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EITje Zlbertizer
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertisiig llatei on Application.
Obituarles and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
Entered at the postofllee at Laurens,
S. C., as second class mail matter.
LA'RENS, S. C., MIARCH 22, 1922
The Advertiser, as usual, could of
fer many suggestions to the incoming
city council but it will refrain Just
now except to refer to one matter of
at least reasonable inuportance, viz.,
the method of electing city elimployces.
The policy hitherto followed by pre
vious administrations has been to
elect city emiployees limediately after
being sworn in at the first meeting of
their a(m1inistration. Olicers of all
kilnds have been filled on the spur of
tle mUoment without an opportunity
being had of considering the appli
canis or without the public having an
oliportunity to express any object ion it
n'iight have to the titness of any appli
cant to fill the position he is offering
for. The defects of such a policy are
evident 111)011 its face.
It oCcurs to us that the first thing
in regard to city employees that the
Council should determine is whethei
0r not he same positions now plovided
by the city are to bc retained and then
whether or not the salaries are to re
main the same. After these things art
deterinied, then d'i. notice should h(
given as to what offices are to bc
filled and the salaries attached to each
Applications shouli be required to h
filed for a reasonable length of in(
before tile election so that the pub
lic may know who is offering am
what they are offering for, and further
so that the applicants may know ih
advance how mu1tich they may expec
as remuneration. An added advantage
of course. 'would 'be that the city Inigh
have the selection of many worthy a:)
Ilicants iw-ho otherwise might nol
Icnow of .the positions to be filled oi
their remuneration.
Reports of council proceedings ir
the past will show that employee
have been brought up for interroga.
tion, disnissedl and their successor
elected within the hour. The Adver,
tiser would not say that the results o:
the elections were not the best ob
'tainable, but as already stated, sucl
polley is not calculated to bring abou
best results.
.* 9N
* 1Our comillrcial tnd Civic or
* galliationr, 0111 Ileircliaits and
* -manufacturers an d 11ur religious
* organizations are trying to build
* conditions which willl make ;pa
* trons for our city, and one of the
* greatest plroblems arising is howv
*' to make conditions that will make
* permanent patrons for tihe things
* which our' city has to offer. Peo
* pie are not drarsn to cities by ac
*. cident. Something must be there.
~* to attract thmem. So it is in the
* matter of buying in Laurens. It
-must be -madeC attr'active.
* Our peollo generally recognize
:* that we have one of the best school N
* systems in the state; that we have
* transportation facilities surpassed
* h)y few other~l towns in the state; N
* that wve have very favorable indus- *
* trial conditions; that we have fine*
* churches with wide awvake church *
* societies; that we 'have cheap elec- *
* trilc power' and fuel, and desirable *
* labor conditions; that we have a *
*~ good home town and a real civic *
* spirit, but howv many of' ourm .people ~
* recalize t'hat we hrave home mcer- *
* chants and home industries that *
* ar'e the equal of any andI sunpamssed *
* by none in~ towns of like size? *
.* Laurens industries cannot pr'o- *
* dluce, either' can Laur'ens mer'- *
* chants supply all the thlings that *
* are consumed wvithin tile city-but *
* why go elsewhern for what can be *
* furi'iished right at our door, and if *
*~ must 'be ordered why not have our' *
*~ local merchants order it for you? *'
* The local merchants '&ser've pa- *
* tronage of local peoij.*
** 9s*e *.a * * * 9**e
S Card From Mayor Franks
~I take this method of thanking the
yoters of Laurens who supported me
for Mayor at tihe two recent elections.
Dur'ing the remainder of my term- I
shall continue to give to the city my
blest though~t and efforts in the admin
istration of its affairs, aid after this
Miy successor shall h-ave my heartiest
~tlpport in every effort of -progress.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Forner Nominee Says Democrats Sure
to Win If They Remnini True. Prais.
es Wilsonm in Both Speeches. e(
The State, Friday. 01
Before an audience that packed the
floor of the hall of the house of rep- *
resentatives to the walls, that filled $
the gallery and overflowed into the
aisles and windows, James M. Cox,
Democratic nominee for president in
the last election, last night called n
upon his fellow Democrats to remain t
true to their .rinciples, to follow the b
straight path, to refrain from ten- o
porization, promising them that as a
rersard for such a policy "we will wi d
as surely as the coining of the day."
