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Progress has been itlde in the Lum.
ber Cuse and te Arrisi of One 3ill,
hats beti Ordered.
\\ashingtoni, .lne ---'With the see
oid week of tle invest igation by the
.pecial graind jiur-y of the socnlled waI
frauds getting tiuder' way tomorrow
developmi ent01' ml(ay he ex1eweed to 1l
low ra pidly, aiccor'din. . to thle in lagrc
reportshat co ie from belind the
bravy veil of se xcrty 4which ehas
Si ii bled led ill the gran d
.mry r-ootn.
COns, iderIal.le p ,,rogrss hlas beenl
mlade in, prianolting evidence inl tile
lumb11er case. thle iirst to) be underl
1)k byv the iniuisitorial body eilu
pann11-led under a s'pecial acet of Conl
, it was genetally u inderstoor.
Tllc lnber' case wee anong thase
reft-errted t to by It'prv:esentative Wood
rtff, liIu ileI:ini , .l icbigani, In a speect
in ith- hinoutre last April dur'ing whiell
he read an oilleial ntilt'oran mll In frotm
'rnest ('. Steward. inl charge of tie
contrtact aidit sectiion of the armn1y
finaice dI'tmet, to his suleior of
!beet, setting ortii the basis ror his
telief ti ;ale of nr pilus Inumber
shoid be investigated by tle depart
meit of justice.
The arny' surlu os lumbitiher was
sold itunder contract witi the govetrn
nient by a IirmI't, .11. Steward charged,
whlieh had been appointed by represeni
tatives of "liuber ingterests" to act
as their agent "for the oste'sible Iplr'
pose of so regulating the disposal of
sitplhus stocks of lunber theni held by
the government as not to disrupt 01
tnjurte the transactions of tle Comn
iercial trade."
Facts developed by the army's
audit, Mr. Steward asserted, warrant
ed the assumption of gross fraud and
collusion. The v.altie of the lumbet
sold, the audit disclosed, lie reported,
was $4,697,171, of which the govern
ment received $2,483,095, leaving a hal
ance due the government of $1,854,076
which he said has never been paid.
A warrant 'has 'been Issued by th<
United States Commissioner Hitt for
the arrest of J. . 'Phillips, chairmar
of the Republican national state com
mittee for Georgia, charging fraud in
the execution of twar contracts. Be
yond confirming reports that the war
rant had been Issued, Commissioner
'litt refused tonight to discuss the
Phillips, as a member of the firm
of Phillips & Stevens, obtained a con
tract soon after the armistice frion
the government to dispose of surplus
lumber left from cantonment and cai,
construction and other war building
developments, the firin having been
designated by a conference of lumbei
dealers to act as their agent.
Representaltive iWoodruff, Republi
can, Michigan, in a speccch recently ir
the house, asserted that official re
ports had been filed by governnent
.auditors In September, 1921, showiug
that 1Phillips & 'Stevens still owel 11li
governmenltiunder this cotract mior<
than $1,850,000, and that so far- as h(
could .learn "no 'proceedings wha-levet
had -been .instituted Int this coinection.'
Although It had 'been gener-ally r-e
poitedl dur-Ing the past week that th
special gr-and .iry nowv sittinig here
on asar fr-aud cases had been engaget
in cons-lderationi of evidence dealing
w-Ith contracts f'or sale of surp-llus
'lumber, there has been no s'tatemen1
from any officIal sour-ce to Indicatt
whether the 'Phillips & Stevens con
tract had been among those epresented
So far as could be lear-ned the
grand jury has yet to hand down its
'first Indictment and Issuance of r
warrant prIor to indlctme-t w~as de
clared by some officIals to be an uin
usual, though not uinpriecedentedl, pro
The lumber contr-act obtained -by
Phillips & Stevens called for dis
posal of spruce, pine, hiemlock and fir
lumber on'ly, accordIng .to the r-eportl
cited by RepresentatIve 'Woodruff. HeI
asserted, however, that the firm had
obtained and sold1 suirpluis supplies of
more than 50 varietIes, Including muci
valuable hardwoods.
Mr. IhillIps r'esides In Thiomasville,
Ga., in which section he Is repor-ted
to own ex'tensve ti-acts of ltumnber. .He
also has a -home and busnes8 .1u PhIla.,
Belated ,.'.
It hass always seemed to uis an In
justIce that Adamn anid Eve shuould trat
all the blamte f'or o'-t"'- - -
credIt for the virtue-.,-,........-..,
eqjually origInal,
To Stop a Cough Quick
oghmedline which Stop the cough by
hbalng the In1anied argdirrtated tissues.
