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Announced PurpQse to Iemain Idle
Until Demanfds are Met. Non-Union
Workers May Join in Strike.
Indianapolis, March 31.-Coal pro
duction, was stopped tonight by the
union miners, who quit thoir day's
work in the mines of 20 states with the
avowed policy of remaining idle in
definitely in an effort to force the op-.
orators to accept the miners' terms
for new wage contracts.
Olicials at the headquarters here
of the United Mine workerb of' Ameri
ca declared the suspension would not
only include a 'half million workers
but also at least 100,000 non-union
mien would join in the. walk out. No
last in mute instructions were Issued
from 'headqurters and the only Sig
nificant conference held during tle
day by President John L. Lewis was
with Lonnie Jackson, president of the
Kentucky union district, where 5,000
tnion men will continue at work 'be
cause their contract -with operators
has another year to run.
During the day Mr. -Lewis declared
the sua:,ension of work by Kansas
finion miners 'would not be averted by
tlthe action of the Kansas industrial
court ordering that wage scales of the
last two years be continued for 30
days. In a formal statement tonight
the union chief .declare'd the nation
wide walkout would Aoceit "hundreds
of thousands of citizens" not. directly
engaged in the 'coal industry, and he
V161tera-ted his charge that the opera
tors had forced "the strike upon the
niners." -
In addition to the Kentucky miner,
union men in Nova Scotia will remain
at work but those in the Western Ca
nadian provinces wer'e expected to
Join the suspension. The conference
over the 'Kentucky sttuation wassaid
by its .prticibants to have been a gen
oral review Of the ituation there with
President Lewis taking the position
that the union must obey its contract
with the operators.
Numerous reports from the coal
fields of tho country also reached
headbquhrters, which Mr. Lewis declar
ed indicated 'a- cothplete tie up of all
union fields. Those reports Iso show
ed that 13,0000 union men ould be
left in the mines to protect the prop
erty fropn damage and the only trouble
between operators and miners"in this
connection .was reported from Wash
ington where operators -were said to
be obiecting to <paying the wages pro
vided for in the contracts that eo
l)ired\ at midnight.
IMr. ILewis' formal statement regard
in'g the suspenkoin of work follows:
"The' strike u-pon Which the United
Mine Worleors of America 'e enter
Ing is not a lue'itign of smoll magni
tude nor. one to be lightly considered
by the American people. \Tt is fraught
with far eaching conscieionces and
serious responsibilities as acecting
the .puhlic weal. 'I'he withdrawal of in
exctish of 000,000 men frd'm the mines
of the countrr fonstitujes a serious
problem. -Aside'fromAhe inevitable
coal short'agernvhich wfii ensue, to th~e
profit of 'coal operatorsa and. to the
detriment of the public, it will cause
a dislocation of . Industry throughout
the nation ottoctdng hundreds of thou-'
eanids of 0'fishne~ in other welk's of life.
- This ig .a deplorable 'condition and
constitutes 'p s~ad com1ientasy upoli
-the reationollips of employer and en
* ployee in Aht6riean indu'stry. 'Every
tbyoughrtful nian recognizes that in the
end a -settlonlent of e -profilems of
1 the frilning industry mist perforce be
dffected. Such. settlemient inust cpme
through Joint .conference iwith aecred
lIed repreosentatives of thesmine.work
er 'of the niation.
th Is most unfortunate, becaso of
- hear'blrtary attitude Q't the coal op
,''rat6rs, that euch'agineetiitg can not'be
assembled. .until. the country has en
dured the agbifty and coivulsions in
-volved, in ah Andustrial strike on sucli
a gigantic *Eoale. 'In thie Oresentil'sie
the. public h beoji duled ;, agensep
of false s6 it by'thle et~yig, eyte
men te oft thewb wdl profit throu 6
"The Emiie .woa'lgea v9otedly hkyp
' ' aled attem tcmi udoho. '~ts atnd 0r
tements h e gotoeotin ed '#he
thoe whoe 1 ie otuelit Aloiat thde
"fA'e, s#ita~~t of seeItI$6ush l' e
Fire Destros One Wing of Highland
Park. To liebulid at Once.
Aiken, April 2.-One wing of the
Highland Park hotel here 'was burned
in a fire which began at 11:30 o'clock
tonight. For a time ithe flames threat
ened the entire structure hnd a call
Dn Augusta for help was made. Ilow
3ver, the 'flames were under control be
'ore the Georgia city fire lighting
)pparatus -arrived. The loss is esti
inated -between $25,000 and $30,000. The
company plans to rebuild the burned
portion at once.
The wing" destroyed was ut. right
tngles to the main building and was
two stories high. The lower floor con
5isted of the dining room, sun parlor,
ditchen and pantry. The second floor
was cut up into 12 rooms occu:pied by
totol -help. These saved all their of
ots and no one was injured.
