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University of South Carolina
ilsatrance examinations to the Uni
Versity of South Carolla will be held
by the County Superintendent of Edu
cation at the County Court House Fri
day. July 14, 1922, at 9 a n.
The University offers varied cours
es of study In science, literature,'his
tory, law and business. Tie expens
es are moderate and many opportuni
ties for self-support are -afforded.
Scholarships are available.
Flor full particulars write to
President W. S. Currell,
University of South Carolina.
Coluibia, S. C.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy colr, whici indicates poor blood. and as a
rule, there ii nore or I ess stomach distu'rbance.
larly for two cr thre weeks. will enrich the blood.
Inprove the dlttlon, and act as a generalStrength.
enang tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throjgpff or di l the worms, and the Child willbe
isuierfoet heal'n. Fieas1aut to tdii,. C0 ;:er bette.
Citation for Letters of .ilidili-straition
State of Soulh Carolina.
County of Laurens.
By 0. G. T mpoPbte.futhIgo.
'Whereas 11. h1. Ilumbnihert, Jno. B.
Humbert, Emma L. Ntsh antidt '.lary 'T.
Sullivan, 1;e made suit to me, to
grant them l -tters of Adninistrat ion
of -the estat and effects of .Ioseph 13.
These are therefore, to (te i and ad
monish all .nd singuilar the kindred
and creditors of th' said .Ioseph It.
Humbert, dccece'sed, that tihey be and
appear bef'ore ne., in the conit of pro
bate, to he hel( at Lauren I Court
House, 'Lauirens, S. C., on the 28th day
or June, 1922 next. after publIcation
hereof, at I o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, If aiy they have, why
te said Adininistration should not be
Given under my ha'nd this 13th day
of June Anno Cotini 1922.
o. G. ToMPSON,
48-2t-A J. P. L. C.
Have Your Work Done
by Expert Workman
Special Low Rates on Work
During $ummer Months
Save money by having pipe
leaks fixed promptly.
Phone 176 107 . South St.
I1ame "Bayer" on Genuine
Take A:pi: In roly a: toli in' each
package of genuine Idayer' Tablet., of
Aspirin. Then you will be fol lowing
the directi ara and dora ge .orkedi out
b~y physicians during 21. years, andI
sproved safe by ill~in. Ta ike no
-chances with subistltutes. If you see
.the Bayer Cross on tablets, you can
'lake themi v:'.hout fear for' Colds,
Headache, Neuralgia, Rtheumnatis,,
Ear'ache TPoothiache, Lumbago and for
Handy tin boxes of -twelve tab
- 'ts. DruggIsts ~also
.letg cost rew n. ' ' - the
duffl larger padckt~zcs. Aspiu n
trade: ,inark of Blayer Manufacture cil
Anoncoencidester' of salleylicacid. '
Cheer U p Ins.tantly When
Dr'. Thlo I-ntoni's Eahsy Tee(th
er Relnloves Caulse of Pain.
Mother! When the child becomes
cross and peevish with feverihhos
sour stomach, coated tongue, bowef
trosbl cold or e ile glvo a course of
the o.d reliable li. Thornton's Easy
Teether and note the quick improve
suent. Dr. Thornton's Easiy Teether
is a-harmless "sweet powder composed
of atitisepties, digestants and granu
lar stimu Iants, contains no opiates or
baarngful drugs. Blabies like it and
take it more freely ther. sticky syruaps
et' l'ud medicines.
lndad of unsolited testimonials
velved during thos past fifteen years
front docto'eq dggists and appregla
tive 'iotIers pirop its efficenc 'be'
wond question of dubt. if it falls to
hepyour child your' money backsilth
##~g :qu~estion. Twelve powders:In-a
y~gikagew~ih. full directiong e a
g .--dertisemnl.
Permission Beyond Three Mile Limit.
May Not be Fial.
Washington, June 16.--4alc of i
tror on shipping board vessels outside
the three mile limit is permissible un
der now treasury regulations issued
today, according to P. A. Vise, general
counisel for the prohibil on utdt.
The Interpretation was tuken as
settling for Gv time being the con
troversy over !Iquor on government
ships precipitatcd by Adollphus Busch,
3d, the St. Louis brewer, when he
wrote Pre.sident Harding that the gov
ernment was cngaging in the boot
legging business by permitting sale of
alcoholic beverages on shipping board
Solution of the problem, Waync U.
Whleeler, genicial counsel of the Anti
laloon C drl ed tonivitht. lies
in "excluding all h tOhat sell :stor
from Ameicra n port.s;."
