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* ?'Jocalalnd Personal Mention *
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M1v;-. It.* l. Copeland Is spilding
i;oiii' tilie with her brotlio, 1r. J. T.
lloWen, in liamlet, N. C.
'r. -and Mrs. 11. Coke Cray, of G(as
tonia. N. C.. spent the week-end in
tht 'ity* Avith- refatives
Aliss tiruby Mo0ilan pent the \yk
end' in Greenville, returning to t he
city Sinday evvIing.
It. Hlart Illihy, now a public ac
cuntant in liuleigli, N. C., Was a vs
tor In the '01y last lriday,
AMiss Anna Stewart, after speiding
ithe 'week-end in Greer, rtm'neld 'Io the
- city Suhtlay eVeiniing.
AlIs-, Amy \Yollf, who has been
tMelin g lte Standing SyTrings sciiool
in GMenville colmity, is WL home with
hler -parents, Mir, and Mmrs. 1t. L. WolM,
her school havln'g closedt for file pres
ent setson.
iMiss wnimna Kirby, l' Gaaonia, x.
C., '*as the week-end gues-t of' Alis
Ala1rigen. Gray and on 'Satirday even
ing was the "honor guest at it deligh'
fil .!'arty given by Ier' lloStss.
Mlsas Catesby W. Willis, who has
been visitine, her atunt, 'M rs. 1. 'T'.
Sqfuires, will leave next Sunday for
R Raleigh, N. C., to vistt reltLives before
rettirning to her home 'in Frederldks
blurg, Va.
'Former Inrreis 'Vmniy iboy in Drug
Busilntss 'in Lanh of Flow'er..
The follow'ing clipping taken from
the Keechole News, Okeelhobee, Fln.,
concerning n Lanrens coanty boy, 3.
0. Wolff, smm of J. IT. WOlWT, of Gray
Court, will 'be reat with interest try.
lhis friends 'in the county-:
The Park 'Pharmacy, wlch wns es
tablished by Dr. C. .11. 'Darrow, .iuly
10, 1911, was sold l1s week to Messrs.
J. 0. Wolff and J. N. Wilson, both of
West Florida.
This sale Includes the stock and fix
tures together 'with the briek build
ing, which is centrally located on
- South Park street.
The new owners of .the 'lark Pharm
- acy come well recommonded, and
Okeechobee is indeed glad to welcome
- them and extend best wishes in their
new home, and they may well feel as
sured that a liberal patronage of the
buying public will be accorded tIhem,
-and they have expressed assurances of
appreelating a continuance of former
p'trons and will welcome all new cuns
tomers, and promise to serve them to
the best of their ability.
Plans No.w Beig 3ade for Event of
A Plower Show next fall is being
-planned now by the Civic League and
preparations have been started to
make the show an event of beauty
and splendor, according to Mrs. L. 0.
Balie, Vilblicity chairman of the league.
The time, place and premiums that
-will be awarded hav not yet been ar
ranged but the announcement is made
at this time so that -people interested
in a flowver show may do their pilant
ing early. It is expetedl that there
wvill be, hesides individutal entrees of
flowers and 'pot plants, exhrbits by
rs'ards of 'the flowers that have been.
chosen 'by them to be planted in large
Laurenis Hi1gh School to Play Bali
wigi Unmi Friday..
O3scond to 'probably Gleometry 'and
Latin, .the subject ipermost in the
minds of the boys at the La~urens
school is baseball, for on 'Friday after
noon they :will pen the season, cross
ing -bats .with the Union high school
at Union.
The local boys have been at prac,
tie' every afternoon .for several
weeks( and. excellent material for a
first class team has come to light.
Two "southpaw" hurlers .will shoN
their stuff to' the 'Unionites in the
'initial game of the season.
A schedule for the season has not
yet -been made up, but' plans are for
thme 'Union team to 'play a return game
with 'Liturens on April 11.
First Birthday
The first birthdaty of, little F' nces
Thelma Martin, the, [email protected]~, 1tQ jf::abe
of Mr. and Mrs. Claifdfaiti ~was
delebrated at the lfoineof her'prahts
01n South Harper afreet yeste'tay af
tornoon, There werequite a number
f baby carriage in'oildence and while
~here were no three-course salad dishi,
~ea there was plenty cof 1o1ly-tr01) andi
t goes without say~ng that all tl
flittle ones prosent whb bMve passe'd
the first slit. Most of life, ajient 0f
Vleasant afternoon without . a single
"nish4p tO tiar the pleasure of thme
demle1antlton. of 'it. Work at
,Qhe~ut ~t~g1 nion last St~nday
th 1feguolarpor
IsS Itnyvs .1Honored
Oil Tuesday nfternoon of l-ast week
the Davies \Iinsionlary Society of the
First M.\ethodist church entertained at
a delglful reception in the home of
Allis "uier Sullivan In honor of Aliss
lhalsy )arves, of Oriental, N. C., noted
v'luriel worher for whom1 the society
is namcd.
