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One of County's Leading
After Two Years of Suffering Follow
Ing Stroke of Paralysis Capt. Joseph
B. Ifwnbert, Soldier, Farmer and
Churchman, i'assed Away Su nday
Capt. Josepti B. Humbert, widely
known citizen of the county and one of
Its mopt exemplary characters, died at
his home near 'Princeton Sunday morn
ing at 5 o'clock. Death came after a
period of suffering lasting nearly two
years and which began in Septenier
1920 when on a 'business trip to Honea
'Path he was stricken by paralysis.
Since that time he had shown periods
of improvement, but little haoe was
ever felt for his ultimate recovwv on
account of is advanced age. One of
a number of intermittent sinking
spells from which he never Vallied,
came over him Saturday and Sunday
-morning ho -passed away.
The funeral services were held at
'Bethel Church Monday morning. at M4
o'clock and interment took place in
-the family plot in the cemetery ad
joining. The services were conduct
ed by hik pastor, Rev. 11r. .Harlby, as
sisted by Rev. A. E. Holler, presiding
elder of the Anderson district, and
Rev. J. 1E. Mahaffey, of Honea Path.
Included in the large gathering that
assembled to pay hini a last tribute
were many people not only from this
county -but from Greenville, Anderson,
Greenwood, Abbeville, Spdrtanburg,
and adjoining counties. In addition
to the regular , religioujs service a
sketch of the life of Capt Humbert,
written from a sick-bed by his 'brother
-in-law, Captain William D. sullivan, of
'lImbling Shoals, was read by the
Capt. Humb'ert was born near Knox
ville, Tenm., August 14, 1837, his fa
ther, Rev. John 0., Humbert, minister
and planter, having moved there from
this state in 1884 eennnt of his
health. The Humbert family return
ed. to South Carblina when Joseph B.
was four years old and settled near
Princeton in 'this county on the same
.farm on which Capt. 'Humbert' died
Ca-pt. HumbQrt was reared on the
farm and after attending thes nearby
schoola, entered 'Wofflord college,
where -he graduated In 1-860. Soon
after his graduation he tOok up the
work of teaching school ,hjl was fol
loWing this profession in Orangeburg
county in 1861 when the War .befween
the States started. The young school
teacher promptly #olunteered, enter
ing the service of the grangeburg ar
tillery as a lieutenant, This company,
later known as Company I, Second
South Carolina Artillery, wtas immne
,diately sent to Oharleston where it
'begwn -its conspicuous service. Con
federate military history states that
"Captain H-umbert commanded his
comipmany at the 'battie~of Secession
ville, on James Island, June ,16, 1862,
/and for bravery Was promoted to the
vacant captaincy of his company, serv
ing 'thereafter in that position -to the
end of the wvar. 'At the close of the
battle, Captain iPerineau of .the Con
'federate States navy, who witnessed
the engagement and saw the great ad
vantage the federal forces had in num
'bers,-remarked to Liguteflant Trumbett
'that his ten-inch dolumubiad dosperted
'to be mounted on a golden carriage.
"In the long 'continued Ilehiting1
around Charleston' ho an'd his 'comn
mand were produinent,- especially in
the defense e~f 'Blattery Wagner, where'
at. one time he flreil fromi :h'is 'battery
on Cummings !loint, one terginch co
lumxbiad "gun every five niinites for
three w~eks, consuming 60,000* 9,ounds
of )powder. The Swamup;Angel, whieh
threw the first hiel. irto COhaxtleston,
'was riglht in front of h -bagery.
TUpon tl'evacuation of. Jarpes -Is
land in Febr uary, 1865/ he had charge
gf the rear guaid amid naT c~lyes
eabedl capture. de-was tJohni
stoll J army ini the eagepa)iiga opf thle
'C mlinas ando partioipated in the
4iV~uof Avgrasbro sand Bentonville
Aktr the idtt bttle he ays defailed
toather ip 'the matite o~a bofli
(Elected Miayor Over Jas. R. Copeland,
Incumbent. Three Now, Aldermen
Elected. Three Run Over.
'W. 1H. Sinlpson, brother of Marion
J. Simpsord city ticket agent -here,
was the successful candidate in the
primary election for mayor of Clinton
yesterday, defeating his opponent, Jas.
'R. Copeland, incumbent, by a vote of
671 to 344, The race was preceded by
one of the most intense campaigns in
the history of the city.
