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For Waterworks and Street
CHty Counlell Held Lengthy Session
Moiday Night and Considered 3lany
31atters of' mp1iiorianec. To Refund
Floitintg Inlill4(dilness by Issue il
Stre-.t ill provelienits, a Water and
light *'xt ension prograi, floating and
bomid indebtedesS, taxes, special
I i(f ', and other eQually as import
tit subjects were taken u) for con
.id*1r'1ion1 Mondlay night at a regular
se(ssi']) of the City Collcil when it.
Was de'ided that bionlds for $170,000
S.Aded for.
Mlembhers of the lPublic Works Coi
mi nu2 and its superintendent were
t)rcs(Ilt at the session to recolilend
the amolunt of bonds the desire float
ed an11- also to request that the city
negotiate a loan for them of $5,000.00.
The loan wfas grante(d after Superm
tQlldent Chapman outlined to the imlayor
and counlilmlel the manner in which
.lie money will be expended.
i3othl the superintendent and1\1 Mr.
Me-uen, chairman for the commission,
said that the $65,000 they expect to
receive from the sale of bonds will be
used for tile improvement of tile filtra
lotin plant and for tile improvement ano
eXtension of the water distribution sys
lem. The $5,000.00 tj~t they now re
quest, they said, was for the imnediate
improvement of tile electrical lines.
They said that the commission is los
ing money on the electrical lines wit'h
its present equipment and that the
expenditure of $5,000 for improved
tycs of' transformers, larger wires
and other material will help them
"break even".
-Informal comment was made at thik
poit onl the size of tile city's indebted
ness if the following bonds were float
ed: $65,000.00 for the water and light
comirssion, $40,000.00 for street im
(provement, $65,000.00 to Wipe out the
city's floating inldebtedness. Alderman
Dial said that the present indebted
ness of the city, exclusive of the float
Ing indebtedness was $126,500.00 and
if the citizens vote for the- additional
bonds it 'would be $296,500. In his
opinion, Aldersan 'Dial said. $300,000
was no great amount for a city the size
of Laurens. Following considerable
discussion the council passed a recom
mendation that the voters in tile city
'petitlon for all election for bonds to
taling $170,000.00 to be used as fol
lows: $65,000.00 to l'quiidate the float
ing inldebtedless, $40,000.00 for per
mfanent street improvement and $65,
000.00 for improvement of the city's
water supply and filtration olant.
Mr. Cresswell Fleming appeared be
fore the council, his issue with the
council being the ql'estion of dairy
'business and wether or niot "doctored"
milk or mik flavored with syrup was
a soft dlrink or a food pfoduct4
1May01r iDial, before presenting thle
matter for tile counicil's consideration,
said thlat lhe had given the subject a
great dleal of attention. To charge
dairymen a license, he said, wouid r
(uire that the city protect thle dair'y
mfen on t'he sole of his plroducts from
competitors 'whoe pay no license. Tis
was Impossible, Mayor Dial thought,
'because of the nlumber of pople selling
milk in small quantities, -and he re
quested that tile conn~ell refund to Mr.
Flioming his license of $10.00.
C;ouncil authorized the refund and
also resolved that all milk sold in the
city, either' by dairy or individuals
have 'the periodical inspection of tile
'healt~h officer.
The question was raised at- this time
regarding the- stattus of flavored milk
as it relates to city li'censes. Consid
erable discussion centering on whether
or note such anilk is a soft drink to!.
lowed. . By motion .of Aldentindn Eas-1
terby, 'aouncil, deferred action on this
question 'until they coulhear fronmp
other cities as to-how they have sniff
it. -
Bids were reciv~d by tf$, cotinll
for new .sets- of .bo'bks, TPh'ee blds
were referred to the -committe fodoni.
sideration and. flial acceldtance. "
Mayor Dial -onlled- the coune'i~at
tention to the city ordinanoes; lie
said 'that many of them are obsolete
atnd othefs need 'eVisidn. v-o& ffiti
tie oonsiderat~ion has vben slyon tte1
Several Large TrransctIlons4 Were lie.
corded last Mondaliiy, Iiiluding tle
Sale of SoImle Valuable Parcels of
Property In IThis City.
