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Employees of City Elected
Monday Night
Salaries of Various Employees Fixed
and Other Employees are Elected.
A uditor Now Examiilng Books
Recommends New System, Says
Errors May be Expected.
Fixing of salaries not decided upon
at former meetings and the election
of city employees occupied much time
of City Council at its meeting Monday
The salary of the city clerk was al
lowed to remain -unchanged at $135
per month. How this is to be divided
between the city and the public nyorks
commission was left for a future meet
Ing, as was the election of the clerk
himself. The salary of the health of
ficer was fixed at $85 per month, this
being a reduction of $40 under that
paid last year. Council was advised
by the committee instructed to confer
with the Board of Healith that Mr. W.
D. Franks had been recommended for
this office. Formal election for this
place was also deferred. 'Wages to be
paid day laborers was fixed at $1.26
per day.
The following city employees were
elected -by majority 'ballot:
Chief of Police-J. T. Crews.
Assistant Chief-J. Bob Wham.
Officers-J. .. :Paige, G. L. Watson,
J. L: Powers, (R. C. Owens.
Street Overseer--C. R. Bisho-p.
11iremen-Paul Alexander and Bill
Mayor Dial, reporting for committee
on uiiion station parking, said that he
had tiken theiiatt6i V1p with railroad
authorities. Final action on the mat
ter was deferred.
afayor- Dial rennorted in regard to
stops taken to collect past due rent on
the Opera House. After hearing a let
ter read- from the Lessees, extension o
time for 'payment was grghted.
After hearing a recommen4ation
from the committee on streets in re
gard to a request of Mr. Benjamin to
open a driveway ito his elevated lot on
North Harper street, council refused
the request on the ground that the city
had no right to carry out W'rk on
private property.
Mr. Wwtts, auditor employed 'by the
city to audit the books of the city
clerk incident to the change in admig
Istration, was called upon to state
his views of the books as he had found
them. Mr. Watts opened his remarks
with the statement that 'he iwould re
ipeat the recommendation of former
. auditors that tle system of books 'be
changed: He said that he had verified
the report previously made'to council
by the city clerk that a discrepancy of
about $900 had .been found, but that
about $200 of this had been located.
HeT said he thought that the clerk had
given conscientious service 'but that
with the system of Ibooks now being
used he wvas not su'rprised that things
were in bad sha'pe and that shortages
may he expected in 'the future if the
-books are not changed. Hie also point
ed out that the present systent requnir
ed an excessive cost for auditing atpd
that the city loses hu'ndreds of dol
lars every 'two years by~ reAson .of this
fact. He discloseAl the fact .that taxes
and lfines for a number of years re
mained unpaid. A emotion of Alder
\)lan Dial to collect the taxes but to
start a clean slarte for fines was 'adopt
ed, as was a similar riotion to !pro
gido a comm'ittee to confer with the
auditor with a view'of securing a new
0ystem of books.
' Mayor Dial, reporting .for th6 street
committee, said t~t -he. had foliind
Church street, Gordon7 street ,.and
FIeming street. all 1u)dqr r'epair buat
'work uncompleted,and 'wt)m no anoney
in the treasury to comniete it. Mayor
Dial paid ho Would net order work con
tinued after next Mondag 'unless the'
.nfoney Wras In sightt' twe~ret the pay
if lat theoend of the week. Op t
pomn the flOor a cotmitto~w ra
~ped" tco confer'eth '1* ias Mils
4i1zrities lookiig towgr in91i0
tien the Jierningatresi Wrk, w.mie
1a~ dete~ed/' Wbito: no *htien w~1s
'kolf,' coulicil aprd to agree w1ih
-1 for )ia3 'that 01stt~h atireet wold
lv4' o ia surftaced wfth top-soft :in
Death Claims P. 8. Bailey After Long
Period of 'Feeble Health.
Clinton, Aprij .19.-P. S. Bailey,
-prominent merchant and leading citi
zen of Clinton, died at a hospital in
Colum'bia this morning. Mr. Bailey
had boon in feeble health a year or
more, but -had been in the hospital in
Columbia only a week. - Sund-ay after
noon physicians advfised that 'tfhere
was little hope for recovery and mem
'bers of his family went to Coluibia
at once and were at his 'bedside when
the end came. The funeral was held
'Mr. iBailey was 55 years 'old and is
survived by his wife and one son,
Silas Bailey. He is also survived 'by
his father, M. S. Bailey; three broth
era, W. J. Bailey, C. M. Bailey and
J. A. tBailey, all of this place, and
three sisters, -Mrs. R. B. Vance and
Miss Connie 'Ianley of Clinton and
Mrs. George H. Cornelson of Now
Orleans. His father is in New Or
leank visijing Mrs. Cornelson and
will arrive home tomorow evening.
