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Exactly the right
strength for perfect
results-always un
iform., Just a little Always
does your work. demand the
Send for helpful good old
booklet-free. reliable
Take notice that on the 26th day of
May, 1922, I will render a final ac
count of my acts and doings as Ad
ministrator of the estate of DeArcy
B. Swygert, deceased, in the office of
the Judge of >Probate of Laurens coun
ty, at 11 o'clock a. in. and on the same
day will apply for a final discharge
from my trust as Administrator.
Any person indebted to said estate
Is notified and required to make pay
ment on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
AprIl 26, 1922- 41-5t-A
W. S. M. Says:
"As a salesman I'm a
good bricklayer. It
isn't hot air that sells
battcries. It's honest
to-john performance on
your car. That's why
I'm sure the Willard
Threaded Rubber Bat
tery is the battery for
you. Willard Threaded
Rubber Insulation lasts
as long as the plates
and doesn't have to be
-Willard Service Man
When you come in and
say, "Willard Threaded
Rubber Insulation" you
are p:-cnouncing the magic
words that banish battery
troubles. Let us show you.
W. Laurens.St.
Phone 446
'Threaded 5tubber Dpttery,
* * * * * * * e * e * * * 4
Dials, May 16.-The spring rally of
the Woman's Missionary society for
Greenville distriect was held at this
place on Saturday, May 6th. The
meeting 'proved a very inspiring one,
Both'Mrs. :Bourne of Greenwood and
Mrs. Charles of Connestee were pres
ent and gave detailed and interesting
Vcounts of the work being done by
.the different societies of the district.
Twenty-one delegates from the adult
and young peosple's societies anawered
to roll call and 'gave reports which
show that the 'W. M. .S. of the ulper
South Carolina Conference is doing a
wonderful work. Many visitors were
also 'present. The day was an ideal
one with just a hint of summer 'wafted
on the Perfume of tihe flower-laden air,
making the picnic dinner served on a
long table under the spreading trees
one of added enjoyment. The "bill of
fare" included all manner of good
things, even to ice tea ad hot coffee.
At 4 o'clock the meeting came to a
close with the understanding that tie
fall meeting would be at 'E4asley.
aliss Emma Harris has returned
from a 'brief visit with relatives in
Miss Mattio Simmons, and Mrs,
Geoffreys of Greenville motored
tihrough and spent the week-end witl
Mrs. H. Y. Simmons and family.
Miss 'Dewey Armstrong 'had as hei
attrartive week-end guest Miss rJen
nie .Watkins, of Greenville.
'Dr. Marvin Harris, of Greenwood, is
on a visit of a few days with his par
onts, 5Mr. and sirs. D. D. 'Harris.
Mr. and -Mrs. J. T. Gillespie, of the
"mountain city" returned to their
home Monday after enjoying the 'week
end ,with their mother, Mrs. Mary Cur
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Phillitps, of Salu
da, 'N. C., were the welcome guests of
home folks here' during the week-end,
Prof. U. F. Brooks returned to Green
ville Monday, having spent the week
end with relatives here and in Gray
Miss iLIly Thomason spent Friday
and Saturday in Laurens attending the
teachers examination.
The quarterly meeting for this cir
cult convened at Dials Saturday, May
13th. Presiding Elder James Stead
man, of Greenville, was present and
il ached a glowing sermon that
pi ved an inspiration to all.
A splendid picnic dinner was served
on the grounds.
The financial report was exceeding
ly good -showing that the charge is
On Sunday morning at. 11 o'clock
the congregation again had the privi
lege of hearing IMr. Steadman. His
discourse was timely and an eloquent
tribute to "mother" and the home.
Notwithstanding its being Mother's Day
and not detracting one iota from the
mother-love which the day commem
orated, Mr. 'Steadman yet paid a glow.
ing tribute to '1ad" the unsung hero.
Mr. Tillman fBolt, of Hickory Tav
ern, stoent the 'week-end in our midst
being the guest of 'his uncle, D. D.
The sohool at this place completed
a -most successful term Friday. The
teachers and pupils enjoyed a picnic
at the shoals. 'A delightful picnlic
lunch with iced drinks were served
wvhile swimming was enjoyed by thosc
wvho felt inclined.
The school this session 'has proven
a. banner one, under the tutelage of
Miss CecI Owings and Mrs. Cleon (Wil.
lis (nee Alva I2toddar'd). The school
has cotinued- to growv and accomplish
worth-nwhile things. That the pulpils
appreciated the efforts of their teach~
or was shown by the nice gift present.
ed to 'Miss Owings .by the pupils or her
A number of 'prizes were given. Miss
Flora Graydon received the handsome
medal, and 'Miss Nell Harris came next
with highest average and was proe
sented with a splendid prize. Leitha
Graydonl, Mary A'bercrombie and Helen
Harris also received prizes.
The many friends of Mrs. J. Alvin
Curry are -prevaling on her to maks
the race for a seat in the general as
senmbly. ~Withi the entrance of ,woen
into politics there Is no doubt 'but
there is a trend toward usplift, an
placing politics on a higher plane thar
it has 'heretofore enjoyed. Mrs; Cur
my is an efficient educator, well verses
in the needs of the .lieople, and if sh
'will only enter -the' race it will t'ake
no ,political profilet .tb predict an over
whelming victory for her.
e * 0 e e- e * e * * * * 4
eI *' * *k *' - * * * * *
D iddles old Field, May 15.-The p00
pie of this community 'were saddene4
'when they heard of Mrs. Willie Fow
Ier's'sudde4i death. 'Mrs. Fow.ler' hai
pover lived in this immediate vicin'i-t)
'but *b& was well' lcdown~ by all' thi
jople - hd we sinces'ely sympathis
with 'her loved ones in their sad be
l. n'i&M's. Ttfymond Cooper, als
$rd. Milini4 I~4od0 n td daisglte
Margaret, spent Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Rhodes.
