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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, June 21, 1922, Image 6

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Meel iGrim Reaper with Songs and
Prayers on Lips. Leave Warning tc
voting Menl.
Colutnbia, June 17.-S. J. Kirby, C
0. Fox and 'Jesse Gappins were elec
.trocuted at the penitentiary Friday
morning shortly after 6 o'clock foi
the mun rde r of IWN. Blrazell, ''olumbia
tUi4 (Iriver near teesville on the night
of August 7 kist.
The trio went to their deaths sing
-ing and praying. Kirby went first. 1H
feigned insanity and tried to -get his
bands fron the straos. The ofier
told hib ,la iId better take it easy
bmI a liz'an time he Slipped his
had fromn the strps. Tien foui
3i46 rds took hold of him forcibly; the
,straps were made tighter than thuli
m .1 t he t:rn i tm was sent through his
hydy, a. ini Winge deprivle, beeaus
of conIiury . avio of tho privilg4
of miab - 1st skttt'ilL. GappinS
V.ni 1-';>x ist, the eltir1
- - n minutes, .ox
t-m it u ;: : and ntm d th!I(
Y. .
V1 -a
- - i feti-d cau t d . post
w (domil-i durn
n i ; : u:1 7. 1921. Tht- t it :
h talo h it 11vi
1) N. 1) il i
L Tnko olhe wdsjar b ol
01nt n I n i I jt.
INVI.1BLE El 'llt
NOT NEEDI11:11 D "'lE!
Law3 v.'yers. Should Ie in Opl.
Orlando, F'la., Jun1e I';. --DeclaIn:);
0that there 1-is i 111ae for "al invisiblI
em ir " ithlin lte l'nite'd la .;anl
uhanetrizngthe usurpation of gov.
ornmental i'anelions by the Ku Klu:
Klan or any other organization .I:
de-stilIed to do ilestimable wrong ti
tsociet y, 1.'n1ited States .lutdge lienr [] I
Clayton assailed the policies and prin
c:iples of sic societies In fier
phraseology today in anl address be
fore the Florida State Bar associa
"It is true," Judge Clayton said
"that tihe people have tihe righlt ti
revolutionize 0or change their govern
maent whlene-ver they see it to (do sc
hilt it is quite' a dlifferent thin1g to
this set of men or that set of men t
ulnder'take outtsideC of the laaw to de
clare that -the gover'nmelnt 1s incfli
clent and( to arrogate to themnselve
thle power to fuarnisih suitiplemental rc
med(1I es."
"There is 1n0 ilace,'" tihe spenfke
continued, ".for' an inlvisile empir
withn) the ttniterd States, 1n0r any rea
son for' elan ort gan~g to (do any3 .pal
of the busin-ss of governing or1 em1
r'ecting 01r pihini1g citizens. A seet
or-gani'zation for such purposes I
repr'ehensible( notwithust andhing avowal
of its members that3 they haav'e swor'
to uphold1( thle consI tiution) of th
Ulnited States. Such avowals and( suc
oaths Call not dlefeatt thle juast char'g
that these organizations are con
opiracles against law and govern
Jud1(ge Clayton said he wvould ett
1te ease of "an1 emninent ciitizenCI c
A labama1,'' Who, 11e said, joind thI i
klan andl~ laLt erI dIiscoveredI that ita're
ualar' docket" was mlaintained contain
inig eases agaist citizens Of thle stat(
"After h~e had suiC~cde In clear
Ing tils '(docket,' mnany of iwvhose case
involvedI morce personal garievancc 0
.lpite, this good 1man1 atbanldonled hi
that "')rganiz-ations suchi as thisg hav
no place in our land1(, they ia'e n1(
uiseful inl the governling business an~l
-can nlot fail to lbe prlodutctive of erine.
1785 192!
*Four-year' courses0 leadl to the A, li
A thre-.yar( eourts-e leads to th ide(I
greec of It. 8. withi MCeic. 'Thle t~wo
year pre-medC~ical ourise 1s ta !.4pleia
A coturse ir- Comme'rce atnd Butsines:
Admninistraio or1 0 sulperior e-xcellenec
will be introdtuced in the tail.
Open to mendi andl~ womeni.
':pensest amodcraateC. For termsit, cat
- 49-3
Will be Held as Long as there are Two
Veterans Left, .Declares General
Richmond, June 19.-Confederate re
unions will be held so long as there
are two Confederate veterans left -to
attend, was the assurance of General
Julian Carr, commander-in-chlief, Uni
ted Confederate Vteran!, in reply to
the hope of Governor 1i0. Lee Trinkle
that this would not be the last re
union, speaking at opening sessions
of the Confederate Southern 3Memorial
, association today In the Jefferson
"Governor Trinkle may be assured
that his %ish wilI be granted and that
many m' ore Confederate reuniions will
i he-ld, Ceneral (arr said amid thel
apph'iaus.e ot t distinguished audience
of Southr, u.il . "The people we
honior aInd are descendants of, repre
se'ted "hine. civilization tihat ever
vcd tuider any flag. W' can always
lIin wiin pride to the fact and be
for ;14 1 &. C Iii 1 fortitude. iEn'giand
iS nmt a: A h I.'- ;n. havie we. Th re
L; no" oneo in Wesun;11iIn..ter 'A:nh'-i
.t \\achuin2t on LThe
I' (I I i Z o th
* ~ ti L~ie sail: it a
Sis In oly with a 'iluv that
ao II i 't heColcd..t
. T ( i ,.i :- . l"\ e h to thi
t'o - a:e i-an :a e. hl he l d 'so
;r a: two ('onfuderat
o r to attn1d and trust thla as;
"f ld did mIre for \ 'i 1 ktan
f r:.nIy ot:wer :;ate ()I country.'' is the
'Jullan 'arr. !
i i -of th( Southcrn C n..