I .gisl. tionl to this end is being co-.-'
sidered, lie said, as-erting that by put
ling both American and foreign ves
r-ls on an cqiual foot:nI with respect.
to 1I4n1o'. the col'Intitivc' fe tilre of
thle qluetin w.oul berenc d
The lie \ reu Ill:, t i:m wcce net drft
:.d with the in:tionl of sel ing the
11 0Atuoio of lituorr on shlip)ig board
v 'is. *%!. \'ise s:tId, .ad i fact we':
witn h o:C t' t q-csti:on aro::-e. A
tirawnx, hecverc, lhe said, they wvoLk
aply ejinit to Anmcrican and fore';;n
ships in permittin;g utn:etingt sea
C~tores within the thrxee mile. l:mit un1
er enstons ritlations which pro;vde
that, wrhile in Anrican ):>ti, all
liquors on1 board a hip n At hc nealed
It was i'recly predicted toni:ht at.
prollibi-ton headqutu I ers, he ever.,
that aln early opinion wouid be ox Lti
coming from Attorney General Daugh
erty definitely ruli-n on the quc::tidn
of liqtuor en Anerican Ships.
Chicag, Ju ne I6.-Adolphus lu. lh
has "plut ont over" and his pre"-t
posi tion in referc nece t. enforcing 'e
piohilbitioll lawa en Amiviti-i enn shl.m
is "abdove reploa ch and dtr inr
the higrhet co:ndolt iC n."' Vir
'Hinrhaw, chaiTman cf the proh:hitio:n
national committee, sah today in a
It is a r.d (oninay upon eu;
I.overnment thzt it h:'s remained for
America's foremnjlot formeor brewer to
reveal Ihe bile leak in tIhe nationi) - -
minlistrat:11n of th11 ohbiic amn ti-d
.neint," corntinued the latumnpt.
TR41OOi's ON lilUuN:
0TO 1: . AiT SOWN
TI-o-e v ".- ~ '.lefo i U .
' -<irablof /pinion of A;:n'(.
Ikriin. JIi lG.--T.he prc\ ce oC1 'f
ro :, of " v::r ev i it n" und r.
is u :.er'::e na i xon in i ?
in h:1 e ha hnr t aG: -n
'7C 1
ltOps in G1 erm;'any-th1C'. x'.'xh Ith
'ergry then v'Ith uinji'rsrity profess.or
ind la teax wt~mh the newvpap' ne .1'
.:ouxld be bet ter' if thers.e un its w'e,'e e.
ahced. Concral Al len s:niid r ate
n depor'ted. All the F-ingalese had
~one and only a part of the .\adagas
nri troops remnained. H'owevcr, there
vere about 15,000 color'ed troA13 stills
m the Rhine, conuosotI of nxorthx Afri
~an uits, -amo'ng \vhom a number of
v'hat are known as "black soldiera" ,
tre enrolled. None of these were uin
Ier his command, he added, and thero
vas no pros.pect that any 'would be.
General Alien expressed the hope
hat shortly no troops at all would be
equired on the Rhine. !He declared
he occupationi of Rtuhr wast "too terrn
)he to think ef" and .a move that no
aody wants. "Even the French do not
hVdnt tQg Occupy the Ruhr, except in'
rare of %?lh st Al
ten asserted. He'Iqte, - 1h
langer of disoi-der' in ca oc.
mupation wvas too great -for- it to .be
lightly contemplated.
As regards the wvitdraw-atl of Ameri
3an troops fm~m the Rhine, Gener'al
lleil 'aid he had .no ideg i ., long f
he remaining eobtingent would stay.
~o the present t'he American soldier
wvas satisfled 'and it had become a
standing byword in connection with'
yenalties to say: "You go home on the
Gteneral' Allen made it clear that
:houigh Frecnch troops -wore. being
b'og' in, his sector WMuld continue
to bie 'distinctly Amoridan. .'
on a ~cU~ 0tabj ~rEOIDJ
: * 0 0 * * 0 a 0 0 0 ,0 0 0 * :1
Riddles Old 'Field, June 19.--T'he
armers have been taking advantage
)f -the nice wedther for the past few
veeks. Harvest time Is at hand and
he threshers have -been busy ddt-ing
he last few days.
Miss Hester Britton is able to be
mt again, after suffering some time
6vith tonsilitis, we are glad to state.
A number of relativcs and friends
rroin this sectlon attended the Burns
reunion Sunday at 'Mr. S. J. Burns'.
Mrs. S. E. Riddle and children spent!
last week at Mr. N. D. Garrett's.
Mr. and Mirs. Brooks Cooper and
yoing son, Kenneth, were the ,wel
come visitors at Mr and Mirs. P. E.
ooper'o Sunday.
Miss Irene Owens left .Monday for
Rock Hill, whcre she will take a six
weeks summer course.
31iss Ida Dee, larlow and Charlie!
iarrett visited relatives at Lanford
ir. and Mrs. J. A. lUddle were the
Pests of Mr. und MItrs. R. Z. Garrett
Ind family Sunday.
Several from ti:s section went to
- entral Sunday afternoon to hea Rev. I
1. N. Kennedy-. Mr. Kennedy always
lel ive an ii intere.t ilg sermon.
Nellie 1ud l'rere I loward spent
Mhindcay -.itii theire f Iild, .liss liance
Mr. and Als. Joln lIl Rdes and I
Misses Hora and Alma Itiddle opjcwk
Satuirduay night at Mr. T. W'. Cannady'o.
