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'Dfenids Prolihition; Thinkf. Liquor
Dulils Ones lirain; Put Q.c9tion to
Vote, She 'Siggests, ,
Uew Yort, April 21.-LIoril adl( Lady
Astor went.'to the theatre 'lonight for
their mist amusement sijutt their ar
rival d roma England on 'Wednesday.
Toiorrow t hey depat Tor Baltimore
where 1ady Astor, fir' wioman men
'her of parli ament is 'to qddres
Pan-Amnerican conference of women..
Thli was'another busy day for the
viiscointess. Most of the time she
remn'ined indcars at the home ol
her -sister, Mrs. Charles Dana (ibsorn,
who was the artist's miodel for the
faious "Gfibson ghlT. There she r
eeived rcporters, p>hotographers miad
sotial en lers. S'he' answered Inaty
letters and then went. for a walk.
in Ih er ilntervi(w, Lady Astor mude
clear her opinion t hat home should
come -first with a iwonan nd then
polities, which she believed all of *her i
sex should enter, at least to the extrnt.
of voting intelligently. She said she
Considered tenelhng children the most
important thing in the world.
Defending prohibition L-idy Astor
said "Let the rlh drink if they -want
to, it would hurt no one but t hem
selves". She thought liquor dulktl the
brain, and for- that reason disliked it.
"If you think the people of Ameriea
want drink hack put it to a vote," she
said. "But you'll never get It."
"Do you mean the liquor of the
"The vote," she replied.
She contended that England was
Even a sick child loves the "fruity"
.taste of "California Fig Syrup." 11 the
little tongue is coated, or if your -child
is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold, or
has colic, a teaspoonful will never fail
to open the bowels. In a few hours
you can see for yourself how thoroughly
it works all the constipation poison, sour
bile and waste from the tender, little
bowels and gives you a well, playful
child again.
Millions of motlhere keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea
' spoonfuil today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has diree
tTons for babies and children of all ages
printed on bottle. Mother! You ,must
say "California" or you may get an irpi
Wation -ig syrup.
You Can't Trust
Calomel at All
It is Mercury, Quicksilver, Sall
vates, causes Rheumatism
and Bone Decay
The next (lose of calomel you take
may salivate you. It may sh'opk your
liver or start bone necrosis. Calonmel js
dangerous. It is mercury, quicksilver.
It crashes into sour bile like dynamite,
cram ping and sickening you. Calomel
attacks the hones and should never be
putt into your system.
If you feel bilious, headacby, consti
patedl and all knocked out, just go to
your druggist and g't a bottle of Dod
son's Liver 'Tone for a few cents which
is a harmless vegetabtle substitute for
dlangeroun calomel. Take a spoonful and
if it doesn't start your liver and
rtraig'ht('n you up hetter and quicker
tihan nasty calomel and withidut making
you sick, y ou: just go b~ack~ and get your
Don't take calomel! It can niot be
trusted any more than a leopard or a
wildl-eat Take Dodson's Liver Tone
which straightens you right up and
makes you feel fine. No salts necessary.
Give it to the children heeause It is
perfectly harmless and can not salivate.
Sifter top prevents waste,
saves trouble, and keeps
contents nice'end fresh.
Setid for helpful boolet,
-0Aya~P denand the good
old reliazble
,air to the Americans while many in
hils eonrtry attacked the Briitish bit
ierly ard itnfairly.
"Ever.-y time I see a Hlarst paper,
I find -a dig at E11ngland," she said.
"Wihy if aniyone In the house off
0otlons makes a slur upon the Uni
ted 'States, he is howled down, 'but in
the senate when uifair statements
nIe flung at England there seems to
la' no one to deny them."
Isady. Astor laughed wheii asked If
It were true that. spiritualism was
"weleping iHngiandt" as ISir Arthur
Coh-an D'oyle has said. I
"I don't thihik spiritualism has got
anythling to do -wth religion',,' she
said. "Let Sir Arthur talk spiritual
lat but leave religion alone. Spirit
italism is idt sweelliig England.