Mr. Bailey was associated in- 'busi
ness with his 'brother, J. A. Bailey,
-under the firm name of M. S. Bailey
& Sons. lMe was a member of the
Presbyterian church and its' board of
Walking fron Miami, Fla., to Ashe
ville, N. C., Two Girls Stop in City.
IE'nrotite to Asheville, N. C., from
Miama, Fla., on a walking trip, two
11retty girls, dressed in knickerbokers
and sandals arrived in the city Monday
afternoon, tired, but glad thait they
are about to reach the last 100 mile
lap of their journey.
When asked about the object of the
trip the girls, neither of whom hesi
tated to admit that they were but 21
kears old, said that they were walking
for their health and for the fun that
went' wttby it. They are not selling
souvenirs or seeking other revenue,
they said.
One of the girls. eBtty Thompson,
according to their story, hails from the
"tar-heel state" and is a graduate of
Trinity college, at 'Durham, N. C. Her
companion, Dora Bryant, is from
Miama, Fla., and is a graduate of
Massey college, Jacksonville, Fla.
Choosing to go through Charleston,
S. IC., on their tri-p, the girls have al
ready walked more than 900 miles at (
an average of 10 miles a day. They (
expect to make the return tri. in the
same manner.
Exaninations for Primary and Ele
mentary Certificates will be IfelI
in Court House.
Announcement was made yesterday
at the office of U. T. Wilson, superin
tendent of education, that teachers ex
aminations in Laurens county, wilf*-be
held in the court hduse Friday and Sat
urday, May 12 and 13.
The examinations will be for teach
'ers in the first, second arnd third
grades for elementary and primary
certificates. 'High school examinations
w7ill be held at a later date, Supt. Wil
son stated.
Jas. H. Sullivan T'o Speak
James 'H. Sullivan, of this city, has
accepted an invitation from the 'Wo
njan's, Club, of Pacolet, to 'deliver .an
address .at a meeting of the Parent
T.ac'hers Associatiofi, to 'be helq there
next Thursday afternooh at 3 o'clock.
'lhe subject of Mr. Sullivan's speech,
at t-he request of the Woman's blub,
will-be ''Vitizenship and Law Enforce
TWo More Annoneements
In agldition to the annown~cement of
Miss Kate Wiofford f4!'r-,Surperintendet
rf Education, referred 4 elSewhere in
this i#aper, two mo4 .fuduncements
have been rectived1 b he' A4gg'tser,
that of .John' D, 'W. Watts for rd~hec
tAon as Supervisor and that of J.'Wad
dy Thompson as Auditor.' Both of
these men are asking for reelection,
'big in officenow.
stad of NAugusta gravel as -previously
Wgreed auppa. Mhybr' Di41 was anuthor-.
led' to bave Olhuroh sttoet, placed in
condition for the Chaitmuqua next
SThe mayor 'was a'sp ..aubborized ,to'
ende' lenited aid to the Vidfo League
in beautifying the pilplio 'squage.
Little Iiterest Shown in Meetings
Woin Sent as Delegates Fponi
Gray Court.
Judging .by reports received -by The
Advertiser, interest in the Democratic
club meetings held in the county Sat
urday was not at a fever heat. Indeed
it is thought that a number of clubs
failed to organize at all, while others
were very sparsely attended. A few
reports sent to The Advertiser by sec
retaries indicate that the women nwere
conspicuous by -their absence and i1
only oe case, that of Gray Court,
were women elected as delegates tc
the county convention which meets
here next Monday. One woman was
named by the 'Laures city clulb as a
member of the enrolling committec.
Voters of the TrinityJRidge section
and the 'Barksdale section, formerly
included in the Laurens city precinct,
held meetings of their own -and will
petition the county executive commit
tee to allow formation of clubs In
those sections. A committee, consist
ing of :lessrs. R. T. Wilson, Alison
Lee and W. S. IPower, twas also ap
pointed by the Laurens city club to
formulate a 1plan of division of the
club and present the -plan to the exe
cutive committee for its consideration.
Mr. Lee, who introduced -the motion
to provide for.a division of the club,
p)ointed out that the -large increase in
the club muembership, due to woman
suffrage, had made the club so large
that enrolling the members worked a
tardship upon the club secretary and
nade 'the- counting of votes on elsc
Ion day a very arduous task for the
,lub managers.
The committee which nominated the
lelegates of the Laurens city club was
!omposed of 'Messrs. J. F. Tolbert, 0.
