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Loss of More Than Five Million Dol.
lars. Inquiry Into Cause.
Chicago, March 15.-Investigation of
the cause of 'the fire which destroyed
a block of thickly tenanted orthee
-buildings caused a loss of more than
$5,000,000, resulted in the death of
one man and rendered 20,000 others
idle was begun tonight by state, city
nad insurance officials.
Tho manner in which the flames
flared out in several places at the
same moment, the almost incredible
ralidity with twhich 'they spread until
nothing but smouldering ruins were
left of the block bounded -by South
Canal, West Van Buren and South
Clinton streets and iWest Jackson
boulevard caused IShirley T. 'High, fire
attorney, to announce that "everything
pointed 'to incendiarism."
The fIrst alarm was turned in at
12:50 a. im. This -was followed by
other alarms at three and four minute
intervals until nearly every piece of
Chicago fire lighting apparatus was
at the scene. But even with 62 en
gine comnianies playing more than 100
lines of hose on the flames it was not
until -four hours after the first alarm
that the lire was brought under con
trol. Just across the street from the
charred landscape of tottering Awails
and twisted, smoking steel on which
firemen expected to be 1working for
the next three days, towered the mas
sive skeleton of the "fireproof" Bur
lington building tonight. The walls
still stood intact but its 15 stories of
windows stared like sightless eyes
over the sceno of desolation, for the
contents hd ibeen destroyed by ,
heat so intense that glass from the
windows had melted, and, according -to
the firemen "ran like water." The
structure 'house the headquarters of
the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy,
and all of the records of. the operat
Ing, engineering, legal and executive
departments were destroyed.
Officials of the board of underwrit
ers declared that the 'fire, the most
disastrous since -the great fire of 1871,
kovealed many problems which 'would
have to be met by firemen before they
could hope to "cope successfully with
fires in great modern skyscrapers."
The effect of the fire on the Burling
ton building was declaredto show that
no skyscraper is free from fire dam
age and that the modern fire depart
ment is .)ractically 'helpless against a
blaze that gets a full headway in the
upper stories of a tall building. im.
surance men, -underwriters and fire
men declared that methods would have
to be devised 'to enable fire flglhters
to get iore water to the tol) of high
In an effort to' fOx responsibility for
today's fire, a former police depart
ment empioyce was questioned after
W. T. Schiff, vice president of Schaf
fer & Co., whose -plant iwas destroyed,
ea-id that the man -had written him
threatening letters. 'rie flames wvere
fnrst observed in the vicinity of the
Schaffer plant. After being question
edi the 'man was released, and Mr.
Schaffer wvas qiuestioned.
First estimates -put heo -property
loss a high as '$15,000,000, but after
-inspectiing the ruins. Thomas O'Con
nor, fire mars'hal, and 'Edward Buck
1oy, assistanlt fire marshal, exp)ressed
*the 'belief that the loss would not ex
ceed $5,000,000.
'Business men, hiowever',. pointed to
the -fact that the flames had dIriven
out 250 firnm and declared that the
lire ex-perts' estimate of the loss wvas
- too low. They said it r'vould total be
tween $10,000,000 and $15,000,000.
A woman who -was seated -in an au
tomobile in front of the Burlington
building just before the fire started
across the street, told the police to
night~pf having seen several men run
ning from the shadow of the building
a few minutes before the fire alarm
was turnedin.
To Stop a Cough Quick
n~ cin he che threat
6Idflm aCol or roup
State Retailers' Association Takes
IfiltiatIye. Others May Join Inl.
Greenville, March 15.-The State Re
tallers' association, perhaps in associa
tion with other business interests,
will set to avork immediately to test
the constitutionality of the state in
come tax law .passed -by the session
of the legislature, just closed, accord
ing to announcement today from J. W.
