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Va1te of South Carolina111,
County of Laurens.
'W he eas, )Ctitionis signed by a lega
n er of the qualliled olectors an<
fIrehIldt 13 residing in I ia trens scIoo
district :'4. 5, rl'aturens county, Souitl
Catri., askilg for. an electiol upoi
the t11.it.to of voting anl additiolil
6 Itill tx upon the proiperty inl sal
chool district, to ibe used for -chou
littplsw(, have 'been id with tih cotn
ty ! o.Id of (edIc tfim), all election I
hereby !dqred u)oni said utiestion
said ( ci I on to be held on the 13tl
day of Julyl 1922, at 'Copeland Schoo
htltdingt-, inl said district, under thll
mtanlagetinent of tihe trustees of sat(
school district.
Only such electors as return real 01
*personal property for1 taxationl anu
wIo .hilit their tax receipts and reg.
hsitat.-on *(ertilleates as reluir-od Inl th<(
geetral <!etion sIall -be allowed tc
,vote (.
Tho. !iivoring tne 5 mill additional
tit sha! vote a ballot con tailng the
wvon ". '' written or pwinted there
on. Thiose against the 5 mill add!
,;Im i ill vote a ballot coital i
jng the, woroId "NO" written or printed
thiern. Polls shall open at tile hour1
of 9 0' -:k in tihe forenoon and. shall
remin (< 1 ut il tle liou1r of 1 o'clock
in thle "'toernoonl whent they shall be
closed, a nl the ballots Cottlited.
Th es shall report the restIlt
of the C'etion to the comnty auditor'
and , .'; supeintendet o' oducla
i:: ; - IWn d'1*ys t Iefter.
r. T. WILSON. Supt.
- dyv order of County Board.
NWHEi 0l-F RE|-GIS.It11A T 1O)N
Stah- .-i Soith ('arolina.
N :xreby .ivenl that books of
S ;)- .- 0 1, 1.1fo Ihe regis!ration of
el '' the sptnCial hod elections
-il be e 44T1sd y, .luly :1--th, 1'.,2:.
(iifo of i
couolon :nd of the City ofarens
for w.:n rk.1s impiovement and ex
tns r d :a orm of bonds of the
4i Y 0; -aurtens for tihe p t'pos of
11i .1: extenlindig time of paynt
of outdr.11ding illdebtednii e ', and $Wo1.
100 of bends of the City of baurens foc
tc C .moveienit in the City of lanu
rens n i be closed at 1' o'lock noo
on 1 :- y 4 1 Ith day of .fuly, 192'.
Th .l bok ai re open1 a! the of.
fite o! . underl-ig ned, at Gatens, S
(. nOditetion ofr cer! icate o
reis ';on from the board af regis
tratiht c.1 the CnaIty entitling the ap
plica-. I vott inl a pollinig ,recinc
withiV 'e corporate linits of the Cit:
of Laurens is a conidition proreitisit
-to obt e1ining a cetificateo of IeVg istra
tion for 1:e said special bond election
and I appliennt mt os ht a citi.ol o
this Statc anld (it' the I'nited Statos
-I -tn t- Nears of age, or 11101,
-eside nt of the State t.wto y 0as
1lire. 2 ] didenot of tle Conmity fo' onl
year ;-f a ri'c dent of the City for fout
miont'. ' more. and must have pai
all ta a:,ssessed agatinst himl duie an
oltlrn~ forI th le tinanl year 1921.
Sul)erVinoir of Registratiot
June 2Poh. 1922.
60 quick'ly relieves ('Aids, CoIstIpt
tion. Billoll'-sness anu1d 31 IteheS,
Fine TonIe.