1. Thompson and 0. 'L. Long.
The follonjing reports of officers
)lcctcd by various clubs have been
-eceived by The Advertiser:
A, C. Todd, president.
Jno. N. Wright, vice-president.
W. S. Power, secretary.
R. T. Wilson, executive committee
Enrolling comuittee--JMrs. C. M.
3larke, C. A. Power, Jas. M. Clardy.
Delegates to County Convention- -
r. D. Lake, B. iB. Blakely, C. W. Lc
3ravy, B. Y. Culbertson, R. D. Boyd,
[no. H. Power,- J. 'N. iWright, Alison
.oe, 0. G. Thompson, N. B. -Dial, *R. A.
looper, A. C. 'Todd, 0. L. .Long, W. -L.
hray, W. 1-. 'Dial, Jas. -H. Sullivan, C.
. Power, R. T. Wilson, T. S. Langston.
Watts Mills
President-4B. E. Sorgee.
VicC4President--G. E. Corbin.
Secretary-J. -1. iHolcombe.
Asst. Secretary-M. A. Garrett.
Ei-,xecutive Committeieman-L. M.
Enrolling Committee-<D. C. Bar
lett, J. A. Davis, C. E. Corbin.
Delegates to County Convention
3. E. Sorgee, 'M. H, Boyter, C. A.
3rown, J. T. Blakely, W. A. Copeland,
W. . Sor-gee, J. A. 'Davis, L.. M. Ken
Iediy, MI. A. Gar-rett.
-President-:B. R. T. Todd.
Vice-JPresident-Austin Bramlett.
Secretary-F. ii. (l3urton.
Eixecutive Committeeman-G. 'L.
Delegates-B. RU. T. Todd, 0. Y.
lellams, WV. M. Meyers.
Gray Court
'President-D. 'D. iPeden.
Vice-aPresident-T. A. iWillis.
Secretary-Treasurer-T. II. Blabb.
Executive Commtteeman-J. iW.
-Delegates-R. L. Gray, D. D. Peden,
E . Wilson, U. 'U. Owings;' T. HI.
Ialib, Miss .Allie Babb, Mrs. 3. A.
~President-O, P. Goodwin.
Secretary-4M. M. Poole.
Executive Committeeman--F. L.
'Dlegates-0. 'P. Qoodwin, ' F. L.
)ouinlon, *M. Of. Poole. (Either two
>resent to serve),.
'President-W. O0. Stitton.
' fleortary-AsiH, H. .Albrcrombie.
Execitive " Contalitteeman--. HI.
dielegates-4W. 0. &itton, J. H, Aber
mrombio, H. It. Aberoepiiibie.
iPresident---0 , Caine.
- ecrttr-.Treasurer--4Iobt. Boyd.
-(Contlnuo4 on Page 1Four.)
Sircture of 'Reinforced Concrete will
("ost $32,445. Will be Modern in
Every Detail.
Bids for the erection of a new coun
ty jail were formally opened yester
day at a meeting of the jail comnils
sioners and the contract awarded to
C. .M. Guest, of Anderson, whose bid,
the lonwest of thiose submitted, was
The new jail will be built on the
lot adjaccnt to the present structure
and will be of reinforced concrete. One
of the provisions in the contract is that
the jail be completed within four
months after work commences. Mod
ern in almQst every detail, the jail
will have steam heating in the base
ment and in all the cells. Present
plans for the jail call for cells on the
second floor only.
Commitment Papors are Filed When
Attorneys Reach Decision Not to
The status of Luther Timmons and
Mlonroe Willard, both of whom have
been in the State 'penitentiary for
three weeks, was definitely determin
ed yesterday when attorneys of the
men convicted of maislaughter decid
ed to aband n the appeal. Commit
ment papers were filed yesterday from
the office of C. A. 'Power, Cleric of
Court, and the two men will begin
service of their sentences at once.
Timmons and Willard were convict
es of manslaughter at the last term
of criminal court and were sentenced
'by Judge .Wilson to serve 10 years
each in the penitentiary. 'Notice of
intention to appeal was filed by their
attorneys, Messr:,. Featherstone and
Knight, after a motion for a new trial
was refused. The case has taken sev
eral turns since 'the conviction and
sentence of the two young men.
Widow of Late 31. Caine Boyd, Died at
her Home Near Mountville April
Friends of Mrs. Lula Boyd, widdw
of the late M. Caine Boyd, will -be sor
ry to hear of her death, nhich occur
red suddenly at her home near Mount
Ville on April '1g. The funeral services
were held at 11topewell church, 'being
conducted by her pastor, Rev. Shealey,
assisted by Rev. Wiggins, of Clinton.