Three lots on Irby avenue were gold
for $335.00 to I. I-,. Babb, attorney,
by the Clerk of Court in the proceed
Ings of Nancy J. Coan against Della
P. HIinson and -W. M. Ilinson.
In the case of the illome Building
and Loanli associati lon against C. W.
and Cluiry 0. Alartii, et al, a lot and
house onl Chestnut street was sold for
$900.00. The Hlome Building and Loan
association nyas the purchaser.
The Ford A LIerrombie pllace, near
Gray Court, was sold for $1,000.00 to It.
l. Gray, of (;ray Court. This sale de
veloped from the case of the Hank of
Gray Court against L. Townes 'Ciirry
et al.
The proceedings of the Palmetto
Bank against it. Fi. k'lemin g, .r., et al,
ended in the sale of the 1lIlls property
for $4,000.00. W. HI. Knight, attorney,
was the bu'rchaker.
In the case of the I lome Trust Co.
against C. larnett, Aslhepoo Fertilizer
Co. and the Virginia-Carolina FertI
lizer Co., a house and lot on South
Harpor street was sold to It. L. Roper
for $1,025.00.
Large Docket Crowded ivith .Murder,
Prohlibition Vlolations, Assault Iud
Larceny Cases Faces Court.
The summer term of the court of
General Sessions will convene -here
next Alonday, June 12th and will be
presided over -by Judge Frank 13. Gary,
of Abbeville.
One of the largest criminal dockets
in the history of the county will face
this court, there having been as many
cases added to the docket as were ds
posed of during the last court.
There are only five jail cases which
will be tried at this court. One of these,
Charles Leake, colored, is charged
with murder for the death of Viola
Jackson, negress. Three other murder
cases are, also expected to come up,
amitong these that of Tom Duncan,
charged with the murder of Riley
Hammond who was killed on April 5th,
in the yard of the former's home. This
.ase has already attracted considerable
Most of the cases on the (locket are
for violations of the prohibition law.
rhere are also a number of larceny
rind assault cases.
'Everything possible Is being done by
the county officers to expedite the court
inachinery so that as many cases as is
possible will be disposed of at the next
court and the (locket reduced.
Improves After Operation .
Mr. B. W. 4Hellams, who lives threc
miles from the city, who was operated
tIpon for appendicitis last Friday, in
, hospital in Spartanburg, is Improv
ing rapidly after the operation, ac
cording to raports yesterday. Mr. Hel
lams is a most industrious farmer and
many of his friends expect that hd will
be back at .work in the near future.
Off for Vacation
Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Templeman and
faily loft the city early Monday
morning on a motor trip) to Farmers
vylle, Va., where Mrs. Templeman will
spend the sumilier. Rev. Templeman
will return to the city Thursday.
city ordinances in the last ten or fif
teen years and many ordinances wiill
be found to conflict wiith others. He
recommended to the coneil that it
adlopt some .plan or program for a re
vision of the code. A motion 'was made
to- have a comnittee, appointdd by the
mayor, go over the ordinpinces, revise
and correct them and to report back
to -the council. Mayor Dilal, after pas
sage of the motion, appointed Alder
men Gray, Moore and., Dial.
A discussion raised iby the Public
Works Commission regarding the own
er'sh!!p and use of certain Pnles in the
city wias ended iby Mayor Dial's sugges
tion to the commission that they con
fei'riwith (ir. Richey, of the rtelephone
company, On the subject.
Mr.. lners', 'rdpresentig himaetf
as a contractor for street work, was
predent at the meeting. Hte requested
that the councll hoar his .proposal re
garding the work son Church sti'eet be
fore it advertise, for bids, The ques
tion was referread to the street com
mittee, who latei repoirted that* Mr.
\ilue's was advised to bid, if lhe sode
sired, on the street work, according to
the advrertisement.
Conii ajourned ao meet again in
epecial soeion next Monday night.,
Arthur D. (heek, Insurance Agent
Left City Friday and Failed to Re.
A mystery as yet unsolved sur
rounds the disappearance of Arthur 1).
