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Mayor and Aldermen Take
Up New Duties
Mayor W. It. Dial and -New Set of Al.
dernen Sworn in Last Wednesday
and Two Meetings have Already
Been Held. Salaries Have Been
Scaled Down.
The new city administration, mem
bers of which were elected principally
on a platforn of efficiency and econ
omy, was indueted into office last Wed
nesday evening by City Attorney A. C.
Todd, after the meeting had .been op
oied with a prayer offered by Rev. P.
.. Kilgo.
Following remarks by 'M'ayor Dial,
thanking the retiring mayor, John A.
Franks, for -his offer of co-operation
and assistance to the new administra
tion, .thtLeancil immediately proceed
ed upon its business, taking up salaries
for its consideration. After a motion
had been passed that an election be
held May 1 for all city employees, the
followming salary reductions were de
cided upon:
Chief of .police from $135.00 to $120.00
a month;
City police from $125.00 .to $110.0
a month;
Superintendent of street from $125.00
to $100.00 a nionth;
Fire truck drivers from $100.00 to
$80.00 a month;
Mayor from $125.00 to $110.00 a
A board of health and bond commis
sion as well as street and finance con
mittees were elected by the council.
The' board of health will be as fol
lows: 'Di'. -W. D. Ferguson, J. W. 'Dunk
lin, W. 0. Lancaster, Hamp 'Hunter, T.
L. Monroe, W. P. Sullivan, Nat Ken
The council met again Monday ev
ening at 8 o'clock, at which time a
number of matteri came under its con
Wiater and Lights Commission
Mr. -W. iR. 'McCuen, of .the city water
and light commission was present at
this session and stated that the light
ing 'plant and twater works of tile city
Will be conducted on a strictly busi
hess basis. Whatever power is used
by the city for street lights and other
purposes will be nominally charged to
the city but no collections made. All
free lights such as porch lights may
hereafter be discontinued.
Olileken Ordinance
By motion of Alderman Dial, the
ordinance with reference to domestic
animals running at large was amend
ed so that it will include chickens. The
new ordinande twas passed uipon com
plaint of housewives who said that
neighb~orhood chickens scratched up
flowers and gardens.
Bond Commission
An election of -five rbond commission-.
ers wvas held for terms' ranging from
S1 to 5 years, one member to retire
every year. W. Li. Gray was elected
for a -period of 6 years; C. H. Roper,
for a Iperiod of 4 years; 'S. M. Wilkes
will serve 3 years; R. 'F. Jones 'rill
serve 2 years, while 3. ,Wells Todd was
elected for 1 year..
Opera douse ,
Business concerning the Opera
*Hotise was taken'utp and by motion of
.Alderman Easterby it was decided to
atdvertise for seauled bids for a lease of
one year. The present lease on the
Opet'a House expires May 17?. bfy mo
tion of 'Alderman 'Dial, the mayor was
*Instructed to confer 'with M'essrs. 'Lee
Bros. & Switzer, leasees, ,in regard to
unpaid rent.
* fDog Law
A motion was passed ordering the
-chief of police to enforce 'the law con
cerning dogs. M?4any dogs, it was -sat
-ed, are runnijjg at large in the city
without either license or collar.
Parking at Depot
Following a discussion on the lack
of orderg 'brking of arutomnobiles at
the dep~ot, the mayor and chief of. p&o
* Ue ?were requested to I.Ivetigate con
'ditions there and to make remuedial
recommendationls to th conncil at a fu.
SThe' kind of curbbg. materie tlo ~
!oninu~ed on'JLast Page, Thi~ 8tiim)
APPEAL NOT [email protected]
Legal Technicality Makes Possible Ex.
tension of Time.
Apoeal proceedings In . the case o
Luther Timmons and Montoe Willard
both of whom are now in the Statc
penitentiary 'pending final decision fi
their case, have not been abandoned,
it was learned late yesterday, although
the tune limit in which the appeal may
be completed expired last Saturday
C. C. Featherstone, of Greenwood, a
mmenber of the legal 'firm who repro
sented the .prisoners in thir trial, was
in the city yesterday and conferred
with Solicitor TI. S. Blackwell on tle
status of the case. The legal technical
ity that the supreme court was in ses
sion before the 30-day period -for the
appeal proceedings 'began is what is
thought permits the extension of the
time limit until the next session.
Solicitor Blackwell stated yesterday
that no final decision -has yet 'been
reaehed In the case. C. A. Power,
clerk of court, also said yesterday that
no commitment papers have been is
sued for Timmons and Willard.
