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Ebe 9bbertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Yea.
Payable in Advance
Publilied by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertising Rts.i on Application.
Mbituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
E1tered at tito postoflice at Laurens,
Gi. C., as second class mall matter.
L A IIENS. S. C., APItI, 12, 1922
%ar..it(wh have heretoflore- bhh
doul bt as to ie ratica1 value to IheIII
Of 1te co-opera. Iidve IIIrk.'tliIg plan
ought to 1ve 111111 of this dottht re
lloved a'fter Iriading the istaterent of
likers Jil lisihed o)I t lhe front palge
Of thi- Issue. (otton 'rowers of the
ounty wi> still wiwithhold their sig
nattui-s fron the tot on mark11lheting con
.1(Z after edinIig tis tl; stttement are
certainly hi.11rd 1f) convilev.
* * 0
The .:clectio~m of thre-e comm ission
er. oI' :k) o:I ver the snin-rvision of the
10c:11 *'*.,t(,:w%- rk.s anId (electrie li~t-i
11:lon m: I is. we.( h<-Hb-%.". a t urn it
oit i n i t1' ie roer of 111:1 r-it ly
:A se sstm. The thre-e meni ve-t
cd a- commiss-ioners av hadf a1 heavy
4'-:poniilli : laiced uIon thei, bitt
with Ip liiv suIport will be abile to
-ilns, til tie syt in much n -ded econ
w'nids anil giv improvevt Service he
1(h'3. Tho systeII lh.s long nveded in
:litenut itreilo, far from politicail
influet-nees, ailnl the city Iow hIa' every
reas:Imo to cogauaeitself that the
nc etd ha s hn( tilled.
Ul1HO'1' 3MFE-TIN(;
Mvetins fto heI Held Inl lifferentf Parks
o tie (ounty Tis Week mid Next
('inty Agr-It C. .. Vauighan has an
nieUTIC(ld grottp m1etiigs of, farmen's to
he hld ''lursday of is week and
.7 '1' d ie' ''. Thiurinya ndi l:iy of~
A-(-x t iCek for tIII uirpose fi f discuss
I!: . he 'ot t o n m kit in-I plans of t he
S. C. Co)-OperIati%,e 'otton aretn
A scltion. Th"metn v ill 1.e ad
ed by J. 11. .\(eiulley, of Dallas,
h o, ho will t -ll of the success of
I :-ein- asociaton in Toxa antwd
I(: niin t!,e con'ract which the farmers
o" his stati ae Iro k to sign.
The follown:: i:; the :chidle of
Piincion Th~rsda,kA)HIl 1:2, 2:30
I). m.
1r Iioory lavern, April 1:1, 7 :301. 1. .;
(r ay Court-iOwilngs School, iWednes
(ay, Aprih 19, :1 p). In.;
G reet i lond School, Wed nesda,
-April 1'3, S ;. mi.;
.\lonstvill, ilui rs.,day, April 20, 2:20
P. m11.;
Cro'sa: 11111, Tuirsday, April 20, 7:30
fp. m.
1?enno, Friday. April 21, 10 a. In.
Wadsworth School, Friday, April 21
2 :30 p. in.;
lloldville School, Friday, Apil 21,
7:30 p. mn.
,#Mr. die~iilley was lin the city yester
(lay after hiaing spent several (lays i'
GreenvCiillle and Spiartanbulirg countIes
w'here 'hue saId the cain paign is being
enared on iw Ith groat success.
All men who have sIgned the cotter
'VO-opeCrative mar'keting contract nrr'
r'e(tiestedl to atiend( a meetinug In tih
courit houtse &VitIrday afternoon at 2 :30
Witjh a deep senfse of apprel'cIat~i, wt
tak~e t hhl t ehod of ex pressing to all
who so I:Iidly nilnistere'd to us 01u1
grattiude ('or thle assista nc, for wordt
cf tender sympalulthy and for Ithe nmany
ex'lpressionis of fr'iendtship thalit wer(
shownu us dutrling our recent tr'onble.
Mr. and Mu's. Charles Duflose.
Notice of ('lulb Meeting.