The spaciollus home of Allis Sullivan
onl We;t slain street was thrown oen'
for 1he oveasion and several roons
an(l the hail on he lower floor were
thrown en suite. The rooms nwere al
tisltally decorated with cut flowers
and pottefi 1'lants. The women of the
AlttlodiS.t church, together with the
ofleers or the missionary sodCetIes of
the other Churches, Were InVited to
mv'et D'islavies.. .
For ninnber of years, Mi ss dltnVles
wa.s pasid''nt of a large Methodist
volle, in LaGrane, (a. She Is at
'presemFt empil)loye(d by the Centenary
lepmrtment of the church anIld in t-hs
connmlc'tTon has been studyIng condi
lions in Europe. She gave a nmost'in
teresting, apealing and 'infornihig
-lecture 'in t'hevning at the Methotlist
IWednesdny Club1 31edcing
Tire Weinesday Club w'ill meet with
K.lrs, E. I). Easterby this afternoon at
4 (c(ock.
Irio .Shows :'.vt. .50 Per *Ccnt. -teaine
Ion .iI South Citrolina.
Trhe Departiment of Coiimierce,
:tlhrough the Bureaku of the Census, an
nounees the prellininary report on cot
ton ginned 13' cordnilea, :ln .SoutthCaro
.Ilun, for the crops of 1921 and 1920.
The totatl for the .tate was makle pub
Be at 10 a. in., .Mandy, ..March 20.
Qunantties are in .nunnlng ibales,.count
Ing round as half bales. iLinters arc
not Included.
1921 1920
The State .: .. .786,0.29- J02,177
Abbeville ...........17,233- 34,070
Alken.......... 13,979- .:41,197
Alleudale ..........4,580- :1,615
Anderson .........63,393- 88,502
Bamberg ..4.......4,154 .2t147
Barnwell ............8,031 :2,.477
Beaufort .... ....458 ,346
Berkeley . 1,111 8,4)10
Calhoun ........ 5,481 43,571
Charleston ...... 361 1,51
Cherokee ..... ...15,196 20;898
Chester ..2.........2,199 .37,53'
Chesterfileld ......26,919 411,57
Clarendon ........ 8,295 49,580
Colleton........ .2,07t 6,860
Darlington. - -. - .., 22,866 .59,028
Dillon.. 34,699 .15,544
Dorchester ....... 1,690 .y0,028
Edgeflield ....... 7,674 .5,708
Fairfield......... 10,379 3, 77
Florence ........ 21,815- 49,382
Georgetown 5......543 ,A4.76
Greenville ..... ..14,987 53,,37
Greenwood .. .. .. 14,145- 41,337
Hamiupton .. .. .. .. 3,053 7,17W
I-lorry ...............3,983 12,58%
Jasper .......... 712 923
Kershw-....... ..12,933 42,215
Lancaster ....... 16,505 26,707
'Laurens.... . . .... 35,859 64,978
Lee .. .............19,600 55,866
Lexington .. . 2 .. 9,529 35,945
McCormick... . . . ..4,392 16,416
Marion ..... .. ...12,041 23,558
Marl boro .... ..0,762 79,793
Newberry............ 19,222 47,136
Oconee.. .. .. .... 22,105 25,897
Orange burg .. .. . .1.,916 98,728
Pickens... .. .. ...22,790 23,072
Richland. .. . .......8,485 37,504
Saludia.. .. .. . ...9,675 31,300
Spartanb~urg. .. .. ..72,738 89,675
Sumter..... . ... .. 18,788 63,245
Unilon. ...... .. -17,518 25,251
W'IllIamsburg... .. ..7,612 35,153
York... . . .. .. ..42,143 48,398
Cant'p Garlngton
There ,will 'be a meeting of the
camp .at the office of the Probate
Jiidge on IMomnday, April 3rd. There
will .be an eleetion of officers for the
ensuing year; alsQ an election of dele
gates to .bot~h the State and General
reunions.. A promtt attendance 'is
J. 11). ~MOCK, Corn.
J. -P. CAI4DWEDiL, Adjit.
Cross IliU High School
Tenth Grade.-Miriam Whyte, Agnes
Ninth Grade-ladys Thompson,
Eighth Grade-Horace Mc~wain,
Helen Griffin,,
SeventhJ Gfrado--E~lizabeth Hill, Clara
Dial, Daisy nill.