-Miss Irtule Owe.is was t'ie guest of
lier friend, Miss 'Iari'ic Le.a Dall, Sat
arday night.
Air. and Mrs. Jamcs GJodi'rcy were
recent guests of Mrr. Go:lfrey's I.ur
ents, Ar. and Mirs. .1. t. Ov:ens.
We are glad to rprt a good mect
Ing being held at the Methodist church
in Gray Court.
W. Al. S. Circle No. 2 will mect at.
the home of Mrs. J. :.. Tdc(d Tuesduy,
June 27.
Legion and Labor lal'e Comnimi Ene.
niietg. Cliers Follod Talk.
Cincinnati, June 16.-Unity in the
principles of both the Aine inan Legion
and the American -Federa'oni of La
lhor was proclaimed here today at the
lederation's convention by leaders of
1_ih orgaiizations amid the applause
of the convention dderates who in
cele practically cv:-y rolillnent la
bor leader in the (on0try.
"''he Am!1r:C.an1 Fetdciratio:1 or' La
bor aid the America'i L io:i," saidl
lianfo:d Mac.N:der, utio:ti command
Or of the legion, "both have as ommon
nmi'aIes l'!one who seek to tear down
tie lawA'ful initegrty of on1r nation."
Samnuci C.::uora, residentl of the
Fed-r'dn (of Labor, added later the
can be n') division of
the two orgaizaTions r.s long as both
co:i1iue to LOct thi r hold on t heir
IL C.r'ge 1 ''. r~, rce coi~mm'r o'f(
the igin, .ud lo:sient of the
Franen 'r. In i, deel-.c*3red thiat pa1St
' '. " du, to a fr
:r Iv I l'o. in both tie
lct'io 0( amluh federli ,i .\lv. lA'i'y
hp 4.' hn~Xikhe rules."'
ini his Cpt'.Ch, Mrhi. -\ihcNider' told the
re'ed. 30 mec , 5o c.hUss, no0 (Istinctlaa
a y kind c::cept betmn thiuI e con
truct ive and d1estrultive f)rce',"' andr
bie a(ddedl th-it -'he ambuiition was to
ecp the legion "falr, toler'aa, clean
'th the ConeC!uilon of the~ address,
he delegite!) proke info a (demon3
arationi -that in'd-0-al.mn
The only Important wvork done b~y
lie convention was its secondl blow
it the one -big union idea vshich came
)efore the delegates by a resolution
>rop~osinlg adoption of a universal
abel. The proposal was voted dowvn,
seeley', Famous in This Specialty,
-Called to Greenwrood
F. HI. Secley, or Chicago and Phila
lelphia, the noted truss expert, will'
personally he at the Oregon Hotel,
md will remain in Greenwood Tues
lay on~ly, Juno 2h Mr. .84eley oays:
'The eh)niatic bhIeld will not oly
retain any case of ruIpturo perfectly,
but contracts the openin~g in 10 days
>n the average case. Being a vast ad.
raneement over all former methody
-exemplifying linstanltaneous 6ffects
rmelItaItely-. appreciable and swittis
standing anW strain ,91 position no
natter the size or location. XNarge or
lifleult eases, or inIi~onll rg ures
(following oper~atlons) speciall' soilc
ted. This instrument 'aelvied .he onl
Award i England and In Spain, p'o4
inciig-re'sults .withput aur'gery, inj~c
Lions,' medical .treatenits or. prescril
:ions. AIr. Seeley iae docunmentsfoii
the linited States Gloverminnt Wdtn..
Ington; 'f, 0,. fot' inspecting le wvill
b.,d a donon ta. ineihA
~t mtte ifl$ n . j .
We Have Had4
First Class Coi
Ready for tIa
We have an Anglo-4
One fourth of the ftc
States are of this i
that turn out any bett
Give our mill a trial;
be greatly pleased wit
of the flour.
Bring Us Your (
The Marchant Motor
Sthis territory for Ford Car
Tractors, announces that
the highest class service ir
occupied by the Vincept li
Moderrii mrachinerya
gether with the persona
Marchant on all repair w<
service that you desire.
Mr. -Marchant has I
with W. M. Thornpson, F(
complete stoc of all parti
and traieters w11lalways I,
We Give 'Trtan
- Corme to See Uspl
)ur Mill Put in
idition and are
ie New Grain
merican Marvel Mill.
ur mills in the United
ike. There are none
er flour.
we are sure you will
h the yield and quality
'orn for Grinding
s, S. C.
Company, new dealers in
s and Trucks and Fordson
they are prepared to give.
itheir quarters, previously
4otor Co,
mnd skilled mechanics, to
1 supervisioni of Mr. F. LM
)rk, will assure you 'of the
>een associated for 7 yeats
>rd dealer at Greenville. A
rfor Ford and Fordson case
e liept on hand.
a and Tractoii
ete Get AequaIited

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