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To Use Kentucky Asphalt
to Beaufort St.
City Council Orders Election on Three
Bond Issues for Waterworks, Street
Improvement and Refunding of
,Floating Indebtedness. Election
July 25.
'Church street from West Main t4
Beaufort street will be paved with
Kentucky rock asphalt, it was finally
decided upon by the City Council at its
meeting held Monday night.
This street had been the subject of
discussion at almost every meeting of
the council since last January and
once before the council decided upon
a plan of improving the thoroughfare
with Augusta gravel. Part of the
street, from Mleaufort to the bridge on
the far end of Church street, had been
surfaced with Augusta gravel when
the work was sug:>ended. The work
now planned is for all of Church street
excepting -that portion. The material
to 'be used on the new work is known
as Kent-ucky rock as:ialt and is a
natural, hard surfacing asphalt. This
will ho spread on a 5-inch bse of con
c rete.
According to the -plans th.At were
adopted at a recent meeting of the
council, a space five feet wide, from
West Main street -to Laurens street,
will be reserved on Church street work
for the planting of trees, shrubbery
and flowers. It was currently report
ed on the streets yesterday that the
Civic League is planning to bcnctify
the reserved space on Church ,;irect
in the same manner as they have
cared for the court house rolr.
H0ond El(etion r1 d.:ed
Another matter of im)ortance that
was decided upon at the council
meeting wais the ordering of an elec
tlon on th 3endin bond is'nes, for
which a majority' of taui:,:ayers have
petitioned. A report from Mayor
Dial showed that there aro 818 tax
payers on the city book.., (1 I .12D
have signed the petition.
The election has been ordeled to be
held Tuesday, July 25th. On that day
'citizens will be asked to vote oil three
bond issues totaling $170,000. One of
the tbond -issues is for the 'WAtur and;
LIght Commission's use and is for the
amount of $65,000. Another for the
r'ame amount will be used by the coun
oil to wipe out its present floating in
debtednesa. The third issue, nmount
ing to $10,000 is to be used for perman
ent street improvements.
The present bonded Indebtedness of
the city, according to a statement of
Alderman Dial at a recent meeting of
the council, amounts to $126,000.
Should the three of the bond issues to
be voted upon in July be passed the
total bonded indebtedness of the city
will be $296,000, but the increase in
the city's indebtedness will amount to
only -$105,000 since one of the issues
for $65,000 is to transfer a floating
debt into a bonded debt.
The only other matter taken up at
Mfonday night's meeting tif the council
w'as the passage of an ordinance to
iirotect the Laurens Baseball Club
from those who Would plark their cars
or -loiter in them 4n the neighborhood
of the ball field and refuse to 'ptsy the
price of admission.
The ordinance imposes a fine of not
*more than $5.00 on those who have no
tickets to the 'ball game and 'who park
their cars for more than, two minutes
anywhere on South 'Harper street
from the Heriderson home to the Dun
lapl home. Instructions have been or
deredl to 'be issued to the ipolice officers
* o strIctly enfore 'this ordinance,
1~ S~v~ tor'e to 0poni Up About First
Webki August,
irl Anouncement it made in another
* oumn of Lb4s.'aporlof .the early oiw
l'A in kaor of 'ggly Wiggr store,
otul hli1)n of -grocery st 1*(I b.h
1 d 1I91 ee~i' past tjg,
i1 o ho.4 if (( ' ie* as
P1$ r'~ed~ tild 4 tilat the
19itorWu pt on bout Aw
Mrs. Edgar Owens, of ClInto, Come
Se' Ad. Others have Large Score,
George 11. (Bolt, Laurens, R. F. E
'No. 6, was pronounced by the judge
as winner of the first iprize in The Ad
vertiser's B3ee-1-ive contest, conclud
ed last Tuesday night. lMr. Bolt sub
mitted 16-2 words, but 14 were markei
out as being incorrect, leaving -a ne
total of 148 words. Mr. Bolt sent 4
single subscription, qualifying him fo
the -prize of $15.00 awarded for tha
Mrs. W. Edgar Owens, of Clinton
-had the second largest net score o
145 words. As she sent in two sub
scriptions, qualifying for .a large
prize, her award was $18.00, actuall
exceeding the award of the first -priz
winner by $3.00.
