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being in addition to a supply of goy
ernent ballets which Capt. Riichey
had given him, neither of which cai'
iled the letter "U" on it. These two
makes of bullets, Lr. Crews had testi
tied, Iwere the only makes -he possessed
at tihe time of the shooting.
T. D. Abrams, first inmiber o' the
raiding party to be' put on the stand,
related the incidents leading up to the
f'tal meeting in the road near Lisbon
church. -After telling of the uinsuccess
fiul attempt to entrap Timmons and
Willard before they reached Laurens
lie gave a story of the shooting itself.
lie and Chief Crews sitting on the
front scat and Policeman Martin oc
cupying the back seat, were in tht
front car between Clinton and Maiden
StAtion when the Tinunons car was ob
served suddenly coming ui; out of the
old road into a new road which was
-being temporarily used. Rural Po
liceman Owens and Policeman Whtai
'were in the second car. lie recognized
Timnions and Willard as their light
flared up in front. The defendants'
car attcnipted to pass. le slackened
his car and the two oflicers with hin
ijlliped out of the right hand side of
the car. Obief Crews went to tihe front
of his car to try and stop defendants.
3Martin went behild. 1in atediately af
ter the Tiunnons car passed the shoot
ing heraln. lie (lid not see any of it,
except tih ree shots fi red low hy Police
ian Wh'lamn as the Timmnionis car passed
the Owen's and 'Whamt ear. lie got out
cf his car, but got right back inl and
turned rounld, driving to where Mar
tinl was lying on the ground. 'Picked
Iii up and with assistance of Chief
Crcosvs .placed hi in back of car and
carried him to Clinton. In answer tu
ques0tion, "Who shot you," Martinl Said,
"Tey shot me from the car." Oni the
way to Clinton Martin said lie was go
ing 'to (lie and asked Chief Crews to see
that his children were put in an )i
plianage and not separated. Crews, h<
said, later told him that lie shot twice
Witness admitted striking Willard il
the 'police station next morning whilt
Willard was under arrest.
Columbus L. Owens, relating the in
cidents leading up to the shooting, told
of going to Barksdale Station iNith Po
liceman Wham and seeing the two de
fendants pass .by with something bulky
in the rear ,which .they took to be
whiskey. Joining the other officers 11L
Laurens after they had concluded that
the defendants had gone to Clinton via
'Madden Station, he testified as to the
tri. via Clinton to meet thc Timmons
car between Clinton and Maddens. He
was in the second car when .the meet
ing took place. He saw the Timmons
ear pass by the Abrams car about thir
ty yards in front and saw two flashes
from the Timmons car. Martin stitum
bled and fell, but 'he did 'not krodw then
whether or not -he was shot. The Tim
mons car passed by -them on their own
right and Wham shot at the wheels of
the Timmons car three times. Chief
Crews ran up and shot once, 'the only
time 'he saw him shoot. -He and. Whan
gave pursuit, but never caught the de.
fendants. On their way to Clinton, nol
fa-r from the scene of the shooting, they
found a twenty gallon keg of -whiskey
wich i.vas not there when they came
along a short time before. Arriving
at Clinton they found the Timmons cai
at a filling station and found a 41
calibre bullet, lodged in the back. A
45 calibre bullet, alleged to have been
tne one which killed iartin, was then
introduced in evidence. Witness rec
ognized it as bullet given him by
Nathan Kennedy, undertaker, and sat<
lie did not remember seeing the lettei
"U" on it at 'that time. \Vitness ad
mittedl that he had knowvn Chief Creown
to become excited when making-an ar
Chief J. T. Crews, irelated the inci
dent leading up -to the shooting an<
then told of the .tr-agedy itself. Wit
ness said that he got out of the Abr-ama
car- -when they met tihe Timmons cai
and iran ar-ound in fiont of the Abr-am:
cai-. Hei called to the Timmons cal
to ".Hold upi". They got faster- an<
moved arotund behind the Albr-ams car
Mai-tin was standing behlid th14
Abi-ams car and as the Timnmons cal
t'ared b~y .\artin lie sawv tixo flashe:
and hear-d twvo reports from ,thne Tim.