'Reports in .newspapers last week,
contrary to that which appeared in
The Advertiser were denied by both
dounty officials and the attorneys in
the case.
Wife of W. D. Grahan, Veteran En.
gineer, Buried Here Sunday After
Mirs. Sarah Jane Graham, iwife of
W. D. Graham, veteran engineer on the
Columbia, Newiberry & Laurens Rail
road, passed away at a Columbia hos
pital Friday night at 9 o'clock after
an illness of more than a year. The
body was brought back home Satur
day *afternoon and Sunday afternoon
the funeral was held from the home of
her daughter, Mrs. John E. Switzer
on Sdubh. Harper street. Interment
took place in the Laurens cemetery,
services being conduced 'by her -pastor,
Rev. S. I. Templeman, of the First
Baptist church, assisted 'by Rev. -P. F.
Kilgo, of the (First Methodist churchr
In the large concourse of people at
tending the funeral was albout one hun
dred C. N. & -L. railroad employees and
oficials awho came up on a special
train from Columbia.
Mrs.' Grahlim was the daughter of.
Rev. G'Iilton add Frances Hicks, of
Oconee county, and was 67 years of
age. She had -been a resident of 'Iau
rens for the past 18 years, having
1noved to this city from Colum'bia. She
was a consecrated and useful member
of the First '13aptist church throughout
her active life 'and took much interest
in church affairs. She is survived by
her husband, for 28 years a trusted
employee, of the C., N. & 'L. railroad,
and one daughter, Iirs. John E.
Seonng Services o'n iEnster Sunday were
lHeldl in Baptlst' Church.
An '$aster 'Cantata was held last
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock in the
Baptist church before a large congre
gation which afterwards expressed ad
miration and 'eraise for the excellent
program rendered.
In addition to the large chorus di
rected 'by Mr. James McCravy, the fol
lowing soloists took part:'MIss aMabel
'Padgett, 'Mrs. 'E. iD. Easterby, Miss Nan
nie Kate Armstrong, M',rs. Roibert .H.
Roper, and Lafessrs, James McCravy,
Stanley 9rows, W,'P. Thoq~ason and
Jack Mc1 ravy.
Aliss Flora, Bennett, pianist and ls
'Frances Davis, organist assisted in the
Old S. R. Todd Ilome Place on West
Main Street Sold to Ii. U. McDaniel.
'Mr. B. IM. fWlolff, real estate glealer
announced yesterday the recedt sale
of the old Todd home 'place on West
Main street to Mr, R. R. McDaniel,
who hagrbeeni living there for the past
several ihonths. The place was bought
from Mr. E. EIl. Ciements, ofpreenvile,
who 'bought It last year.
-'Mr. Woff ao annionnced the sale of
a> lot on 'the gamte property tofIr.;:H.
&tchols, this lot adjoining' Ir, Nichols'
,iresents hopme
. Another Aeal also reporte&, was the
gale t'he f$hiealy property, aoross thq
siteet. f'on'the post offlc to' Mbaui.
Big Meeting Held in the Int
Cotton.Growers' Cooperat
Cotton groiwers of Laurens county
are to 'be the guests of the Laur'ens
Business League Friday at a big -bar.
becue following a meeting in the court
house in the interest of the South
Carolina Cotton Growers' Cooperative
Association. The meeting in the court
house is to open at 10 o'clock a. in.,
and will be addressed by J. D. Coghlan,
a large cotton grower of Ennis, Texas.
The plan of the sbarbeeue was formed
at a meeting of directors of the league
and a few other business men held. in
the court house Friday evening. At
this meeting a heart-to-heart discus
sion of the association plan was held
and the plan in detail exiplained by
Mr. J . H. .McCulley, in charge of pro
motion In this vicinity.
Mr. McCulley told the assembled
business men that the. organization in
this county was lagging because farm
ers had -not 'been sufficiently informed
as to the contract of the association
and 'because many of them had not been
reached at all in the cam-paign that has
been carried forward during the past
few weeks. The success of the mar
keting association Is of vital Import
ance to the business men as iwell as
the farmers, he told his hearers; and
Ele made such a convincing argument
for thp need of the plan that the league
directors determined \o finance a bar
beoue to encourage the farmers to
come to Laurens to hear the plan ex
The first step taken by the directors
was to appoint committes 'to arrange
for the barbecue and to issue invita
tions to the farmers. A )ist of about
four 'hundred 'fairmers was secured
from the farm demonstrator and Invi
tations were mailed to them to attend.