The deceased was the youngest child
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed. Boyd, deceased,
and is survived 'by three sons, Dallas,
Don and Marion, and four sisters, Mrs.
1Emma Monroe, Mrs. illa Crawford,
Mrs. Mattle Silverman and Mrs. Annie
Well Known Farmer Seriously In
jured in Accident Here Friday.
Mr. J. A. Wofford, 55 years of age,
prominent farmer of Madden Station,
was serIously injured last Friday
morning at -10 o'clock when he felj
dowvn an elevator shaft In the W. P.
'Hudgens store, breaking his left hip
and arm.
Mr. iWofford iwent to the rear of the
store to wash his hands after doing
some repair work. (No one was in the'
store and Mr. Wofford was not seen
when he fell. The elevator was on the
second floor level at the time and, it
Is thought, failing to see the opening,
or .possibly walking 'baclaward, Mr.
'Wofford fell down the shaft to the
basement, a distance of 8 feet. Peole
entering the store heard his cries for
help and wont to his assistance.
iPhysicians, attending Mr. Wet-ford,
said that the injuries are very serious
and may develop further lcomplica
tions. 'Much hope, however, is enter
tained for his recovery.
.Special Service
,A special service was held at the
First Presbyterian church last Sunday
for tfie' Jnnior, ISenior and Interme
diate Christian E~ndeavor societies. Of
ficers for the' ensuing year were elect
ed. Instead of the regular preaching
service, an address Was delivered b07
Rev. C. T. 'Squires, One hunldred En
deavorers were present.
'gotice to PensIoners
Pensioners can get their checks at,
the'offiee of Probate Judge. The Pro
bate Jidge's" oflice *1ll. .be closegl -on
May 6th on account of the reunion at
Im4ddae Old PField.
Three Cases are Disposed of in Two
Days of Court.
The April term of the Court of
common Pleas, presided over by Judge
John S. Wilson, of 'Manning, conv.ened
here Monday morning facting a heavy
calendar of which only three cases
were disposed of by Tuesday night.
The first case to be called Monday
morning was that of -R. .t: Bolt
against E,. E. Guinn. The suit was to
recover on a note given in a land
transaction. A verdict was found for
the defendant.
The jury sitting in the case of R.
F. Sumerel vs Guy C. Pitts, after de
liberations of several hours, found a
verdict for the plaintiff and aiwarded
him $150.00. The suit was for damag
es received from an automobile colli
sion near Clinton. The same case
nwhen 'tried last year resulted in a
A verdict in favor of the defendants
was found in the suit of Russel Stone
against J. 0. (lendrix et al. The suit
was .to recover on notes given In a
land transaction.
After Killing -Woman, Chl6le Leak
is Shot. Now iI County Jail.
Charlie tLeak, a negro 24 years old,
after shooting -at and killing Viola
Jackosn, negress, was himself shot
in the abdomen, arm and leg, by two
other negro men, Sunday afternoon at
2 o'clock, follcwing a row because,
witesses declare, the woman refused
to live any longer with him. The dou
ble shooting took place on the plan
tation owned by John L. Young, in
the Hopewell cdmmunity.
Sheriff Reld and Deputy Owings
were on the scene of the homicide
shortly after it occurred and found
I the dead woman in the house of a
negro tenant and (Leak, who had a
'bullet hole in his leg and gun shot
wounds in his body, iwas on the porch
of the same house. Witnesses told the
sheriff that Leak was shot while run
ning from the house after he killed
the woman, The negro admitted kill
ing the woman but denied that he ran
from 'the house. He was given medi
cal attention by a local iphysician and
taken to the county Jail. F. Williams
-and Tom E3llison, negroes, both of I
whom admit shooting Leak, were not
Bringing in 3,250 Tin Cans During
"Clean-Up" Week, 164 Children lie.
ceive Passes From Theatre.
3,250 tin cans of every conceivable
description iwore brought to the
-Princess Theatre last Thursday after
noon as a result of an offer made by
Mailager Switzer that he would give a
free admission to the theatre to every
child 'bringing 15 or more cans. The
offer .wvas made by the management of
the iPrincess. Theatre, said Mr. Switzer,
to co-operate wvith the spirit of "Clean
Uip" week.
The total number, gaining a free
admission was 164. 'A free admIssion
for two weeks'was offered the boy or
girl 'bringing the most cans. This
prize iwas won b~y 'Robert Nichols who
collected 228 cans. John Kitchens,
bringing 134 cans, won the second
p~rize, a one-week free adm'issiotn
MIss Kate V. Wofford Formally An-.
nounces Candidacy for Superin
tendent of Edueation.