A . box .of , ROVE'S O-PEN-TRATE
SALVE~ for Colds, Head Colds and
Gmup is wth every bottle of
should be rbbed on the chest and 'throat
of ch~idtu nulpg from a Cold or Croup
outicJudruist for WIA'it&
* 0 1118 i 03ts H El *1 1
* Td It00ST *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Nvery farmers who makes our city
I-, market place has an interest in
tis comulilnility. The Fact that he is
a -member of the community makes
much difference to him nwheni he con
siders that th(i rslerity of laurens; is
his own prosperity.
But when Ie seds his money to the
mail order houses lie does not stop
to think that lie is not helping to pay
Ithe retiired taxes in his own com
munity; not that he does not pay his
own legally a.!exned taxe:;, but that hC
is not helping our local merchants to
pay the taxes nlecessary to support the
If we keep the dollars at home they
will keep on helrling us all. Dollars
spent at hoiie, come homne to roost.
They come biack in the upkeep of our
city and couty institutions.
Our local merchants will use the
dollars to good advanitage. l'very dol
hiar' spnit in I slurens imeals improve
ments at home.
I'nless ve are careful and watch our
own interests we twill fiind out to our
cost, that tie ultimate reslti of the
mail order scheme will be the central
ization of all of the country business
lin the large cities and the absolute de
struction1 of the financial interests in
the small cities and towns. The only
way to prevenlit this is to stop sending
our orders to the miail order houses.
Let the dollars come home to roost.
That is .the only way, and they will
coRie home to roost if we (10 not send
them too far away. The dollars spent
locally will circle around and keep
things lively, but if sent away owe must
,get more dollars from outside to take
their place. It is not always ain easy
matter to do this. The safest thing to
do is to take no chances, 'but to spend
then at home with the local sJore
if we had any expectation that the
mail order man would ever do anything
to help our community, things might
ibe different. But 1there is no chance.
He comes to us in the garb of an art
ful deceiver. There isn't a grain of
kindness in his whole makeup. 'lie
demands his cash in advance and gives
you that which he wishes to send. You
have no redress. You have no rghts
that lie is bound to respect.
The mere fact that we are silly
enough to send our money away, out
of our awn comniuinty, to a stranger,
thereby injuring our own .business
vrospects and jeopardizing ouRt own
prosperity, justilles hm in believing
that Ie can take the most outrageous
lberties withI us.
Bread cast oii the waters will return,
not so with dollars sent to the miail
order house. Turkeys will come home
to roost, if somiebodiy dloes not
c'atchi them.
But dollaRs wvill conie home to iroost
if we keep theim ini(i~ circulti In our1
hiome townm. 'Try it.
* 9'O g . . ......* ..
* * * * S S * S * * S S 5
Jrones, Juiie 3.-Dr. W. 'T. .Jones is
gr'ateful to his friends, iwhite and col
.lred, for continued kind favors.
Miss Lola Cobb, the beautiful and
accomplished daugdmter of 'Mr. and
M~rs. W. C. Cobb, of Ware Shoals isi at
home on a vacation from a college in
Mr. 'Castleberry, su~perintendent of
'the Ware -Shoals farm, has harvested
a fine oat crop.
The recnt cool weather has ie
tarded the g'rowing of vegetables and
All the >work at 'Ware Shoals is pro
gressing nicely.
The revival meeting at WVare Shoals,
conducted by Evangelist 'Iaynes and
his singer and pianist, from Georgia,
is largely attendedl and greatly enjoyed.
Rev. 'Harley, tyhe Methmodist pastor, and
Rev. Smith, the Baptist pastor, are in
":lharge of the meeting and great good
will resul-t from it.
air. John Acey Bailentine p)assedl
. '- - '2nd of May and 'was laid
Ito rest in the Poplar Springs cemetery
whie:-c his parents andl other rela'tives
'w. d. lhe Woodmen had charge
aioh funeral servide. Mr. Ihtilimtine
was a splendid mani fi'al(d blA sdrely be
reaved family hlafe ilnr heartfelt synh
Mr. Left Clinktscales, one of the larg
est liantors in Andeirson county, andl
his son,~ While on their way' to Ware
Shoa-ls last Tuosdy with 12 h;alea of
cottan on a truck, the bridge over Tur
key 'creek tell 'in with them, but for
tunately they escaoed serious injury.
'Born unto Mr. andl Mt's. Thos. Dlut
ton, May 25th, a daughter'.
Born unto Mr. and 'Mirs. Frank P.
Jones, Maoy 31st, a son.