--d ritei vot . uts. "IHo iwr't* PPO
a itn a., lait na i
' o m ;a v '* teo:. lrI(l II. to Ib
woinan of thI sou(1 4th111td. . m1h an t!-at
' uh nt tt i ::br~i aor he t ii Wii
"a 1 io r0'i i hi1i1. I Vi
Tih .-"h e ot!-r a f hOr
(i is it le >: Oi d ; o uld .~(i
p~ Idoe ioy, thl n nV, ha10(42 se .-,- il fo.
inomi dol Mhi!ciN im ghtes e
-'ued r cv 5(h .ltlI pi: h i. r ne
many ition ; P-e spocrt ve "f
Ow muth SIOak but One, the Speech
of h11ai liber..ty .nvd free-doml.'
ThiIe v% orbI does no0t, willinly MaI
'Injus t ohe souand the orid moild
V rept th omitt if a hitor vtre writ
ten that the word would read and
:once ive I in a .Jrlj of fairness. Fitz..
frald Flournoy, ithodes scholar from
Virginia an,l lnited a hichterls ol th
Clfdery Scholaship hold en b
Washington and Le U'niversity, e
"Injustices .to the south Hie mare In
hats enevmoreaiged than htesrc
tualvlyiwin. Tems niiu
actualfasthood, butswhich, tely only2
t lhe sOthin thnesctninacndtrover-y
preatation, the history of the 01ld
-Southern civilizatilon, its acts, its
ideals, and its~ at mosphiere miiust he re
r laccd before the world. It must be
.written so that the world will read
andl Ccnv in such a spirit of fair
njess that none cani talke offenuse, but
~it mu lst hae writ ten.
i Flance Dead, $Girl Spurned AnIothier's;
a 1Love; lie $lew 11er.
SFrzomi the Chicago Uerald and Ex
.. Mabel Kerwia is dleadI-shiot down
- by .Robert F. Mcfloberts, 'wealthy hotel
owner, who killed himself after firing
a two bullets into her body. She was
f ki lied because in cherishing a mem
ory, she s'purned tho love Mcflobertt;
- ai ttempted(0 to force upion her.
.. Romance fIrst camne into Miss Ker
.win's life wvhen she was i8 years
..1(l. She was loved b~y a young rail
3 road man, and shie loved him in ie
turn. TIhey beenme engaged. Then
Caine the happiest dlays of' her life
d(ays of prep1arations for the wvedding.
The spring ntights were lyric 'with
Sestacy. The moon wvas never' so bril
liant. Arm in arm they strolled in the
filet darkness and she lIstened to his
plans for the coniuest of the world.
At last came the day she was to ob
tain her trousseau In Chicago. All the
putrchases were made. She b)oarded a
traIn at .the city termina-l to start
hiomue t Julijet. T1 hen she caught a
fleet lng glimpso of hmimi on another
train, bounde in the opplosite directiot,.
She waved. Ho sawt her and stam'ted to
heal) from the train.
-She saw him hurled from the plat-.
form against a 'telegraph 1)o10. ' His
body (trashed1 to the ground.
When she recovered she was Aye
mIles awvay. The trnn iWas $tfnnnna
-She hurried back. Her fianco wa
Mrs. Mary O'Keefe, her aunt, tell
the story.
"And that was why, wperhaps, sh
spurned 'MoRoberts," said said. "Sh
always kept the yellowed weddin
gown in memory of her first love.
saw 4t-treasured in a secret box
when I nyas last in Joliet."
Judge of Fourth Circuit Succumbs 1
(Darlington. Funeral Held Yesit-i
Darlington, June 19.---Judge E-d,(war
McIver of the Fourth judicial circui
died at the Hotel McFall here at 3:1
o'clock this afternoon.
Judge Melver had come to Darling
ton for the summer term oi cour
which he opeled this liorlilig. 11
had not beenl well, but his condiio|
was such that he openled the cour
and continued business until 12 o'cloc
when he was forcedi to adjourn be
Cause of his illness.
Ie Ic was acccn. aliei to the hml '.c
1J. P. 1ilgo, court stenograisher. 1)D
. I. Edwards was summoned, am
afier In'll iaio r d~n
,alled Dr,. S I a n elfo 'o
ince for a consul tation Judge .M
Ivor howed gns Qf improveirnnt
ind the ill mawn advi;ed again call
ing hi.; family. Ile had sutiered 'tii
unne:Mry'o e'larmi hlis f;.Ci:y
hin1 a short laime ho bezlieeni w,*
nd died at :: G5 o'clock. 'h' bot:
lh(ak to C.i'.Vaw tonigh! :i
ermnft tomorrow.
'ThIe news of th( death of .lul c .e
,r causled m1uoch surrouw inl Dari.ii.
1, where he ilad m11lan y wam iiei.
Solicitor J1. 31conzoe "pears haIs: 1:7,
;I GouVernorW IflrVey 0 1. 0 p int V. C
tenns secial julg(.- ro continuo tit
.m111 of coIrt.
Tle members of the Darington b:n
il atteid the funevral ill Chra t,
In <
Laurens, S. C.
Thursday Ni
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