They are to,) steady a people for
'Iady Astor expressedopotont
the bonus'. 'bift favored all possible aid
to the disahled and to all ex-soldiers
in the matter of finding employment
rotr them.
"Mcn ought not to be paid for Jlght
ing for thelr. country," she thought.
,Nauscating ,Gases Follow in Wake.
Explosion Follows.
Asbury d'ark, N. J., April 23.-A me
leor discharging odorous gases flash
ed through space to the south of this
place at 1) o'clock tonight, disairpeared
in a thunderous roar and frightened,
residelts of many coast towns. Win
dow panes in residences it Toms River
were shattered by the explosion, and
the gases, -polluting the atmtosphere
for more than a quarter of an hour,
,mpolled the residents to hold damp
Ced haltnIdkerchiets to their nostrils.
In tlkehurst mnny of the buildings
were shaken as if by an earthquake.
A party led by town oflicials has set
out for the spot where the meteor fell,
believed to be near Brown's-Mill-in
the 'Pines, a village 30 miles -from here.
The atmospheric pienomeion, ac
ording to many of the persons who
witiessed it, lasted for about a min
Lite. But a 'tiny streak of light -at
llrst, it became 'beautifully colored as
it neared the earth and at times ap
peared to halt moment-arily in space,
idopt a new course, then zigzag back
tigain, witnesses declared.
The meteor fell into the sea about
x mile off short at Seaside Park, 35 1
miles South of here, witilesses do
Aared. The celestial mass as it struck
Ate water caused an extplosoil that
ihook the residences of the village and
threw spray to a great height, resI
leits said. Volumes of steam then
trose and drifting ashore nauseated
Members of two coast guard com
panies said they believed the plhe
iiomenon .had been caused by a large
2xplosive rocket. No trace of a giant
rocket could be found, .however.
'i1nanice Comnlittee Will Start Coiisid
oration of Big Measure Today.
Washlington, April 21.--RepublIcans
f the senate finance comtmittee wvill
bold their lrst conference tomorrow
an the soldiers' 'bonus bill passed last
mfonthl by the house. C~hairman 'lc
Dumber saidl today there wvould be0 a
general dliscutssion of t-he whiole su
bect, adding it iwas too ear'ly to untder
take to say wvhat form tile bill would
Theo North ,Dakota senator madie
knco.v' his5 oipposition t othe 'planl sug
gested recently lby a senator of at
tacking of tile 'bonus 'bill to the pend
lng tariiff measure. 'He said also he
was favoraibly dlisp~osed to any 'lplan
of 'financing the 'bonus with certifletes
of indlebtedlness, 'but declared that even
this was -preferable to any p)rcposition
calling for a'dd~ed taxation.
It is Eoanator McCumbher's idea taat
the hill reported to the senate shloulid
contemplate a minimum of expenditure
in the fiscal year 1923. Ho regards
the 'house 'bill as retailing too gr'eat a
drain on the 'federal treasury at thle
Chairman 'McCuimber said he wals
hlopeful a plan of financing the bonuts
by utse of p~art, of the refutnded foireign
debt cold be wvorked out with the
Amnetican ddbt refunding cotmmission,
readly for 'business, a numtber of sena
tot's hope 'that 'at least vsart of the new
British .bonds can 'be in the hands of
ith governmenit a'bout tile time tihe
bonus m~easurie finally passed 'by con
SSenator *McCutmber said 1he might
taqke the' m-atter' ut" nytth 'President
H-arging later.
"Itats Pass Up All Other Food For
'One'Meal of It.Snap."