The ;ight that met the eyes of form- s1
er Governor Cox when he mounted the 1
speaker's stand at the house of repre
sentatives was a most inspiring one.
In the flag hedecked hall, from the
walls of which looked down the 11Or- \1
traits of many of the distinguished 1)
sons of South Carolina, had assem- 13
bled an audience that must have re
minded the speaker of the stirring o
daYs of his campaign-with one strik- ti
ing exception. Last night everybody -
in the reach of his voice was a friend
to Jimmie Cox, gave him an ovation tl
when he entered, cheered his elo- tl
fuent periods, yelled like mad when U
lie mentioned Woodrow Wilson and
gave hi1mu1 an attentive and sympathetic 1
heari ng-no inan on a political cain
paignt ever had so kindly an audience
-an audience so lacking in hostile
elements. And the distinguished visi
tor sensed it and responded warmly A
to it--and quit. speaking, not when he
had finished but a striking clock re
minded him that the hour was late.
In both his public addresses last
night Governor Cox paid glowing f
tiibutes to services which Woodrow(
Wilson has rendered his country.
"The principles of Woodrw Wilson Il
are our treasured heritage," lie said
at the theatre, "and I shall contend
for them as long as I have life. Wil
son has contributed as much to our
country as has Thomas Jefferson or
Andrew Jackson, and we all hoge he
shall live to see the vindication of his
position." In his speech at the State I
House he referred to him as "that
constructive statesman." His refer
ences to Mr. Wilson iwere greeted with
outbursts of applause.
Mr. Cox proved himself a most de
lightful speaker. His voice was
smooth and pleasant; his enunciation I1
clear and distinct and while lie would 'e
slur a bit on the pronounciation of
"Carolina," his audience forgave him
gladly and let it pass. He made fewi
gestures but drove home his points
with telling illustrations and proved
himself a master of sarcasm when
sarcasm was the instrument needed. i
The guest was presented to the au-|
dience by J. B. Atkinson, speaker of
the house, who introduced him as "the
militant leader of Democracy in Ami'
'ica." Speaker Atkinson said he toolki
pleastire in presenting hini to a gen- i
ci'al assembly in nyhich thei'e was not i
a single ir "mber of' the opposition c
Mr'. Cox .his introduction said, "I
standi heie in gi'eat awe sui'roundled
by -ioi'traits of men of your historic
past. I count it an 1honor1 and a great
privilege to addriess this company."
In spleaking of the relationship be
tween South Carolina and Ohio he re- t
ferr'ed to the early settler's in the twvo C
states andl told of the fi'iendships
wvhich hiad beeni built upi durijing the
great wvar. -le ipaid a tribute to the t
six sons of Governor' Manning who had
entei'ed 'the service, and spoke of the
deeds-of the boys from this state.
In speaking of the pr'ogr'ess each
'genei'ation makes over' that of the for- e
imier, Mr. Cox urged that the governor
make such r'ecommendations as experi
ence has suggested to simplify gov
ernment as much as possible; to (10 f
away with surplus oflices and1( to in
crease eficiency of service. lle told
of haviing studied tihe replorts Issued v
by the departments of this state and I
saidl the expense of government per
capita in South Carolina was among
the los"est in -the Union.a
"I notice that your state is essen
tially an agricultu-ral state. 1 moo am e
a far'mer-not for political but for
fractical p)urposes. I want to speoak
of your agi'icultural opportunity." HeI b~
then str'essed the necessity for rais- g
,Ing more live stock; for diversification
of crops andl for generous appropria- Jy
t'rons t:L.be a'gricultural colleges.- He
v'.'OaLt u t tile state would be- a
come wealthy in a few years as a re- at
tialt of the ;;rcv 'ng of live stock. -t
- Z-ni '.. of the eituation in
your state but tip In Ohio the siturg- 0
tion Is such that a man would- not
be surprised much any morning to Bee t
the sheriff's flag flying over 'isa
''I am going to point. out some de
linquencies and suggest remedies, a
thing no -Republican ever did." H9 S
then said that in the ship of state d
there was no direeting hanid. He-said
Woodrow Wilson had the vision to-see g
'what was needed and the courage to kt
insist that congress lteeLp faith with a'
the people. g
"Mdiny li-god me to 'soft pedal'o
c league of nations in my campaign," *
r. Cox sa14. "If we had dropped the
'lorS to gather in a breeze of the dis
tisiled and the disgruntled elements
America, we would not have deserv
I to wear the political habiliments
Jefferson and Jackson."
