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My Impression
and the Beai
By Mrs. J.
On May 17th a -party of men and
Women left the good old town of Lau
Iens to attend the Southern Baptist
convention which met in Jackson
ville, Including dates May 17-22. Wo
left here at 9 a. m. and mado the trip
In eleven hours, arriving there at a
p. Im., and found, numbers of autoino
Jbiles at the station, having the words
-"Hop in Baptists" printed on the
windshield. The stores -and all the
(places of business had the same slo
gan printed on their windows and in
driving around the parks and even the
lakes, you would see a large placard
"'Qop in 'Baptists". The inen held
their services in the Billy 'Sunday
tabernacle, 'while the women met In
the big 'auditorium of the armory
which would seat over 3,000 people
and was comforta-bly filled at every
service. After the first service of our
meeting in the armory we stopped by
'tho trbernacle and found that build
Ing crowded to the limit, ana a.s we
looked on that mass of more than
6,000 people we realized what a host
of Baptists there are in our Southlaild.
llere I was reminded of one of Dr.
Ferguison's witty remairks rwshen he
said "The Baptists of Laurens were
like IEnglish rgarrows, in that they
were about to take the tOvn."
- The magnltudo of the work was
shown at tle evening service On
T'hursday 1.41hen '18 new missionaries
were presented to the con vention and
will go out to different countries this
summer; amon-g this number were two
of our own younl :)eo)le, Nir. anid Mrs.
J. D. Watts, who will go to Palestin.
On the next evenin'l two ilore cf our
young people, 'MeFss. Frank and
James MeCCravy were rccognlitzed h
fore this body and swi'otly saig that
wondCfull hynin, ".oe of God's D.lys".
As our time was :noewhat limited
and ris we v.ished to see scm.ie of t
-bcaiutics of lorida we gave uip t-lie last.
sessions of the convention and :.ceel
ed the invitatic-n of Mr. -rA Mds. lir
mnonld Jone1s (whom mtany will rc:m
1b1 as visitors in our city a yeatr or
.o ago) and diovo out to Fablo ieachi,
about 22 miles from Jacksonville. Pie
ture a -beach 16 milo.a long of firm.
very sand, reflect:ng the tropl"; l
like myrimds of glistening diar:1 .i4
with waves sending forth S.:, of
salty, epray and 'backed I,-- ',.avily
wooded pahn groves and : a im
..agine 'what grected out: ;.":. As far
as you can see is'this glistciiig, hard,
and wvnderful sand houlevard, :olid
ly-lacked by the tidal waves rolling
over It each day. Th'is1 l nature's
speedway and automobile races, with
thrills, the kind that makes big head
lines in newsmp'ers, are held' here.
Another eagagement for the next day
with Mrs. Ford, nce Miss Anna Mar
tin, (laughter of our own Dr. and .lr.
hiartin of "Ben-Delia" fame, wats can
'celled on account of former plaiy
w'hich MIrs. Orisp, one of our p~arty,
~had made witih.her' soni, Frank{, to 1b0
'his guests at his hotel in Davonport,
'about 200 mile5 beow' .Jacksonville.
Wo, thlerel'ore, accepted Qir.' Crisp's
hospitaality and went- with him to the
Iolly' 1111 Groves on thle sconic ihills
:of 'avenport'. Our attention was at
'tracted by the thousands of acres of'
'rna-gni~flcont 'groves, beauti ful dlrives
~nd crystal lakes .of this iidge section.
Arriving in the 'hotel the first paper
'hat greeted my eyes wvas the dear old(
lianrens Advertiser" which I was so
'glad to see, for it made me feel at
'home as I road about (ho peoplo and
the news of Laurens. After -looking
over the- wonderful 'gossibilities of tis
Iolly Hil1l Aection of 'Polk county, and
Boeing tihe nlagnitudI6 of the lbusinesp
~o ably managed - by one of 01ur Owni
'boys; tt'rink Crispi, I was again made
?outd of Lautois.
ished on us that nature has given
Floida bu wehave medi and wvomen
-who are helping to m'ake o6her states
alid nations great. . he ".Likeland lay
enitng Telegrai" after cornmenting on
hbe great development of Jf olly 1111.
toves, had tis to inay' of Ir. Cris-p:
eA T is s, ian who is congenial, wide
') ake and -courtdous ( 'dhplaying a
'-b catoristie h11s, name so- appropri
'';7,t~iy convoya-4,rank' or frankness."