The third -i1rize winner was Jerom
Gray, of Gray Court, two sabscriptiont
136 words, his award -being $10.00.
Fourth -place went to Miss Ethe
Cook, of .Ware Shoals, who enterei
without a subscription. She nettoi
132 -words and wins $1.50.
Fifth place went to Aiss Mary Roi
of Laurens, who sent in one subserip
tion, had a net score of 120 words an
secured a prize of $2.00.
Sixth place went to Miss Ethel Ow
ings, of Fountain Inn, who qualilic
in the first class with no subscri!ptionr
had a not score of 1.19 words -and wa
awarded 50 cents.
The judges were . James II. Sulli
Vanl, 'Mrs. -U. :L-. .' -e:3 and -Miss l]ll
loland. They -d -a large number o
lists .to go o-- and it was Only after 1
painstakina examination of over si:
4ours that they were .finally able ti
reach a decision.
This contest proved to be very pop
ular, as evidenced by the large num
"cer -f lists received. The work of th
judges was done In a thorough and im
partial manner, and all contestants cai
rest assured that their lists receive
fair consideration, and that the 'priz
winners are deserving of their award:
The thanks of the publishers arc dtu
the judges for their kindly assistanec
14Illit] FF 11, (. REID TO
County 0..cers of Two States i1
Meet at lender.sonville, July 4th.
Sheriff S. C. Reid, and Eblicitor 11
S. Blackwell plan to be in attendanc,
at the barbecue and convention of thi
sheriffs of 'North Carolina and Sotl
'Carolina, which will be held on Jiul;
4th at Giendcrscnville, N. C. Sherif
Grant, of Henderson county, was Ii
the city last Thursday to extend I
personal invitation to them.
Sheriff Peld, in stating that he w'l
leave for the convention next 'Monday
said that the work of 'his ofilee wil
continue as usual under the directIo:
of )eputy Owings.
Food For Thought to be Dispensed t
Forum Whenu Established,
A call for those in the city who are
interested in the establishment here o
sonme kind of "forum" has been issuei
by James H. Bullivan and Ralph T1
'Wilison' to meet in the court housa
Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
The "forum", discussion, or' publi,
speaking club, or whatever else it ma:
'be decided to name the contemplate<
organization, has been under the con
sideration of many .peciple hero fo
several months, but up to blhis an
nouncement no deflnite turn has beel
-The plans of those who are inter
ested in the new organization are tha
-periodical meetings shall ibe held a
which. -time lectures, debates or dis
eussions on timely subjects will b
taken up. "F11ood for thought" is th
miotive of the organization and it i
expected that many who are 'interest
ed will be at the meeting FI~ri~y even
New Orovery Store to 1o Opened bi
Hlenry M. Silell on July
'The Sanitary $to is the name of
ne grocel'y stot'e 'to open up n thi
city 0T Jly letiety M. Sheti t'o
pLtigy wfhl be:"Wigg'andl mang r c
The 'ibWenteriien
ik~Sliell has already insta~lled no'
fl~uros and eecte to be ready ac
suine~ss $aturdpy siotn ing~ Accoi'din
to 1,is. Lnntgne!ement, . iVied' olod
dvf1itr iuthlis perlie expects to d
.1ing Held in M e thod lst . Churgh't
.Sunday Afternoon lin interest of
I Education.
-Following a discussion of different
- phases of edicational matters held at
- a meeting in the First MethodIst
church Sunday afternoon called -by
t liss 'Wil Lou Gray, State Supervisor
of Adult Schools, it was decided to
hold a ,big educational rally In the city
t of Laurons -a-bout the first weok in
August to be followed by smaller ral
lies at each school in the county dur
ing the following week. The rallies
-. in .this county are to be a part of a
wider program of rallies in every
county of the state.
