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They are
Buy this Cigaret
Interesting Experience of a Texas
Women Kuew About Car<
Much Sickne.
Navasota, Texas.-Mrs. \V. A. Peden,
of this place, relates the following Interest
ing account of how she recovered her
strength, having realized that she was
actually losing her health:
"Health is the greatest thing In the
world, and when you feel that gradually
slipping away from you, you certainly sit
up and take notice. That is what I did
some time ago when I found myself in a
very nervous, run-down condition of
health. I was so tired and felt so lifeless
I could hardly go at all.
"I was just no account for work. I
would get a bucket of water and would
feel so weak I would have to set it down
before I felt like I could lift It to the shelf.
In this condition, of course, to do even
my housework was a task almost im
possible to accomplish.
L "1 was.. . nervous and easily upset.
Extra Ply of Fabi
Price 4
F OR poor roads, for I
anywhere the Fisk R
for small cars. An extra
tread of extra tough red
built to meet exacting coi
Time after 'e-. one Rec
ordinary tires. Laj distin
- selection of a high-grade I
more than juori%' yo".
Tie re's u vsk 'iw ue0;
for car, truck
-"Vulcanizing of
te and Save Money
Lady Who Declares That if More
[ui They Would Be Spared
s and Worry.
I couldn't rest well at night and was.
just lifeless.
"I heard of Cardui and after reading I
decided I had some female trouble that
was pulling me down. I sent for Cardui
and began it. . .
"In a very short while after I began the
Cardui Home Treatment I saw an im
provement and it wasn't long until I was
all right-good appetite, splendid rest,
and much stronger so that I easily did my
house work.
"Later I took a bottle of Cardul as a
tonic. I can recommend Cardul and glad
ly do so, for if more women knew, It
would save a great deal of worry and
The enthusiastic praise of thousands of
other women who have found Cardul
helpful should convince you that It Is
worth trying. All druggists sell ItL
w as --.
' Tirne to Re-.ire?
-ic--Heavy Tread
eavy loads, for hard use
e~d-Top cannot be equaled
ply of fabric and a heavy
rubber make a strong tire, -
iditions. .
i-Top h'as outworn three
olive looks indicate your
ire while its extra mileage
xtra value in every size,
~r speed wagon
the Better Kind"
* * * * * * * * * * * * * ,
* Passed at Old Soldiers' Reunion
* lidles Old Field May 6th
* *
* *9 * 9* ** * S P * * *9*
Whereas, since our last annual meet
Ing God lit hi .wisdom has removed
from ou1r lessening line our1, comrade,
Lewis Stoddard of Co. G, 3rd .13,. C.
Regiment; Therefore resolved '
That it Is meet that we pause in
our accustomed purstlits, an( with
drawilg for tills -brief hour11, from the
vissiontary, fitful scenles of this transi
tory existeIce, and do hlonor to the
melory of our fallen brother, put
ting on record our testimony of his
courage, fortitide, and heroie devotioln
to the calls of his Country.
le was a soldier always loyal. brave
a nd true; one that shrank from no call
or peril, whether on the weary march,
the midnight Call to arms; the danger
ol; picket post, or the carnage of the
deadly breach. Einl isting Iin the early
stages of the Conflict, and serving in
the army of Northern Virginia, he did
faithful service to Greensboro.
Ir'turllInag to his desolate home at
tihle close. and again resumilng his Ilu
ties, he was as true a citizent, In all
tihe( relations of life, as Le had been
loyal aid brave in war.
Again when the days of reconst rue
tion ald alien ru le came, and the
aveting ilg hIand of the relentless ('o1
(lucror was laid heavily u0pon 0111' )'OS
trate con itry, ie was allong tile faith
Ili] batd that, i nsc 'ired by the evelr
heoiole womten of otu1' coutrtt'y, 'osC 111
.in resistance ad hidding deflance to
the millions of vower', drove tle al ien
from our borders, and by assuring for
evei Anglo Saxon rule, made possible
the magic growth of 0111 beloved coun
try, the faire;t regIon on art h.
While sorrowling In our loss, we
htmllllble Ourselves in subltission to :D
vine Providence.
\e extend to the sorely stricken
family alnd] friends of ou1r comrade
our deepest sympathy, and commend
them to the loving compassion of Him,
witholut whose knowledge and care,
the smallest creature can not fall.
That a copy of these resolutions be
published in tile colnty papers and
seat to the [ainily of our deceased
* P - SW a S Sm- e 6 96e e 9
* W. M. 1'. ..EETING *
* * e * e *9*9 * * * * *
Quarterly ineeting of First Division
will convene at Lanford '1aptist church
May 20th and 21st.