Creek, industrial life insurance agent
in this city, who Friday morning left
hIsl home oil a regular business trip to
Waterloo and -thus far has failed to re
tun-u to his wife and seven year old
The hist :ulace Mr. Check i lcnowna
'to have beei is Greenwood, where ie
was takce from Waterloo by T. S. lioyd,
a t ransfer driver of that place. of.
lcers whos( aid was enlisted in the
search for .\Mr. Cheek <1uestioned the
transfer driver yesterday. lie said
that. he Was employed by Mr. Chevek i
drive him to Greemvood to catch the
"New York Special". A package conl
aininiig Cheek's inisurance IIeceipt hook
was received at the industrial ofileo in
Greenville and was postmarked Green
Mrs. Cheek yesterday Was appareont
ly overcome with grief. She said that
she could not assign any cause for
her lusbaid's disappearance and be
lieved that It might have been due to
foul play.
Mr. Cheek is abolit 25 years old. le
anod is family came here about one
year ago from Atlanta. Ills home is
said to be in ilenonia, N. C. According
to those who were associated with him
here, lie wNas sober and industrious.
When seen last Friday before lie left
for Waterloo lie nwas in a cheerful
frame of mind.
Examiners from the insurance com
pany which lie represented went over
his accounts and -books yesterday and
found no irregularities.
Local Welfare Counchl, the First of Its
ind inl the 'State, Organized Hore
with Memb1ership of Tiwenty.
At the request of the 'Pos8t 1Oflc De
partment at Washington, what is said
to be the first Ibocal Welfare Council
in this state Was organized hero last
Tuesday, tMay .30th. The call for the
the orgnization of the council in this
county was issued by Mr. J, E. John
son, postmaster at Gray Court and
chairman of the executive committee
of the National Rural Letter Carriers'
association. Twenty memIers were en
rolled at the meeting.
Following are the officers who were
elected last Tuesday: Chairman, James
H1. Sullivan, postmaster, Laurens; Sec
retary, . E. -Johnson, postmaster at
Letter Carriers' Association. 'lwenty
Gray Court; ViceJChairmani, Miss Em
ma (Hipp, Clinton. The following were
elected official members of the coun
cil: A. J. Milling, postmaster, Clinton;
iR. M. B3ryson, postmaster, Owings; A.
C. Owings, rural carrier, Gray Court;
L. J. Moore, rural carrier, Gray Court;
L. J. Moore, rural carrier, Clinton;
LM Iss Maude Bryson, postmaster,
Members who were enrolled are:
Mrs. Marie Adair, HI. D. 'Rantin, J. W.
Leake, E..E. "Wilson, Alexander Ihenry,
L,. M. Wilson, of Clinton; J. E. Taylor
and J. T. Davenport, of Princeton; J.
M. lBryson and C. F. WVinn, of Owings;
L. B. Willis, C. C. Abecromubie, A. C.
Shell, S. E. Johnson, S. L. Peden, of
Gray Court; J3. d". Yeargin and C.-FP.
Winn, of W~are Shoals, and J.'R. 'Davis,
J. C. 'Bolt and J. B. Cook of Laureas.
The council elans 'to meet again next
September and quarterly thereafter.
It is their desire b~y the next meeting
to 'have every one of the 52 postal
wvorkers in the county enrolled in the
Author of "No fDogs Allowed" Will
Take Leading Part in Stage Soeiety's
'rho following item taken from the
Columbia Record will be of' inte'rest
to the friends here of Miss 'Rebecca
D~ial, who, it will .be recalled, recently
>won the int price in a play-writing
contesqt. The prize wvinning 'play is
entitled, "N~o Dogs Allowed," and will
>be uoroduiced by the Columbia Stage So
.ciety with, Miss -DIal in the leading
Miss Rebecca Dial of Washington,
D. C., who has been the guest of her
'cousin, Miss Wil,, Lou Gray, is now
visiting Miss'Aileen Shano at her home
ini Wales G3arden. MViah Dial Is taking
the* leading role in the next Stage So
clety production. "'No 'Dogs Allowed"
which will be presented uwith. a hugo
east oni 'June 13,'14 and 51 at the, Town
Aecident Saturday Night Results 11
31r. anld 3irs. IV. Hance Crews Beli
Slightly Ci. Negro Driver Is Ar
rested. ,
Two Ford. automobiles, in oine o
vlich Mr. and Mis. W. llanen Crew
and three children twere riding and th
other filled with a party of six negroe
-figured in a collision Saturday nigh
at 8:30 o'clock and resulted In .\lr
Crews being slightly injured. The av
hldeilt occurlr ed on West 'Main stree
near the lome Furniturie coiimpana
store. Ilose(y .lohnson, driver of tl
car in w%-hich the legvroes were ridin",
"was arrested and later released oi
bond of $25.00.
