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11 the Alatter of ''oY A. Dirumond1110111,
lhinkrup lt.
Notice is hereby given that pirsui
ant to) ail- ortir of 1:. AL. Blythe, Essq.,
Ifee II, I at i Bankruptcy, dated t he
2Sth dliy of March, 1922, I will sell at
public aiction forl cash to the Iighest
Ibidder, al I I o'clock A. .\J., oniTes
day, April 11, 1922 at the store rooin
Xof Toy A. Drunnn111ond, llankriritpt, La-:11
sd, S. C.. ite followin g described
pa4pperty, to wit:
.\If the stock of imieichalndise of Toy
A. DI)unnniimond, Ilhinkrutit, c Olsisting of
's1ch4 goods and article.; as is tislally
-a rl:sd in a geieral .inIerchand ise
stlor: also all fixtuires and! oilitce
'qiltP;1 4)nt cf the sZaid banlkrpllpt.
Trustee41o inllBankruptcy of thle
:-tate of Ioy A. 1 I'lr uIlii ni.
S 1.1l OF BA.\ NKR 'I |-:ST.TI %i
In the 1natter of C. It. P'attersoni,
Not I.; lis r ereb giren that pirsualit
it, ,nl ord of j-:.: .\. Ily the, 1'sq.,
lIee: inl 1 1 khinkrupt cy, dated t ihe
sth I<h )ity of Alarch, 192. I ovill sell at
Ipubli aul".tionl for cas1h to the highest
bibbhler, i t I::0 o'clock A. .\l.. on
Tuesday. .\'ril I1. 1922, -' the store
roomi o)f C. 11. !1atterson, Hllankrupt at
I bmnf! . (* (.. the following descriled
I ) to wit:
All t1he .44ock of : wrehandi1s of C.
.I.:' o>n, Hanlkrue I. conls;iting of
sulic 1 I and at tiels !.s i:is usually
Iar' in v g n ra. me nvrchandti(Ii se
mtore: al."' all fuirniturle, fixturles anld
tIuliplent of the said Bankrujpt.
,1. C. TODD,
Ttte.ie s'1 I1:kruptcy of the
lIst ate of C. It. .Patts onsa .
The Quinine Tihat Does Not Aleet
the Head
Recaiuse of Its ton1ic and laxative ef
(l'ablets) can he takeit by anyone
.without caising lervousniess, er ring
ing Inl the head. E-. W. GRIIOVIS sig
latilre on box. )0c.
Colds CauAe Grip and Influenza
P._1-(ATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets remove the
ct.,e. There is only one "Dromo QuInine.
N. W. GRO"E'S signature on box. Moc.
W. S. M. Says:
"My grocer friend
asked for a two-year
battery guarantee. I
said, 'Will you guar
antee a pound of sugar
to last a week?' 'Gosh,
no,' he answdred, 'that
depends on how much,
and how fas t it's used.'
'Sarne way with your
battery,' I replied. 'De
pends on how much
and how .many times
you use it.' He got the
Willard Service Man
Come in and let us e;:
plain the Willard Service
Policy and the Willard
Threaded Rubber Battery,
which lasts the life of the
Batte y
W. Laure iSt.
Phone 446
ThIs ttademarkg, stamped In red
on the case, Identfies the Wittard
Threaded Rubber. Battery.
lind Comnes for Hoth at Nearly 'ame
Tmiie. Few Second Apart.
Clieago, alrch 30.-Josefa and Rosa
Bliazek, t he "Siamtese tw ins," died at a
hosi'itai eariy tihis morning. Joseia's
ideath occurred first and was followed
in a few seconds by the deatl of her
sister. Physicians had 'declared early
in the night that in the Ovent of the
death of one of the sisters the other
would die quickly as their brother,
Frank 'lazekc, had refused an opera
iol which wou 1 ever their bodies.
The twills had ,eent in the hospital
ten days. Jose(a was ill with yellow
jaunldice and( that Was* followed by,
pneumonia. Shortly before hlet deatih
iRosa was afflicted Witih bronchitis.
Irieparatiolls had beenI made for tie
,(,la rat loll operation anl physicians
we re ready to make every effort to
save ite life of at least one of the
I to-,(' of stving t he life ol' Josefa wit,
abml ene(t'ld ".1 mh1iniight, according to
D. . 11. Hlrvakstone, chief of, thie
surgcal t~if atth- ho-pital.
I tried to ;:et thc en enti of the
brother to oiprat' to ave the lif, of
it)s:1, but ho re4fusi' l to kite .1ie i p r
inissionl." added the physicianl.
IDrt. ltreakstonie e'x' lained Ih a deli
ente. operVlation woul1d ha:ve beenl ne0Ces
sar y. Before thirt dath t,- had ex
pressed tle opilion that tite physio
logical affinity of the twinls was go
vital that if one should die tit othter
might1 also sneevlnmh ef'orec the 1%:141
of, flesh 111d honte that .ioin.; '' om cotild
he severed.
