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* Local and Personal Nenti9n
*' * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mr. H. P. Garrett, of Gray Court, was
a viistor in the city Saturday.
'Ir.ind 'Mrs. J. M. Syallivan have re
turned to Greenwood after visiting rel
atives here for 'the east weeh.' ti
Mrs. J. F. Craddnck of lattysburg, i
tias., is the guest of Mr. ad Mrs. T. o
'P. Kendrick.
Mrs. F. C. 'Pearce and ' daughter, I:
Mary, -of Greenwood, are visiting Mrs. d
E. 13. Machen. w
IMiss Lula Dial is at home after
teachingsehool during -the past ses- (1
sioni at Stateuville, N. C. ..
liss Alary 'Locke 'Darron, of Unioi, 1
was the guest last week of Miss lie- I
becca Lake. t
Mr. 'V. J. Anderson, of Waterloo, IC
familiarly known as "Uncle Billy" was II
in the city Monday.
' Mrs. BU. F. Ovens, of Diunbarton, is sl
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. 3olt.
Mrs. J. W. O'Shields and little son,
of fSpartanburg are visiting her par- i
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. CNI. Riddle. o
Mrs. James'Davis and children have s
returtned home aftfr spending several V
weeks in Gireenwood and Clinton. J
Mr. and Mrs. 0.',D' Riddle"and son, n
Oscar, Jr., of Atlanta, spent a few (lays 13
last week with their parents, 'Mr. and 1
Ale. C. M. Riddle, on Sullivan street. It
Miss Harriet Watson left the city b
yesterday for Winthrop college, where r
she will attend the summer school p
sessions. 0
'\i.. ulalphi Terry hans returnled fr'om C4
Virg!n ii acompanied by his son, I
J.1a na, who has been -attending Vir- 0
ginia lilitary Academy.
The friends of Mrs. Lf. . Burns will
e gla(l to learn that she is gaining
ra!)idly in itrengtlh after having a
tran:wfulon of blood last, week.
.\1r.. N. 11. Wilkes. left the city yes- 1Y
tIed'lty to visit her daughi'ers, Mrs.. J.1
Mot-" .\lirs anld Irs. V. .Jo Slmith,
at \bbeille.
.\11.:. Poyd Se'xtonl, who i s l i)
ye. erX; y a:; r ig;! well oil the road to a
reover. .'
of t ity eavrly thi'-;. after b;
t Ioili!;ed to his 1 hom 0 fr tlr'ee
Oil ".Cconit o. Illne" s.
ly, o. !ync' burr:, a are vistins: .i\ .
mal \1; p. oa Sm i m' i'ua t ).2ain
ci '. anud .\l'a. He rert Muille'an, of'
hoir arxenil;., ?ir. and .of!s. G. Ii. Sul
i :s \lau'd ie Mai .l:sse i rturn~ed
hom ;Te laOa Saturdny er vis'itig a
friends InI 1e1kelo:--, W. \'Va., for sov
s.al weeks. ' e
M.\iss 'Nell Jiones, wiho ret urnied hiomle
last 'veek aiter a .Attedig G . C.,
spent the week-end at GColl owd vis
itinig .r. and iMrs. J.. M. .\l e'.Aes. I
Mrs. II. 11. 'I luhmbert, the attractive la
Wif'e of Capt. 1. B. lumbert, came from
La1.urenis Sunday and will spend some e
.time. with the Captain.--Abbeville p1
'Press and Banner. , .
Misses Iflebecca Clark,' Cora Arm- 1
strong, !Mary Burton and Mavie Lang- (
ston, who taught school last season at s
Glastonla, N. C., are at home for the 1
Mlsse.' Pattie Wilkes and Margaret
Barksdale were at ENdgefleld last wecek a
to be -bri~desmaids at -the wvedding cere
mony of Miss Margaret May. Leaving e
Edgofleldl Fridsy, they visited Mr. and
Mig. J. Moore Mars at Abbeville.
'Mr. Thomas 'Wllkes, of Baltimore.
wvas in the city Saturdlay on a 'brief f
visit to relatives here. While in th'u n
city-Mr. Wilkes was the .guest of Col, a
andl Mrs. H. Y. Simpson,.