Saturday Morning, 10:30 O'Clock.
)evotional-Irs:. J. AV. Lanford.
Greetings-.\lrs. Toy Drummond.
Response-Mlrs. Arch Owings.
Four Fi've-Minute Talks
1-Chtristianl Folldations.-1is. Jim
2-Conditions Confronting American
Christianity-M.rs. J. 13. Cook.
2--Our Resources for the Task.-.\Irs.
C. D). Benjamin.
-i--Tr'ying to be Saved Wilthtout Chlrist.
TPopic-The needs of the Souls of Slen
anid I lowy, We areC Meetinig Them.
- Ars. W\Ill Pool, Mirs. Ralph Coker,
.\lrs. Z. R. Ttraynhamn.
Prtayer'-Song by Sutnbeams.
Ap~pointment of Commlittees.
Dievotlonal--.3lrs. Stepp Cook.
Talk--\i Ission Study; W\hat It Is and
What it. Should Ble.-.\lrs. *W. N.
I arksdale.
TalIk~lThe Possibilities of th e (Country13
Churt cht with Locate'd Pastor', Comn
1'ared wVIh Present ('onditions.-.\l1s.
itu'igh Grumbles, Ml's.,Ri. L. lIob
Mlsecel laneouts.
Sunday Morning
It0 O'clock-Sunday School.
11 O'clockc-Devotional Exercises by
Playlett-H'ome MissIons-Harmlony
G. W. A.
Quartet by 0. W. A. Girls.
Addt essi-Dr. Gr'aves L. Knight.
Secrteta ry.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-F'OS WIlTII PEPSIN" is a specially
preparedSyrupTonic-Laxativo for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulated -o Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Take notice that on the 26th (lay of
Ma:y, 1922, I will render a final &c
count of my acts and 'doings as Ad
ministrator of the estate of DeArcy
B3. Swygert, deceased, in the office of
the Judge of Probate of 'Laurens coun-.
ty, at 11 o'clock a, m. and on the same
day twill apply' for a final discharge
from my trust as Administrator.
Any person indebted to said estate
Is notified and required to make pay
ment on that date; and all tiersons
having claims dgainst said estatd ,will
presenit them on or before said date,
duly proven or :be forever bar'red,
Never before c
get so mnuch ti
for. $ 0.9n
AR.-OWNERS who bought,
"Usco" or $10.90 last FE
discovered this by now
Nobody before ever got s
tire value in the neighborhood of ten
They never had to question the qi
-with the makers of U. S. Royal Co
behind it.
They couldn't help admiring the
price --spontaneously made to
meet the new economy times.
A tire tha would
be high value at
At $10.90 it is
United States Tres
are Good 'lres
U. S. Tire Co.
United State:
United States 0 Rubbi
Where J. D. SPENCE
buy E. V. GOL
U. S. Tirest
FIve-paasenger, 50
119-Inch swhe
Cord Tires Standar
.o.b. fact
The intrinsic value and endur
Six have won for it the hearty<(
of owners. It will win you,
-- Its comfforl-seati cushi~ns of soft, gen- --
uine leather, nine inches deep; long
semi-elliptic springs, front and rear.
-Scats five without crowding.
-it power-L-head motor, 3/ x 5,which
develop 50 horsepower. Remarkable
for its fexibility.
-Its economy-low maintenance cost and
. infrequent repair shop attention..
-Its beauty--body of harmonious lines -
built by Studebaker experts, with
tailored top, which holds large plate
glass rear window.
1ouring. $1476 i 2-Pas.. Roadater, $1425 -4-Pas..
i 30x3/2
Ml. have
o much
5 TIres C'-.:~
3r Company
& CO., Gray Court, S. C.
UG CO., Laurens, S. C.
DING, Waterloo, S. C.
di Equipment
ing quality of the Sp'ecial
endorsement of thousanids
too, when you consider:
ris equipment--jewele'd eight-dayelock;
2ne-piece, rainproof windshield with
Ninldshield wiper; tonneau light with
extension cord ;transmission lock which
reduces rate of theft insurance to owner
15 to 20 per cent; one key locks tool
compartment in left front door, igni
ti~n switCh and transmission lock. .
ff8 bacleground--Studebaker's prestige
nd seventy years' experience in build.
Lng quality vehicles assures complete
matisf action.
toadster, $1475 -Coup., $2150 -Sedan,$2350
, S.C.

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