They were requested to notify brother
farmers who might -he interested in
the iplan and to tell theni to advise the
invitation committee, of which 'W. R.
McCuen is chairman, as to whether or
not they expect to attend. All per
sons who ex-pect to attend the barbe
cue are requested to notify Mr. Mc
Clen before 2 p. m. Thursday so that
proper provlsion may be made for
them at the barbecue.
Admission to the (barbecue will be
Plans for New Jail Call for Reinforced
Concrete Struefure.
A new jail for Laurens county which
will be a structure of reinforced con
cecte is now definitely assured, ac
cording to metnbers of. the jail com
mission. A series of meetings was
hel( by the commissioners last week
and plans for the new structure wereI
*Su-pervisor.J. D. WV. Watts, chairman
of the jail commission, in a notice to
contractors states that 'bids for the
erection of the new jail wvill be re
ceived by him untili Trucsday, A&pril
According to the plans of tihe comf
mission, the now' jail will 'be on the lot
in the rear of the present jail. It is
probable that some of the stone in the
present jail will be used con the new
$104900 Worth of Jamacia Ginger,
1ibmon , Peach, Etc., Des'troyed Near
City Hall Monday.
'Last rites were administered Monday
morning 'by Sheriff S. A, Reid, who,
with 'the aid of Chief Crews of tihe city
police, cohdomned about $100.00 worth
of extracts to the sower.. 'Pouring out
services were held near the city hall.
The accumulation of alcoholic ex
tracts included Jamnacia ginger, .peach,
lemon anid several othpr probably well
known varieties of d famite, all of
which had 'been ~scated 'by local
police after. being sold for Illegal
drinking purposes.
Soliltr Biackwell Out
Solicitor IH. 8.' Blackwell Iwas wel
comned. on the .streets of the city 'Mon
day by) his anany .triends who were
glad :to l'earn that he, hras recovered
from his recent 'illiness. Solicitor
Blackwell bad been iconfined to, 'his
home~ for 'three we: suffering with
erest of the South Carolina
ion Association.
limite(d to cotton growers only, land
lords and tenants being included as
cotton groiwers. Tickets to the bar
becue will be issued at the meeting
in the court house Friday morning.
Non-cotton growers, including fami
lies of cotton growers, will be granted
tickets on -payment of 50c per ticket
as long as the supply of barbecue
Geo. M. Wright, .president of 'Watts
'Mills, and M. L. Smith, secretary and
local manager of the 'Ijaurens Cotton
Mills, were both present at the meet
ing 'Friday night and endorsed the plan
of the marketing association. Mr.
Wright joined the association in the
name of the Watts 1Mills, the miill op
erating a farm on its property here.
Speaking informally of the marketing
plan after the meeting, Mr. Wright
and Mr. Smith both said that the man
ufacturers favored the plan as it would
tend to stabilize the iprice of cotton.
The mills, they said, were not as much
oncerned a'bout the 'price of cotton as
they were about its stability. If the
mills could be assured of a fairly
stable market for cotton, they said,
they would be -relieved of much un
certainty as well as expense in their
operation. M1anufacturing and not
speculation iwas their business, they
said, and they would like to see the
speculation element in their 'business
eliminated. The mills, they said, want
ed to see the farmers get a fair -price
for their product ibecause general
prosperity rested upon the prospcrity
of the farmers.
In order to -pave the way for a suc
cessful meeting Friday, the business
houses of the city closed their doors
for - an--heiL.yesterday-fternoon- so
that the business men might hear the
marketing iplan explained by Dr. Carl
C. Taylor, of A. & E. College(-of North
Carolina, who addressed the meeting.
In addition to the big meeting to be
held in (Laurens Friday, several small
er meetings are being held In the
county this week. '
About 5,000 bales have already been
signed up in tho county and Mr. Ic
Culley is counting on signing a total
of 15,000 bales 'before May 1st, when
the campaign will 'be closed.
Author of "Sand" Wlis New Laurels
in Play-Writing in Contest Conduct
ed by The Columbla State.
.iss 'Rebecca Dial, of this city,
daughter of U. 0. Senator N. B. Dial,
was announced last week as the win
ner of the $100 prize offered -by The
Columbia State for the best three-act
llay written 'by a South Carolinian.
Miss 'Dial wvas the successful contest
ant among a large nlumb)Cr of those
comp~letinlg for the prize.