Our cousin, iBennio Frakiin, of
Orconiwood. assisted the .Ware Shoals
C1,1m11) of Woodlieni In the burial last
week, of Nir. .lohn A. Ballentine.
The teniderest sympathy of every one
Is felt for Mir. and Alrs. loy 'Smith, in
the loss of their babe.
Jas. Jenkinis, one of our best col
ored friends, recently iassed away at
a venerable age.
Ware Shoals will soon put in a bak
'Several members of the I lolliiess
chureli held a imeeting Oil tile streets
of Ware Shoals last Saturday and the
mnusic, singing, prayers and talks were
enjoyed by ill who heard them.
'In a game of ball between Ware
Shoals and llelton last Wednesday, the
:core was 3 to 2 in favor of Ware
Mlessrs. illegal and Aleniroe are
mshing he work at Ware Shoals.
\Ir. Hlarmore Dunn, of Shoals .1unc
tion, sold early peaches at 'Ware Shoals
last week.
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Address A
-We were in Greenwood recently and,
a s usual, met with a cordial greeting
from our friends.
Alr. Jas. Graham was awarded a
prize by the Ware Shoals' school for
the best essay on the prevention. of
Our popular and eieient probate
judge, John F. Wideman, of Green
wood, was in our midst recently.
Standhing hicBienth th% Stars and Stripes
lie Thanks God for a Reunited Na
Washington, June 4.--The pIresident
of the United States, himself 'the son
of a l'nion veteran, Joined with gray
Clad, gray haired veterans of the Con
federacy who stood with bowed heads
at the graves of the comrades in the
"lost cause" today in Arlington ceme
tery to pay their annual tribute of love
rertiser's Li
r. .
ive ?Pi(
en to All Our Reade
onal Test Wort
jects in This Picture
922 an al 0nwr mus be ma0ed
922 an h d ayor listse iledo
eparate seesathat pa ereahh
udin theditionr hy lan e iused.oObsid
ils whl no oe c on. nete
namedonly one. hide o sno p p re
inobjc hc s paraehe t of another
ds which by long usako 4avi become,
I, as one word, can 'be used. Hyphen
aar in the dictionary as tiwo words are
in the singular or plural form but if
ot be,
I11 Replies to Advertiser
for posterity all these things so essenI
tial to the welfare of this republic.
There comes to my mind such names
ats dear old Joe -W-heeler whom I saw
go to the front to defend his country,
and Fitzhugh 'Lee, who headed the first
troops that entered Ilavana In the
Spanish-American war. And in that
conflict let me say that we of America
Were brought lito com,:'lete accord."
PresidentI Harding did not, hesitate
to laud the courage of the men who
fought for the Con fer:- .:cy, declaring,
although he cauti .ei at while .he
did not mean to :i :it, the Confed
eracy was right, " ad to say to
you that I believe 1 1. )ught it was
Applause that i 'e less than
an ovation greete -P .;dent at the
conclusion of hi. . .
Looso 0 ; ' odlrs, Etc.
AdvertI.ik -mntlug Co.
I Contest
Best Efforts
Letter "B"
A A.
on - If tIo
tio i scrition i
inwih en i ith~~
n _er theanser
.00 $25.0
.00 1.00
.00 10.0
lhto the2 cntestantwose Wiiain.
"B, ecn Dit~ to h /nx
stn su d ybearef ul b- u
tikon ciptins oftiscm
ineit Ad e nt n wilbeso
k. eaw r d the asriz.a e
alO $25.00cnesan gre
Laceo the contst ant wse ari
'ora ccri to ther nexts
d pnaripe wil not bee ftke
pizbe m.ilb i'ddbtte
Sknw iiesofti on
ind remembranee to those who 11a1d
ionc onl the last long march.
Standing beneath the (rooping folds
>f the Stars and Bars, l'resident I1lard
ing uttered a prayer of gratitude for a
reunited nation whose foundations, he
4aid, had been cemented by the blood
)r ConlfederI'a'te an1d Federal alike.
Mr. -H arding spoke extemporlalncous
ly and his appearance on the rostrum
1f the olpen air amphitheater iwas a
surjprise to the (crowd.
To the sons and daughters of vet
nr-ans, 'Mr. illarding added a word of
"Speaking as the son of one who
rouight in the union cause," lie said,
"I want to say that I have only grail
tude, coinniendation and the sincerest
tribute a Itian can utter for their sons
and daughters who -have lived in the
great aftermath and ably assis,ed in
turning disinlioni into union, turning
discord into Concord and reclaiming
test Worc
:ture F
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Beginning With thi
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Pritying Copn yio Lit

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