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For .73 years
the "Friend INDEED"
of Man
LivestocA, Poultry.
Rub in thoroughly 'the soothing, healing
oils of Mustang Liniment. This drives out
the aches, pains, -soreness and unhealthy
conditions. Mustang is antiseptic, too
cleansing and healing to all ailments that.
can be reached iby external treatment.
Keep a bottle always in the house-another
in the barn .and .shop. Insure prompt
relief, maintain efficiency, with Mustang.
" AoGood Old Ytandby Since 1648"
41443-45 South Fifth Street BROOKLYN. N. Y.
Use Mustnnsr Liniment freely for Neuralgia. Itheumatism. Lumbago. Colds,
Grip. I'ilep. Cuts, Caked Breasts. Hesre Niipplem, Croup. Mumps. Diphtheria,
etc. Such Livestock dieastes n Foot or bhoulider Itot, Scab. etc., in
-sheep; hloof Disease. inflamed Udder, Sore Tents. Wounds. Ulcers. etc..
in ent tle; Sprains, Spavins. Locked LJw. Harness Sores. Skin Lumps, etc.,
In horses nd mules soon yield to'blustanw. Wonider'
ful 'oultry remedy for l'ip, :Senles. Black Hot,. 25c.
*Cutorrh, Cukers. Itoup, Gapos,' Worms, etc. llousehold size
FR ITH 25c. TRIAL BOTTLE as much as
FREE ol8011 brass' -'ut-ad.Take' TODISOL
bod TOP. I.lstcI ra,.. -Get one--bo populnrl 25C size
red2 ents, VOssis or Colo. frTrisl iltle Mhouse:.
hodSize) M ustang iim~ent and get Toddlo Top, aiso. $1.00
tuetlu free. Liron SManufscturlnu Co..* 41 South Fifths Contains8times
Street. Ulrooly.,N. Y. as much as
25c size
Quality Fertilizers
Reliable crop growers
for sixty years.
Formulas for all crops.
R. L. GRAY, Gray Court, S. C.
HUNTER BROS., Laurens, S. C.
R. V. IRBY, Laurens, S. C.
R. 0. HUNT, Owings, S. C.
T. M. & J. B. PINSON,
Cross Hill, S. C.
I *
'edan1440, Coupe $1280, Touring 'bar' $880
Roadster $850, Panel 'Business Car, '$980,
Screen BusIness Car $880, F. 0. B. Fptctory.
Phone 200 Pu Ilo Square
SIOE~ LEAF LEDGEldS..... ,:/
Not infrequently it 13 Essental to
Gain the Neighbors' Confildece
by Any blean.
There is an oil man out west-nild
if .his name were priInted every one
would know it-who on onae occasionI
was so/near tle rocks that wIhen 1e
walked his back hair dr. rged on the
grouil. lie hal about its much mne0l)y
u s hluuu' ;1118 4iiaond Iock
laces, And111 his dehs would sounil lik-e
it statemaent of Eurolie's Ifinaniiclal re.
Jationis with ti United Stateos. But
he 1111 a guod prosp-ect. So .he gol
together a group or investing possi
bilities and gave thet Ihe best dinner
they had ever tasted, says a writet
in an vschange.
"But how did you do it?" I asked.
"You're :afte r telling tie that you illd
been biving on rubber heels .1mld Old
clothes for weeks and yet vou give
themIl -a dinnemr?"
"1 bluifd,'1" said the oil man. "I
fooled 'em:aLl, hotel man, waiters, enb
men, illo.rist, every ole else. If I hand
not put that proposit lon over I wvotul
have valkod out of town that night
If I had been lucky enough to get
out of town. But I fooled 'em. And
we Jill got rich out of It."