The title of the successful p)lay was
W~o Dogs Allowed". Accoyrding to an
announcemnent in The State the play
svill 'be staged by the Columbia Stage
Society in its Town theatre.
The author of "NO Dlogs Allowed"
has won -considerable notice in the
play-writing field before, having been
the author of "Sand," the play'swritten
several years ago in the interest of the
illiteracy campaign in this state and
staged in many South Carolina cities
with much ouccess.
At 'pre'sent 'Mss Dial is with her par
ents in Washington.
Jerry Gray of Gray Court has a Horned
Toad fromt Tuscan, Arizona. Will
Feed It With Boll Weevils.
/Jerry Gray,- son of 'R. 'L. Gray, of
Gray Court, hopes to secure a place
for himself on the pedestal of fame.
JWe ~all have our ambitions and as
pirations, 'but that of Jerry is mnifftie.
Hie received several days ago from his
sister at Tuscan, Arizona, a "horned
toad," and'never having 'had an animal
of'Its like, or haying even seen one,
ho does' not know what to teed the
What Jerry is goirng to lo, and w'hal
will probaibly make him famous, Is - tc
feed the freakcy little thing iwith 'boll
weovils. 'The experiment may not
Work, 'but sho9uld itsdo so--watch Jerry I
Bar Association Finds lint only One
Week of Court Necessary.
According to a notice appearing in
another column of this paper, it will
be seen that the second week of the
Court of Common 'Pleas, scheduled to
begin May 1, has been called o'ff and
only the one week beginning next
Monday will be held. Jurors and wit
nesses called for the second week are
notified by .r. Power that they need
not r6)ort.
The following calendar was arrilng
ed for the first iweek by the bar asso
clation in Its meeting several (lays ago.
Monday, 24th
McKve vs. :Madden.
Bolt vs. Guinn.
Woods vs. Coggins.
kunerel vs. Pitts.
'leason vs. Cook.
Tuesday, 25th
Stone vs. IHendrix.
Stone vs. 1endrix.
Stone and Putman vs. Willis.
Iouse Bros. vs. Milling.
W. S. Todd vs. W. J. 91111.
Wednesday, 26th
Tillman and Mays vs. J. C. Lonnis.
Nat. Loan & Exchange -Bank vs.
Thomas Moore vs. Laurers .Cotton
DeShields vs. Laurens County.
Thursday, 27th
Gray vs. Tumblin.
Wofford vs. Dodd & Payne.
Craig et al vs. Watts Mills.
Davis & W~restmoreland vs. Mills.
Sullivan vs. Culbertson.
Friday, 28th
Barksdale vs. Laurens Bonded Ware
Carolina Auto Co. vs. .McDaniel.
Smith vs. Cooper.
fSpence vs. Gault.
ioff vs. 4IHendrix.
Blakely vs. Stone.
Clemison' Vollege to Give Deionstra
tions of Fighting Boll Weevil on
Farm of. C. D. Nance at Cross Hill.
The farm of Mr. C. D, Nance at Cross
Hill has been selected as one of five
farms in South Carolina on which den
onstrations in fighting tile boll weevil
will be given 'by Clemson college this
year, according to information received
from (Mr. Nance yesterday. -Mr. Nance
called up The Advertiser to say that
lie had accepted the proposition of Dr.
W. W. Long, director of extension ser
vice at Clemson college, in order that
othor farmers in the county may know
of the fact and visit his farm where
the denionstrations are to be carried
According to the plan, as outlined
in the letter to Air. Nance from Dr.
Long, Clemson college is to furnish
dusting machienry and expert super
vision of the plot, while 21zr. 'Nance is
to furnish ten acres of ground, pay for
the calcium arsenate furnished by the
college and the lab~or necessary to
carry on the demonstrations.
The demonstrations iwill abe carried
on throughout the cotton 'growing sea
son and wii, no doubt be followed with
interest b'Laurens county farmers.
Readers of The Advertiser wvill re
call previous announcements to the ef
fect that Mr. A. C.-Whittle will conduct
similar demonstrations near Gray
Court for a large fertilizer inbporter
and that Mr. -E. S. Hudgens, manager of
the. local branch of the Southern Cot
ton Oil Company will 'have charge of
eight ex'perimnental plots near 'Laurens
for a group of manufacturers ahd
Mrs. E. V. Owens Definitely States that
She Will Run for Superintendent of
Mrs. Ecarl V. Owens, .principal of the
Watts Mills school, definitely stated to
The Advertiser yesterday that she
nwould be in the race this summer for
cgunty superintendent of education.