floth cars, according to witnesses o
the collision, were being driven at :
moderate rate of speed. l r. Crew.
was going nWest oil Main street, in hi.
car and the negro in t1t, opposite (Ii
retiol Tihe negro, Idriving close t
tIle rikht hand eurb, tICne short t
tie' left. to avoid Iittilog a truck an
met the Crevs car, his front left h11
striking that of the other car. The ac
cident, wi itnesses declare, was practi
(ally unavoidable.
Mis. Crews suffered slight cuts abou
the chin and after being treated by
physician was taken honie. l'itth
dalage was (one to either car. Re.
ports that the nekro was under the in.
fuitence of liquor or that whiskey mwa:
found in his possession Were denici
by officers.
Considerable excitement followe(
immediately after the collision and foi
a time it appeared that the negro might
suffe' :bodily harm at the hands of par
ties who came ilp after the accident
but ir. Crews himself allayed excite
ment by quietly leading the negrc
Aiiswering Alarm to Fire on Churcli
Street, Fire Truck Skids oin Squarc
Striking Autoiiomile.
An automobile owned by the Laurent
Telephone company was slightly dam
aged yesterday at noon when the muni
cipal fire truck skidded around the
northwest corner of the square while
on Its way to a reported fir'e in the
kitchen of C. W. Kichen's home oil
Church street. Tite fire was extin
shed before the truck and firemen
it.'ilved and little damage was done.
The alarm was sounded shortly af
ter 12:30 noon, in the midst of a heavy
rain.. Fireman Paul Alexander nwas on
duty at the time and answered the
alarm. Rounding the corner on the
square at a rapid rate, the truck skid
died on -the slippery pavement, the rear
Pnd striking the telephone coipany's
Tile principal damage to the auto
mobile was to the top, the frame work
being bent and broken. The gasoline
tank and rear fender were also bent.
'Phe fire truck was not danaged.
Young People of the City to be (4uests
at Picnic Friday Afternloon at Hanrris
Two committees n'nd a numnbei' of
individuals have been avorking during
the past wveek for tile success of a pic
nic which will be given next Friday at
ter'noon at 6 o'liock -by Senior Chis
tian Endeavor' Union of the Presby
terian chur1 ich to tile young peole of
the city. Tile ,plcnic wvill be given at
Harris Springs.
A social committee, consisting of
Mrs.' Carrie Fleming Roi)er, 'Mrs. J.
R'. Ellis and Misses Betty and Olyvni
Bramiett and Lily Walker', has been
elected to make arriangcments and tc
issue Invitations. About '70 peopie art
expected to attend, a'ccor'ding to an
invitation list .prepared aby the commt
Mr'. '10. H-. Wilkes, chlairman of thed
committee on transptortation, has ar
r'anged for' par'kinig space on tile nortil
side of tile square. All car's willl mleet
thero .befor'e going to tile springs.
.Final Rlecital
*Monday afternoon At. five o'clock the
piano class of Miss hlattie D). Gray
gave its final recital. Tho following
pupils played: Julia -Swedenberg, Au
gusta iMcClintock, Eulaih Walker', L.e
gare 'liackwvell, Margar'et Wadsson
Harriet Todd, Janie 'Harris, Amaryllie
Smith, (Mariegene 4drtay, Louise Smith
Eloise Clardy and Sarah lhiza #wy'
gert.- After the pr'ogram tea and
cakes were sei'ved.
Prominlentf ('Iizenl of 01ra IM'rs Sunlday
I Night at Age of 65.
W. T. Isaelprominentll citizenl am
- merchanit of' Ora, diled Sunlday nlight, at
8:30 o'clock after anl ilhiess of several
f imoiths dtiration. -Mr. Blakely was in
j htis Gi5th year.