, The theory oi whlih lie worked
imiight be stited differently. The Qonl
JIdenceo -of -one's neighbors is essential
to success In life, .and soiietimlies it
8seem11s Ldvislable to blluiff in order to
get it. It never iays to lop the nll
der lip down oil the breastbone and
tell the world that you're a1 goiie gos
ling. After ill, only the .man with
real courage Is able to bluff success
fully, and suclh a man Is worth back
ing-so that one might unwisely argue
it Is safe to back blulfers. Best say
that some bluffers are worth back
Ing. Which recalls the story of George
Graham Vest, for years one of the
senators frot Missouri. At' the con
ventlion which lhiter nominated him
his rivals had promised what they
would do If elected. In his turn Vest
"I will only promise you," said lie,
"that if I am elected I will .draw the
salary with clock-like regular ity and
spend it like i gentlemanu-.'t
That bluff won. But the bluffer who
can imike a bluff like that Is .no .bluffer
at all.
One Too Many.
A literary family in which a seventh
Ceild iad just come wats at a country
house, and for i time a good dteal of the
care of the other six children devolved
upon the father, who had Spartan
ideas,as to the upbringing of his son
One morning lie carried his two-year
old to the creek near his home to give
im a cold plunge. The child object
ed lustily to this proceeding, but was
firmly held and ducked, notwithstand
ing. 4
At the instant of the ducking, hlow
ever, a brawny hand seized the Spar
tan father by the shoulder and flung
himt back, while the angry voice of
the fatrimer, who wias his nearest neigh
bor, roared in hIs ears:
"Here 1 None of that I I'll have the
law' on you for Ellis."
For 01some time the father endeav
ored to . conince the Jarmer that he
was not trying to drown the child.
E'ven then lie wasn't wholly convinced.
To the very last minute he kept shk
ing Ils head skeptically and saying:
"WVel, I iuiio atout .that, I dunn1-o
You got sIx besides this."-H-arper's
Census Reveals Odd Names.
Wh'lat wvill be thle straingest name on
- tie British Cenlsus paper? asks tihe
London Morning Post. Last time the
palmn w'.ent .to a Yorkshiremnan, whlo
hadt been sadledP~ with the name of
Mahershialaiihashbaz. Trhe longest
name wvas that oIf a Derby child whiose?
parenits had11( iiilic'ted upon ler ChrIs
tlan noames Veglulning wlih every Iet
ter oIf the alphiibei. Of pimiilng iand
othiereeurious names there will be no
end1(. Somle (of thlose reveailed by pre'
viouis enuumiieratlin; hiave beenQi A rch
ishiop, Archli ieacoin, Itose ttudd(, I 'rim
11(ose, 1 tighuteouas -I Wllims, Temiuper
aiiwe Sober LaneW, Sudden~I Deaith, P'ine
Collini, iand A.l fred Got t izi relegs. An-i
ot her factor Is tihe astoniIshuing fre
quencyV3 wi th whieh such highisomain~g
nani~es as8 Lordi George Sithul, Laidy
Mary Browni,. Maircus Cieem- are
foui ini thte poorer' qtiutrr of ;ur
eillles. Such unaimes are iitul ly select
ed( fr'omi the cheap novels wvhieh form
the chief readling of the parenlts.
Fowls' Peculiar Appetite.
In a vlinge in Hants, Eiuglanid, a
mnn had ti peii of fowls, enclosed in
a wire run of 1-Inch muesh. Sparrowvs
used( Eto get in the run undi~er the sales
and1( the roioster one day killed and ale
a youtng 'one. After that woe betic
the spairyroWthat enteredt that pen, for'
the old heds aicquIred a lig for
sparrow meat' andt they would clyase
a sparrow about until they caught
and killed It. In the fall the fowit
were moved. to qinotheor farma and
shor'tly after a wheat stack which
was infested wilth mite was threshed,
The rooster' and lhens were soon on
the job and had a merry time catch
lag mi'ce wvhjeh they made shoi't wuork
of swallowing, after giving thiem a
few~ raps on the ground.
Vote Against Bobbing.,
"Well,". annopmnced- the fair young~
thing at the dinner table. "I'm not
-going to get my hair bobbed after all."
"Praise be," said heri father, "Hut
"You see,.It's like this," she dimpled
in reply. "X dIdn't know whether the
'boys would be, aure to lIke it, so I sent
gtround a questIonnaire, They all. an
41%'ri ;nd the result Was that 'six of
thotn said not to bob it, while only two
era' in- fayon sio I can't d o it, real~y."