Unh~dr thle r'ules of the 'Ieimocrat 14
'party of South CarolIna, ais adopited
at Colunila, k0. C., Oin i.\ly I19th, 1920
all Democra tie clubs of i~saurens Colnn
ty are hereby called( to gather at t hehi
respectIve .places of meetIng oni the
fou rth Satur iday In AprlI, It beng th<i
211Ith (lay of the month, at thiroe o'clocli
In 'th a ftertnoon (If no othir liour ini
announced biy the president of Ith<
cluib) for thie .pur Ipose (of re-organ'za
.ion by electing a pre: dent, one0 01
trea.surer t. After1 the or'gaiztAi ,n Liii
'ciluib shell a ppolin'. an' onrollin t .,m
muembernih as rep~resentatlve of the cluti
on the C~iinl y Executive CommIttee.
Trhe cliub shall also elect. delegates. t
'the County Convention na follows:
01n0 delegato for' every twenty-fivE
members and one delegate for a ma
jority fractIon thereof, 'based upon01 thE
numtiber' of votes qiolled lby saIdJ club ati
the -flrstt pimariy of the priocedInlg clec
tIon year, TPhe County Convention 'will
meetC at Laureono In the Courit Housi
on the first Monday In May, It 'heing
the .firnt day of the mionth,.,at elever
o'clock In the forenobn,
Co!nty~ (Chiirossn,
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Don't kniow when he pilled ils pistoli
ouit. 1 (d41 inot sev Al. .%Jfllmonld When
seCiond stiot was fired. I don't know
.hthele had i111stol in lati wheil
third .,ltt waZs fired, or not--was 'about
onle mintilte betw.en seconld anil third
shot, villied aoiltnid in froit of my
calr like I. was trying to get1in n1.,
var when. third shot was fired. I was
abolt tell yards from hli mii wheni Ie( fell. l
)ir not say ihat he wanted with mr.
I nI cal'i wife. Ai llm'. moa ilnlid W's to 3
mite ifo hii rare. Mr. i)iean ilrcd
the tilird solt and then i saw 1r.1%
fllmloild fall.
I1nntall and Hlammond wIere part
nIrs II operating file farm oil Which t
tinnean was li.ving.
flOlmolld i. it ntIie o, Flpartal
blurl county alid ks Suvi ved by his
widow and live child'il. lida! ser
Vices Iwere held inl tihe WItts AliI
('Ib. the blural taking place in the
\Wtt Alils emietery.
III applieat ion for halil made before
.Jltstice Watts, the followiig allidavit
Wv:I.z made by Dime'ainn , who has retained
l''eatherstonev & Knlight as Is attor- 0
State of South ('arolina,
Satlireils County.
Per-sonally a ppea red before me T. '.
i ililealn, wh]to o oi thi ;,ays, that hei' is
v'iears of age, has a wife and two
malchildren,. and resides onl the
faill about six itiles From te citv of
(flle; that on the Iorning of the
tII of April, 1922, one Riley Ilainmond
drove Into this depoilen t's yard be
Aveen 4; and 7 o'clock and shortly
teea fter a tr'insferi driver from tihe
city of 1,aurvlen also drove into this
deponent's yard with a Ford car. and
Ile decease', II Ollmolid, asked this de
ilonenlt's wife fromI the iten'i wi ndow ~
if she was ready to go, alnd di'POInit's
wifc 1e11lid to -the tl0mI'i, that ste
was not gOig anywhere. Th:S depo
nent warned the deceased that fin order
for himi to avolid trouble, for him to
leave and leave at once. The (dec(Ised
replied that it it w as .-t r 1ot 14 .lw at de
posven twas, loolking for, Ola(I eaed
lasreay and~ tat djeceased 'AL' Ipped
back from the0 windlow anid plit, his handuit
ol his il]), tlien depolnent reached for
Iisi 'liot gin and woIllt lito allother
.oom in the hioue, there deponent saw
deceased standin lleler the house With
his'pistol inl his hand, lookutig from onie
wvindow to Ohe other, mloving Is pistol
back ald forth, as If he ex.pected to
!hoot this de0POnnt On sighlt. Thi dI(!