found pur linse 'had faliejh la 'Iens
~'.tiaes; for our' genial host niot on
~howed us Davonport-with her 5,00
400 of b'e'autiful gide~s, id neirby
oasuch as -attes.ity Lko Hatm
~~t a ntiimper of otiikrigbitalf 4own
e Wst coaS$ as far 4.s 8t, roterkburg,
~~olet't Davenport enrfiydpe inorMhg
'after n~eni ig soule time-in-bhe
K' ~~y ity of 4i-i ndte e~ at- y'd' n
lepti plelit. ~ti t foi.dJq
34 throtigh * b61 City aii
ftWeWlity& We' wikto
d$Adi i lan idihn
of theS.B. C.
ities of Florida
S. Bennett
in Ybor City and West Tampa dis
tricts, and the cigar makers are most
ly foreign-iborn, being -if Spanish or
Cuban descent. The drive from here
to St. Petersburg around Tamipa bay,
then on through miles of the ZMmorial
highway, lined on either side with
whitu and pink oleanders, is beautiful
beyond descripton. Ths is rightly
named the "Sunshine City," where
every scene is a picture, one qf the
most perfect all year around -play
grounds and pleasure resorts in Flo
rida. 'he only city on the east coast
swe visited wias St. Atgustine, which
I think was the most interesting, not
only on account of its an antiquity and
historical structures, but its location
on beautiful 'Matanvas lay is perfect
Ily lovely. North Beach fronts the bay
directly opposite the northern portion
of the city, while the green folinge of
Anastasia Island faces the southern
partlon of 'the city f'rom across the
Loy. The inlet intervenes between the
island and the beach and one can see
the white caps of the Atlantic through
this opening.
They tell us that whon New York was
an infant and Broadway a country
road, St. Augustine was an ancient
ecity. S-3he has been under the the In
dian, 'Foanish, E-nglish and American
rule, and therefore many lann'iark.I
and shrines contribute to her interest
lng hietory. 1any relics of great his
torlcal value, as respectsi the early dis
covery of Amerlcn, have been uaith
ed In tihe Inst fifteen years, on thc
Foltniain (;f Youth 1 tiate, and the
leep(er of the chapel shmowved u a
catitli me fade of steel and copper
'which was unearthed while' digging,
out the stump of a large palmeutto Ire-.
Thiis casque contains a -photographlic
recor(l of the ancier' s Istory of' tl
occupation by Pon-i deI Leon. To ny
mind the most i ::resting landniarki
Is Fort 'MarioI. 1-uilt of coquina, sonic
kind of shw' and rock composition,
foun( alo:: that coast. This wonder
ful sirm ture, overlooking bay and
oce'., was begun in 1690 and com
Sr "'d In 1756, at a cost of thirty mll
of dollars. It is a preserved
* C' .nen of Spanish military archi
tecture with many dungeons and sub,
terranean passages, and as we were
taken through these dark, vierd dun
geons, the guide would. turn on the
lights t') shov us Where the Indiam
and other iwsoners were tortured, be
fore death. Indeed we myere gla(
enough to goet 'it of these grim places
and as we stood and looked again
across the !bay at the charms of si,
Augustine, we were made to feel that
all the world is beautiful, and only
man is vile.
Underwod an Heflin Jolin TIogethuer
IAbmhisLKNbrris en Project.
Waih ing toni, Junne 1 7.-,Senators asup
p~ortinug and oiposing Hlenry IFord's9
offer- to pulrchase and lease the gov
ernmient's war initiated projects at
iMuscle Shoeals, Alabama, clashed to
day in a two hour heated discussion
ovenr ways and means of developing
the -projects for peace-time operations,
Senator- Underwood of Alabama,
c'm'ocra,tic Ileader, !procl'aimend himej
I olf "a Ford man" amid asked an op
lortunity to vote for the acceptance
of the Detroit manufacturer's .pro
posal before congress sadjourned.
Senator Norris, of Nebraska, chair
man of' .the -agricultural comnmittee,
which is investigating 'Mr. Ford's pro
penal in connection 'with 'other offer's
for Mfusple Shoals, also wetn on rec
.or'd. . -e -declared he was-oppos~d tc
the acceptance of the F'ord tender, 01
to any other, .avhich would .have the
effect of .selling iproperties ''costing
-the -people $1~06,000,000" for ''5,,000
1000"' and' leasing 'these not sold to
s'pm ivate interests for a period of 100
Senator 'Ieflin, demoicrat, Alabama,
joined his colleague Jn a' way that
left no dottbt as to his positrion on
the Ford offer and -proti-acted a -sharp~
verbal. exchange wVith Senator' tc
'Narsy, repubican, Oregophand with
Senatot'' Norris/whenj he s'aid Mr. 11&d'
had promised to manu factu-re ferti
lizers and sell themi at one-half thoh
presenat ' efing prioq. .T'he 'Orog'on
senator 'deriioa thmt ldfr. Iird inid
made such a proidse and protested
against "suc~h mudstatement,."