mons car-. Saw Man-tin fall. Shot a
the Timmowis car as hec i-n aftei- thei
Shot two times, one after- he ireache<
about where Owings car was standing
M'ai-tin shot once into the gr-ouind as hie
wvas falling. Asked l~fartin 'who sho
'him. Martin said, "They shot me fi-on
tine cair." Assisted Abrams .to picl
Martin up and they carried hin) to Clin
ton 'hospital, wvhere lie died just aften
reaching it. On the away -Martin sait
he was going to die and asked witnesa
to look after his chiidren. Cross ex.
amined by Mir. Knight, witness .pro
dhuced 451 calibre pistol which he saic
he was shooting tihat night. Said he
alhot at Timmons car- because ha
thought Martin 'had been shiot and als<
to stop themi.
Policeman -Bob Wham testified 'thal
he -saw th~ flashes from the Timmenn
car, but did not know whether Mar-tir
was Whot or stumbled. Shot at Tim.
mons':tirea when they passed him ant
IsAould 'h'ave shot at them if 'ho hac
known iMartin was shot. Witness saic
Ile. recognized Willard, but did non
k'io which did the shooting.
Sheriff .Reid told of -his ftearch foi
t'he'atwo defendants in'Clinton and -o:
their 'subsequent surrender early or
the morning -of the .15th. SaId ha
found 'the 'bullet in the Timimons cai
and, also a broken .place .en the
ohotilder of Timmons, which TFimmona
cl'med was a 'bullet ,wound receivec
the night .before.
'Deputy S.horiff 'Hicks Owings anm
Nat Kennedy, itadei-takor, wer-e intro
duced 'to' Identify the bullet found. una
derneathi the body of. Martin etfter hi,
hiody 'ves 'brought to Laurens.
- ' For fie Defi'
The first.Witn~ss pt nOp by the do
fen~o woe J. 'T 'Murphy and W. F
Steiglitz, of Columb1, 'Major B. R
T~dd, of Laurenis, and Oempt. W," "R
flobey, now in -thes regulli aru1(y, -whc
qtyalified *18K e49erts -on flyearmis anc
ainiut'L~ott. Thielr 4esjinmony ,*as t<
~befect that' they had never aven tlh
Jtr' ".tJ'" on bmllets of gniy. icmibe
t ~i hat 't hidireeflogof %re 01f
termined by the flash.
Chief W. 11). Mason, of Clinton, testi
fled as to conversations which he had
with Abrams, Owens and Wham after
the killing. Said that Abrams had told
him he did not know iwho did the
chooting; that Wham said that Martin
-hct three times, and that Owens told
him that there was so much shooting
going on "I was afraid to advante into
it". \Witness admitted telling Johnnie
Wiarren Finney that there was noth
ing to it "except -that Timmons killed
3Martin". 4le said, though, that he
ibased this on the words of the police
mien themselves.
C. 0. Glenn, Clinton policeman, testi
0'ad that 'Polleemitn Owens said that
Willard reac hed over behind Timmons
and did 11the shooting.
D. A. Timmons, father of one of the
defendants, testified that Luther Tim
mons some time borrowed his 32 p)s
tol but did not have it on the night of
the killing as it was underneath his
l)illow. He said Owen,; told him that
Crews began shooting a-bdut the same
tme that Alartin was running after
the Thimons car.
The Defendants
Luther Timmons, placed on the
stand in his own behalf, told of the
plans to make the mountain trip and
of, tihe return with 20 gallons of liquor.