S. Gary .Dlhlard, J. Grifith and F. M.
Boland wore nominated as aldermen
from IWards 3, 4 and 5 respectively.
Second races will take .place In Ward
1 between C. C. Bailey and T. J.
Peake; in 'Ward 2 between Goo. -Watts
Copeland and Jas. I. Adair; and in
Ward 6 between E. G. Fuller and A.
D. Martin.
The three successful aldermen were
currently reported as supporting the
simpson ticket.
The total vote cast was 1,015, the
largest in the history of the city,
many women going to the 1)olls.
This was the first election uider the
new city primary. The rules of the
Clinton .primary are very similar to
those of the ILaurens primary except
that alderincii of each ward are voted
for by th'e entire city.
The following was the result of the
election by wards:
For Mayor
W. III. Sifnepson ............671
Jas. R. Copeland ..........314
For Aldermen
Ward One.
C. C. B1piley ............ ..440
T. J. Pake ..............307
F. E. Young ..............212
Ward Two
Jas. I.'Adai ............290
Goo. 'W. Copoland .... ....74
.1. V. .Edwards ........... 46
Goo. R. Owens.......... ..181
0. -I. Sheely .......... ..104
Ward Three
S. Gary Dillard ...671
J. I Jacobs, Sr. ........ ..340
Ward Iur
J. Griffith ..............658
Jack' H. Young ............351
Ward 'Five
F. M. Boland ............519
W. 'T. Franks .. ... .282
R. J. McCravy ............209
Ward Six
F. A. Buchanon ........ ..229
E. G. FujIer.. ............66
A. D. Martin ..............27-2
M. L, Peary ..............33
Family Reunion
The annual family reunion of Mr.
ind alrs. A. B. Burns will be held
3n the ll1rd Sunday, June 18, at the
residence of Mr. S. J. Burns. Every
body connected with this family is
Invited and requested to be on hand
wvith well filled baskets:
Announicemernt that Work Will Soon
Commence was Made After Confer
ence Between Jllghway Commission
and Business Men.
Announcement that work will corn
noncce in the near future on the in
30mpleted portiopi of the Ora road
wvas made Saturday by members of
the Laurens (Business League after a
ommttee appoinited by the league
eonferred with members of the State
E-ighway Comission. The Confer
mnco between the comiission and' the
sommittee was held in this city..
"Coinpletion- of the road, which has
long been a ..problem 'both for the
30ttnty authorities and for cvic bodies
interested, will be miade possible 'now,
mince the highway Commission .has
%grded to iprovido as Vrtich money as
Ibie county will raine. for that purpose.
The only provision made by the comn
mniss'on is that 'the l'oas be built on
the east side of the G. '& W. C. Rgil
way. The pulrposoi of this provision
las explained bf"'the cofnmission is to
sliminate the four gl'adb drossings on
bte road.
Just wvhen the word on tlze road will
begin wvas not made certain, litmt it is
sx-pedtedV accoi'ding to Mr. 'W/ R. Me
Duen, s secetary of the Bmlsiness
ieague, thiat the Work will.' cgmmence
in about .a week., 'J'he committee
which 'oonfe'rred with the Inigh'way
C lissior n sitdo h lo.
12efTehn Swige7,
Delegation for Failing to
riation. Practicing False
tor and representatives in tile General
Assembly that .proper legislation be
enacted to provide necessary appro
priations for the payment of these ac
counts and for the ratifying and con
firming the action of the County Su
Pervsor and Treasurer In borrowing
money and paying same out as recom
mended herein; and that they cooper
ate with the county authorities in ar
ranging for these loans and support
them in their efforts to carry on the
work of the ,county wherever appro
priations insufficient have been made;
and that suitable legislation be enact
ed to .enable the fiscal offices of the
county to raise funds to .pay all legi
timate ex-penses properly chargable
to the County.
We recommend that the County Su
pervisor advertise monthly for bids
for county supplies and -to awarl con
tracts to the lowest respollsible bid
We ask that the Magistrates produce
tbheir books before us at the next term
of this court for examination, and that
the chie fof the rural police produce at
the same time the daily reports 'of
the rural policemen.
We thank the court and ofimcials for
courtesies extended us.
L. B. OIFH1AIVD, Foreman.
Special Presen timeiit of Grand Jury
ro the Presiding Judge:.