Sixth Grade--S Blanche Austin, Pierce
OQuindi r, Iano fopp, Estelle Wade,
oa04 Tuitieor, \
F fh q de-Xtllrin Gregory, Mil..
~ llhCharles Ropp.
trth Grade-raJ~in Boyce, Doro..
,Uit* SI&Noftfs, 'Henry Rasor.
Gifr Cde--Jim Hugh Austin,
Polly Colemnan Jewel
Second Grad-,uth Coffey, lildora
Woikcnan, -"
'i'et G~rade-Wlma Carter, Rachiel
IJt tVistglnla Senh, Mildred, Cof~6y,
rNi haet'4k Ladia
Rare Gems of Treasury of sonq an1d'
Poet~ry Mtake Up Distincive Pro-4
Beaut.iful gemis front the treasury of
song and .poetry of the British Isles
make up -the unustial program to be
offered )y the Patricia Trio Ehis even
Ing at the Opera louse. A distinc- C
tive feature of this program by three
artists of exceptional merit I.Vill be I
the use of the formerly little knowin
Irish, Harp as 'an instrument of ac- U
Miss Patricia Gillmore from whomi
the .trio takes its name, heads the coin- i
t)any and is an artist who does not for
get to be entertaining even while
meeting the demands of the most ex
acting critics. She has a personality
that captivates and pleases and is as
sisted by two other artists in trios,
solos, and readings from the classic
songs and poetry of Ireland, England,
Scotlaid and Wtilbs.
The Irish harp will prove a novelty
and a delight to most of her audience
in Laurens. Originally developed by
the ininstrels of the ancient Irish
kings it had' been almost lost to civll,
ization dcsjite its admirable (ualities
as an acconipanylng instruient until
the recent Celtic revival. With dif
ficulty Miss Gilmore obtained one of
the instruments and she is now ac
counted one of its few masters in
The est:Lyceum programs are con
structed about a central idea and that
of the Patricia Trio is no exception.
In period costume the three artists aqp
pear in selce'tions which have solaced
and giddened the hearts of genera
tions -of our forebears and the simple
and lovely melodies, the musical %words
of the songs and poems of a sampler,
statlier-aTid probably happier age are
offered in *hat is proving this sea
son one of -the most attractive pro
grams of the Lyceum platform.
Mrs. Phinney Enter-alnns
Mrs. Joe Phinney etertained a few
friends Saturday afternoon a1t the
home of her mother, Mrs. T. D. Lake,
on West Main street, In honor of Miss
Carolyn Fleming. A numnber of games
of bridge were enjoyed, after which
a delicious salad course was served.
Morld'i 4hamrploit Typist Demonstrates
Ability In High School.
The students hi the commercial do
-partment of the Taurens h'igh school
had the unusual opportunity esterday
c1 'meeting Arthur F. Neuenhaus, the
worlds novice champion typist, and
seeing him at work.
.MAthougl world's caumpion for al
.most -two years, Neuenhous is only six
teen yeard old, and has demonstrated
his ability to handle atypdwriter all
Qver thve United States.
The .youth's record, made at a m
mercial expoitiion in New York, tvas
that of writing 115 :et awords per min
ute for one half :hour. .One of the dem
onistrations that he .made Tuesday was
that of typewiting 134 words a minute
and during the same minute lhe an
swvered ten questions concerning him
self. Another of the tests that he
mado& was that of wvriting, ".A qluick
movement of the enemy wvould j3eoper
dlizc six gunboats," more than 23 stimes
or 236 words a minute, only one of
w'hiich was isspelled.
The pumipose of the exhibition was
to show the students of the commercial
department what can and Is being
[lone -with a typ~ewiter. Similar con
tests will lie hold iby the typowriting
class and medals twill be awarded to
those pupIls reaching a speed of 40
words a minute. For every error ten
words are deducted, sq that the test
w-ill be for accuracy asivell as speed.
in the Matter of Toy A, -Drummond,
N~otice is hereby given that .pursu
snt to an, order of E. M, Blythe, Easq.,
Referee in (Bankruptcy, dated the
38th day of March, 1922, I will sell at
public auction for cash to the highest
bidder, at 11 o'clook A. .M., en Tues
[lay, April -11, 1922 at the store room
of Toy A. Drummond, 'Bankrupt, Lan
ford, ,S. C.. the following described
property, to wit:
All the stock of merchandise of Toy
A, Drummond, Bankipt, consisting of
such goods and articles as Is usua'lly
earried In a general .perchandise
store; also all fixtures and office
squipment of .the said 'bankrupt.