'Tliey weit the rollida)oit way to avoid
L-aurens ofilcers. They spent about two
hours .at the home of Lee Willard to
T /
Buying infe
clock t
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vice, ai
Trffeta, Canton (
Satin Back Cn
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Coats '$12.50 tc
Capes $15.00 t<
The new Spring
fabric, in all sha<
39c Yard
B~3lack kid one-strap
rubber, heels ....$7.45
Black* kid 'two-strap
.Baby Louis heel
--- ---.......$7.45
B 1a k kid one.-strap
Jupior Lewis heel
Black or '?atdkid, one
strap, low rubber
Black kid Oxfords,
rubber heels:......
$7.5 nd$4.95
obtaIn sui)er and then continued the
journey to Clinton. When they met tie
Lwo other cars thought they might .be
solebody trying to hold them uip. Ap
Piled gas .I car and tried -to run byl
liem. One man ran out in front of thei
first car and hollered for thei to stop'
uid held IIp his hands. They first
turned to the right out of the road and
then to the left across the road out
into a cotton patch to avoid the second
mar. Shooting began after they passed
1ir1st car. Man on runnig board of see
ad ear shot at them three times and
:))e mote shot was fired after Ihey
paksed second car. Standing draniat.
ically in tile 'witness stand, witness de
alared neither hei nor Willard shot that
night: "If I or that boy over -there
(indicating Willard) killed that man or1
ven shot that night, I ho;e God will
rike tile dead right now"i. Wit ness
sali he w'ore a large overcoat and
Eloves that iight and that he d'd not
take his hands off the steering wheel.
Wit ness dcnied having a -15 calibre
pistol. as later testified to by 1". P1.
ittle, a t .aveling sale'iman. and Hi. T.
Fuller, of Clinton. Wittess said lie
did not know that it was (lie police
holding im utt U p, though le admitted
that after the shooting h',! and Willard
took precaution to throw out the ii
uor after they saw they Were [ol
lov ed. saying that they thought then
the police offleers wee allr them.
.\lonl.-O: Wiillard, l other defnad
rior merchandise to
D save time-M-.
shopping at Clardy'
id fair prices.
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tThe T StraI
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more swing and
spriteliness of gait
in this model than
in a pump or oxford.
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yr. Kings Pills
topping the
juality, ser
Spring check patterns
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t good Dress Ging
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>t Dress Gingham, on
10c per yard
ot Curtain Scrim on
15 cents
iades, full 36 inches
25c per yard
Patent four-strap Ju
nior Louis heet..
--------- $7.45
Patent one-strap Baby
Louis heel.....$6.95
Patent 3-strap and
Buckles, r ub b er
Patent, one wide strap
1-inch heel . ..$6.95
Tan Kid Oxfords, rub
ber heels, $8.45,
.M645 and $.95m
ait, testified substantially to the sante
effect as Timmontis and Ilade the same
(ramiatic denial of takin; iart in the
shiootiig. Ie denied ever owniig any
dIistoI except a 22 calibi)re. lie (Illiit
ted having a pilt Iottie of whiskey
in his pocket, but said lie (11(i not (11111k
any of it until reaching Cinton.
Chief Crews recalled oIa)ne(i two bul
Its anil one one of th"m szhowed a let
ter "U".
W. P. Iludgens, following Chief
Crews, also oelled a bullet with let
ter "'" on it. raidl that he had hanl
(ied this mnakce at one tiime, otPi did not
handle them inow. 'olId not recall
what inmake of bI llet le .mii to Chief
Crexs soie time last year.
Chief Crews, Sheriff lie ,1 and Capt.
J. 1. .\l. Irby testified inl llnswer to the
defelse's '1111111 ammu it ion expte 'lv saying
that the direction of stiokelO,5 i owder!
bullets coutl( be tolI from ash,
B1. T. Fuller testle oInnn
having offer'ed to trade himl a c. cal
ihre pistol, but cou 1(IO- rIee n'Iy of
tl'e witnesses of the : c (n, a]
thoughi he adinitted there W0eVr- w al.
The Quinine That Does Not Affect
the Hend
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be takeni by anyone
without causing nervousness or ring
ing in tile head. E. W. GRlOVE'S sig
nature on box. 30c.
save money is like :
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One 1<
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