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Marshall Ii. iallc, of State UjnilversI.
ty, JIlls Prof. M. Goode Home,s
Then SuleldCes, Insane Fit Thought
Lolig Grudge ExIstdc4l lietee thue
Two Men.
Columbia, May 6.-Prof. M. Goode
Hom hIa of the dopartilent of
engineering of the University of South
Carolina, was shot and killed by -Ben
Jamin 'laile, superintendont of
grounds of the university who a few
minutes later killed himself by firing
a shot into his brain. The double
tragedy occurred in the treasurer's of
flee of the university shortly after ten
o'clock this morning.
There were no eye witnesses, buc
)r. William 'S. Currell, president and
Dr. Leonard '. B3al er, dean, saw the
stperititendgtnt 'brandishing a revolver
and 4both were ordered from the oflice
by Haile, a shot being fired over the
head of Deah Baker and the weapon
being poiited at President Currell al
though he was not fired uponi. The
action against the two oflicers of the
university was taken after .Prof.
Jiomes had 'been slain and it Is be
livedl ithat ITiale killed himself a few
minutes after warning 'President 'Cur
rell not to enter the room.
Senids Out Girl
IProf. Homes was in the treasur
er's office when Mlarshall Halle en
tered the room to get a pay roll
check. lie sent the yefung woman
bookkeeper, the only occupant of the
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Balzer, Molon & Comar get Klim
Sales for the Entire State
Blalzer, Molony & Comnar of 143
Calhoun Street, Charleston, are be
ing congratulated by their many
friends on having been appointed the
General Distributors for Klim milk
for the Sta'te of South Carolina. Their
years of experience as Klim sales'
men make them invaluable men in
th:q nuew capacity.
Chance to Get a Klim Agency
Talking to a re por ter thle other day,
Mr. IBalzer saidl that his primary in
terest right nowv was to find6 good live
men and wvomen throughout the state
who wvould be interested in sellIng
Klimn. Considerable headway is being
made but lhe pointedl out that there
were thlousan ds of towns and villages
in the state where Klim is known -to
the housewives, and he wants an agent
in each town. It certainly looks lIIke
a good chance for men who are look,
ing for something good to work on,
or women wvho would likes spare time
work. From what Mr. BalIzer says,
the work ia easy and interesting, and
pays well. Ho wants to hear from
any man or wvoman who is interested.
, How to Get Klim Now
Until the state organization of dis
tributors Is solidly under way, Mr.
Balzer wvants it known that he Is,
ready to ship Klim by parcel post to
the numerous South Carolinan8 who
are using it now. The prices which
will prevail for these parcel post ship
ments are as follows*.
Kllm whole milk' - 1 lb., $ .70
" " "- 2% lbs., 1.45
" " "- 5 lbs., 2.80
Until there 'is an agent In your
town, send Balzer, Molony & Comar
your order, together with a money
order to their address given In the
first part of thja'article.
New Organization Means Macir
"With every little town in South
-Carolina having a Klim distrlbutor,"
Mr. Balzer went on to say, ",much
will have been accomplished towards
-giving the different communities a
steady supply of good country fresh
"According to figures recently com.
piled, many of the farms in the state
have no cows. That means that good,
fresh milk like Klim is needed. Be-~
cause of its uniformly high standard
of purity and quality some of our
,gratest baby specialists are recomn
Sn'ending it for Infalit feeding. You
can be sure that thd value of such a
produet will be quickly recogizeit by
South Carolina hlipewives. It is jusit
what is needed' to eupply the wilk
we lack."
room ,with Prof. Homes, to the presi
dent's office, telling her that Dr. Cur
roll wished to see her.
'Dean Baker, who was In a class
room on anothei floor of the build
ing heard shots and started to enter
the treasurer's office to investigate.
He .was warned by Halle to keep out,
the superintendent fil ing a shot over
his head. The dean tiu not see Prof.
Homes, 'believed now to have already
.been slain in an adjoining room to the
imain ofilce of the treasurer. Dean
B1aker withdrew an(l as he did so
'President Currell camne from his of
flee to investigate. Dean Baker warned
the President not to enter the room,
telling hin that Iail, was in there in
a crazed condition 1111( fIring a pistol.
Dr. Cu rrell, however, entered the 0oom
to be met with a warning from Halle
to keep out, the superintendient opoint
lng his revolver at the President with
the statement: "You are responsible
for this." The president left the
In the meantime police had been
summone1110d10 and investigation revealed
1omes was shot five times, one
that of I 1alle in the other.
SShot Five Times
'Holmes was shot 'five times, one
bullet penetrating the heart while
Halle was shot only once, the lullet
entering the brain and causing in
stant death.
Aln official statementi issued by
President Currell says that there had
been ibitter feeling between the two
mnca for sme time, growing out of a
conflict of duties at the university.
This feeling Iias practically existed
for a year.
Professor Hoynes
Professor 'Homes was born in
1883 in Boydton, Va., and was educat
ed at the University of Virginia and
the United States Mlilitary academy at
West Point. He has held many import
ant engineering assignments and stoodI
high in his profession. He is 'surviv
ed by a wife and four small clildren.