Trustee in Bankruptcy of the
'Estate of Toy A. lDrummond!
- 37-2t
Announcements for Commissloners
I hereby announce myself a candi
tMte for oprpmisioner of. public 'works
>f the City df Lhaurens.
14 Ii SMITH.
I hereby annoutieb nsygelf at cddi
labs fo* commissone of publie works
of the City of Vjturenh.
- 'W, R McOO~EhN.
.Wriends of L. 'G. Balle hei'eby an
nounce him s a. candidat9 for' coni
mnissioner of public' works of the (~ffy
of 'Laurens,
f'riendal qf 'S. G. Mcfotaniel lixeby
ann'atoe him nas ~a An'Wit f*a inm..
o Muttclh Clliottinige hits Been Pre.
sented Says ('hairman i ul hat,
Greatt Deal of Ilie Work Will IIaei
to be Dlone Over.
Shieffield, Ala., lareh 2S.--lui of
ie Work done by tile ii litary affairs i
oinhttee of tle lower house of Con
ress ill w lOi ands have been placed
r' stidy and report private bids for
OVenil(nt property hiere, ill have
D be done over, in the opin ion of Rep
esentative llull, ranking nemher of
lie colllittee IprsOnnelCl no. inspect
Ig the plant:; iere in conlOect ion Witi
he Senate agrielItuiral com mittee.
"A lot of Ihe iatter :)resentcd to
hie Comlllilttee was.z no more than cam
ullage," said Mr. lilull.
We have foitnd here ,o m11any angles
o this thing and so many phases fliat
ook differently on the groumd, that
Iur ituiry will lave to covetr more
:rotinld Uhan We had -imagitnedi.
"I ani not in favor of scrapping ill
rate plant No. I, which the enginecers
ell us is now worthless an( obsolete
xcept the walls and floor of the main
Illildings. I \ ill lever, nlever agree
o turn this plant into in automobile
actory Or aly other kind of' indu1
ry except tlat for which it Was orig
nally intlende(d. have n1o ObJection
o tile successf. 'Adder manufactur
ig aniytling he pleass outside tile
titrate plants, but tlese must be leld
n constant readiness for use by the
rovern mIenllt inl event of emergency."
The cominitteenan said, however, he -
vas willing for lhe -plants to be used
o ianufacture fertilizer in peace
Senator Norris, chairman of the ag
lcul-tural committee of the Senate,
wyhich is ma-king a joint inspection
6vitli the House comnittee, declared
ifter an ins'pection of the nitrate
plants that there were many diffmeult
problems to be worked out after the
inembers returnedi to Washington.
'Just what we can do with the so-call
d obsolete plant No. 1, is a serious
jiuestion,'" he said.
The committeemen twere told that it
would require $4,000,000 to bring the
unit up to date in the manufacture of
nitrates *by the synthetic provess.
Advocates of Hbenry Ford's 1hid join
ed the congressional party today.
I-eaded by Eninet O'Neil of 'BirminIg-i
ham, pres'ident of the Alabama Iliusele
Shoals Assoclation, this delegation
took -activ-e interest In the 'immr of in
3pectioni I
Caterpllars Watch for Enermies.
Tie -caf'erpillar knows that there is
Safety in numbers, and whole com
panlies 'may be fond feeding side by
side w1ilio keep'ng a ghlarp lookout
ir-r theihr 'bird enemies; 'it when a
caterpillar is by limself 'he scarcely.
dares to -move f4,r fear of attracting z
measure <
the avera
keenly we
new orgai
a degree
. ablemna c
Touring (
you k u
intoidedtis. From the picture ot adfily
judgerhow bappeaolin and ow hg a value
this cabw is Come ind tandlt s shitow itoto
ewsteri s ofe tev goodtieanoe
vLac- spvies heal fuisgonlnthl
>ft rdeing. comoth whichueyucnfil
jge man adeawomgan sowhgavlu
tnts ad hsoe or. Sup ebsshwitt
&. W Iksudns-tes h
1iatonha uitd it
S-"'i AuoClpn

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