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Recounts Battle Flifty-fle lHours oil
Sel. Victims Not Found.
Miani, Fla., 'March 26.-Robert
Moore, pilot of the lost flying boat,
Miss Mliami, in a hospital tonight
fully recoverd from his delirlumn, al,
though still in grave danger of de
vclopiIIg pnlelumonia, gave a graphic
account of the scenes attending the
death of .his five lyassengers and his
own 55 hour bat'tle for life In the
gulf stream clinging to the ulpturned
"Please don't allow the people to
,praise Ime. I have not done anything
deserving' praise. I don't want .to be
criticised, unless justly. All I want
now is to give the world 'at large the
facts," he begaun.
"We left Miami at 11:01 o'clock last
Wednesday morning In the face of a
stiff northeasterly wind. At 11:41,
about -three minutek out of Miami,
something broke off the propeller. I
autonatically looked for a ship, or a
shoal, to land by. I Auw- a Iishing
smack and vollplaned down to the wa
'ter about a mile away in its course.
I asked the passengers not to be
afraid. We werc In no immediate
danger and the craft was dirawing
near. The winds, however. were ris
ing and before long t,3 hull of the
boat sprang a leak. TY nrsu of the
ijlane bega.n rising. Then a big wave
came along and lifted us. T111e plane
turned over and we wi", al thrown
into the sea.
"My lipassengers were1 M1. and Mrs.
August Bulte and Mr. and 'Mrs. Law
rene E. Siiuth of Kana. City. and
i'Irs. J. S. )ickson of MTphli, Tenn.
'Mrs. Bulte ca-me to the surface first,
6hn -Mr. Smith knd Mrs. Smith. Of
the three none could swfin. I rIne
ceeded in getting them to th\ over
turned plane. Mrs. mick dn and -Ir.
Bulte had not appeared On 'he sur
Pace. Mrs, Uulto made this discovery.
Tries to Rescue
"My God, my husband, where is lie?"
-she cried. I told her he would be all
right In a .few minutes and dived into
the water. I could locate neither him
nor Mrs. Dickson.
"Mrs. Dulte began to weep. I dived
into the water and obtained eushions
from the 'plane to use for life pro
servers: The other three passengers
were on the fusilage of the machine.
As I returned to .them I saiw the body
of Bulte floating. I stepped directly
In front of Mrs. Dulte and obstructed
her view.: A's the body passed ie I
noted a wound on his forehead. He
must have )een killed before lie
struck the water when the plane over
"Within the next 30 minutes the
scenes changed twice. On the horizon
we sighted the fishing boat. We be
gan to laugh and contemnlate being
'picked up. I was confident we 'would
be saved. In fact I felt like whistling.
I believe I did. It kept up my morale.
"And the fishing boat changed its
."I can't understand in God's ,world
why he did not ke'ep on toward us. HeI
knew I was in th'at locality somewhere,
or he had seen me come down. I
could see his name on the 'boat less
than half a mile away as lhe wvent on.
Why, oh, why did lie not keep toward
"The winds rose during the night
and the iwomen grew we'aker. At least
"Danlderine" co0 t a
only 35 conte a bottle.
no a lationends all
ad -fewig ar and,
a* e moments,
hade doubled the
uty of your hair.,~
il apear amams,so u
soft lsrous, and eas
to d0up. But What WI
$ea yeu mnoot will be
ater a few weeks use,
When you'see new lair
no and down atrst'4
b'but really~o har
# 1 s t* the halrwhat
ttu'pd sunehinle ate
ti.t oe *ih$ to the rote
~I~&jtr~thne tho This
t~lo h pt thin
12 -times they were swept over, but
I swam out and gdt them and brought
them 'back each time.
"The next (lay our hopes rose as
we saw other boats pass, but none
came witliin a mille and a half of Vs.
,I tried to keep up the morale of the
others, but one of the 'women, Mrs.
Smith, became utterly dejected. Thc
others pleaded with 'her to hold out.
Bodies Float Away
"We weathered the storm of Wed
nesday after a terrible emperience and
Mrs. 'Bulte died Thursday. I saw' Mr.
and Mrs. Smith clasped rin each others'
arms and one of -them suggested that
they close their eyes and jump over
board but they did nol and Mrs. S'mith
died in her husband's arms. We let
so the 'bodies of the two women -and
they floated away.
"Thursday as dusk approaolhed
Smith grew delirious and I strapped
him on. At times lie, appe'ared ra
tional and asked me what chance I
thought we had of being secuird.
"'Moore, let's you and I talk this
thing over,' he said. I told him not
to take it so seriously as we would
yet 'be rescued. 'No,' lie said, 'I don't
see how we canl hold out much longer.
Don't youthink I had a brave wife?'
I assured him that I had never seen
a more courageous woman.
"'All right, Bob," lie answered,
'promise me that if you return you
will tell her sons how brave their
mother was. Tell them the facts and
tell them the truth about me. You
will know as no other how I died.
Tell them for me, boy.'
"He removed three dollar bills itb.
his pocket and asked me to give one
to each of his three boys with his
dying message.