Robert 'Mc~pen, rising senior at Da- ia
vidson eollege, expects to leave this ii
Aweek for F'ayettville, Tenn., where he
will. join the 'Redphth Chautauqtua for n
-the balance of its season. I
A message rec'eived by Mr. Alfert I
Dial from his brother, Hastings, who is
at Jhe Camp Sevier hospital for treat-- t
ment for the effects of being'. gassed,; j
6tates that he is improving . raipidly a
and. wvill be given a release from the e
hospital for .four months.
Mr'. and Mrs. F'. P. Tatum and, famhily y
and -Mr. Will Frank Tatum, of 'MdCol c
arrIved in -the city Saturday' tio' visit .1
i'"rs, .Taturm's. parents, Mr. and Mvrs. I
J ohp F. Bolt. Mr. Tatm returned to f~
MColl Monday. .$i
Highest Schiolarship Avengp i Chp t
corn Cllego are Won by MIS es Emr. e,
mieo and Rovsalie Sullivan. t<
Misses Enfinie and& Rosalie .%,if~a'tf, 9
' daushters of Mr. and 'Mrs. WP.'661- e
/ ivan, of this city, wero botfore4-.at .b
SChicora, College .recently for *aving ig
Wv the two ishest scholtaiVk e
crag~s in the c0ilege. MiapsIpmini4 wgs h
a sophomoreinst year wJhite her#se
was a freshflne 6.. ""
Wednesday morning at ten o'clock,
le home of 'Mr. and dMrs. Oscar L.
unter, near ibanford, (was the scene
I a qitet wedding when their daugh
r, T. Craig, lbecame the ibride of
mac 'Leonard Owings. Only ihmne
late relatives of the bride and groom
ere present.
The ILohengrin wedding march was
aietly played by the bride's sister,
iss Louise Hunter, while the impres
ve ring c9remony was performed by
ev. I. N. Kennedy. ,Immediately af
r the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Owings
lft on a motor trip throtfgh the
ountains of North Carolina. They
11-1 be at home in Owings after June
.J. N. Wright, 'Jr., to Marry
Invitations have keen received in
ie city of 'the approaching marriage
Misa Alartha Dean Crow, of Jack
nville, Fla., to Mr. John Nickels
!righlt, Jr., of Spartanburg, son of Mr.
Mll N. iWright, of this city. The
marriage is to take place at the First
resbyterian church in Jacksonville,
line 14. Miss Crow has beeni teach
ig in the public schools of SpIartan
tirg. .ilr. Wright was raised in Lan
mis but, iwith the exception of the
tri'iod ditring which lie served as il
mcer in the World War, lie has been
>nnected with a bank in Spartanburg.
h; friends here are cordially inter
ited in the announcement of his ap
roaching marriage.
A gr0eat -tm-vie, iu t o (lose intl r
A to frierub, wa; the mlarriaw(e of
Ii!s Nanie Owensi to Alr. James Go.
'cy, which0 w.-ao so! 'mn izim''ed in Poun
'in 1inn at : o'cLieL Sa turly aft
oon b,. Ror. .loolir', in the pi-e:n.c(1 e( of
'i ax few'V rel0_' :!d Thic . Th
I :' is t ae .rn 1ve (:uglter of il.\
:Id Mr-. .i0) OwenIA, of t:. \ :-i
re Iion. whli (lhe oomi ; i I th !
) of AI . and of's. Alitt Godl-ry
,,,Y C1ourt, anld b ; a:1 onsigy u
mnl. Many conratulation are beinJ"
l1de o the hap0upy co1le.
0 0 u'
S1. Slv.,h \doe:laide Thnom un.,mjo
("r o this- city, wereo happily ar
i(d ut 1? homv or' tle heril in Lan
ister Iat Thilraiy, the marriage he
i a very Iijtit alfair on account of a
c ont. lravemlO v IIt in the failly. Al.
lid Mr. Iloye Fpellt a few (ys1 inl
ancater after the marriage and
iuie to.Lauirenls yesterday by motor.