3 About twenty peadle attended the
meeting, most of thon being repre
3 sentatives of various women's clubs
und charitable societies of the city.
iMiss Gray explained the object of the
I meeting, prefacing her remarks 'with
I an explanation' of a plan to hold two
summeij schools for adult pupils
somew-here in the state during the
next few months. One school is to be
for men and one for women. The state
I department of educatilon, -she -sald,
would finance the teaching staffs of
the schools while clu-bs and charitable
organizations will 'be asked to aid in
the vork -by provid:ng scholarship:-.
3peakiug of the ,woposed education
ill ralles, hc said that the object was
to impresj -the voters of the state
- with the importance of electing men
r to ofilce who will be sympathetle with
I an advanced educational program for
the state. She quoted figures and
) 'howcl charts to (elmolnstrate the fact
tht other states are out-strlpping
- uth Carolina in the educational
- ticld and said that the most p)actical
way of overcoming the apathy as to
- edtucation was by .briging the n eda
of tha s.ate .prom!nently hefore the
I pople thei:-eives.
3 a ler hie dicca-::-Ion of t(e11c :
ST. Wi~o w:.a c: lkd oa to explaia
-hI-l. e tuinte)td vt't th-at theo l-Asw
~m of tie leai:.inu h; t mad.l fr.i'.ed
appi1rpri eno mommy,. U)1 to 1 me*'t tie
I reiud rem ent of the cqua il:zlug law
whereby ieh school district wa
gI :muran teed sr mu chl money provid
it met certai conditions which :h
equalizing law stiptilated hiall be met
to quality for sttte ail. The distriCts,
he said, had met the eamdition-i but
the at-ate had faile:d to ap!"propriate
enough money to do it:4 Share. The
r re:mevdy for avoidi-n the de.fielts in
'ilh. future, -he srid, w --s either for the
equal,,:zbg law it be repealed or that
legislators be elected who woild vote
I 411c0ielt a rnratiaus to make th
law effective. In response to a qulea
I tion as to how the 'L mre'i delegation
i votedl on the -appropliations, he raid
that it wm his recollection that the
Laurens representatives voted for the
full appropriation but that the appro
,riation was 'reduced in the senate.
The -apropriation ill, he said, was a
state and not a county affair.
.Approximately $50,000 Remialins Uni
Palil Said to be Thtree 'limes as
Many as Last Year.
That tihe tax executions this year
wvill ibe three tines as many as last
1 year and that they will amount to ap
- proximately $50,000.00 wvas announced
'last Saturday iby Auditor J. W. Thomp
'rThore were 900 executions last year,
Auditor 'llhmspson oxidI lied, while
- thIs year there will be more than
t 2,500. Of the -$50,000.00 in taxes which
t -still remain uncollected, Mr. Thomnp
- son said trhat $20,000.00 is for school
3 taxes, and -that this partly explinS
3 why school claims .have not been paid.
'rTaxes may yet be paid at the treas
- urer's omile before the additional costs
- of execution aro added. The penalty
at present is 8 per cent in addition t:o
-an extra cost of $1.00.
Mr. F"rankl P. MIc~owran, Promineni
I r embe~r t LoenI JBai is Appoinledl
- SpeO&1,'iidge -by Governor Harvey,
C (olumnbia, un0 2.--Governor ai
voy todlay appointed Frank P. Mcaow:
an, of Lnos, to ho a special ju~dg<
rto hold oneek's Court -of genorad
saionf Of Vork ctunty beginning th(
-eond -Mionde-y in July. The- appoint
0mont wna mado necessary by the death
of 11td0 El'neht M~Ore,
Laurens in First Division After First]
Week of Piy. '1wo Gaines with
Abbeville Here This Week.