The Advertiser carries, today the
formal announcement of the candi
dacy of Miss Kate V. Wofford for the
office of couanty superintendent of
education, this being the first formal
announcement of any .woman for offiee
in Laurens 'co~lnty.
Miss fWbofford is . a daughter of Mr.
3. A. Woffiord, of Madden station, and
the late Cleo 'Cunningham Wofford,
affectionately knelmui daring -her life
time Iby -'-hem' newspaper pseudon'n
'AMnt .Kate." She' s .a graduate of
Winthroy college of the cias of 'lM16
and ha6 had four years of high sichool
work. She was formeily' presidents of
'the Laurens, county teachers assocla..
tion and is now president of the comn
merelal teache're departmenut of the
State teachars .assocIqttoft.' During
theowar bhe served as (,2ud class yeo
nen 4nd Jolds ah honorable discharge
from the U.' S. Navf.
High Water Market In Con
tracts Signed
Barbecue and ' otton Marketing Fri.
day Under Auspices of Laurens Bits.
Iness League GiveIs Big Boost to Co.
olerative Marketing Campauignt iI
the County.
Laurens county broke all records
Friday in the number of bales of cot
ton signed in cotton co-operative mar
keting when 105 farmers placed their
s-ignattures on the cotton marketing
contract and put 4,044 bales in the
marketing hopper. According to re
ports from Columbia no other county
in the south has etiualled this record
in one day. County Demonstrator
Vaughan was out pushing the cam
paign yesterday, so the total number
of bales signed ulp in the county could
not 'be secured, but the total up to
Friday night was estimated to have
been in the neighborhood of 10,000.
The goal for this county is understood
to be 15,000 'by May Ist. Many work
er. were out yesterday and the cam
paign m1ill be continued the rest of this
week, so it is thought that the remain
Ing 5,000 bales will be easily secured.
The sign-up meeting ,Friday was
lheld under the auspices of the Laurens
Business league, which furnished a
rree .barbecue for the occasion. Over
100 farmers attended the meeting and
were guests of the league at the bar
becue. The consensus of opinion
inong those who attended tile meet
Ing in tile court house and tile bar
becue at Boyd's spring was that the
Jlay was one of the most successful
rfnd auspicious in the history of the
The meeting in the court house pre
3eded the barbecue. .Here Dr. W. H.
[)ial, mayor of the city, presided in the
thsence of Mr. Geo. .1. Wright, presi
lent of the league, who was absent
rom the city. Addresses nyere made
)y J. D. Coghlan, J. 'H. fMcCullef and
ir. Bolinder,' of Texas, and County
kent C. L. Vaughan. 1Endorsement of
,he marketing plan was also given by
Jessrs. C. -H. 'Roper and J. J. Adams
)n the part of the -banks of the city.
Mr. Coghlian was the principal speak
r of the day. He told of the success
ul operation of the marketing plan
n Texas and Oklahoma and declared
hat members of the associations In
hose states had ecured as high as
115 :,er bale more for their cotton than
heir neighbors had gotten. He said
hat the association was a selling or
ranization, not a holding or specula
ive .body, and that its benefits were
ecured throtugh sound busiJkss prac
ice carried out on a large scale. In
~ours'e of time, lhe said, after a sur
icient nunutber of farmers hand joined
lhe association, he expected that it
vould be able to influence the market
Lind brling to the cottoQ grower a pro
it in keeping with the labor lie per
orms and tihe money he invests.
Tile 'barb~ecue was' held after the
narketing meeting and following the
arbeeue a 1)o11 weevil meetaing was
bild in the court house whlen addresses
vere .made -by thle same speakers who
poke at tile morning meeting.
Mr. Vaughan said last' night that a
otal of 12,000 .bales had ,been signed
a tihe county withl more committees
o be heard from.
W. C. Breckenridge Dead
Mr. W. C. Breckenridge, widely
nown in the county as a machinist
nld expert in 'gin ropair work, died
~t the home of Mr. iDick Owings, his
oarding place, in this city Tuesday
norning after an illness of a few
lays. Mr. 'Breckenridge had been in:
leclining .health for some time and his
Leath .was not unexpected. H1eT was a
tative of Oconee county, 'but' had'
ivod a 'bachelor's life hert for inany
rears. I-lis relatives have been nott
led eof his death and upon the arrival
>f some of them this morning funeral
trranigements will be decided upon,
To will most probkbly be buied here.
SInglag Conveik9n
The N'orth Oaurend efeing Conven
ion meets with the Cedar Grove'
)piuroh Sunday, April 30. A11 singets
tre cordially inviterd to attend

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