Aliitougth tho tiins posstssed sepa
rate respiratory and cardia' systems,
Dr. 1rea kston e ex piained that they
had only one set of seonmdary tigestive
and irocreative organs. The operation,
he said. 4would ha e necessitated the
buildinig up1) of a part of the digestive
and oher essential organs to sive life
of one twin.
Rosa was once married, ier''n tallme
being Rosa UIlazek Ovorak. She is sur
vived by a normal 11 year old boy. ier
hlushanld was a ca-ptain in the German
army and was killed in action in
1917. She was married 15 years ago.
Josefa tiever married.
'The little son, Franz, has been at
the bedside of hist mother, who, until
within the last few hours was less
critically ill than Josefa
ie twins were the second offspring
cf a norial parentage in Czeciho-;so
vaki, 12 years ago. ''here were rour
otihet' childtrell, all normal and all still
living. The fathei' is also alive, his
age being i5 vears. The mkothe died
a year ago at the age of 65 years.
During a toni' of 1th' world the twins
aiilede considerable wealth. They
dlf d without making a will, although
their attorney, .1. Il. Triska, has been
at he hospital several days In the
hope that they would he in cOndition
to dieta-te the docueint.
As the womlttevn grew weaker last
nigit iltysicians Ptleatled with the
brothler to permit an operation, hos-1
Ititl attentdanitts statecd. lIe was13 thle
I llitioi.; lhiw ci giving htis conlsent.
''"No," thte brothe ii'was qtioted as htavmna
sakid1, "nIo, n ot ev'eit if I 05sa lives f'or
of Ithe Iins, appea('Iled( to tilt brlotherl
without. sn rtess. 'iThel' it atoittey was;
atsked toC int~lervee, itbut hle decilned 1(1
aissumeti res polnsibIility3.
stone said( tilte was' nol~ t neII(ed of pro-0
lontging the ar lgumlient ith thte
"It is useless," h'e saidi. "'rThe cond(1
t of' each is no0w thte samte-the ('on
dti 1that111 forecasts cetain'~ deait..An
opera'tIin nlow. would dot nO good."'
rThe lphy3stiins said thte womenl r'e
acted di ffer'ent ly to thte same11 medi(
Cinie li tought tir01 'illness recetly
hats beeni of etthe shkme nature'.
3.ledicaIi rCcordslt r'ecal lcd by iphysi
clans whio have been1 inter'ested in thte
case disclose a lknmber of socalled
Siamese tins. The or'iina1l SiameseC5
twls, Chtang and I.ng, lived to the
age of 64. They mlar'riedl sisters and
Cihang had six children and igng five,
ali of them normai.. 'Ftng tiled first
and1( a sur'geon separ'atedi them. Chaing
diedi soon after.
Twins that hav4 attracted woldtwitde
fame include 'the Hindu sisters, wvho
werec joinodl face to face, ttho cotnnec
tion being at the chest, thte Newp~ort
twints, somewhat simllilr to thte Hindu
twins; the Or'issa sisters, Raddica and
Doddiica, joined side to side; the Bid
dlenden mnaitds, connected shoukler sto
shoulder with only two armsl; the
Ilungarlim sisters5, fielien and Judith,
joined back to back at the lower seg
ment of the spine and the -Nor'th Car
olina sister's, Millie -and Christine,
joined ats iwere tihe Hungar'ian sisters;
and the Bohemian twins, .Roselia and'
Josefa;, connected in the sanme man
nor as the tiuste'who just died. Their
connection was through the 'pelvis, tihe
riht. of 'one and the leftr of the
other 'being fused together.
'Loose Leat Ledgers, I~tpi.
AdMertiser er~ing o.
* *I
* * * * * * * * * * * 11 *1
Waterloa, April 'O.-MIis s Rulth
Cooner, of Greenwood, returned .lon
day afterniooni to resunie her duties in
the imary departlet of the school
here. The school hlas been closed for
two weeks on account o' an epidemic
of flu among the teachers and pupils.
MIiss M1yrtle Black, of Cross 11111, Is
visiting relatives In ton* this weck.
M(dames J. ,P. Smith, T. S. Boyd,
J. '1. Mayes are rtpidly improving af
ter their recent long s1)ells of illness.
MNir. and Mrs. W. II. CuIlbertson aind
J. W., Jr., of near Madden, were busi
ness visitors in town Monday.
Messrs. E. F. Fuller, J. B. Hender
son and "rs. .1. R. Anderson were in
Ilaaurenls %Ionday -afternooni, shopping.
Mr. C. I. I.CliChesney, representative
of tihe International Ilarvester Cot,
s'pelt lie week-end WIth his hom1e
Mr. Vufford An had the mis
fortilune to have one of his fine niles
to get its leg browen. Sonie have ad
vised hii not to kill the mu1i le as it has
beleni kiiownI 0hat they somietiimesi get
Over a lreken leg.
Ile nw Ieidn fe oi r. .1. Whar
lon l'uli( r oi McNeil avenue, is going
[ill now, inider th sueivision of \lI.