Bing! 13ff! Ban! The 'Carolina Base
4all League was off with a Jam-up
gamc played on the local dliamond
Thursday afternoon in which Laurens
coiped the -ilrst of the series from
Greenwood by a score of 2 to 0. A
large crowd of fans from all over thei
county, with a strong .aggregation of
rooters from Greenwood, was on hand
to see the henchmen cavort around thei1
field and tlhe crowds went awa* y sat-'
isiled that they had seen a real game
of -ball. Bobo -pitched for LaurensI
and Calvet for 'Greenwood, both
flingers giving superb exhibitions of
how the old apple can be made to
tease the hitters.
Greenwood turned the tables on
.Laurens Friday afternoon, taking .the :
sceond game of the series from the
local boys in a keenly contested af
fair by a score of 3 to 2. Jeter Owings
hurled for the locals and :Payne Hen- I
derson was on the mound for Pratt i
Henderson's aggregation. Errors in I
the pinches and inability to bunt at
favora'ble opper'.mit,:es were costly
for the local team.
In the r.eantime A'bey!:le and An
derson were plitting the first two t
gamnes of their sceries ::loy, d at Ander- i
son, Albbevulle tak ig tie fir:t and
Ander-son the rcad.
-Dringing the narrative rig:t up to
daite, La.,u:c lo;t to A hi: .: 3 1n
day boy a score of 2 to I and vioi from I
the Abbevillians yesterday in a slug
g ni mateh -- a score of 17 to 8. Ac
~ording to thc dollsters returnin: last
n'e:. hi, every man on the team mode at
lerst one hit many players m.hin Ig
ove al hits. Th'kree l:iteles. were
us. by Aaedile. In Go two gaies
at G ree1nwood, Greenwood took hoth
Imn of the series.
With four gaines out of the sixteen
-hiyed, Greenvood is lo.iding the I
leaue, Lauirens and Ai:6e vil le ara '
tie(l ior econd plaec and Al Andurson is
hanging on to the cabocse.
j allowjjing is the sLanding of the
clubs to date:
Von Lost PCt.
Orcenwood..........3 1 750
aurens.................3 2 500
Abbeville .......... 2 2 500
Anderson.... .. .......1 : 250 1
;aurens plays Abbeville on the lo
cal lot Thursday and Friday of this
'week, while Grcenwood plays at An
(erson. To game will start hereafter, (
at .1:30 o'clock instead of five.
W1en 1(novn Farier Meets with Un
timely Denthii Near Hekory Tavern. t
' J. Abraham Coates, well-to-do farm
or of the dlickory Tavern section of the
county, was struck by lightning last
\Wednesday afterVoon and instantly
killed. 'He was in the yard of the
home of - . L. Baldwin, his brother-In
law, wvhen struck. Mr. Coates was '45'
years old.
What is most singular about the un
timely death of Mr, Coates is th-at it
had not ralined at the time he was
struck my the lightning ibut that a
storm was applroalching. 'While paying
a call at his brother-inlawv's home, he
noticed some threatening clouds in
the direcction of his home which was
only a short distance up the rond. Go
ing into the yard In company wvith Mr.
Blaldwvin and his son, .he was struck by
the lightning ;belt wvhen about twventy
feet from the dwelling.
IIxamination of his body showed that
the electrical current entered his fore
head and ranged downward, ripping
his trousers and shoes, it entered the
ground. TIhe soles from both shoes
were torn completely from the uip
Duriai services wvere held Thursday
aftem~.on at the Quaker Ilaptist
church and wvere conducted by Rev.
Afr. Coates is survived by his widowv
and ten children.
To Spond Summer Hero
UT. S. Senator Nat. B. Dma. and famn
Ily are expectedl to arrive in the city
this afternoon. Senator Dial will re
main a few days, 'but his family will
spend the summer here.
* L. 0. flalle at Hospuital
Mr. ib. 0. Blalle, loft the (.ity' Monday
miorjning -for !Spartanburg twhero he
expecid to utidergo a minor 6p'eration
In 'the unral hdsnital thia.