* $ * $ * * $ e $ .S
* $ * s * a * * * * * d]
For Sale-Two Beagle .bitches, 14
onths old. Running good. J. Wal
'r Moore, Laurens, Rt. 4. 35-it-pd
For Salt-50 or 100 bushels Web- t
zr's No. 82 )ong staple cotton seed, hl
ic year from Coker. Seed of 1-290, n'
elected and all right. Will pro
ice as much cotton as any other seed
ith proper care. Dr. Long says "One a
' the best varieties for upper part of n'
ate." Price $1.50 per bushel. See
r. W. -11. Dial, Laurens. 35-3t-pd a
For Sale-'Eggs from heavy laying 1
rain of prize winning Rhode Island c
eds, $3.00 per setting. 13 of these
ullets laid 354 eggs in December. W.
!. Whitehead, 25.1 Gordon street, -P
hone .112. 35-2t-pd Y
Notice-The bankrupt estate of J.
Culbertson has been purchased by
ic undersigned, and iwill be disposed t
C at once. Those who purchased ar- n
cles at the truste-'s sale will be giv- b
i the refusal of all they bought, and
> far as possible at the price named. "
ut I ipaid more for the estate than
ie sale .bill amounted to, and reserve
le right to change the 'price or refuse
ic offer. All articles not called for
v Saturday noon, March 18, will be A
? Id to best advantage. Mrs. Lucia
Culbertson. 35-it-) n
lauted-Sawdust or shavings at I]
Mhool house grounds, several loads. Ij
hone or write 1-1. W. Gasque, Supt. of' a
ity Sehools. 35-it-pd I d
Wantid-You to bring your shoes to f,
lien's Repair Shop. Have muade
iany improvements and have modern &
machinery. *Prices reasonable. G. D. n
ilen, Laurens National Bank Build- h
Ia. 35-it-pd p
For $ale-An elegant family cow, I
tir milker, good butter cow, very best
nalities. W. S. Holmes, 225 -W. Main
treet, Laurens. 35-1t-p~d I
House Moling-See me for your
ouse moving. 12 years experience;
utomatic jacks used, will not rain
hack your houses. Phone or write.
'hone No. 67. A. W. Rhodes, Gray
ourt. R. F. 1). 3. 35-1t-pd
Notice-Bring your grinding to me.
Niperienced grinder; good and quick
ervice, up-to-date outfit. A. W. c
thodes, Gray Court, R. F. 1). 3. 35-it-p
Eggs For Sale-Pure Rhode Island
ted. 15 for $1.00. J. C. Shell, Lau
ens. 35-4t
Notice-Case Bros. Co., expert piano
uners and general .piano workmen, t
,re in town for a few (lays. Phone d
,aurens LMusic Co., or phone 434.
35-it-pd ~
For Saleo-My property on Sullivan
treet, consisting of 9-room brick 8
ouse, large garden, orchard, garage, r
tc.; several vacant lots and 6 cot- 1
ages. Will sell at reasonable price a
art cash, balance with good security. t
Irs. J. J. I'luss, P. 0. Box 485, Bra
lentown, FIa. 35-tf
Men Wanted-To sell our goods in
ountry and city. Why work for oth
rs when y'. 'pn have o huilness of
our own with a steady Income. We
ell goods on time and :wait for our
aoney. Team or auto needed for
ountry work, no outfit needed in city.