T. A. Nichols.
The i hi.;h school stidents repor t a
111s1 eljoyable pilen i down at Harris
Springs Monday. It is an idel:.I place
Ior an all-day outing.
\liss Mildred Fenel il ght fu iI
iteirtainedl a fe wo,\ of her. f iend.s at
i get-togeither 'arty last Thursday
Pvein iig.
Nevs fromi tle bedsi(le of Col. J. Ii.
W harton is considered to be sonioe
b ighter, though he is still Very feeble
Mrs. T. P. Moor. r'otined from Hen
Nttsville Monday, where she has beeni
rlsiting her daughter, Mrs. J. II.
S OME people
a good inve
how much you p
what you pay. I
vestment than to
get the most of el
for the least mon
New Spring Clot]
is an exhibit that
smart, dashing Si
conservative style
You can pay les
you get less:
New Spring
New Spring
New Spring
New Spring
We've just the i
to wear on Easte
Decision May Walt Until Dzeember.
May Complete Dani.
'Washin-gtoni, Alarch l .----Postpone
ient until congress convenes In De
,eiiber of a decision respecting the te
xCptance or rejection of 'llenry Poyd's
Ind other offers for private operation
ease, purchase and conplot1on of the
wovernmuent's war initiated projecits I
it Muscle Shoals, Ala., appeared proh
ible today .with- the return of the con
7ressional delegation from 'an inspeC
ion of bile properties in Alabama. I
Senator Norris of Nebraska, chair- I
nan of the agricultural conuimttee, an
lounced ie would- Introduce a me'as- I
ire for appropriating money with <
.vhich the army engineers could begin <
vork of completing the Wilson da I
hIlls sut mmier an(i for the construction I
If dam No. 3 on the upper Tennessee I
iver. Ile declared the dams should
)p brought to Completion as soon as I
)ossible, and on this point other senn
at Columbia ;he
April l,"i
17th to 22nd. 'u
Gayest Week i
der Y<
n Inve
know good investmei
stment is determine(
ay, but how much yo
14o man ever made a
buy our clothing, bec
rerything that's essenti
xes are now on disple
offers-a wide range <
iits for young men, a:
s for professional and
$25.00, $:
3 elsewhere, but rest
Hats $4.00 to $6.50
Union Suits $1.00.
Neckwear 50c to $24
Shoes $7.50 to $9.51
:hings here you will
r Sunday. Corpie see
'ors and membor's of the house milil'
:ary committee, who visited the pro,
cets, have expressed their approval.
Tho agriculture chairman said' 'he
6vas very doubttfli that the senate
xvould be alble to decide upon the ae
Viptatnce or' r'ejection of the private
t.c :osals at this session of congress
'ecause of' the heavily loaded legisla
lve calendar. It was his plan, he
)nplained, to give the offers a thor
>lgh stidy while the constructiont
vork was inl progress and decide later,
robably in the next congr 2;, whether
iy of their number should 'be accept
'd or whether the government itself
liould complete the work and put the
>Ojects in Condition rot operation un
ler Its 1u'pe rv Istin.
Chairman Kahn of the house mill
ary committee issued a call for -the
ommittee to meet tomorrow to dis
mss the offers it has been investigat
ng for more tian a ntonth and deter
nine at the same tlime upon a 'm'o
raiam of futurll proceqdings. Senator
Corris prepared to present hIs plan
o tite agriculture committee at its
'egular meeting on Tuesday.
('aitap l city's bil4r fesilvail week for ti
Float Parades, haby Parade, Fllreworlc
Show, Industrial Exlhits, etc. The 4-,)
' State and the Crowning of Quetn of
ary, NORA BATES, the famous Broalt11
n the State's Hi
ur Cl
rits. But
I not by
u get for
better in
ause you
ally good
my and it
>f choice,
aid good, ~
want to
To Whom It &ay Concern:\ Yo' wlt
take notice t-hat I will apply bofore
the I'oard of kPardons at olumbia, S.
C., on April 5th, 1924, for a -pardon for
one Willo Golden, convicted of, forery
Sopt., 1920, in Court of General 0os
soins, I~aurensU, S. C., and sentenced
to three years hard labor upon the
Laurens county (ialn gang. Should
there be any opwosltlon you will lot it
1e known at said thne and' place.
W. 1. KNI-HT.
To Stop a. Cough Quick
cough. medclin. whicb stops the cough by
hxealing the inwarned wnd drrtated tissues.
A box of GROVE'S O EN.:rBATE
SALVE for Chest. Colds. Head Colds and
Croup. is enclowed witib every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of cbildxen suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Thd healing effect of Hayes' Heallng Honey-n
ido thio throat combined with the heal ng efect of
Grove's 0-Peu-Trato Salvo through the pores of
tio skin soon stops a cough.
Doth remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment is 36c.
Jost ask your druggist for HAYES'
S t
i' people of all the St.ate, featur.
4, U31n1d ('oncerts, Style Show,
Bealuty Q4e n sfrmn each ('oun1ty
Ptalmafesta. Eignieiet extra
Iway star and oi-er niiaseient
story! Come!
o the s
1 "

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