"I pushed his body into the sea and
all alone ccept xu: my courage as best
1 could. The sun's heat had blistered
me and the thirst was iaIdening. I
shoaved the ends of my fIngers until
blood caie to appease my thirst. . I
saw boats pass and waved to -them but
none saw mc. As dusk approached
Finday night I began to believe that
It was all up. I tied 'a rope to my
neck, but I was so weak that it seem
ed there .wasn't much .ise. I guess I
was unconscious when the boat came
after me for I don't remember much
Over 100,000 Bales Already Signed for
in This State. Campaign Goes For.
'Columbia, * March 27.-With "It
Shall Not Fail" as their slogan, over
2,000 farmers are preparing 'to take
the field in South Carolina beginning
the first week in April to canvass for
signatures to the cotton cooperative
marketing contract. The two -thousand
canvassers represent those who have
already signed the contract and who
are convincedl that the future pxfos
perity of the state depenids in 'a very
large measure on the successful comi
pletion of the caxmaign for' the forma
tion of the South Carolina Cotton Goniw
ers' Co-operatdye association.
Theo month of Marc.h has been one of
great activity in 'practically all coun
ties and groat 'headway ~has been
made. Over' 100,000 bales have been
signed during athis 'month and the nm
ch'inery has been perfected for 'the
great drive which is expected to bring
victory next month.
Duruing .the month .of M~arch bank
ers, 'preachers, lawyers, doctors and
teachers have joined with the farmers
in making speeches over the state in
behalf of the movement. The plans
and 'purposes of the association 'have
been explained in every cotton grow
ing county of .the state.
Last week was a -great iweek in many
of the counties. Marlboro has now
signed up 26,445 lyates; D~arlington 1k,
529 bales; and sumter '17,000 bales.
These are the three leadiiig counties.
bee coupty comes 'fourth with 7,327
'bales and 'Dillon is only 100 bales' be
hind her. The four leading ointies
I1,yev signed 'up 'over 70,000 lyales or
i~'re than one-sixth~f 4the cuotsa tot
the 'whole 'state', These four counties
#t'pe t to sign -a toitaf of 100,000 or one
'fou h of the quota for' the wbfele'state
Abe ore May 'i. GreenvilleD 8bartian
bg,'4nderson. and. Ldnrens ta
m~nopt gectida are espected to' sign
tiy fonmtr 190,.000.
1op4r't troi ver iho st e tlo
and -business inen, realizing that the
prosperity of the st'av. is dependent to
a great degree upon the formation of
the 'assoliation are throwing then
selves actively into the fight.
J. 1C. Burns & Co., originators and
leaders of cut prices in Laurens.
Notice Is hereby given that Books
of Registration for the registration of
electors for .tho Municipal Election to
be held on Tuesday, April 11th, 1922
hr Aayor and Aldermen, and for thrce
Better I
We are N(
Show You S
Naturally 'we I
in both model ar
come in, with the
You have alw
on us for this sty
this Spring our f
you a new stand4
as style; the fal
quality; tailoring
fully done,'and 3
display your inn<
ity and good apr
Men's and
All- Wool I
Suits in the ]
$2O, $2J
Stetson I
Schoble Hats
Sporty Caps
New Shirts
New Ties
And All at Ne
for two years or more; a resident of
tho county for one year or more; ann
ia resident. of the city for four months
or more; and the applicant must have
paid all taxes assessed against him or
he'r dueand collectab!e f1r th! 1111al
year 1921.
Rt. E. BABB,
Supervisor of Registration.
I nle41 Staes of America,
District of South Cariolina.
lint the matter of T. C. Switzer and .1.
1.. Switzer, individually and asi part
' ; -'* ~% -
Conmnissioners of Public .Works for
the city of Laurens will 'be closed at
twelvo o'clock noon on Fridar, the
31st day of March, 1922.
The said books are open at the of
fice of the undersigned in Laurens.
South Carolina, and the iproduction of
a' certificate of registration from the
Board of Registration' of the County
entitling the applicant to vote in a
pollingi precinct within the Incorporat
ed limits of the City of 'Laurens shall
be a condition prerequisite to obtain
a certificate of registration for the
Municipal Election and the applicant
must be a citizen of this State and of
the United States, twenty-one years of
age, or more; a resident of the State
e Values
w Ready to
pring Clothes
iave the new ideas
id fabric that have
ays depended up
le-leadership. but
amous makes give
ard of value as well
brics are'. of finer
a little more care
rou get clothes that
er craving for qual
Young Men's
Vell -Tailored
Newest Styles
I Values
5 t $35
lats $6.50
$4.00 to $5.00
P1.00 to $2.00
New Underwear
New Hosiery
w Spring Price.
nors und1lel the firml name of Sw itzer
Co., Bankrupt.
Notice Is here)y given, that the abxovo
na1med PIersons anld fimIli have been duItly
adjtidged bankrupit, and the first ieet
ing of the creditors of said ban kirupts
will be hold In the Court Ilouse in the
city of JLau rens, .. C., on the Ist day
of A pril, A. D., 1922, at eleven o'clock
Il -the forenoon, at which ime and
Place tle creditors may appear, exam
Iine banicrupts, prove their clalils and
aIl( traisact such other business as
mnay properly com..e before said meet
- t -A Iteferee in lankruptcy.
nn g
. . .

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