0 o o
Plano Reclial
At eight o'clock Monday evenin'1
[i's , loioe Clardy entert ai ned a nuMu -n
cr of her friends with a charmin: e
inno recital at the home of her teach
I', .l iPs I[attle . Gray. Miss Cardy
Onaita in C - - - .. H ayden
1 My Neighbor's Garden - Nevin
's Death - - - - Orieg
olveig's Song - - - - O'rieg
ove's Delight - - - Kreisher'
lurnmuring Zeylihrs - - Jecnsen
Miss Gray sang a grouip of songs,
eom panied 'by Miss 'Clardy.
Refreshments 'were served at the
lose of the evening.
io Marry. Florida Girl'
The folowhitj social items, taken
oGm the Quincy, Fia., newsp~aper. an
ouncing the engagement of Miss
lattiette ,Davgs to Mr. J. 0. -Wolff, a
aive of this county, will be 'ead wvith
iterest 'by the friends -of Mr. Wolff
this county:
Miss 'Mattiette havis enter'tained a
umber of -her' friends delightfully on
ist Fr'iday afternoon, honoring 'Mr's.
lilloA of Mai'ianna.
The. largo living 'rooms of thfI tt
'acthie home of her llat'eds on North
efterson' street were'titr'own tostwher
nd effectively i decoy'ated w'ith $bttlie
)1rn. flowelrs and vari-col1rit) gladiili.
F'or a Wvhile $hiv 'stdtiero p~uny
'ith ifeedle and thimble, .and tli1 a
mn,test, .faturing "A Musical~ Ro
cewas hield withE *trs. mi~
indspy at the piaino, playing stii
'om old-time songs. Everyone Gidd
Wcige.~ ghese strains 'ahd f )in
te blanlis'witfi the name of dhe ns
hiefttlidvp's completed, th h a se
ssisted by;Iherrmother, -Mis. e.' 3.
Iavs,'0.elned a delieious ice and id1
ursq,. Thien the feature of th' anf-'
rno n took -place, for on every plate
'as i4 folded card ;bearing the tradi
oiiai wedding bells and the 'opening
eg.of feeigel~ssohn's swedding march,
Stied the cgrds wore-unfolded al u~id
utg forth announcing the eligetge-g
Stof Miiss Mattiette Davis to-vMr. (
0. Wolff, thme wedding to take place
tinly 6, -.,
~N~ he 'Mtaativ dengh
4isr i' bail of
tEt ~ chen in 'f'abas
,his section of Florida who regret
hat she will not make her future home
'Mr. Wlff is a South Carolinian by
Arth, but has for many years made
Plorida his home. He as a graduate of
he Atlanta'School of Pharmaoy, and is
vell know nthroughout this part of
he state, having practiced .his profes
ion both in' Marianna and DeFuniak
;prings. He is now engaged in busi
tess in Okeechobee, Florida, and it Is
kere that this popular young couple
vill make their home. Much cordial
nterest centers in their .coming mar
interprise National Bank Secured
Moving Pictures Giving Valuable In
formation to Farmers. Others will
be Shown Later.
About 500 farmers were the guests
ast S.aturday morning and afternoon
,f the Enterprise National Bank at the
ree moving picture exhibition given
;t the Opera House. The seven reels
if film shown at both performances
vere secured from the United States
)epartment of Agricultu re by the En
erprise Bank.
The pictures portrayed different
ihases of modern agriculture, cattle
nd hog raising. 1Particular interest
vas manifested by the farmers in the
lictures showing the correct methods
if sweet potato curing and storage.
showing both the right and wrong
tiethod of handling the sweet potato,
he farmers were able to learn a vali
Lbile lesson on how to make the c:'otato
r1o) a sourl.ce of revemiimc the yeal
"Tl film" devoted to hog raising, en
iled "IHealith For 'logs" showed why
tLd how to kep hogs clean. "110ath
or flogs Pays" and "Sunlight Kill; tie
-l'ell-l ia T 1 t111 he llogs" w e
i11onp. tile r-eadilng2s inl the Ip(ictllr.
(i ertliy'-1, I t io n, AyrslirIeis,
[erseys. 11erford a111d other type cl
veil-i rel Cattle were shown in thw
ct iler entitl(1d. "Gr tt Daive , SIeS
tId Their i)tunhter'.' Th:i 11pa t
ilve -we!! roed rptf e was prov(n \;he'
ho .dvtur.( q mled ! li i an hni '1'1d
wodIction Of somlw well bred type.; of
-attle as comimlrect"; tha of r dinr.