Kirkpatrick, president of the state
This statement was made following
a meeting of the Greenville retail bu
reau at which members suggested
that the Greenville organization have
the matter looked into. Alex Meyers
of the Meyers-Arnold company de
partment store said that the law is
unconstitutional because it conflicts
with the constitutional provision that
a tax -can not be levied on an income
,made in another state by a person
residing in this state, and further
said .that federal s'tatute iprevents the
federal government from disclosing
to the state government its income tax
records, so that the tax commission
might check up in this way.
Mr. Kirkpatrich president of the
state association, said that he has ad
vised Secretary Wannamaker, whose
headquarters are in Columbia, to have
the matter looked into. Mr./Ilirk
patrick said that a similar movement,
he understood, has started amonb
cotton mill men and that it is quite
possible other business interests will
join iwith the retailers in ascertaining
if the new law conflicts with any con
stitutional provisions.
The income tax law .provides that
business concerns and individuals
shall pay to the government one-third
of the amount paid th'e national gov
ernment, the law being r(troactive and
applying to '1921 incomes.
The merchants at their meeting -to
day -passed a resolution which was
telegraphed to Governor Cooper urg
ing that he sign the Poster bill to put
telephone rates back on tho January
1, 1921, basis without delay.
Veterans' hut'eau Gets Lease on Pro.
perty. Eifective May First.
Greenville, March 15.-A govern
ipent training center for disabled sol
diers will be established near Green
ville 'within 60 days, official announce
ment having been obtained 'here to
day that the large Chick Springs
property, now used as a sanatorium,
has been leased by the United States
veterans' bureau for fivo years and
that an additional large brick build
ing is to be erected thero by the
leasing companies, the Chick Springs
Water company and the Steedley sana
torium; before the 'grounds are turned
over 'to the government on May 1.
Leasing of the property represents
an outlay by the agovernment, it is
punderstood, of around $150,000. The
signing of the lease brings to a suc
cessful conclusion a great amount of
work in behalf of Greenville, cover
ing a number of months -past by Maj.
G. -Heyward Mahuon, Jr., J. A. Bull,
F'red W. Graham and others- connect
ed wvith the chamber of commerce and
.the American Legion.
The training center wvill be the
only one of its 'kind in this district
and one of the largest in the~ South.
Two hundred and fifty men and in
structors .will 1be 'brought 'here when
the iproperty ls taken over and this
number wvIll 'be increased later.
The new training 'center is to have
no connection awith the public service
hospital at the old Camp Sevier site.
Veterans of the World War sent to
this training school 'will' be taujsht
a nunmber of "trades. 'They 'will come
hero from .points throughout this dis
trict, Which comprises North Carolina,
South ,Oav'olina, Georgia, 'Florida and
The ,present ibuilding; which wao
formerly 'the, Chicjk .Sprinys ,hotel,
wil li ustjd fpr a d(ermitory and the
tew building wi be used for class
rooms and work shope.
.st Offensive Use' of Arrow.,
~he. ia$ offelngive afse of the howt
'soen5 (Whbt% occurred in 1791, when
tv e hto.~ 'tA ih gi # uel with
fng thre'e arrows each without dam
timingr each other.
Macon, Ga., March 15.-Judge ,H. A.
Mathews of superior court late this
afternoon denied a motion for a new
trial of 'Frank 'B. Dupre, Atlanta bandit
,who was convicted of murder and
sentenced - to die. Attornnys for the
defendant immediately gave notice that
they would appeal the case to the
supreme court of Georgia. This auto
matically stays the execution for the
second time, the previous date for his
hanging being .March 10.
Judge Mathews -announced that he
received several sentimental and
|11.0 to$2.0
W re Reay
- - H/6
sympathetic letters in connection with
the case.
"But," said the Judge, "I can not
settle questions of law on sentiment
anid sympathy."
Lawyers for the defense charged
that Judge Mathews had committed
error in eight instances in his charge
-to the jury and that four of the trial
Jurors had made prejudicial remarks
prior to the trial. It -was on -the "puri
ty of the Jury trial" that imost of the
argument for a new trial was based.
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Greenwood, S, C.

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