;xPerience unnecessary, we train In
alesmanship. 3MeConnon & Company,
Vinona, 'Minn. Mention this paper.
Wanted-To buy your seed cotton.
Lee J. Sewall Gray, at Laurens Gin &
'ael Co., phone 229. Also -phone your
*rders for coal. 35-1t-pd
Wanted-Solicitor to handle the
aundry agency for us in Laurens.
anitary Cleaning Co., Newberry.
Wanted--Every family in Laurens to
.nowv that wve do finished family wvash
t 10 cents per hound. We also (10
yeing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning,
leaning and iblocking of hats. Our
ruck Is -In your city daily. Sanitary
leaning Co., Newhberry. 35-2t-pd
Notice-I hereby forbid anyone from
Iring Frazer Gould and James Fogner
iho are under contract 'with me for'
lie year 1922. -3rs. Rosa I. Cain.
For Rtent-Dr. Fu ller house on East
lain street. Apply to Gee. C. Ilop
ins. 35-1t-pd
.For Sale-Red Canna roots, 10 cents
ach. Fine rootedl plants of Red Bier
enia and~ Larks Spur, 25c 'per dozen.
Iirs. LW. H. McPhail.' 35-it-pd
Chtckens-Bi-ing your chickens to
.rmnterong's Market. 20c p)i~e ounid !
wr hens,.10~c per pound for roosters.
.rmstrong's Mlarket. 35-5t-pd
iYanted-Poplar, oak, ash and wval
ut logs. Also interested In' hard
rood timber tracts. R1. :W. 'Walker
umber Co., Salisbury, N. C. 33-'7t-c
For ' a16e4R.: I. Red egga from
htoice pen $2.00 a setting, from secondl
on $1.00. WV. S. Holmes, 125 WV. Main
treet. 32-3t-pd
Eggs---Choice Rhode Island Red
ggs, $2.00 for 15. Heavy laying Owv
ns strain. Ancona eggs, $1.50 for 15.
/. Ray Anderson. 3'3-2t-eow
Seed Potatoes-I 'have 70 or 80
ushels Porto Rico aseed potatoes,
r'own from vine, been 0. K'd. by 'Clem
an college. $1.50 but. See me or ask
t 'E'nterprise National Bank. O. Y.
ellame. 34-2t-pd
Money to -Loan-On improved farm
nd eit~y property for a period of years
I. seven and one-half per cent intor
;t. Bomar, Osborne & Brown, At- ..
>rneys, Spartanburg, S. C. 34-tf
Government Wagons--For Sale, or
Itered in~ exchange for corn, oats, hay
r lumber. 'WI~ons in good condi
on. 'Dixie Ice and Fuel Co., Clin
m. . 16-Uf
Seed Jrish Potatoes-JWo are in po-1
tion to save you money. See us be
ire you buy. Carryteria. 31-6t-pd s
Cotten, SeedZ- Re-cleaned Wana
takk's mItproved Big Boll Cotton
*e, $1.00 pr. bushel. L. B. Stod
ar, Orrigs.., .0.381 5t-pd
Eggefor J~thlng-S. C. Gihode Is
n4 Jieds, altet4 by Fitzmaurice''cooks.A
akme straiaI g e wo-n' srjnd prize at,
at state t. . eed h'atohes this
IaBoni. $1,5 iper setting. COhance, to
thigi 134sl ogga rjensoabje
rice~ J. .F'. $'Iacknion, .Wa~s 411 ,
Items of interest From The Lau- *
rens Advertiser 85 Years Ago *
J. W. Jones, the clerk of the council,
busy collecting fines and licenses
r the council. Under the new or
nance skill and brains are taxed as
Pll as liquor and property.
Mrs. W. P. IIx and 'her daughter,
iss Rosa, of Nev York, are on a visit
Laurens. They are well known
are and their friends will be glad to
cet them.