SDurfing tle past :0 years, .i\l'. -liake
i IN was ilgaged inl blisiness at Ora antd
L has been very successfIul. lie 1was
prominen3tly conilected with the Old
- Fields A, It. 1'. church il w'hich he was
L anl elder.
Surviviig Mr. lilakely ae his ni-'c,
four daughters. Alrs. It. ,\. Younig")
Fayetteville, Teitn. Ml.;r. I r c littn t, C ol
lette, of .tohnson ('ity, 'I' n n., anl . \iss
ivs Isabelle. anId Alargaref lWlalIv. (f
f Ora, and one so1. (h'gorge 1. Il
ti who is ensher of the i,aurens N:tion
al Jiit k, of this ciy.
The'm following brodu'r-1s anld Shic,;
- a~o Survive him: Rtev. '1. P!. Ilialw ,
!of 111vyson Colhge, ''entn.: 1t. P". 1Ilake-.
ly, of Cliton; I,. P1. lilakely, of Ora;
I trs. lettie Fleming.1 ai Airs. T. 1).
B Byrd ot' Ora.
-iw T ihfieral services w('e held at
01- Ol lihis cemletery Monlday afternoonl
a1 .5 o'clock, Ieing coidicoled by Rev.
N. Kenniedy, pastor of tie deceased.
'ol. 11. 11. 'T. Todd, of lliarksda le, 3111
be ('ommnding Oflicer (if Camp at;
Aniitistoni, Aila.
The citizen's training cam p at Camp
McClellan, Annistoi, Ala., of which
Col. B. It. T. Todd, of Barksdale, is cx
pected to Wibe commanding oflicer, wvill
open July 27 for 30 days closing Atu.
26, according to an anonuncement made
last nweek.
Col. Todd, in discussing the benefits
that may be derived from attending
the training camp, said that every cit
izen ought to avail himself of the op
I)o0tunity the government is offering
at the camp. All clothing, rations and
other necessities are furnished free
to the men in the camp and transpor
tation, both to and from the camp, is
paid by the government at -the rate of
5 cents a mile. This malcesi is possible
for men of limited means to attend the
camp. Tie only qualfileatiois that
are made by the army for enitrance are
a physically fit body and an age limit
of from 17 to 15 years.
There are three courses offered at
the citizens' trainting camp: the "led",
for men with no previous military
training; thd "white" for mien with
military traning who desire to qualify
for non-commissioned oilcers; and the
"1)lue" for men who wish to qualify
for commissioned officers. Takiig any
of the courses, however, does not ob)
ligate the citizen in any way to the
Col. Todd will be at his home at
l3arksdale until Jluiy 15 and will be
glad to furnish citizens with an' in
formation they may desire on the
training camp. .1i said that each
county is alloted a specifled number
of admissions into the camp and he
wvishied that Laurens county's quota
would be fillied up soon.
Magisitrate Diirects Verdict ini Favor of
D~efendiant, char-gedi with 'Petlty
ii. C. iPearson, of Clinton, won a di
rectedl veri'clt Monday in the Mlagis
trate's court here, in the case of the
State against 'i1. C. Pearsoni, charging
him with petty larceny.
TIhe testimony of E. WV. Ferguson,
Ford agent at 'Clinton, showed that
'Pearson rented a storage battery from
his place of businiess whlile Pearson's
batteiry was ieft thereo to be re-charged.
'Pearson, Mr. Ferguson testified, fai led
to call for his old battery and also
failed to return the one which lie had
Attoirneys for Pearson moved foi' a
dii'eeted verdict on the ground that the
warrant charging him wvith "stealing"
was not. in accordance wvith the testi
monuy of the State's ,witnesses. The
ease was tr'ansferred here from Clin
ton at the request of the defendant.
Electrie Co. to Sell Oil
The Martin El1ectric Comipany has
branched into another business, tak-.
inf. the agency for' four' counties foi'
the distribution of Sun Oil Company
pi'oducts, according to an announce
mont made this week. The counties
-into which they willi sell the "Sunoco"
products aro Grenwood, Anderson,
Union and Laurens. They expect to
'be wholesale distri1l ters only.