poneit thll sioL at atdeCeaSed thro Ig
tile window, pulclhiig out ia wildow
panle. Whlen deponlent s;ho, d14ponentll
evidently issed deceased at first slo t,
tIeI deponent jumped back firom the
window and reloaded hIs gunil, and
vhen depolient appeared again In
front of winldow to ascertain wheie
1abou1ts of deceased, thils (epollelt foun d I
dieceased still stalldintg inl aboutit 10 or I
12 stops frol the Window with pistol .
in shiooting attitude and facing the I
window as if lie expected to shoot dc- I
'ilonent 01n sight; thieit~ deonent'lt quick-. I
iy shot1 at deceased again through tile
w indlow, pro'thab~Ylyit ting imi.- Then
deplonent steppied across5 the r'ooml, got
aniother'511 shel ln again relhoadled hIs
gu'n, and on going to 'the window, saIw
dCceaIsed ini the act of leaving hisbcair
and star'ting toward this deponent's
h )ousec with his pistol it -hils hland;
'ceased the 'thirld time while diece'ased
Iwas facing one cotrner of ti depo11
nent's resiidence, as if tile deceased ex
rpeetld thiis ideionentt to comet out ide
POnenit's front do0or1.
This diep~onent furtheri satyeth that 110
sho) t.eceased for tile purpose05 or1 itn r'
dler to salve his ownl life from dleath
anid his bodl~y from serus boi-ly ha rm.
Deeming thle ab ove sullIiient fotr thel
ipesentt, lthIs dIiieponet reser!ves thle
rliht to testify more fully at the dauy,
of htis triai.
Sworn Ito and1 subsibedi befor'e 1m1
(..A. Powi0lt,
Duncant fail. I do not know whether
I lie was going to get In his car' or ntot.
I was not wvateing Mr. ' llmoniid
exactly at. Ime of tilId shot.'Tite tird
shiot was I t'ired at manl~ 'thelt a side
pnke any attempt~t to Ilhoot. Theii man1
V.3ill housox( whenl hle mtaide the thlird
(Signedi) IAU~i' I 1U-i1NS.
'hi, ia to cetify' thatt I iiave mlade.~ a
careful examI~inationl of dleceased, Rilley
HIammo dtflnd extracted shot fromt the
said1 [email protected], and ilnd that h~e
was shtt ipx.right par't of b)ody In front
andi front plart of' foireheaii, andl also
shot fotund In bhackc 0' head- behind
right. en-i. In my opinlin death wals
p~rodu)ced 'hy heorholiago alnd shock.
(Signed) CHIAS. 'P. VINCIONT, M, D.
April 6th, 1922.
Wvill Meet Apwotntntent.
Re~v. 0. TF. ESquires wvill moot hin anp
poinfrment 'SundIay aftet'noon at 8 /30
nt'Ioi oln tfll -Pi'ahvbtartan chnrnh.
o teio Democratie Party of the County
National Chairman, olon. Cordell
lull, says, "There is a big debt out
tanding agains us that is delaying the
hork nid it is all important that we
et tis deblit ii hand iring the pres
it month." 'Iiemocratic prospects
re dalily Improving. WVe are .having
1n0 success in raising funds, princi
ally in sums of $1.00, though in a faw
alses, we have reelved- $100.00."
"T.J'here has iever *heen a time in the
istory of the Democratic party that
small contribution m ieait so much
:3 at this time. Can we not count oil
oil to hel its out .in your coitnty."
State Chairman, illon. Ji. G(ary Cv
nt,. says: "The money power is again
a the saddle, which means, the agri
uturiist, the laborer, the debtor and
lie (rpresse(i must suifer, It means
lealrI cottoln, less money, more debt
nd less albility to pay.
"The people of Europe are naked and
uingry, suffering for the want of
:iwrican 'otton and cloton clothes.