Mr. N. D. Garrett and daughter, Ida
Dee, spent Friday night at the Watts
Mills with .Mr. and 'Mrs. L. E. Riddle.
Mrs. :W. P. Langston, of Greenville
visited her sister, Mrs. IDixon 'Putnam,
Miss Blanche Cox was the guest of
Mliss Irene Owens 'Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garrett vis-.
ited Mr. Garrett's father recently.
(Mrs. E. *H. Garrett's mother, Mrs.
.lary Donnan is visiting her this week.
Miss Mae and Mr. John Ellis Riddle
were guests of their brother, Mr. Wil
lie 'Riddle, Saturday night.
Master Charlie Garrett has returned
home after spending a -week with rel
atives at Watts Mills.
.Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Cooper were the
.spend-the-day guests of Mr. Cooper's
father Sunday.
The Adi
An Educati
Find the Ob
First Prize .
Second Prize
Third Prize.
Fourth Prize
Fifth Prize.
Sixth Prize.
1. Contest closes June 20, 1
on or 'before that day, though ii
Advertiser ofice on that day.
'2. Contest is open to everyl
of 'Laurens county. Employees
with the'Advertiser however a
8. Answers should be writte
your name and address .pili
write of anything else, use a
4. Only EKnglish words founm
lete and foreign meaning 'wori
5. The same object can be
elude however the naming of
6.0 Only such conmpound wor
and in the dictionary are giver
ated words and words that app'
not to be considered.
7. The word may be given:
the one is used the other cann
Address A
Notice of Sale In Bankruptcy
Pursuant to order of Hon. 1,. M.
Blythe, 'Referee in Bankruptcy in the
matter of..Rasor & Co., Bankrupts, I
will sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash, at Cross 11111, Lau
rens County, S. C., at the store occu
Pied by the. said Rasor & Co., on the
25th day of May, 1922, commencing at
the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon,
and accounts, mortgages, bills recely
able and other evidences of indebtea
ness of the said 'Rasor & Co. The nier
chandise'will be sold in lots, and then
as a whole. The following is the in
ventory value of the store:
Shoes, $1,603.35; dry goods, $722.56;
iotions, $820.05; hats and caps, $107.76;
jewelry and Victrola and jewelry show
case $169.12; groceries, $814.55; haru
ware, $62.115; total amount, $4,299.5-1.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund monoy If PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding
P~les. Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you
can get restful sleep after drst application. o
rertiser's Li
ve Pi(
en to All Our Reade
onal Test Wort
jects in This Picture
- *-7
r co NT
)2,ad l nwesms bem.e
y t h h afyu it.I o
epara-tesheet ofpaer
4,ntedc~inr a e sd oo
/s w int'ecutd
nae bu ne.T C onTpe
*n bec whc is a ar of 0nte -
d* 'wic by lon usg hv become,
ot2 anble. ses utbemie
1dy wepte t live r tiser
The Trustee reserves the right to re
je'e bids, bids accepted will be subject
to confirmation by the Referee or
court. The successful bidder will be
required to pay to the Trustee 10 per
cent of the amount of his bid, to be re
turned in the event the sale is not con
firmed, and to .be applied to the ipur
We have taken the agei
ty for the Wadsworth
formerly handled by T.
An Old EstaL
Call on us for prices.
test Word
:ture P
r---Liberal Cash Pri
iy of Anyone's I
Beginning With the
4 f4
answerrP.. s
. . . . 2.50 1
._ . . . .50 1
8. Th firs priz willbeoawre
wer has elriestf and n ear'r
pictur w eic bein with theiet
into consid eraton busee'ntes
the peling o tat n mite al
9 . Onl on $3.00 $1l5eaare
1. The judg res will be thrdel
muictr hichgionin with ete
nearct orre etc. Neatness rsc an ta
temin so thaen judgstawillfn
hod rto a ny grubytieo theirdeison
1ed in heansweing of this pze.int
fort avinorrcod.nemaion wit 1i
eed o te itnessttlo for a tas
foriin u each icorrect word argno
12. If tw'o contestants tio for first
es will be divided between the two pr<
The next'highest will receive the thir<
first place, the first, second and third
the three in same manner, etc., etc.
Printing Company. Lau
,hase price in the event the sale is
Donflirmed, and to be forteited in the
avent the purchaser falls to comply
with his bid. On failure of the por
ahaser to comply with his hid the pro
p)ortv will be re-sold at his risk.
J. 11. NANCE,
1--2t Trustee.
icy for Laurens Coun
-Howland Co. Paint,
R. Pitts.
lished Paint
3est Efforts
Letter "B"
ed9 E EL o ia n
one If two
subl- year's su-b
ion IS scription is
a with sent in with
iswer. the answer.
.00 $25.00
.00 18.00
.00 10.00
.00 5.00
00 2.50
00 2.00
to the contestant whose an
oct list of objects found in the
'13", second~ prize to the next
>enmnanship wvill not be taken
tant should be careful albout
be made,
o members of the same house
mily who may have co-operat
known citizens of this com.
to Advertiser and will be se
c. The award of iprizes as do
ml and each contestant agrees
a judges will allow one point
incorrect words 'will be grant
ssible legitimate difference of
ye that number will count one
>lace the first and second ,priz-.
> rata according to their class.
I prize, etc. If three tie for the
prizes .will )e divided between
rena, S. C.

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