Executive Committee Stu.
dies PilIght of Candidates
lI-I'-cile ('oluittfee of Deinlocraile
I'i y A M SIIIIIrday and 'oils ('nshiered
ENT00lol1 M1atters. Thiree Newi Vol.
int i'reeilnets Added to List of
C'oilnIIy's Voltinir l'inevs.
IResj)onldin).g if) ca! ll. .\. ['ow
er, Couiily ('hirm1 j;an, a )mI tilig of the
vx clie olllnu it.lc of the I I )Iovratic
pa of I 4111 Ie S (*(lnty1 v a s h (eld at
Ile court Ihollse SAtItIlay aIfterIlooni.
Nev.'ail very 1 club was rpe 1l(: ente d
eith bl y ils comm IIIit teelualn ou by a
(111y siglied proxy. At the suagges
tion of the( vihairmani, a vice-chiriiman
was closell by I Ie (ol11tnitte(e, .\lr. \W.
W. iarris of Clinton, beintig nme liled and
W. S. Power was made secretary and
treasuirer, It 1t was adop)ted byli tile Coml
nilittee that111. tle e r011ollinig co iil I ttee
laied -by the respective clubs he the
duly eprolilig comm lilitt e anid that the
bouindaiies of the varilous cliIb dis
tricts he the Iearest or m1ost coiven
ient one to the voter.
1i)on the -application of the requiren
numnIber of voters from each Cprecinct,
now voting places were named at
Narlnie-Barksdale, Trinity-Ridge and
.\It. Olive. Wh'lile assessments of can
didates -and tie nainig of places and
dates for campaign meetings weC dis
eussed in an Informal way, no deilnite
action was taken, the matter being left
open until a later meeting to be call
ed by the chairman. It was the con
Census of opinion of those present,
however, that something would have to
be done to make the expenses less, as
the niethod of assessing candidates to
pay the election expenses Is a burden
on them. I-t was agreed by the connit
tee that the books of enrollment bo
opened at the following places:
L1aurens-Clerk of Court's office.
Laurens -Alill-J. . 1 lellais' iaiber
'Vatts Mills--iureka Drug store.
Trinity-Ridge-R. L Boyd's store.
Ora-3lakely's store.
ILanford-C. B. Waldrop's stoie.
Pleasallt .loiuid-G. F. Pulley's res
Youngs-W. P. Harris' residence.
(rays-Laurens Miller's residence.
. tewarts Store-J. ID. Stawart's resi
Cooks Store--Steven's store.
Thompson's Store - Thompson's
Owings-Bryson & -Stddard's store.
Gray Court-Aray Court Drug Co.
Barksdale-Narnie-F. 11. Burton's
I)ials--J. H1. 'Curry's residence.
Woodville-L. A. Armstrong's rest
Hlickory Taverni-W. M!. Abercrom
bie's store.
Shiloh.-R. (1. Wilson's residlence..
Princeton-Traynhamn's store.
Popiar' Springs-W. B3. Davis' rest
(len ce.
10kom-'McLaniel's store.
DanIels Store-J!. C. Martin's store.
Mt. OlIve-;W. L. Cooper's residence.
Tip Top-W 13. Sims' residence.
'Mt. Pleasant-.G. 10. Moore's resi
W'aterloo-W. Y. McNeil's store.
Cross ill-Tr. M. & JT. B. Pinson's
.\iountville-WV. J1. Cluck's stor'e.
H opeCweIllJ. 11. Workman's rest
dlen ce.
'LydIa Mill-Company store.
Clinton-Adar-McMillan store.
Clinton 31ill-Clinton Mercatile Co.
Gold viiilc-Don al-Workman's store.
Rlenno-Bell Company.
:Langston--4M. 'M. Pooie's residence.
D~eath of Aged Citizent Causes Sorrow
of Friends Here./
News5 was received her'e yesterday of
tihe death of W. Dlxon Fowler. at Glenn
$prings, near Spartanbu'g. 'rg' Fow
1er' wvas in his 82nd year.
Hlavig beeni a r'esident here fors
many yeArs, Mr'. Fowler is wvell re
membered alid tihe sad ii~vs of his
death brought many expressions of
sor'row from those wvho knew him.' is
iwidow, two daughters, M~rs~j,..Jenora
Smith and ,Mrs. Nenon Shel, and two
sons, olhn and William, snrvive him.

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