Renew yo ur health
by ur u' ou
S -)
Calomel Good
but Treacherous
Next Dose may Salivate, Shock
Liver or Attack Bones
You kn ow whlat cailol is. ItV's mter
eury; C nicksilv teri. Ca lotiel is dangerous,
SIt cras les into sour' bile like dynamnite.
era'tap'ing and siek(eninlg you. Calomel
attacks the bones and should never be
uit into your' systemi,
If you feel bilious, headaehy, consti
ated and all kntocked out, just go to
C your diruggist and get ia bottle of D)od
on'slO~' Liver T1one for a few cents which
1: 0. harm iiless~ vegetable3 substitt~o for
dangerous calIomdl. Take a spoonful and
.jal dos' tar't your livetr and1
ltihen y'ou up better and quicker
titan nasty calomel and without making
y oti niek, you just go back and get your
Don't, take calomel I It makes you
kthe ntetuday; It hoses you1 a day's
D odaon's Liver T'one straightens
11W9rIght uip and you feel great. No
Sneessary, Give itto the children
rse it Ia perfetly harmle and can
Clemson1 College, June 28.-For th<
purpose of suimiling up in convenieni
form the recommendations of the 10x
tension Service regarding boll weevi
I control this year, Information Car
No. 22, entitled "Boll Weevil Contro
in 1922," has been hssited and may b<
had upon application from the Exten
sion Service, Clemson College, S. C.
or from the county agents.
Tis brief ipublication gives seven
points inl the matter of control of tle
:weevil these being restatements of the
suggestions made from time to time by
the dExtension Service. They have to
do with cultivation picking of wee
vils and squares, poisoning, plowing
under stalks as early as possible in the
fall, planting cover clops after cotton,
and practicing clean farming to de
stroy boll weevil hibernation places.
Advice as to Polsoning
'Tle aidvice given on the Information
Card as to polsonilng is quoted below:
"'lhe following are the conditions
un11de1r which poisoning may bo expect
C'l to be prolitable: (a) on high yield
ing laud; (1bl where weevil infestation
is heavy : (c) The use of an aIprove(d
dusting machine capable of covering
the acreage for the application, accord
fin,g to all approved plan. of calciiml ar
senate meeting the governmet specifi
catios; (Id) under reasoably fahorable
weather coniditiolnS.
Inaformation in regari to machines
and (ale itln arsenate I0ay he obtained
fr~ln thc county agents.
The only profitable results so far
seulred in carefully conducted tests
Narieii, .1uly :1. -.1 li 21st was thc
seveteenh Iwedding anniversary of
.Alr. and Mrs. .1. 13. Young. 'ihe twe I
ty-lirst camOe (1n Wednesday, this he
Ig tle usual day for .\lrs. Young t(
go to 1a1e11nS. lr. Younlg and cl-i].
dren tixcd up a pleasant surprise foi
her ia14nd w lhen lI. e ret I'l ined hoie sIt
found ai 1 number of friends and rcla.
tiveswho had coie to help ebat
I. te surpmise "nner. After exchaigin
e hearty greetings they all went in to th
rdinlgii room where thev foun d lots o
good things to cat. Those enujoyin
lhis delightful occa: sion vere MiS-e
\lary and 1ar(inh Young of IlMountvillt
- Alis3 liipp, Of r('ClI e od, andl( .\i'. an
Mrs. Allen G arrett.
AI-h.i Bell 'aturso:l, of Lanior
Isp)ent the veek-enld with M3iss Eeme
IAfr. and Alls. T. A. Ww;a, of Gra:
I mrt, 3l:. and :%Ils. (Cari l'ratn!ctt, (*
.l spent5i Sid-ly iii :-ala i. am
M;. Auhwti Sliram;t.
h ithi .\'.: u wAro:: ithem Si
) Din : Saira Owin!
tr t n i l i'h their i
Xl:. :iai .:3t:. . , u'> i' hi an'.mirg
.:: i rA . (i)bert Gae ll and fal -i
is sent Slwhy~~ wi! lbAT. and .\lrr A
.Vl Sutone.