'ur cottoln would be sellin 1g for 60c
iund olf ouri government woulid re
tore oill foreigi m1,arkets. If we are
atisiled to cotliltinie under these con
itionis, it will not. ie iecessary for us
1 collect aiyth11i ing fii tiheri for tle ad(
f te ile: n(cratic party. We can bring
Ibouit the ('hanlge quickly. -it is' -be
evt('i, bu t to (10 SO te -i(un organ
:ation must raise tile fuinds. Let its
mhe every lfort to mna'kei a goo(
i(A. lng."
State eld coutnty taxes( ai'e high. but
ie bulk ai'q levies the people have
iked for, for schools, school houses,
i(rensed :ay. for t eahei(..s, state col
ges, top-soil roads, bridges, etc., buit
itlh all these inl view, could we have
arend a nni vass before ius, Ihe vast
ims paid inldireicly Into tle lnit(e(
tales treasuir'y, levied hy the money
Dw( now in tie saddle, tihe power of
iccial priviieg( and s(lf, we wouild
a a noyed at the revelations.
Could tivis showing he made in de
di wie in i t see where the hondlhold
an d ca'Pita list escapes and tle great
iddle and laboring classes pay the
It Is all-impotant. that we 'in in
ic congre'sional electons this year.
he ie is turn mliig now, teeming nmil
obs of Me', woiil and children iII
eld, store, factor'y, mine anl work
bOp, groa-log un0der bu rdens, result
lit of the policie's oft tie .arty now in
ower, 'policIes which put them in a
late of inhistrial slavery, are appeaI
1K to the only source froi which they
w." hope for relief-the great Demo
i'atie party of the nation.
)on't hesitate benuse your contri
ution must qie smiall. $5.00, $2.00 or
1.00 tsill help. A thousand such Imean.
(uch. Senid solictinlog lit once to 1.
. Sullivan, County Agent.
Watts .lolns In League.
The 'Watts i.iills Ihaseball team
vhich last week Ihy a narrow margin
ost its firs't game of tle setsonl to ti(
ludson Mill teai, has joined in v
caguie composed of teams from Lau.
'ens and Greenville coutiities. Th(
eagute w'.ill be known as the Carolinr
r'extile 'League. L. 1'0. Bishop of Watt,
diill was elected seceretar'y-treasuirei
>f the 'league.
A Correction.
Among the ,prizes .hy merchants t.
he winner's of athletic events last Fri
lay, .the pirize offerede for' the -1-10 yard
'un should have 'been WVhartoni's IDe
mart ment %Varehiouse inistead of -W har
on Clothing 'Co.
rerracing : Levelin~
Gray Court, S. C.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurense, South Carolina
Offiee in Peoples Bank Blilding
C. E. Kennedy & Son
'Motor Equipment
LAURENS, - - 5,.C,
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
-tornieys at Law
Irih Practice in aU State ()ourts
Prompt Attention Olven All Jiuinesi
C. 0. Featherstoni W. B. Knighl
a tones tLaw
Lauroe, 3. 0.
All Business Intrusteod to Onr Cart
Will Have Prompt and Careftn( Atten
'Offies ovrer Palmnefto' Bank
tfr, 19'oatherato wihll spee1d Wodnes,
day of enoh wante In Taurne,
Removing Mildew.
Chloride of lime, used intelligeItl,
will remove mildew. Po not use too
much. A tealspoonful 'to a small tub
or pall full of wuiter is plenty. Be
sure l( is thoroughly dissolvad, or
better still, tIle it up in a stout piece
of Ciotlh anm ruIm witer onto it, Press
Ing the cloth % witi a stick ; thei allow
it to tithst inl tul, Immuerse article
to he eli-itsed aId allow to stand
several I lturs. itemove and rinse
thoroughly iII severlII waters. Repeat
If newv$ssary, but do not increase
qIuanRt ity of limte, II it will eat the ma
First Papermaker.
The ori-'inn; t1'rm akiier is the pa.
per splider. in the denlse woods in the
hiterlor Of A 'rien, that large spider
1.tbl!ig its lioie from fine paper of
its own1 Ilaling. wheni it. selects it
sm1th100 surface about two inches
sAutire, coverintg it w-lit fine threads
that are ialPery. pilacing ita 50 eggs
benceti, then splinning i thlin border
that pastes It down tight uitil the eggs
initch in three weekb.-Indianapolls
Something in This.