Tentative Date Set For Rail.
road Strike
Strong Sentiment Said to be Disclosed
Among Failway Workers for Natdon.
wide Strike as Protest Against Wage
Reduelions Ordered by Labor Board
Chicago, June 27.-Raivlway union
oicials continued their conferences
today on the threatened railroad strike.
With informal statements iby union
leaders Indlcating that the referendum
of shopmen, maintenance of -way em
ployees and clerks throughout the Uni
-ted States discloses a strong senti
ment in favor of a strike as a protest
against wage reductions, J. C. Smock,
assistant to the president of the main
tenance of way men predicted the
walkout would be called July 15. Oth
ers said conferences with railroad of
ficials i.-robably would delay the call
until August 1.
Word came out of the secret con
ferences that a meeting of union execu
tives within the next few days might
include the "big four" brotherhoods of
trainmen, who are unaffected by the
wage cut decisions of the railroad la
bor board.
-3. 1. Jewell, head of the railway
employees; deparlment of the Ameri
(!-in Federation of Labor, said an "tim
portant annonneement" will be made
Th'lursday as a result of the meetings
on strike .plans and policies.
Any proposals from the railroads to
prevent the threatened strike will be
heard, union ollicials said, -hut they ad
v-anced little encou ragemnit of' devel
OpIlenits in that (irection.
The 'nited States railroad labor
-board resumed Its hearings today on
contract cases.
Only 83 Tolers are Registered. Thir.
teen are Wlomen. Books Close July
An examination N1'onday morning of
the enrollment book in the clerk of
court's olice disclosed the fact that
l) to that date only 83 voters have
registered. Of this number, the book
shows that 1.3 are women.
That the registration of voters thus
far has been very light can be noted
from the fact that two years ago, be.
fore women were granted the privilege,
the number of registered voters in this
district were 610. Although the books
will be oPen for registration until
July 25th, managers of the election
are urging that all citizens who de
sire to vote at the coming election reg
ister at once. As an inducement to the
-ladies, a statement 'was anonimously
made -that the law doees not require
that they state their age.
Watts Trims Camuperdown
The Wntts team won from Camper
dlownf Saturday, 7 to -5. 'Parhanm, a
veteran from 'Cross Anchor, pitched in
good style. The lWatts team put up a
game, uphill fight, scoring -twvo runs
across the plate in the ninth. The hit
ting of Walker, Waldrop and Henry
in the eighth and iputting flye markers
featured. Five lilt batters played a
large ipart ini the Camperdown defeat.
Tldwvell, a youngster playing his first
game, fielded well for the visitors about
the keystone bag.
,Barrett of the visitors secured a
pair of hits, while 'Wa'ldrop 'wna cred
itedl with tifree safeties.
Score: MR
WVatts .. ...... ..........7 9 5
Camperdown .... .. ........ 51 2
Parham and lBarrett; tiosnell,
Marchabanks and Yeargtn.
Veteranis Return fromt Rteuion
Captain J. W. Lanford and Melworth
Fleming, of Lanford Station, andl J. P.
Caldwell, adjutant of Camp Garlington
and J. D. Mock, commuandler of the
camp, returned last. Thursday night
'from ichmuond, Va., where they at
-tendedl the United Con federate Veter
aus reunioni. Rleturning \vith the vet
erans was 'Mrs. J. Warrmenm Bolt, wvho
wvas matron to the local veterans at
the rum on. Misses Margaret Dunlap
sponsor, Atnd 'Virginia Suill ivan, maid
1of honor, went to Washington after
'he reunion.
s Elected to Highest Position in the
Slate. 3Mr. T1. Lane Monroe is Also
lionored by Election.
Miss 'Lucia Barksdale, of this city,
vas elected \Vorthy Grand 'Matron of
he Eastern Star last week at the 15th
tnnual meeting of the grand chapter
>f the Eastern Star held in Columbia.