IHouge~ headers eiatito. veoe tirok
abidi Wect week 6~n the senate amihn'd
inentW she .ta'wrmy 1ill apipropratilig
117,50QOOf6 - jeoontintation~ of wvork on
the n'~sm Damn, he conferees oni
$t10ia ttehouseD it uwas believed,
'p~i~rht~ th an et'1ieto
&t tent' timo 4 aceo 49c
tige t cnr e
Subcommittee to Take No Action and
General CoimIttee May Follow Suit.
Washington, Juno 16.-The subcom
mittee of the senate agricultural com
mittee will report the cotton futures
amendment of Senator Dial without
recommendation and it would cause
no surprise were the committee like
Wise to report it to the senate.
The members of the committee in
lothor 'words, are apparently adraid
either to approve an amendment which
the farmers approve or to turn down
,an amendment which the cotton ex
changes insist must be .turned down.
Senator ',DIal said this 'afternoon
that he has asked the committee to
send his amendment to the senate im
mediately. le feels confident that
when action regarding it must be
taken in the light, its opponents will
Ibe oxce)tionally few. Senators from
cotton producing states who are men
bers of the committee are Smith of
South Carolina, IHarrison of Missi3
sippi, Ileflin of Alabama, Ransdell of
Lou-isiana and Caraw-ay of Arkansas.
Ransdell, who openly defends the
exchanges of -Nov Orleans, is the only
member who has admitted his opposi
The amendment would further re
strict cotton exchanges in delivering
any one of ton grades of deliverable
cotton to purchasers.
Its author has accepted invitations
from valious cities of the South, es
pecially in Texas and Alabama, to ad
dress busi ers meln 11d farmers oli
hii. anildment. 'He will nmake a tour,
it is indicated, as soon na congress
Slndent C('lled a "Hopelrs..; Iulhurd'
Sells .invnition for $450,100.
From a Cinri-nnatl Letter in the Newe
York American.
Gorge Sperii, 21-yeai-old student
at the Ulniver :ity of Cre
garde'd A,; a "hlope les dlmllard" by his
professors in the electrical engineer
ing department, quietly sold all rights
to a new type of electric meter, hits
hivention, for $50,000.
Dean Hiermann Schneider of ,the
College of Iangineering has announc
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ago I SiferedI a good (eal Withi my
'back and kidneys. I often hIld .in
flamation of the bladder and there was
a hurting across my kidneys. Wheni
I did any sowing my back hurt so bad
ly I had to stop. I couldn't stay on
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cine without results. I decided to try
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ed this fact, declaring that 6lperti,
who is working his way through
school, perfected the invention and
sold it witihout confiding in anyone.
Schneider received a letter from the
company which purchased the inven
tion congratulaung him on turning
,out pulPiIs of the caliber of George
Sperti. le did not know-n Sperti and I
investigated. When he asked a pro-,
fessor in the electrical engineering
department who George Sperti iwas,
the professor replied:
"A hopeless dullard who is flunk
Ing out in practically everything."
'Dean Schneider wrote the company
asking oicials their reason for the
letter of congratulation to him. Their
reply revealed for the first time that
Sporti had invented an entirely new
tyl!c of electrical meter and sold It to
them for $50,000.
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District of South Carolina.
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C., Bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that the
above named personl (or firm) has been
duly adjudged bankrupt, and the first
meeting of the creditors of said bank
rupt will .be held in the ofilco of the
uinderaignud in the city of Greenville,
S. C., on the 24th day of June A. 1).
1922, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,
at which time and place the creditors
may appear, examine the bankrupt,
prove theli claims and transact such
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rs than any -Studebaker i
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is CountyAl
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ty Only
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tomer, at
L Pair ...
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Orders. T
other business as may properly come
'before said meeting.
E. Mf. BLY'll!IE,,
49-1t teforce In Ilankruptcy.
Take notice that on -the 23rd day of
July, 1922 we will render a final ac
count of our acts and doings as Execu
tors of the estate of Chesley Finley
deceased, in .the oflice of the Judge of
Probate of Laurens county, at 11
o'clock, a. m., and on the same day
will apply for a ffial discharge from
our trust as Executors.
Any person indebted to said estate
its notified and required'to mako pay
ment on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever britred.
June 22, 1922. 49-5i-A
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