The Grand Jury by this specially
'It has been brought to the atten
tion of the Grand Jury 'that the appro
priations for - holding courts in Lau
rens County, S. 'C., for the fiscal year
1922, have been exhausted.
That including the present term,
there are three terms of court yet -to
be held in thi's county.
Public interests will suffer should
aaid courts not be hei as provided by
The Stats 'Senator who holds over
luring thd next session of the General
Assembly has assured us in writing
iereto attached, that he will have In
orporated in the -appropriation bill
'or the fiscal year 1923, an amount
iufficient to pay the ex-penses of hold
ng the courts for the remainder of
Ahis year and for the payment of In
:erest incurred in any loans made for
tnch ipurpose, and will have enactee
x bill ratifying and. confirming the
iction of. the county authorities in
naking such loans.
We, therefore recommend that this
,ourt by proper order authorize and
1irect the County Supervisor and
Jounty Treasurer to borrow on the
.alth and credit of Laurens CoInty
rom time to time such stun or sums
)f money as may 'be necessary to pay
:he expenses of the courts of General
sessions and Common Pleas for Lau
'ens County for the remainder of tile
rear 1922, such notes or other evidenc
is of indebtedness as may be neces
iary to be issued to secure suich loans
o bd issued tinder the auithorit~y of
~his court and in Pursuance of same
indi this recommendation.
L. B. 'D.LiLARD, Foreman.
state of South Carolina,
'Latirens Cotinty,
r'o the Grand Jury:
I, 0. P. Goodwin, State Senator for
Uautens Cotinty, in view of ther fact
hat it appears that the appropriation
oer court expenses for 'Laurens Coun
~y, S. C., 'have been exhatisted and that
hero are thrge terms of court aip
ointed by law yet to be held, and
~hat there is no prevision made for
'o payment of expenses for holdIng
ame, wIll have included in the ap
ropriation 'bill at the next session of
;he General Assembly an apropria
;ion suffleient for the p~ayment of thme
Ixpenses incurred and to be incurred
n the holding of courts in Laurens
jounty together with any interest that
nay be incurred by the county authori
ties in borrowing such money. a may
e necessary to .pay the exepenses of
uch courts, and will have pr~opeintleg..
islation enacted to ratify and confirm
the'Yaction 'of the county authorities
n~'orrowlhg fauch money as may 'be
rtcessary for the purposes 'afpr'0id.
S0o. P. OnnnurmN.
Base ali 31agnates of Four ('ounties
Meet at GAreetwood and Perfect Ord
Base ball enthusiasts of the four
counties of Abbeville, Anderson, Lau
rens an( Greenwood met in Green
wood yesterday and perfected an or
ganization of the Carolina Leagte,
composed of those four counties, to
play a regular shedule this summer.
Four games are to be played each week
by each team, two at home and two
abroad. The opening game is to be
,played here between Greenwood and
tLaurens on June 22.
The following were elected as of
flcers: 'Pres. W. L. (Buck) Pressley,
of Due West; Vice President, Arling
ton Fant, of Anderson; Secretary and
Treasurer, Alison Le, of Laurens.
These officers with similar officers for
each of the four teams will consti
tute the board of directors. The
teams are to be made up from players
within the county of each team.
'Mach enthusiasm has been shown
in the proposed league here during
the past few days and indications
point to a fast aggregation to cavort
around the local lot.
A meeting of those interested in the
new league is called for tonight at
8:30 o'clock in the 'court house. It is
hoped that a large number of fans
will be out and assist in electing lo
cal officers.
Senior Endeavorers' Plenle to Young
Folks Last Friday 'was Occasion of
Immense PImsure.
FortyJilve persons, plenty of good
things to eat, and a glorious evening
in the country all went together last
Friday to make what is said to have
been a wonderful time for those who
attended the picnic at Harris Springs
given by the Senior Endeavorers of
the Presbyterian church to the young
people of the city.
'lihe picnickers assembled at 6
o'clock on the north side of the
square and, marshalled .by Mr. E. 11.
iWllkes, the crowd bent on a good
time left for -the springs in a number
of automobiles. 'Marred only -by the
occasion of a punctured tire on one
of the cars, the trip to the picnic
grounds was uneventful. At the ar
rival there, however, all reserve en
ergy was unleashed and the young
folks rounded out a day of unalloyed
Spend Day Here
Judge Frank B. Gary, of Abbevihle,
who is presiding over the general ses
sions emirt here this week arrived in
the city Monday morning accompan
led by his wife and their son, Ensign
Frank'DB. Gary, Jr., U. S. N. While
here Mrs. Gary and Ensign Gary were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. M.