F'ii. is the highest honor that the
o':astern Star can confer upon anyone
n tile state. -Miss Barksdale was As
ociate Grand Matron of the grand
ha-pter last year. Another honor to
>e won by Laurens was the election
>f Mr. T. Lane -Monroe as Grand Sen
The delegates this year to the an
1ual meeting of the Eastern Star from
dah Chapter 'No. 6, the local chajp
or, were: Miss Sarah Corroh, Past
Yrand IElecta; Mliss 'Lucia Barksdale,
hrand Matron; :Miss Ethel Langston,
dirs. Madge M. Taylor, and Mr. T. Lane
hionroe. Airs. T. Lane Monroe attend
'd the meeting as a visitor.
Consideration of an Eastern Star
fospital or orphanage in the state was
iken ill) at the annual meeting but
to definite decision .was reached, local
lelegates re-orted upon their return.
Pile resolutions from local civic and
raternal organizations were present
d by the committee to the grand chap
er -and were received with thanks as
nformiation. The committee was as
urd that Laurens would receive the
!onsIderation which it was due when
he matter of selecting a site for the
rphaniage or hospital would come up
or definite action.
lhildren from Infancy to Six Years
of Age Will be Eligible in Coitest
for Prizes.
A baby conf'rence, in which chil
Iren ralging inl age from infancy to
ix years, will be eligible to enter, will
Jo lel in thle county court. house
Piursday from 10 A. M., until 5 .P. M.
'hysicians, under the direction of Misg
tuth A. llodd, director of the Chlil
iren's Blureau of the South Carolina
-1oalth Dc:%artment, and Dr. Charles
. llayne, ci Columbia, State Health
)licer, will he at tile Court House
luri'ig the hours of tile conference to
xaminv, weigh- and measure the ba
Miss Sallie Gossett, county nlu'se, inl
nlaking the annoineement of the Col
'erence, said that the local Ibniks, the
livic League and the Business League
inve cooperated in making up a purse
if $35.00 which will be divided into
>rizes to be awarded to the ables.
Pihe judges in the contest will -be from
mong the members of the Laurens
3ounty Medical society.
The Kings Daughters, who 'will be
11e hostesses at tile conference, are
)lann!ng to hold a public meeting at
,he close of the conference. It is ex
*ated that at this meeting a promil
lent speaker will be present to ad
lrss the gathering before the prizes
tr'e awarded. A musical pr'ogram Is
ulso -being arrlanged.
iiir. J. L. M. 11rby of This City, Ia Ap
po(inlted as5 MemberWI of Military Stnff.
Colunlbia, June 24i.-Governor H-ar
rcy announced today theO appointment
>f the following mcen as mfemnbers or
lis military staff: 0. W. -Drawdy,
ilreenpond; Major *W. 'F. 'Robertson,
Ireenville; F. M. 'DeSaulssure, Jr.,
ireenville; William Godfrey, Cheraw;
3. N. 'Hasty, Charleston; J. L,. M.
[itby, Laurens; Ernest b. Allen, Aiken;
I. TI. Stanton, Ihunbar'; S. Lois Gold
Imith, Tiedmiont; 'W. R. Scar'boroulgh,
Bishopville, and J7. Pope 'Matthews, Co
Nvw P'hone ilNrectory
Announcement that a newv city tele
July, was made yesterday by Mr. W. Ri
itichey, pres~idenlt oif thle 'Laurlens Tele
pholne Comlpaniy. Tile new director'y
will contain n. much01 lar'ger nu1mberC of
teIlphonle subscr'ihers: than thlat or a
year' ago and will also contain a num11
herl of attractive' adver'tisements of
merch~'lants in tihe city.
Laurlens Mill Wils
TpelO 'Lamur'ens 31ill, in a stubb)1onlly
fought game irlayed at FIlnoree Satu
day, (Jefeated the lEnoree Mill 6 to 1.
The' featur'e of the game was tile pitch
ing of Frady anid n 'homeo -runm by Perrly
Cambjbell. Theo Laurens men played
air-tight balh throughout the game.

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