IN dItll' OF Hl'NGIR
Dlsease Shilks in, Tril of i 'overy.
Soilne lIesort tN llna lesh 0ieM,
Now York. Aoil 2.-The ravages of
h0nger among the inhabitants of
mountailn villaNes In central Armenia
WeC des(ih1ed as app'aliling inl I
cablesl reiport from Near IFast Relief
investigitors, given oit to(Iay by
Charles V. VIcery, general se(-retarcy
of the organization,
With the break of winter, the dis
Ia'tchi said, K. A. Downer, of Kings
tonl, N. Y., made a five days' visit hy
horseback to 20 villages having a pop-.
u'lation ofi 25.00(l an(I foutnd that -19
outet of every III persons were afflicted
with disease die to man ut ri t ion. 'ood
stuiffs throiyhout. tie area wvere ex
Can Y
Your I
Sit down and figu
prise you. Can y
It is easy to spent
always a day of
Make up your mir
world. Don't wa
vou've learned yo
a saving account
Add to it every p,
fore long you w
new confidence, a
bank can give.
Thousands of peo
are making it wo)
strong National I
We Pay 4 P4
Carol ii
"Steveral cases ve IvSo desperate
that tle l 0 I le res Ited to enfit.
of iuman lesh," the report sahl,
"'which 10rac0ice was shiarply punIIi4.h
( 1 by the authorities. Oicials, :;aiui
that tE'v are doing all they an to
prevent it. but the peolle lose their
senlses from hung11er."
In m11any of the villages visited, .\l
Ikwer reported that the childtin l had
lost their hair during the winter.
IBread was being made from all kinds
of substitittes including Ilax, chvla aInd
sawduist, and children Were being fed
with indigestible iaterials extrated
from refu1se.
Jamaica, "Country of Springs."
The nameII J11iam i it a corruptlonl
Of xnlymne., a W'est Iian expireSsin
leIniing "the country aboulIinug la
ou Pay
lonest De
re up every cent you owe. 'I
ou pay it?
I money, it is easy to go into
reckoning---of vain regrets
id today to get straight with
ste time in vain regrets. Whc
ur lesson, now make it wort,
ty day and you will soon bE
ill have h surplus, and then
sense of independence that c
ple have learned their lesson
-th the price through a savin
lank. You can do it. Make
Br Cent Interest on Say
is Nationa.
ident GEO. H. I
biedwith saa
arvice, is an outstan<
1e New Series of the:
ase of control and
1ake a particular ai
rho have driven oth
jiring Car, $885 Roadster, $885 , S
P. 0. 8. Detroit, revenIuue tan t,
la Auto Coi
Lauren.; S. C.
~The Good
Pies Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refundi money if PAZO OINTMl'NT fails
to cure Itching, Bflii, Ifficling or l'rot ruiding
lIes. Instantly relieves Itching P'iles, an11d you
can get restful sleep ufter first applicatiou. 60C.
.\lso mlice. .IbSolu14-twel rss
omlors froml cureu-Ss.. One anchagtw-e
promi i ti. It.AT-SNAl' cmes in
en3k S no4 milxinlu- w ih (.4her hood.
215e size II enk eI enouilgI for
1,l'1n1r). 0itchel 401 ('elur.
size (2 e es i filr 'hicken
lion1se, colops. or l l bu111 eII41lings.
$l.?5 Gi (5 (nhl's) E t uigl fil-r ail
,farmII 11nd4 (l -iblt i nII gs, Storage
billi-. or fintory buibling1s.
S41bti adI .u, ra11ntei b) ('. E:. Kel
mcdy & SoI, I,1111r4n1s liardnaiu're C'o.,
IuIIl 1'u1111um's Drug1 store.
'he total may sur
debt, but there's
for money squa i
yourself and the
t's gone is gone
h the price. Start
out of debt. Be
you will acquire a
inly money in the
and many of them
,s account at this.
a start today..
ings Accounts..
I Bankk
ILAKELY, Cashier
) beauty, comn
ing, reliable
ling feature of
good Maxwell.
ease of riding
>peal to those
er cars.
edan, $1485 Coupe, $1385
m be added

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