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* Local and Personal Mention *
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.irs. flallie Moore, of Charleston, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. H., K. Aiken.
alayor and Mrs. W. ,H. Dial and their
son, Carlyle, left Monday -for i-alti
Mrs. ('V. B. Owens, Sr., of Clinton,
spent the )veek-end with air. and irs.
E. H. Wilkes
3lrs. Clifton Jones is spending some
time in Greenville with her daughter,
'liss Nell Jones, at G. W. C.
-Mr. Earl Wilson, of Gastonia, N. C.,
sint the first of tWe week in the city
on business.
Mrs. C. T. 'Latimer left .Tuesday for
Booneville, M'iss., where she will visit
her mother, 'Irs. Sallie Johnsey, for
several weeks.
IMiss 'Ruby hINMillan, of the hign
school faculty, will leave Friday for
Chestier where she will be a guest at
at house party given 'by 'Miss Marian
Mr. J. A. Schade, for a number of
years a resident of this city and now
connected with the Odom-Schade Uo.,
of Greenville, was in the city Monday.
Mayor Moore -Mars, of Abbeville,
spent the week-end in the city with hia
wife who is visiting Mi'. and Mrs. E.
H. Wilkes.
-ltr. George C. Gambrill, of Aone
villd, arrived in the city Saturday and
.will'renain here one week. Mr. Gain
brell is connected WVith the Internal
Revenue Department.
Gray Court Missionary Society has De
lightful Week's Program.
Gray Court, May 1.-The Mission
Study class of the Methodist Woman's
Missionary society has just completed
a ,most delightful week's study of the
l!ttle, book "Thirty Studies About
Jesus." I was decided to try the con
test plan having the meetings daily
from four to five o'clock for one week.
Ten ladies bought study books, biti
twenty-four joined the class. Cap
tains were chosen by drawing straws
and the captains chose the rose and
red verbena instead of colors. Three
requirements were made, to be pres
ent, to be on time and to have read
the book at least -by the end of th<
week. Leaders were al))ointed to take
certain pages for each afternoon and
after each leader's remarks on the
subject a round table was conducte
in which most of those present tool
liaart. E tch afternoon the bowegs wer<
v9ry much in evidence.
This little rivhlry awakened muel
insterest and many more took -par
than in our usual studies.
Delicious refreshmeits were servet
just after the study hour on the las
afternoon. Our president had se'vel
as judge and the verbena Aide havini
von most ,points, was - required t
perve lhe'rose side although 'both side
had helped furnish the :freshments.
The young ladies' society joine
with us, also sone from other de
nominations. All.. declared .this th
'best book' and beote study .we have hat
- MIrs. Mary H. Watson,
Pub. Sup
Special Servie
'rheo conlgreghof 46 '' Friendshi
Presbyterian church is called to met
next Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'cloe
for -the purpose of calling a pastor.
C. T. Squires, Suppi:
1M1S. J. D. RAY
Foriner R4eident of This County Pass
es Away Iin Lower Part of Green
Ville County.
Friends here of tMrs. J. 'D. Ray, a
former-reside'nt of this county, will be
sorry, to learn of her death, which took
place In the -lower part of Greenville
county last Tuesday. The following
account of her death was taken from
The Greenville Piedmont of April 25:
'Mrs. J. D. Ray, well known and high
ly respected woman of the lower see
tion of the county, died today at 11:15
at her home near 'Sandy Springs
church in her 69th year after a brief
illness. Her husband is one of the
best known farmers in the lower sec
tion of the county and is a member of
the county registration board.
Funeral services will 'be held Wed
nesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Sandy
Springs church, interment to follow
in the church cemetery.
Mrs. 'Ray wa twice married. Her
first husband -was James 1C. Brown,
whom she married 'on 'Dec.'28, 1876.
She 'became the wife of J. D. Ray on
Oct. 12, 1893. Before her first mar
riage she -was Miss Ella tMurff. She
was 'born in Laurens county but lived
for 27 years in Greenville county. She
is survived -by the following children
of the first marriage: . A. D.
Shockley, Mrs. Daisy Bro , J. M., W.
-L. 'and R. R.' Brown, all of Greenville
county One. son of the second mar
riage survites her, Jessie M. Ray. She
is also survived by about 30 grand
children and the following sisters:
Airs. W. C. Ballentine and 'Mrs. J. L.
Knight, of Laurens county; Mrs. C.
C. 'Moore, of Belton; Mrs.- W. .I. P.
Hall, of Anderson and (Mrs L. F. Kay,
of Honea Path. One brother, H. M.
Murft of tDonalds, survives her also.
Business Women's Club Gives Rest
Room New Attire for Spring. Many
Names on -Register.
The Women's Rest Room, located in
the Court House, has recently been
refurnished and now takes its place as
one of the most attractive -of its kind
in the state.
The Rest Room .was started tw
years ago by the business women of
Laurens and is supported by the Bust
ness .Women's Olub su'pIplemented by
an appropriation from the state legis
lature. Mrs. Daisy M. Bagwell, mh,
tron of the 'Rest Room, has 'been ir
charge Oince its organization.
Upon examination of the register, it
which all visitors are requested t<
'eroll t1p~ names and addresses, on4
.mrnay find' the' n'ame of visitors fron
- practically every state in the Unite<
States, nas .well as a number of per.
sons from Canada, who have passe(
t through the city.