The town marshals, L. A. Langston
id P. 1-. Martin have donned their
)w uniforms.
The 'Laurens County Thoroughbred
id Grade Cattle Club met at Iaurens
i March 7, Pros. N. J. Holmes in the
11ev. David Frierson preached in the
resbyterian church last Sunday
orning and night.
'T'here was an impromptu dance at
ic Bendella Hotel last night. The
usic was furnished by ani Italian
Take notice that on the 4th day of
pril, 1922, 1 will render a 'final ac
)unt of my acts and doings as Ad
inistratrix of the etsate of B. V.
osey deceased, In the omflce of the
Lidge of 43robate of 'Laurens county,
Lt o'clock, a. in., and on the same
ay will apply for a final discharge
'om my trust as Administratrix.
Any person indebted -to said estate
notified and required to make pay
icut on that date; and all persons
aving claims akainst said estate will
resent then on or before said date,
tly proven or be forever barred.
larch 1, 1922. 33-:5t-A
In 'Sale of Bankruptcy
-Pursuant to order of E. M. Blythe,
'sq., Referee in Bankruptcy, -I will sell
t public auction, to the highest bid
er, for cash, at -Mountville, 'Laurens
ounty, S. C., on Thursday, March 16,
P22, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the
Lock of merchandise, furniture and
xtures of B. . Fuller, Bankrupt. The
iventory shows: shoos -$1,319.75, hats
nd caps $176.02, dry goods and- no
ons $1,084.12, groceries, etc. $625.09,
rugs and patent medicines $226.53,
ardware 4831.15, and filxtures $984.00.
L will -be offered first in lots, then as
whole, and the best bid will be con
idered for confirmation, the Trustee
eserving the right to reject any and
11 bids. Inspection of the inventory
nd property can be had on applica
lon to the undersigned.
44t Trustee.'
rerracing : Leveling
.Gray Court, S. C.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Lauren., South Carolin&
Offiee in Peoples Bank Euiding
C. E. Kennedy &Son
Motor Equipmeh~t
LAURENS, - '.-. S. C.
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attomneys at Law.
wrim Pacte i aR1 State Oouts
rompt Attention Given AU Besioms
C. Fethetstose W. 5. Etght
Atteilers at ILaw
Laurenhs 5. 0.
Commercial Trust Bullding Local Phone 862
Long Distance Phone 880
Member of New Orleans Cotton Exchange.
Member of New York Produce Exchanme
We Furiah a Daily Cotton Letter Free to All interested.
I Sell Old Reliable Brand
of Fertilizers.
See Me Before You Buy.
Make .
To Visit the Piedmont Exposition and
Style Show to be Held in Spartanburg
March 18th to 25th Inclusive.
Be sure to visit our Booth, No. 116, where you
will see displayed all the newest styles in Spring
Footwear and Hosiery.
The styles are so varied and fascinating that
you will almost wish you had a pair of each style;
and of course you will want 'to come to "The Shoe,
Store" and try on the particular styles you like
best and see how pretty they look on your feet. :
We shall expect you to yisit both the Exposi
tion Building and our store during Exposition
Week, March 18th to 25th, inclusive.
Wright - Scruggs Shoe Co.
Spartanburg, S. C.
Planters Fertilizer &
Phosphate Co. Goods
For Sale -
I am now securely and con veniently located in
my own quarters. I have all the warehouse room
a man will ever need and I can hold your purchase
as long as you want me-to hold them.
My office is the little two story building former
ly owned and occupied by, Mr. Hugh Gray, South
Hariper street, R. R. Ciossing.
Mr. William Byrd will be in charge of my f..
fairs here in Laurens after the 15th of this month.
iall on him or call tje over phone No. 418 I
have a large stock of 8-8-3, 8-3-0, 10-3-8 and 10.8.0,
also 16 per cent acid. I can get Nitrate of Soda
In a few days after order is received in case I, get
out locally.
C R4.

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