Irby. Ensign Gary is expected to re
turn to the city again Friday.
home of Late Capt. ilumbert D~e.
stroyed by Fire Just as Funeral
.Services are Concluded.
MIonday at noon, just as the fun
eral services over the remains of Uapt.
Joseph B. Humbert were being conl
cludled at Bethel church, the house
wvhichl the funeral dearty had left just
a short timo before caught afire and
was practically destroyed. !Most of
the furniture was saved.
People leaving the eburying ground
noticed the volume of smoke arising
from the house andi rushed by to r'en
der assistance. Miss Ladle Taylor, a
neighbor, wvho was too utnwell to at
tend the funeral, ran over to the Hum
ibert homo when she saw smoke ar'is
ing from 'the roof of the kitchen. Site
realized there would be no chance of
saving the dwelling, so seizing a handy
farm tool she succeeded in 'breaking in
the front (lootr which wqs locked and
then dihected negro helpers in saving
furniture. OtherA coming up frotm the
funeral gave their assistance and
much of the furniture was saved
though tho handsome old1 home itself
went up ifi flames.
The Hl-umbert home was one of the
most substantial and commodious of1
the older country homes of the' county
and, though remodleled,- several times,1
still retained in its architectural lines
a suggestion of its earlier dolonial
type. Its dostructon removes one of
the landmarks of the 4ounty,
Interesting Meeting Held
Tuesday Night
DIseussons of Local Teiephaoniie and
lee Panis Take Up Considerable
Time. Commnitiens are Appoiiled to
Consider ioith and Make Report.
Malny matters of im)ortance touch
Ing upon the city's business, social
and civic life came up for considera
tion last Tuesday night at the month
ly meeting and banquet of the lau
rens flulsiness Leagiue which was held
at the Laurens hotel.
TFartyaflye men, rep resentative of
every business and field of endeavor
in the city, were present who, after
an excellent five course chicken sup
per, discussed with various degrees of
seriousness -the (luestions placed be
fore thei by reporting comn mittees.
.\Mr. George .\. Wright, president of
(he League, exiplained the action of
the executive committee in not having
a May banquet. lie said the funds
for that bam(iuet were diverted to the
Ibarbeciue given 'for Whimors during
the cotton marketing prive. This ac
tion of the committee was confirmed
'by the body.
Messrs. N. C. Hughes and C. H.
Roper reported for the marketing coi
inittee. They said that their commit
tee is now making an effort to secure
in this county a quantity of pure bred
hogs and registered cattle. Market
Ing was further discussed by Mr. It.
L. Gray. who spoke about the conven
don at Spartanburg where 'Mr. J. S.
Crafig was nominated as executive
committeeman to the cooperative mar
koting association. 'Following the re
Port, comment nwas made on the fact
that the barbecue was the -best day's
work performed by the league. By
motion, the report was accepted and
the committee continued. Mr. Craig
was endorsed for membershil) on the
board of directors of the cotton asso
D: F'exguson, reportging #ior the.
committee which looked into the de
veloa)ment of the (Homo Springs pro
perty, said that the Laurens Cotton
mill authorities have agreed to de
velop the property in cooperation with
the city council on a 50-50 basis. Mayor
Dial in behalf df the city and Mr. M.
L. 'Smith, speaking for the mill, said
that they are prepared to go forward
with the work.
The unfinished road to Ora and the
possibilities of its early completion
was the subject of the report made
by Mr. E. I. Wilkes. According to the
investigation made by the committee,
$1,200 iwas necessary before federal
aid could be secured towards -build
ing the road on a 50-50 basis. Hie ex
plained .tiat the appropriaition of $2,600
by the legislature was on the condi
tion that the county Provide a similar'
sum and that money left from the
Gray Court i'oad 'project may be used
for' that .purpose. The present' pre
dicamient, MyrJWilkes, reported, was
due to the fapt that the $2,500 which
wvas expected from tho Gray Court
r'oadh, had dwindled to about $1,200.
Mr.Ross D. Young commented on the
cause of the present problem, he be
ing followed by 'Pres. Wright who said
that the Federal government -has ap
piropriated $700,000 for' road work in
South Carolina and that something
ought to be done to secure part 6f
that money for roads 'in this county.