Professor Homes Ias been a member
of the University of South Carolina
faculty since 1909.
Superintendent 'laile came to tie
University of South Carolina inl 1912
from Camdlen where he was chief of
police. He was first marshal and thlln
sumerintendent of grounds. le was
about .1.1 years of age and is survived
)y Ill.-, wife, a son and daughter.
/ Temporary tinsanity
Coliumbia, Alay (.--At the inquest
condlucted by Coroleir .1. 11. cot t, of
Richland county, tolliglt, tile jury
found that Prof. M. Goode Hollies was
slain by Benjantin Illaile. while the
latter was teiiorarily insane and that
Ialel died by his own hand.
A letter found in a pocket. of aile's
coat was read, written by'lllaile, show
ing that the cause of the trage(y was
tle differences between t.he to miei
growvinst out of 'buiding operations1 at
the' university. it was not clear
whether tils letter was wvritten becfore
or after IHanlie shot iH-omes.
HDitter feeling has existed betweenl
tihe -two mn, it seems, for six mnonthls
or more. It begani shortly safter sev
eral anonlymouls letters were written
to members of the ,board of trustees
criticizing Prof. Homes' p)ositionl in
connection iwith the letting of conltracts
for cer't911inminior r'epairs at tihe unii
versity. Thlese letters and the chlarges
made were investigated b~y a sub-coin
imittee of the !board of trustees andl
Professor Homes exonerated of all
blame. Superintendent H~alle also
conducted aln investigation and this
develoiped the feeling to wiih the 'let
ter left today evidently' refers.
Columbia, aMay 6.-M. Goode H-omnes
'professor of engiineering at tihe Uni
versity of South, Carolina, was shot
to (leatih at tell o'clock tis nmorning
in the oflce of Treacsurei' 'Huggins of
the university, iby Ben rkiale, marshal
cf the institntion. 'Mr. Hlalle thlen
turned tile wveapon Oil himself and
fired a bullet into 'his own brain.
iProfessor .Honmes was shlot 'five
tImes. Theore were no eye wItnesses
to the shooting. ,Several were in the
ofmies at the time -just prior to the
sho'otingf. Miss Sawyer, a hsteno
grapher, ,was~ asked by Mr. Halle to
leave when ,'Mr. Hailo entered the of
fice. This loft the two men between
whonm there 'had ibeen sharp bitterness,
alone. Immediately several shots
wvere fired. President 'Curreill'rushed
in, but-was ordered to stay out 'by Mr.
Haile, who ipointed the weapon sat the
president of the university as he -did
iDean L. T. Baker rushed in and was
ordered to stay out, and a bullet was
fired in .his' dipection by Mr. Hfaile.
- (, eed Bodies Found -
Peace officers ,Were called and when
the doers were opened the dead bodies
of' both Haile and 'ProLe'sor Homes
were -found op the floQr.
Premeditated- Killing
- A letter was found 'in Mr. Haile's
pockets in which it appears that Mr,
Hlaile had tpremeditated the killing: H(
refers Ito the Ii1 feolings'wich had de
veloped ibetween hin and Professor
Homes, which matter had been pre
cipitated 'by the investigation of cer
tain charges of .petty graft brought
against Professor Homes, but who
was fully exonerated by the board of
One portioni of the letter in Mr.
'Haile's pocket said two ollicers of the
uiiver'sity offered yesterday to make
now ailldavits "giving ine Justice. I
told them it was too late I was afraid."
The letter also expressed the liope
that "I have a friend that will demand
a fair, honest and thorough investiga
tion and let the truth be known."
Anonymous Letters
There had 'been a long standing con
troversy .hetweenl Professor Homes
and Mr. Haile relative to Professor
Homes' participation in the awarding
of contracts for certain minor repairs
to buildings at the university. About
s.1x months ago certain anonymous let
ters were receives by members of the
board of trustees, impugning the in
tegrity of ProfdNsor Uomes in the
awarding of building contracts. Thes
anonymous letters were investigated
and found to be trivial. The matter
was brought to the attention of the
board of trustees of the university and
the board's sub-committee found Pro
fessor illomnes not at fauIlt at all.
It appears that Mr. Iiaile was in
structed by the president of tile uni
versity to investigate the authelticity
of these anonymous letters, which lie
(I1(d. A feeling of animosity arose be
tween Professor Homes and Mr. Halle
relative to these charges.
The 'board of trustees through its
sub-committee Investigated the charg
es and found Professor Homes blame
less. Professor Homes was of the
opinion that lMr. Ialle had a personal
grievance against hin. Mr. Ialle like
wise thought that Professor Homes
was attempting to persecute him. Both
men were tIus under the delusion that
each was persecuting the other. This
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Lauren. S. C.
according to W. J. Cormack, memij
of the board of trustees of the Uni
versity of South Carolina, who in con
Junction with W. '-\l. Wenter, of Co
liuinbia and II. A. 14agood, of Charles
ton investigated the charges, which
Mr. Cormack believes, Were the cause
of today's tragedy.
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