T1heir 'first meal of' *IATSNAP is
their last. Kills in few minutes. IDries
id the chri'ass. Rats ,killed wvith RAT
#NAP' leave no odor. MIA*1'-SNAjp
conmes in 'cake form. BJreak into smtalil
pieces, leave where i'ats travel. NoI
mixing with other (cod. Cats ,or dogsa
won't touch it'. Safest, cleanest, sur
eet rat and enouse killer. Thtree 'sizes,
35e,; 65c,'9L125. S old and kuaranlteed
by 4 'E,' Kenniedy & Sop,~ Laurens
Hai 'IAro' Co;; 'Pittnam's Orug Storo.
'Alorti er Printing Comp~ny
"Friendly Enemies," Notable Cor
"Frienily Enmies," all uproarous Comedy drama presented by C(
Aig feat'res of the "omling Itedpath Clautuautia. I low the coflilleting
Friendly -Eunemies" and how their difficulties eventually untangle, SUP]
'OUed5v nd moments of gripping pathos.
Heavy Groc
I am selling the very best fl-o
'The other day I was in another t
they said $7.50. I asked the
Wing and they said $8.50. So y
of the best. You get the best at
ithan you can buy elsewhere. AX
A full line of all fertilizers ol
10-3-0, 8-3-0, 16 per cent. acid, ]
Soda at $65.00 cash. I will delI
* Hardwe
All sorts of hardwapesuch as
;the keg, hamestrings, drag harr,
harness, etc.
We have added a department
a full 'line 'of Seed Corn, such as
Special, which is a big eared whi
itwo eared corn with large ears, c
Cattle and
We have the best hard of Hei
first lot of Registered Duroc Jers<
carry away.
I will exchange anything 1 car
Harris Spi
We carry a full line of watei
your home. Drink this water -ar
to the Doctor./
rieny, at Chautauqua
. . . . .. . ..
)npetent New York ctorsvi, will be me or the
onvictions of two life-long frita& k e tihern
)ly the plot with an abundance of irresistible
it Ware
ery Depart
tr, self rising and plain at
own and asked them the
price on Roller King or
ou see they are selling chi
Wharton's. All heavy
le sell the best or not at a
the standard grades sucl
(ainit, cotton seed meal, e
vrer your guano to your fie
tre Department
single trees, heel bolts,
ws, planters, distributors
known as the Seed Depa
Hastings and Marlboro
te- corn crossed on a proli
ane seed, onion sets, Irish
Hog Department
ford Catdle in the South.
y Hogs. Have a bunci
ry for young beef cattle.
ings Department
Sand ginger ale which a
d ale and-save paying do
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with) every bottle of
HAYES' HEALING HO-' Y. The salve
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The hiealing effect of Hanyes' Iiceiling I oney In
sid the throt coniied with tie ihaling cifect or
Grove's 0-Pen-Trato. Salve through the iores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
coth reeies nre packed i ne1 carton and the
cost of thle com!bined treatmnet is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Also mlice. Absolutlyl.3 preve--In
cdors, iroml enrenas... One4 linekagve
pro%4-; this. IA'T-SN AP cones inl
eilk s- ni itixing 1l1h othe. foold.
:Pw size (0 enkle) enough-d for
Pnitr, mitchn or. 0'el1ar.
(5-4 size (2 enkes) for C'hitken
House, coops. or sill blldig.
$.25 size (5 enklesh) (itieniough for till
inrm nd ouit-bildinigs, stor'aie
lul Id In -s., oi finefory l di 1141g1is.
Sold anid (yi Cn nted by . hell
inedy & Mn , i aur1icens lIitardware Co.,
andi Puttin am's 1) iiru Storte.
$8.00 a barrel.
:rice on flour and
Supreme or Blue
eap flour instead
groceries at less
c as 10-3-3, 8-3-3,
mnd also Nitrate of
ld if necessary.
clevises, nails by
, wagons, bridles,.
rtment. We carry
Prolific, Cannon's
fic corn making a
potatoes, etc.
We also have a
1 of pigs ready to
ye will deliver to
uble that amount

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