ring your lifetime, or
Flow You Can Get
ir Home for 95c.
combined to give the fol.
lowing dishes:
8 Quart Pot
Combination Cooker
Crtea oper
.Preserve Kettle, 6 Quart
Corn Flake Toaster
Bake Dish
Pudding Pan
Vegolbe Rinser
,Cl ander'
Convex Covered Eette,
oub Boller
Pot Boaster .
hen Need.
s, but LIFETIME Uten
ly serve yowaLifetime,
hen---e j1, handsome
sh---a Bitry finish that

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