The hotel was filled with guests at
,he time the fire pas discovered. These
tIl -left their rooms without mishap,
tnd returne( to the hotel as soon as
he irg was 1)u-t out.
Thus far it is not known just how
he flalnes originated.,
The .hotel is owned by an Aiken
omnpany qf business men, incorpor
,ted as the Highland -Park Hotel com
any. C. J. 'Hill is -president and J.
F. Sweeney, manager.
4reparations Being Made for Great
Carnival Event in Columbia April
Columbia, April 3.-The programme
ominittee In charge of the plans for
he 'big state-wide festival and gala
veek here April 17th to 22nd 'has to
lay given out the following program:
donday, April 17th,-arrival of County
lueens, fireworks and opening or
'almafesta at 8:30 P. M. Farshion Show
mnd introduction of County Queens,
oand concert, vaudeville. Tuesday,
Lpril 18tbi, industrial exhibition, auto
how, band concert in .the afternoon;
vening at 8:30, style show, county
Wueens, vaudeville and 'band concert.
Vednesday, April 19th, afternoon: in
roduction of county Quees, style show,
uto races; evening 8:30, band con
rt, Nora -Bayes, style show, vaude
'ille, introduction of Queens. Thurs
Lay, April,20th, afternoon: opening of
ase 'ball season. 'vening, 8:30, Nora
$ayes, vaudeville, iband concert, cjos
ng of Palmafesta Queen contest. Fri
lay, April 21st, announcement of Pal
nfesta Queen, Palmafesta Queen's
larade, industrial and floral parade;
:30, Crowning Pageant, Queen of
lalmafesta, style show, vaudeville,
land concert. Saturday, April 22nd,
3aby and -educational parade; 8:30,
raudeville, b'and concert, style show,
Ireworks, closing of Palnafesta.
One of the interesting features of
almafest, wvill be a daily demnonstra
ion of the Rtadlophone, by which con
~erts and lectures in distant cities
*hroughout the country 'will be re
~elved. 'by wireless ,"anvpiifled"' in the
1g steel building and heard by all
11~II'Figureg Lo~yr in Six'teen Cities
Where Observations Made.
Washington, A'pri 12.--Food 'costs at
'etail continueti to decrease in all of
he 16 prinicipati Afnerican cities-where
bservations . ai'e nmgintained .by -the
abor department during the monti
nding March 15. . According to the
monthly report issued 'today, the av
~rage of decline since February 15, on
he dpata given am'ounted to 3 per cent.;
1per eent.'In Detroit, Philadelphia,
~chester, S'alt -Lake City and Scran
on) 2 per cent in Norfolk -add San
neaflseo, and 1 -per 'cent in 'Ohioago,
3incinnati, ,-Colun~us,, LIttle 'Rook,
botisviller- Mobile, Minnearpolis, New
l'eans and :St. 'Parub .
'~or, the year. ending CMirch '5, 1922,
h11 departiilent -placed. the 'total dle
~riase in 'etail food prices at betweera
i' 18'I rir cent accorpaeg'to loditlity,
yut 4timee that costs still. remain
90tp 2Q to la 901 cenit abA 6 91
lisen Who eny, us a' living wage and
'$l'oper aspiration 'for ,KAmnr.
# $i ~idrd of ling.'
D. W. Griffith's "The Fall of Baby
on", .produced on an even inore elab
orate scale fithan "The Birth of a Na
tion" and "Hearts of the World"
cones -to the Princess Theatre Thurs
day and Friday, April 6th and 7th.
Some idea of the stat-tling niagnitide
of this latost of the Griffilth supei-pic
tures may be gained from the state
ment that it cost more than $660,000
to-produce, is presented by a company
totaling 125,000 ien and 'women, and
has 7,500 horses taking part in the
great chariot races and pageants at
Special This We
12 momme Pure Sill
-pretty shade, 33 Ane
a regular $1.25 value
week only
88c Yard
Millinery On
A wonderful opporti
your Spring Hats at th
the Season, at saving
See Our Hats Befori
Beautiful Asso
of Children's
Three-quarter length
Socks in all the wan
Black trimmed with w
with stripes of old r
blue and green, solids
brown, copen, old rose
The Prices Are
Our Line of Slipper
*for Your Insp<
Slippers for ' inf anti
misses and women t
keeping with the sty
- Beautful Curtain Goods ini
White and ecru, Perfectly
plain or double bordered.