1rmer; seciiia lie pIcnirci''. li-ing
niioi.vhd l n' r ied thcm. Air.
toper, (if lIm .n rrwla k ln
o scoure ethers whh Will be show'i
n th .( Iiear liit.r'. .\lany ol' thwk wh,
hey * v. ill '.:tt 1'.i' e'( lyv fccr the ni.:
nnun Oil (ceet of Imlore lv)in)ig ie
ires to Ihe shown. .iA. oper c
onc1 s Inl tolay'i Adciectiser thwc 1hi
et of IelC xill be 1 lhownI .lune 17.
\lo:iday evening at W 'lock, Air.
'Iteles Hmulie; gave i stag; ;aier
Ind siloher ill hollor of Ili*. \\ait MIt
an, of Davenport, Aliss., who isc vis
\Ig .\-. Calvini Teague before riturn
ng to Iis hoile from Davidson CAllege.
'ile guests at the "stag" inicluded
tlssls. Caebelle GIarrett, Robiert .Mc
hueni, Riobert Aiken, Calvin Tieague,
cXlli1am Lake and( Pinckney Simmons,
11l of' wh/lom were, at DavI.idsoni last
Sunday Arrests'
Dlarnett Douglas and(1,Garrett Arthuri,
>f -Watts Mills, wvere 111ned $20.00 each
n tile Mayor's toulrt Mond~ay miorniing
0' driving an automobile under the
nfluenice of liquor.
'How We (lear-ed Our Summler liomie
of RaIts," by Mrs. Perry
"When we oplened our1 seaZsideC home
r at May, it was ailvoe with rats. They'd
mnawed all the upholstering. Wi.
leaned them out in a wveek wvithl RAT
BNA1P. I prefer tis rat kii.er be
:anse0 it comeis in cake form, mL mix
ng. Saves dirtying hands anid idantes."
l'hne sizes, 35c, 65c, $1.25. .-old1 and
hit'anlteed by C. E. Kennedy & Son,
~antens Hardware 'Co., Putnam's Drug
rhel A4r ieo of This Laurens Woman
la of 'eptatin Waltue.
iMany a woman's back has many
tcheS and1 painse
Ofttimes "Tis the kidneys' fault.
ThAt'iB Why >Doan's Kidney Pills are
Mnhny 1'irens women know this
-Read what on~e has to say about it.
'Mr's. M-arlInah. O'Shields, 300 Wilson
it., says: "I had terrible pains acr'oss
he small of hiii bdek which extended
o my hips and limb~s and it was anl
liffort to'do my -work.. afy back was
itiff 'and' dore And' many timesI
ouldi't helad, I hardly got any rest
eocause".of thie hutting in my back. My
didneya 1Aidn't, act reguliarly. I read
L~bout Dhrnn's Kidney 'Pills in Doan's
)irectory and -bought ' aflme at Put
ham's fDrug Store. I Doahi's gr'eatiy re
leved me'anld I amn glid to say a fews
vords in praise of 'themn."
Price 60e, at all dealers. Don't sim
>ly ask 'for' a kidney r'emeny--set
)loan's Kidney ,Pills~-the same thlat
'rs1 O\Shields. had. Fostor-Milburn
3o., -Mfre,, Buffalo, N. Y. -
ho Quitae That' Does ot Affeet
11 can be taken byaoq
1 ic a1# 211VUp8 1ai~
$1.25 mop and
all for
89c ;
Don't xmiss this intro
Grade Mops andl Fiines
buy a dollar and fifty
by~ pufy
The pur~~ifietdrei
are nausealess, safe and
as Cakotabs act like calo
Beware of imitations!
sold only in "checker-bo
packages bearing the <
Family 35c
1 Sale
25c can of oil
du'cry Sale of High
O; 1 wheni you can
:ents worth for 89c.
/... .........-....
ed calomel tablets that
sure. No salts necessary
me! antd salts combined.
Genuine Calotabs are
ard"' (black and white)
~opyrighted trade-mark,
Vest Pk't.l c

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