0:g hte' , a, iof \'in in a, vi:t :. .\cc . andi
le :u*oIlixadMrs. W.[ U.raadfml re Cent
- Al . ;inim .\i r .. .1a S~t e nd aum.:h
da:r withntheuIday with'.; 0. andts r.\ an
iuta*, Ga .ic peningv te er lith
he' In:inti ,m ior. a tis e. rd
dock. Wc'k
i. In i C irs. t o. J h cl o lt I n t an u11
dai y ith i Ih la t's parents, :u;r, ad
i~lss Nell~ Chaek i isn hdrovn
ta\ in kNehCos n.. hswek
Ind-lI ~hpp:ein to inern Peiopk
i'1omly and lls csnts:nue4 haen lie
louims as folkne havs kidfy ad over-o
abhout ten'1 years5 and it4ave al way:
found them to the a good kidney remo
ly l orkt required a lot of begy~
litug a dbamie this for my trouble
iMy :back hurIt severely and during thi
day I had catches take me in my kid
I could~ see dark specks befol'e my
eyes. Mly kidnoys acIted too frequently
and thiy secretions burned In passage
'Doani's Kidn~ey Pills bought at -thi
Laurens Drug Co. 500on had me 41i good
shapo again., I gladly r'ecmmend
Ptice 60c, at all dealers. i~on't aim
1 ply -ask fot a kidney remedy-~get
Doan's Kidne~ Pil-the same thai
Mr. Shockley had. Fostoi'-Milburn
'Gr, Mifr R, Bffna N. Y
NTROL IN 1922|
by federal and state agencies 'were so
t iired by the use of calcium arsenate
InI dust form -properly applied.
Poison only. wihen the air is calm
ii and the plants are moist, using from
five to seven ipounds per acre for each
application. . IWhen weevils are
abundant when fruiting of cotton he
giis, one application may be made at
I that time. Use no calcium arsenate
thiat has not been examined by fed
eral or state aut'horities and pronoune
led satisfactory. The next apvlleation
ishould be made when the weevils have
plunCtcured from ten to fifteen percent
of the squares, followed by two addi
tlonal applications four days apart.
Infestation counts should -be made fe
(quently and can be made by any
farmer who follows the simple direc
tions furnished upon alpplication. The
Object is to keep the cotton thorough
ly dusted until the weevils are Inder
control. This may require a varying
inmber of app.)litntions of poison, de
pend i ng on the seaon, aid other con
litions. If weevils should become suif
iciently num nerous to severely injur(
the young bolls, one or two more .ap
plications late in the scason Thould be
In cise of a heavy rain within twen
ty-four hours after dsting, the applli
cation should be repeated imimediatel.
Always a caarefully selected plot of
cotton should be left un poisoned for
con.arison with the adjoining pois
oned tract. This will heli, to deter
mine how much the yield was increas
ed .by poisoning.
Frientds Thoughit Boy was Plhyling andl
31ale No EfYort to Save Him.
MOiCormick, .1uly 2.-Albert Free
land, the IS year old sonl of '\Ir. and
irs. J. M. C. Freeland of Plum 8rancli,
was drown about 1 o'ock this after
olnoon while in bathing with a num
ber of his chums inl the Savannah
river at the old Ferguson ferry, about
tour miles from Plum IHranch.
The young mall. in company with
several of hIs friends, ha (I walked
al)out tlrC liles, to the river to go
swimming in water very little over his
h ead and only a few feet away from
one of his friends, whom1 he caught as
'lie was sinking. The friend, believing
that the drowning boy was only div
Iing and playigi. maIIe no effort o have
himin. The young man n'-rest Freeland
stated that he thought Freeland was
I ily playing at the tinte and when
1roeC hinid cugh t him h1le was abnilOst ex
hausted and Ie aho came near ben
Ihe wa't at iis point Lis very Swift,
wFere iom notiid a11nd Lhei river for
smle di:rtance down hd been scoured
at da-k, the bodly of th drlb iowied mn
nc n L a f )> li antd I. me .i (;o u h t
t l carrled 0:1 downil Mhe river
'h'd he . U1 Ac 3'in ar ty.~
orI~ i :31')y:"r na a ferry an di
a 4 a :t the !:uding- has
(Ih d -'.. a tig thcart ravel aponm
ro inte fori !0 crwdi Of seb~i'~er notl
reh'n the ::eenle rooner. TPhoez menclh-j
',21il (2)n!!11)ue to imorrow in thair
(1lA17 E::VATO'4RS
th!me roef of one0 of thbe .everia bi g gralin
rlev;ators at the Ilatimiore & Ohio raii
r'oadi's tericlmials att ILcust P~oinlt andi '
in a few~ mlinutes t he immense st ruc
:nV 'e Wa:: ii f l ame..