Situated as the city is, on the prin
v cipal highway from the mountains t4
the sea. the fRest' Room has accommo
dAted thousan4sof tourists going it
either direction. The Rest Room ha
also had thousands of visitors fror
all parts of this county and neighbor
Sing counties. To date, more than fiv<
thousend igames have been entered 01
the register.
Union Church' Meeting
The Southern Division of the Wc
p mpn's Missionary lUnion will meet a
t Union Church on the second Saturda:
k in May, it being the' 18th day. Tb
program for thes meeting will, be an
F. nnounced later.
[omnedy Dram
4 7 m
Postal Improvement Week IBeing Ob.
served. Postmaster Sullivan to
Show System Employed by Depart
.Postmaster James H. Sullivan has
beent noti-fled 'by the post ollice depart
mont -that visitors may be welcomed
through the various departments of
post offices during "Vostal, Improve
ment Mreek," 'May 1 to 6.
Mr. Sullivan stated yesterday that
he wished many would avail them
selves of the opportunity of reeing the
manner in which a letter or pa'rcel is
handled from the time it enters the
post office until it is placed in a 'box
or sent out on a route. This oppor
tunity, he said, has never before been
given. Few 'people are aware of the
system employed in a post oflice which
makes the loss of a letter practically
an impossibility.
Cement Will be Used on Laurens
Street Instead of Brick. Will be
Completed This Week.
Although workmen have had only
felw days of favorable weather in
Iwhich to work, considerable progress
has been made on the Improvement of
Laurens and Church streets, 2100 yards
of cement curbing having been laid on
1Church street and 300 yards of granite
curbing placed on Laurens street.
According to the final plans adopted
by city council, Laurens street will .be
cemented instead of being paved with
brick. This work commenced this
morning and will 'be completed by
Enturday, according to the contract
tors. No definite decision has yet been
reached regarding the material for
improving Church street. It Is expect
ed, however, that top soil will be used.
Only $300.00 Has leen taised to I)at(
'owards I14aching Quota of $650.00.
for Democratic Party.
Mr. B. A. Sullivan, chairman in Lau
rens county during the drive for funds
for the Natonal Democrate party, re
oported '.Ionday that only $300.00 has
been rased to date towards meeting
the quota of $650.00 for the county.
Among the recent subscriptions re
ceived .by him was that collected by
(Mrs. W. B. Blakely, q4 Ora. The
Y amount asked of democratic citizens
) of Ora was $10.00 and the sutbscrip
I tion raised by the committee there
I was $11.25. Mr. Sullivan stated that
- -the quota for the county could be
I reached with little difficulty 'if all the
committees ,appointed by 'him would
- make one final effort this week.
New Superintendent Arrives
-Mr. F. W. Chapman, recently. em
ployed by the newly elected pulic
works commission as superintendent
of waterworks and electric lights, ar
, rived in the city Mondsay to take .up
a his duties. Mr. Chapman is a gradu.
ate of .Clemsop c'ollege and has had
considerable ex pefience in sublc ser
vice work bes'ides teaching scho for
.. several yeaim (His traniily 'will .join
,t him here in a~ few weeks.
SBids for Lease of (Opera House
Notico is hereby given that the City
COouncil of the City of Laurens will re
a, "Tutn to il
Simmons Bet
Simmons beds cost no m
following offer demonstrates t
The Bedstead in this combinatio
very strongly made and servicea
made with the same care and ex;
The Spring is the well-known Sii
spring, long recognized as one
comfortable flat-surfaced bed sp
unsurpassed quality, "Built for
resilient and restful.
The Mattress is of pure, clean, nei
"renovated" materials - as the
sealed and delivered in the origh
grime and germs of the city str
The outfit, as illustrated above, sp(
Price $2
No Extras
S. M. & E. H.
ceive sealed -bids for the rent of the the right to reje
City Opera Hduse for a term of one The successful .bi
year to commence April -17, 1922. Bids to enter into a
,must be filed with the city Clerk on cordance with ti
or before eight o'clock 'P. SN!. -Monday. tions of the bid at
May 16th, 1l922, when the same will upon. Bids muns
be opened. The City Council reserves the regulations
te Right," fourth Ni
y n~nd tar abou' an a jst he
Simmons Bed, Spring
and Mattress complete
4 Spring and
ore than ordinary beds. The
his fact in the most conclusive
n outfit is of round steel tubing,
ble. It is an entirely satisfactory piece,
ictitude as all Simmons Beds are made.
nmons galvanized, twisted-link fabric
of the most practical, serviceable and
rings on the market. It is a spring of
Sleep"-'no sagging, no letting down;
v, cotton - not made of old, discarded
price might indicate. Each mattress
ral carton roll, protected from the dust,
icial at
1.5O Bed,Spring
Wilkes & Co.
Ls, S. C.
Br Sleep
ot any and all bids.. reference jo'the use of the Opera Ti#ouse
tider will be required by menthers 'of the colored race. J
written lease in ac- formation and particulars maiy abe ,ob
te terms and condi- tained from the City Clerk.
~cepted and as agreed efi, W..H. DIAl4, Mayor
be made subject to STANILI~f W. ORIDWS,
Df the Council with, City Clerk. "42-2t
ght at Chautauqua
ork ityroge Deartsen i te uene
gh mas t~sT~atoth agr4

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