If a manli has the raw inaterlil for
being it blia(ned fool, he enilliot blilme
th fakir for taking id'Ivaltage of
opportni III ties.- lXela [ane.
* 0
ra o'ItY~ r Stolen--One registered
liieWellen setter ibitch, White body.
ili.ghtly tIokeid With black; ago '
on10111h4; a nlswe s to name of " 9ady"
Notif . ,i. Fler, Cross 111 Of i
ceive rewardt-).
. (Chilkens m1d1 Eggs Wank i tyc il
payv highest csh prices. Wir or 'write
frprices. owenls LiruIit & 'rdc
Co., Tamipa, tella. f 39-5t-chd.
Accident Iurace-$00 'per ye'ear,
$2,o00; $1 weekly sick eneit; $15
Wveekly hospital benelt; m)tenl or0 WO
imen any nationality. North Amerlean
Accident Ilisu1r1ce ,-o.. of Cliengo,
W. F'. Ponder, (en. Agt., Ware Shoals,
S, C.. 39-It-chd.
FoSae-Albout 1500 bundles fodder
Itt $M.50 and about 100 'bushels corn
at $1.00. %W. F. 111olt, (Grayi Court, Itt. 1.
1 , 39-1 t-pd.
For Sali-One small refrigerator
with coil in it. a'ITrence Kennedy.
Rhode Island Red, 200 egg strain,
'hatehtin1g eggs. $-.50 per setting. iI.
WN. INebster, Mounltville, S. C. 39-It-pl.
Notice-- 1111 glad to announce that
Johnnie Austin is wihli mle now anI 1
Ask that III otur1 customers call on iS
wheni III aeed of repairs. tWill enR
deavolr to do Justice in (both work and
prices. ~iiRnest 'W. 'Machlen.
iost--dPalr of eyegliases Nvith shell
,rlims. Friday eveninig on tile square.
J'inder will return Hlsaie to City Filling
Station and receive reward. 39-1 t-pd.
Bahy Chicks For SRale-tllay old, 1Mc
a piece, $12.50 per huildred. Two
weeks ii old Chicks $17.50 'per hundred
10r 20c epch. IU. .W. Webster, Mount
ville, 'S. C. 19-it--pd.
Forl Silte---M(ed1ium1 size refrigerator.
Mrs. .v. -11. ilough. 39-1t
--For Salh-Sweet Peas, Gant Spi
cer, 50c per hundred. -Mrs. N. C.
Hu,1ghes. 39-11.
For Sile-100 lbales of bright ont
straw. 'P. 11. Halley, Laurens, Itt. 3.
. or Sale-'Recleaned Cleveland Big
Boil cotto ieed. 'P. 3. Uniley, 'll
rens, Rt. 3. 39-It-pd.
Moniey to Loani---4) improved farmn
and city liroperty for a pleriod of years
ILt Seven And one-half por1 cent jInter
est. Bofnar, Osborne & Brown, At
torneya, Spartanbuirg, S. C. 34-tf
Government Wagons--For Sale, or
offered in exchange for corn, oats, -hay
or -lumber. IWagona in good condi,
tion, iD1i ice and Fuel Co., Clin
ton. 16-tt
Wannamaoker Cleveland C'oliton Heed
1920 crop. Porto Rico potatoes, $1.00
per ibushel and White Spanish Pea
nuts at $1.50, for sale by A. P. Fuller,
Mountville. 318-3t-pd
Canvassers to handle a line of
Fibre IBroomsS. Good( .profits, write for
particulars. Bartlett Brush Work,
Hlilladale,:\iich. 38-2t-pd
Eggs-Thioroughbred Black Manor
ca, from ipure strain. 15 eggs for
$1.30. A. IL. Martin, 1'117 South Hiar
per street, Laurens. 318-2t-pd
Natlets-iunter 'lrothers nowv have
the fertilizer''agency of tihe Virginlia-:
'Carollna Chemical Conmpany, succeed
ing the late Augulstus ]Huff, -aRnd so
lieits the continulanice of the business
foitnerly carried by aff'. 11uff. All
'business giveni us5 will 1be applreciat
ed and given beat attention. Huniteri
Bros. 3'1-3t-pdl
Listal'-1f you 'have an1 aultomloblic
high tension magneto you wish to (1i5
pose0 of, bring it to Laulrens 'Machine
Shop, and let us5 so' ,if 'we can agree
Onl pice. 37-ti
Eggs For Salel-Puire Rhlode Island
Rled. 15 for $1.00. -J. C. Shell, Lau-.