A'thiough del uged byrain in thei
irrifi strm rev ilig, the 11lamnet
spreadl rap idly. Nearly3 the en tIr eity
fila dttmutmnut, including iire bo0at
was; lu ickly at work, but thle fir icn
Ii 1ned( to Spread t, .<;oon1' nvelhopligee
v.:torr II arnd C and pi.er o, all of whieb1
jwhich, a ithi G) tal:a?: of (.:ipon to
ha''c on Lbh p~iar, v.:, d tmr-y d. TI'he
Iro d0c em;.nao ny's 10:.s in e>: i.te' i
bctL~cen $ '1,200,000 andi $ l,000,000.
oral flrmca: we. e injuired or ov0;ere .
by heattand smoke.~ f11~(
pro!1erly on the, smith waterfmont w (re
un teuche d. A nuiimberm of fri''ht eari
were' burneld . tSever uer lj , were
SCoichied -before th!ey could he to wed
out into the hat bor'.
Notice is hereby given that a cor.
tifleato of dleposit No, 4752 dated S3ept.
2, 1921 and isnued to Miss liettie L.
Stone and hpayable to herself, has been1
lost or 'misplaced by the saidh owner
and holder thereof, and that the said
certiflete of dleposit No. 4752 'by anly
other than the said Miss Hiettie L.
Stone Js unlawful and unauthor'ized.
Notico is further hereby given that
a duplicate certificate of dep~osit will
be issued to the said- Owner in lieu
thereof after .advertisement for two
3unn 29.~ 1922. r'o-2t
When the tourist ask<
his little peak of m
Butterfly Hill, he t<
without it's 'cause s
lodge up there."
While we can't tell, either,'
fly," I can give you a logical rea
travelers turn to the South Side
tracked-trail that leads to
Big Depar
Just glance in when you a
find the crowds congregate in n
lins', and there's a reason.
We often buy for less than half
raise ready cash,and we always give t
purchases. Some Limes, when factor
cating cash with which to oil and set
they send to Laurens and Collins buyc
than manufacturer's cost.
Organly, No. 1. (Itality. 40 inches wide
inl wvhite. tanl, pink. jade green, brown,
yellow, ltie aud lavendei ..... .... 25c
Voile-;, all 1 (oloi .... .... .... .... 25c
iigtin-ed Voiles at .... .... 15c and 25c
Iliekory Ohirting at .... .... .... ..10c
inch ' Sea Island .... .... .... ....90
121'h Mu-b!V for...... .... .... .... ....1c
e Knives .... .... .... .... .... 10C
Al n's T i .... .... .... .... 49c
1 Bed RooII Si i1ppers .... ........ ..69c
Ladh"* Silk l Se ..... .... .... ....30
l d ies' l pp r $1.2~.>, $1.45, $1.79',
$1.95, $2.25, $2.45, $2.65, $2.75,
$2.05 and illp to .... .... .... .. 31.95
{r. ie- hine, black, ntavy, white, jIde'
NIren, a nit gray . ... .... .. $1.30
1t ;~hyne .... . .. ...... ....G60c
TFable Dmana.sk, GI-inrh .... .........57c
Table Iiunemk, '72-inc ti.... .........638c
yheets 7(6x90 05c; Shels 8lx00 $1.10.
Towe'ls, goo.I1 quialy, red bo1)nard c:
iut Ti((lowekls 1c:.~i Turk i shi lbt Towel
10c; Ilui-k 'Tor\els 1c; TurI k ishi lHath 'liw..
Jes 25c.
I ed Spreads, small size, 75c: Kinklhed
Niouteur lies $1.49: Kinkled l\onn11ter
pae. $1t t:i Kin klIed K onte crpantes $1 .95.