This money, 'Pres, Wright said, 'will
be available July 1st, but must bhe
matchedl iwith an equal sum by the
counties. Thea report 'was accepted
andi the committee further instructed
to appeal to the Supervisor to divert
chain gang labor to the Or'a road, such
labor to take 'the palace of the casqh
'Mr'. A. C. Todd reported for the
telep~hone committee saying -that it
has 'investigated the recent legislation
referring to the telephone rates and
that it (loes not apply to the local
exchange. This committee wvas con
The committee on libraries was re
por'ted upon by Messrs. R. T. 'Wilson
and W. (L. Gray. Mr. A. C. Todd was
added to this committee after It was
moved that it bo continued
Thie most concise report niade by
(Continued on Last Page This Section)
Judge Gary 'Scores County
Make Sufficient Approp
The machinery of the court of gen
erail sessions, which convened here
Monday morning, war halted when the
attention of Judge Frank M. Gary, of
Abbeville, 'who is presiding, was called
to the fact that the appropriation ot
,$3,201 for holding court In the county
was exhalusted. This is the third
court to Jie held here this year and
Including the present court there are
three more.
The grand jury's attention was di
rected -to the state of affairs, and, as
a result, the delegation to the gen
eral assembly was' summoned to ap
pear before the grand jury. In a spe
cial presentment made to the presid
Ing judge, the grand jury said that
"public interest will stiffer should the
courts not be held as provided ,for by
law." The -presentment 'included a
signed statement made !by Senator
Goodwin that he will incorporate in
the apipropriation -bill for 1923 an
amount sufficient to pay the expenses
of holding the pending courts and the
interest incurred in .borrowing the
money for such purposes.
The court thereupon authorized the
treasurer and supervisor to borrow
the money and tie court continued
its session.
In the flnal presentment of the
grand jury submitted - to Judge Gary
yesterday, reference was made to the
appropriations for' the Sheriff, Judge
of 'Probate and .other county officers
that are already exhausted. For the
office of Judge of -Probate, the alpro
priation last year was $1,400, while
the appropriation this year was $500.
The cut in the appropriation for the
Sheriff's office was from $3,419 to
$1,600, while the pr portion of crim
nals handled by tht office has in
Creas'eby a ratio of 3 to 1, according
to the sheriff.
Judge Scores Delegation
Judge Gary, in commenting on the
facts disclosed by the grand jury said
that the county delegation ivas prac
ticing false economy in its a'pprapria
tions for the operation of the courts
and the administration of county af
fairs. He scored .the delegation say
ing that the courts here are part of
a state system of courts and that they
must continue to operate whether or 1
not the delegation will provide for -1
thefr maintenance.
The State, Judge.. Gary continued,
orders the courts, and tihe expenses In
cident to t'he running of courts are to
be raised and profided for by the re
spective counties. The legislature de
fers to the delegation from each coun
ty the fixing of the atinunt necessary
to be raised for the courts or other
county expenses, but should the dele
gation fail to make these provlsiods,1
the general assembly on its own ini
tiative will fake the necessary ap
propriations, and nothing is saved by
the county.
Following are the final And sapecial
presentments of the grand jury to
gether with the sta'tement of Senator
Goodwin which 'was attached to the
special presentment:
Final Presentmnent of tihe Grand Jury
To the Presiding Judge:
(We 'have :passed on all bills given
us fmiom 'th6 Solicitor.
.It has been brought sto our attention
that the appropriations fbr the ex
Dens'es of the Sheriff's office and that
pf .thme Probate aJdge- for the fiscal
year 1922 are practically exhausted
and 'that the apprqpriations made ar~e1
entirely, insufficient to meet 'the usual
and -necessary expenses of these of
fices. We recommend -that all abso'
lutely necessary bills Incurred in thei
proper administration of the duties of
these offices for wvhich the county is ,
liable, be paid. Thes6 offices as wvell
as all -public offices should be run as
economiegif as is consi'stent with a
iproper .perioIrmance 'of the duties of
the officers, but the work should not I
stop 'by reasoxi ot -insufficient appro-1
priations. tf -necesi ary to borrow
mloney1 to carry n the work. of .these
offlces, in excess 'of the &amount ap
propriated ,'theni we recomniend that
this be dgne and that the County
Tressuror pay-the proper accounts in
curred from the' rgodeys eo borr'owed.
Wie further reomxndend to Aho sena

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