rens. 35-41
For Salo-My prlopeirty on Sullivani
street, conisIting of 9-roolm briickt
house, large garden, orchiard, garage,
'elf'.; several vykanit lots and 0 cot
tages. Will sell at reasonable 'price,
part cash, baRlanle wvith good eurity,
Mr's. J1. -J. Pituss, P. 0. lBox 485, Bra
denltownl, Fila. 35-ti
Chlickens--Tlrng your chickens te
Armtarong's Market. 20c per Ipound~f
for hens, 10c '1)0r potud for roosters,
Armstrong's Market. 35-St-pd~
For Quick 'Servkce--Stop at the nn
Gary Garage, next to Dlow Drop Inn
See our1 Catter'plllar Rletread-miakec
old'tIres last as long as ndwv. 36-4t-pd
Saesrain as ~woni grand prize at
last state fair. Record hatches this
season. $1.50 ,por setting. Chance te
get high clans eggs at renonable
price. J1. Fi. Bllackmon, Watta MIlls.
For Sale-4flg 'white Spatnish peanut
seedl, $2.00 -per -buahel. T. 'RI. Blake
ly Laurens Rotoe 3. 30-5t-pd
Wanted-Pplar;: onk, ash and, wal
nut logs. Also inter'ested inl hard
wvood timber tr'acts. .R. *W. Walker
Lnmbe Cn.. Salishbuv N. C. 33n7t
"Dollar-Stretching Days."
If you intend to put up a building
or have a repair job ahead of you, you'll be
wise if you promptly deoide to use genuine
It's common knowledge with people who -
posted that Cypress buildings providc po.
picking for people who enjoy repair jc...
Cypress averts repair bills.
Maybe your work won't need the ' [;. r
grades of Cypress. So much the 1..;... r
your pocketbook.
Your lumber dealer knows what's what. Tell
him what you intend to build or repair, .d
"The grade you need is the grade 'you'l get."
These are "dollar-strctching" days with prudent people.
And don't worry. You'll not bc sacrificing everlasting
ness by usit}g the lower grades of "Tide Water" Cypress.
Buy it by the trade-mark, shown below, on every board
or bundle. \
Write us for list of FREE PLANS for farm buildings.
Soutlyern Cypress Mfrs.'Assn. _'_ . --*
253 Gralina Bldg.. Jacksonville, Fla. -you eanl'e~tmfy
It by title mark:
A check should be a spe
cific assign ment of funds
on deposit, not a method
of "kiting."
We are Willing to Co-operate
Laurens National Bank
J. J. ADAMS, Pre*. GEO. H. BLAKELY, Cashier
Slenderize )Your Figure
* f~by wearing a
- oAr .,n nAor. ff.a. S. r. -F
Slzeo 38 to 56 ;.
*THI E CO) M4FORT ER.ASS!E.RE in corncced of* c;icia y mercerized
correti material, scientifcanlly honedl to indo-e at muscular reflex, wvhch
wil reucethefaty tissues, weght and uit:. It is adjustable to fit
perfectly, and will not ride-up cver the cortet.
Glc (slie Fige a Trim Strcf.;u' L(:iie A ppearrna
Su1ppor(s, Fla!!cns Gna' l!::ac. 1:e L~z:t
Thei Comfort Corset Dramiere eu-'.ma a er.t. orciinsry brantecr.
n;fd wiVL re~ain itashpn $A .PI) :rI 0:. u . I(l i .e 1 WlL.~I
For Sale By
Lauren.,'s C.

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