Other names previously mentioned in
connection with this office are Miss
Margitret Dunlap and Miss Minnie Wal
lace. Neither of the latter has made
definite announcement.
To The Ladles.
A cordial invitation hast been extend..
ed to the ladies in the city, by the niem
bers of' the Civic League in 'Ward 1, to
attend a Silver Tea which will 'be given
next Tuesday afternoon, Apiril 2$, be
tireeni five and seven o'clock, in the
home of Mrs, J. DP. Watts 'oni West Main
Civic League and Schools
Stage Parade
Wtith )usi ters, Fly Swvatters, l1rooms
IIIId Gardenl l'tenisils Pupils of Girad
edi School 1r11ale witlh Civic Leaguo
Floats 3ioiday in Iliterest of a
Cleaner Laurens.
"Clean Up" Veek is on with activi
ties in every part of the city for iak
Ing Laurens what the Woman's Civic
League plans to have it-South Caro
lina's cleanest and ibest city.
The caniaign for "cleap-up" start
ed Monday morning with a parade at
10:30 o'clock in which all of the city's
school children and the members of
the Civic League participated. Six
floats were in the parade, one repre
senting cach ward, besides many other
unlque features, making the parade in
teresting and Instructive, but emphati
cally showing the importance of
Almost every group of children rep
resenting the different grades wore
costumes and carried different imple
ments to be used in "Clean-Up" or
evidence of the work they iwere doing.
Placards upon which were snappy
slogans were everywhere in evidence.
Original ideas were carried out In
the floats from the different wards
into which the Civic League's activities
are divided. In Ward 1, where Mrs.
Dave Childress is leader, a float repre
senting the "Gold Dust 'Ih-ins" was
iortrayed. Two darkies were on this
Iloat dressed in the costume of the
!Lold dust twins and were shown with
mops, brooms and brushes. The slogan
of this ward was "Cheer Up-Clean
U") In Ward 2, led by Mrs. M. 14.
Hunter, the slogan of "Paint It Up
Keep It Up", iwas featured in the float.
A little fence was shown In the pro
ess of being .painted. In Ward 3, un
ler the leadership of Mrs. F. M. Smith,
;ix .pretty girls featured the slogan,
'Get spic and span and please every
nan". The girls were dressed in the
ostume of the Dutch Cleanser Girls.
rhe- slogan and float of Ward 4 was
'Swat the flies and save the little
lives". Under the direction of AIrs.
Wim. Solomon, leader of the ward, the
loat had a child's kiddy cool) in which
was a baby immune-from flies because
3f screens and fly matters. Ward 5,
tinder the leadership of Miss Sadie
Sullivan, had a float upon which was
a. small home, freshly painted, anu
with a garden being worked by several
:olls. The slogan of Ward 5 nwas
'Clean Up and Keep Up". Ward 6, led
by SMrs. Albert Dial, a float 111)011 Which
was a large tree with garden imple
ments about, it, featured the slogan,
'Get Busy".
In~ the school children's section of
the parade, brooms, hoes, rakes, fly
bwatters, dusters, paint .buckets and
tin cans were well in evidence. , The
parade was arranged b~y a committee
of the Woman's Civic League, of which
4is. J. D. Watts is chairmian. Tihe
parade passed thr'ough the public
square and wvas given an enthusiastic
reception by hundreds of onlookers.
Senator Dial Writes that Injustiees of
Republican P'arty are Great. Demo
eratic Fund Must be lRaised.
"Certainly there would be no delay
whatever, If the peole understood the
great injustices tihe 'Republican Party
places on tho minority," writes Sena
tor 'Nat. B. Dial to Mr. 1B. A. Sullivan,
who is in charge of the campaign in
thlis county for raising funds for the
N4ational Democratic 'party,
Senator iflial wrote that he hoped
the <quota of $650.00 'for this county
would 'be raised without delay land
suggested that an appeal bo made to
the ladies for -the democratic fund.
Senator Dial's contribution for the
fund in this county was ten dollars,
Infant Child Dead
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
L. L. Moore, which died in a Spartan
burg hospital Wednesday, was brought
to (Laurens Thursday and interred iki
the 'Laurens cemetery Thtirsdaf' atter
noon. The sympathy of the 'ommuni
ty goes out to the 'bereaved 'parents in
their sore loss:

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