19e a Yard
r -*
tending the Feast of Belshazzar. The v
great walls of Babylon, With their s
giant height of 300 et and 'the spa- (
clous boulevards built upon their tops;
the Wonderful halls in the Temple of f
Belshazzar, halls a mile in length, with V
giant elephants of alabaster rising u'l) 1
along their sides; the varl. colored
lights that play and glow upon the
fountains of 'perfume and -vine; the
dancing girls, the High Priestesses, and 1i
all the mighty splendor an'd luxury I
of those ancient days-these are but-- 1
the outstanding features of Griffths r
"The Fall of Babylon."
As to the players who interpret the )i
ale o1
Lingly Fresh
>ring That I
ek Only A Sale I
)NGEE --That is, 5
Pongee, Differ<
hes wide; A certain maker of
for this and wide for the I
siveness of his modi
with quite a surpl
models on hand-"
what inniediate ord
, Now, this maker ge
our business. Nati
of us--made us an
Sale traordinary ofe, o
new Spi'hng Dresses
inity to buy' Of course we (could
e Height' of no more could you!
several When they came I
them, charming ne
stock, and at their
e You Buy very much higher, d
stIlkecs the price we
sale !
So we have divided
1-for quik disposal:
LOT NO. 1 c<
s Children's -OTn QTl
ted shades. crisp new Tafi
hite, white sizes 16 to
Dse, brown, black, navy
of yellow, Values froya
black and $25.00
RightSale Pric
LOT NO. 2 Cc
s is Ready lovely Cant
.to Dresses. Navy
brown are
;, children, Sizes 36 to
fiat are in to $37.50
Le and your SaePc
40 inches wide. The colors
are 'white, Nile green, Copen.
. hagen, light blue, old rose,
lavender, yellow and pink.
29c a Yard
arlous characters are mentioned Con
tance Talmadge, George lawcett, Mil
red Harris (Mrs. Charles Chaplin',
'ully Marshall, Pauline Stark, Seena
wens, Alma Rubens, Kate .Bruce, Al
red Paget, Elmo Lincoln and others
rho Ilave long 'been identified 1with the
igher' grade motion pictures.
Sunday afernoon, April 2, Rev. P.
Kilgo united In marriage Mr. 0. E.
learson, of Pelzer, and Miss Ellie
tich, of Clarks Hill, S. C. The cere
lony was performed at the honie of
Ir. W. P. Rich, of this city, who is a
rother of the bride.
and\ New
low Unfol
Uniqe Special
oet Apart,
nt Beputiful
gowns, noted far
>eauty and exclu- sope qu
Als, found himself with age
LIS of these same week. A
uite a lot beyond
crs demanded. for this v
ts a great deal of
irally he thought
offer, a most ex
n all these lovely
I "Hov
n 't resist t hem
11 we had lots of jobber of h<
w models, inl 0111 haven'l see
real values very,
[OUble ill ml1any in- The man
had fixed for this otherwise h
them in two lots trayed his
From the si
quired fror
)nsists of 50 takable poi
,eta Dreses, gan to trad
38; colors, A surplus
and brown. in the East
$15.00 to at his warel
when 'tis d(
done quicki
e $9.95 we would
could have
>nsists of 50 So this is
on Crepe for $1.50 :
r,. black and Hose going
the .colors, for
44. Values g
The colo
$16.75 grey andnru
Ladles' ,39c Silk''Lisle Hose
with seam up back, highly
mercerized. Black, brown
and 'white.
25c a Pair
3, S.' C.
so do iace, once they ent HAT-SNA P.
And they leave Ho odor behind.
Don't take our word for it---try a
package. Cats 111141 dogs n1onC't touch
It. Rats pass up1) IH food get IAT.
SNAP. Tkree sizes.
35e size (1 cake) ' elnoulhb for
Pantry, Kitchen or Cellar.
65c size (2) eakes) for Chicken
House, coops, or small buildings.
*1.25 size (5 (akes) enouglh for all
falrml and out-buildfings, stor-age
buihdilgs, or factory bulldiigs.
old and 11AG tuaiuranteed by C. E. hen
iedy & SOI, ILaurenIs lIardiwalire Co.,
and Putniai's Dru Store.
as the
This Week Only
shade of navy blue
k, yard wide, hand
ality; not dead old
just came in this
regular $2.00 value,
eek only
L.39 a Yard
f's Business?"
business?" we asked a
)siery. "Don't know
n him," was the reply.
had never played poker,
e would not have be
hand so flagrantly.
tperior position so ac
ai this obvious, unmis
nt of vantage, we be
a with him,
that stagnant business
had effectually estopped
louse. If 'twere done
)ne, 'twere better 'twere
y. In other words, if
take all the Hose we
them at half.
the story that accounts
mnd $2.00 'Ladies' Silk
in this week-end Sale
ca Pair
e's are black, brown,
ide. All sizes.
Pretty new 'aatterne; not the
coarse, slazzy kind.
19e a Yard

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