(roctedtt~ QuIillis, extr heJavy, hu ge size,
SaIin a iniiish ( roihted Qilit, extra~
hea vy, $3.45.
aLen's1 Half Ilose 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c.
Alen's. Silk Hose 45c, 59c.
190 D ( . :hateriatl. 86 inlehes at 7c.
lains 5c. Good qulalily Curutain iaterial in
Cnru~iain .laterial. n orth 20c for 15c. 11est
quif y Curtain Alaterial in white anid
ti.. E v'lzhb did not wer, b~eautsie
in her( day she ioubl not buy113, geuino
the rd 'ilk "Ooh~l Seal '' -briand Htose, fte
S..50 kii in bbuk amni all color's for 98c
t.ad it' Scndn I ose 5c.
.adies' b dier iiality lrose, 10c.
1di-S ' I a itle lt)se wi th seam tu i back 15c0.
I ..Ui es' Iereerized bisle H ose I wih 5(eam1
for 25c0.
Ladh s' D:1 sy Ki't 'filk I Jose f'or 45c.
1 ill
kd the mountaineer why
ountain land is called
ld 'em "Don't know,
o many rattle snakes
why the hill was named "Butter
LsOn why the tourists and trading
of the Square, and travel the well
:ment Store
re in Laurens, and you'll always
iuch greater congregation at Col
:ost fiorn those forced to sell in order to
D our patrons the benefit of our half-price
les get in a tight place ard rcquire lubri
in motion the wheels of their machinery,
at such a discount we often sell for less
Lad ies' Fiber Silk IHose 39c.
Ladies' "G(old Seal" brladnd piure Silk
10se With seai at hack for only 98c.
Ladies' pire threlid Silk Ilose "Key
stone" brand at $1.35. 4
Ladies' extra (ulity "Oakbrook'' pure
8ilk [lose for $1.95.
Ladies' "Meritas" pie Silk IHose with
cloviks for $1.95.
'hildren's good quality T[ose f'or 10c.
Chilireni's brst quality fine r'ibHed Hose
for 18c, 19c, 200, 23c and 25c.
( hildnC's Soeks and l('e colored tops
for 12 1-20, 15c, 23, 25c.
'Pin'e Aluiiiiim. Preservinag Kettles0 for
95c, $1.19 and $1.25.
u'ri-e Aluminmi .Boilers with lids, for
only 89C and 98c.
Syu l'itchers. inl pure Ahun11inumi" 1,or
Pr' Almininum P'rolators [or 95C and
Pue Aluminmn Ket ties forI only $1.75.
dod :0ual11it y Fi~:namel DIJsh pans for 98c.
I:letrlie I ronis, best <pulity, with all a!;
1 -iliunents. 1for only $3.98.
I sors' Sui ts $1.98, $3.98. $4.95, $5.45,
$ih95. $6.45, $6.95, $7.95, $9.95.
Alt n 's Suit~s $9.95 t o $18.95.
Alenli's Stranw I1fs f or 10c.
A few Strpaw~ 1 'a Pmuunns left at way
dutst r'eceived'( sh i pmenat of' 'Al n's Khaki -
Pants at 95c.
*Alen ' verals at 95c and( 98c. (I lead..
(juarit ers f'or Carharit s anid 1I~CadIikgh Over
alls at underCI pri(ces.)
Ovreralls for the boy~s at fr'om C0o to 79o.
ilcys' haki Pants 49c.
Meni'. good Fe'lt tiats at from 75c, 98c.,
$1.45, $1.50, $1.69, $1.95. and $2.45.
A good line of Men's and lDoys' Caps at.
from 45c t o 95o.
Flleaching, ayr id wide 10c.
I Iickoryv Sh iruting at 10c.
All the black Taffeta Silks at 98c; black
lssaline, 30i in'ehe's wido 98o; Black Satins
-Mattriess Ti(cking, futll pieC('(" 0 and
12 1-2o; 8-0oun1co F'eaither Tiking~ at 25c.

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