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State of .Sotl 'Untleioina,
Laurens 'County.
Notice iv .hereby given 11rit books of
-*legistrak11 for the IreIstration of
clectors for the special .bond elections
to be held on Tuesjday, July 25th, 1922, 1
oil the (testions 'or issutig $65,000 of t
COUpon bonds of the City of Laurens
for water works iIprovement and ex
tension, and $65,000 of. .bonds of the J
City( of. J'aurens for the purpose of t
lunding or extending time of payment .1
of outstanding Indebtetiness, and $40,
t000:jf bonds of the City of -Laurens for
street imprOvenient in the City of Lau
rens -will be -closed at 12 o'clock noon E
on Frilay the 14th day of July, 1922.
The said books are open at the of
.ico'of the undersigned, at Laurens, S.
C. The production of a cerflIcate of
registration from the board of regis
'tl'ation of the-.Comnty entitling the ap
.plicant to vote in a polling iprecinct
within the corporate limits of the City
'of Laurens is a condition prerequisite
to obtaining a certificate of registra
tion for the said special bond elections
- and the applicant must be a. citizen -of,
this State and 'of the United States,
twenty-one years of age, or more, a
resident of the State two years or
more, a resident of the County for one
year and a resident of the City for four
months or more, and must have paid
all taxes assessed against him due and
collectble for the fiscal year 1921.
R. E. ABB,
Supervisor of 'Registration.
June 26th,*1922. :'50-3t
State of Southli Carolina,
Lauren-.. Count y.
Notice of special election on the
(iueation of issuing coupon bonds of
ine City of Laurens in the snm of
$65,000 i'or Extension1 and ImprluIove
nient of t*he 'Water \Vorks System of
(aid city.
Whereas, a written 'Ietition of a ma
jority of the freeholders of said City
of La:iurens, as appears from the tax
books of s:id City has been filed with
the City Council of the City of Lau
rens, asking that an election be heh-W
in said City of Laurens at which shall
be sulbiitted to the qualified electors
of said City of Laurens the question
of issuing eoupon bonds of the City
of Laurens in the sum of $65,000 'pay
.able within forty (40) years from the
date of issue and 'bearing a rate of in
a rest not exceeding 6 per, cent : per
annum for the purpose of water works
extension and improvement of the wa
ter works system of said City, and
Whereas, the said Council of the
City of -Laurens has duly considered
said petition and canvassed thp same
. and found it to be in proper form and
signed by the required nu.nier of
. free.olders as -prescribed by the Con
rstitution and Stiatute laws of, t.he. State
.of South Carolina, made and provided
in such cases, and upon consideration
thereof, has adopted an Ordinance and
Resolution dated the 26th day of June,
3922, that the turayer of the Petition rbe
granted and that the question of issu
ing said bonds -be submitted to the
qualified registered electors of saidl
.City of Laurens at a special election
.to be held in and fo' the said C'ity of
. Laurens on the 25th lay of July, 1922.
Now, therefore notice is hereby giv
en that' a special. electionl will .be held
.in the City of Laurens, on Tuesday,
the 25th day of July, 1922, upon the
.question of issuing bonds of the City
of Lattrens in the sum 'of $65,000 to he
paya'ble within 'forty years from date
of issue and to bear interest at not
exceeding 6 -per cent per annum for
-tile purpose of the extension and im
provenent of the water tworks sys
tem of the City of Laurens. At said
election the said -polls wvill be opened
at} o'clock in the forenoon and closed
qat :4 o'clock in tile afternoon. Only
qu~alified Iregistered electors of the
City sof.'Lanrens shall .be entitled tof
vote at saidl election. The ballots shall
have .printed upon them the 'question
to be sunhmitted andl the words "yes"
an-d *'no" and tile elector favoring ' the I
.issue of said 'bonds shall vote a 'ballot 1
containing the word "yes" and tile
elector sc'oosed to the issue of said
bonds shall vote a ballot containing
:the 'wordi "no", The said election shall I
be hel at the places and by tile per
esons 'who have 'been appointed man- ,
agek to cond'uct tile same at each 'ipre
'cinct, 'as follows, to wit: ~
'Iqor 'Ward 'One--Voting 'place at City t
"ClezlC's oflice. Managers: J. F. Bolt,c
J. '16. 'Tollison and J. D. 'Watts.
F"or 1Ward Two--Vgting place gat
'Switzei's 'Store. 4 Managers: 'Jeff D.
Sexton, Mi. II'. Cunninghant, Carl- Roper.
For Ward Three-Voting place at j
'Laurons Cotton :Mill Store. Managers:
Jim 'Lewlia, =Walt. Hellams, Horace
Teague. t
For 'Wacid 'Four-Voting .place at
Davis-Hloper Company store. Mian- g
aigors: J. C. Weaon, Jrno. W. Fowler,
John #wuz~er.
For 'Ward Fi've--Voting pulace at
Jones-'Paylor HaIrdwvare store. Man- T
agere: T. -P. Kendriek, RI F. Jones, (
Roy B. Owings.
For 'Ward Six-Voting 'place at
James W. Dunklin's residence. ;Man- ~
aigors: EF.. W. 'Machen, James Clardv, I
T. 'Mac 'Roper.
At the close of thle election the man
ag6rs will ascertain the result and re
turn the same -to tile City Council of ~
the City of .Laurons its 'required by (
By order' of the said Council of the
City oL Laurens this f~ilc 263th of .Juni,
W. H. DIA L,
Atteftt: ' . " Mayor.
Clay Clerk sand Treas. - 60'-4t f
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oaloratory 111141 Itandlo Staton Are
G umson01 College, Jul1y 7...-2rT rfegul
ftr .Jtly meeting of the board of trus
0es of Clemson college, wjh is the
budget" meeting of the board, has
ust -Concluded -hlere afe cCdea
loh of the v'arious matters regarding
linaices -and aipropriatiolls for the
Iscal year beginning July 1, 1922. '
Phe action of the-board included be
ides appropri-ations plans for equip-V
)ing a first rate civil en-gineer labora
ory, a radio station, two new post-.
ions in extension work and one fi
mgineering, the creation of a division
)f markets and v-arious minor mat
ers. *
At the outset of its consideration of
Iscal matters the board -was confront
kd with the fact that the fertilizer tag
ax is the lowest 'in 18 years; namely,
126,118.07, the nwxt lowest having
)eCn in 1914-1915, when the tats was
155,859.76. In lew of this fact the
rustees will have to take advantage,
unouiices President Riggs, of the aul
hority granted by the last legislature
.o borroW money for the fiscal year
ow beginning.
The 'board gave considera'ble atten
ion to the matter of providing for
qIipping the civil engineering labora
ory. To this end, a now position, that
)f associate professor of clvil engi
ieering, was created, this position to
>c filled by a sCeelalist who will have
!harge of the civil engineering labora
.ory, which hopes to do much of the
esting for the state highway conmmis
;ion. The college expects with these
ncr'hsed facilities to give as soon as
ractlicable the degree of civil engi
The plans already made looking to
ward the establishment of a radio out
It at Clemson were approved by the
)oard, provision having -been made for
i radio station on a much larger- scale I
huni that at first planned. The station
m.ill serve the entire state and will be
f particular use -in connection -with
igricultural matters.
To meet the new needs in certain
ines of extension work brought about
)y changes in agricultural conditions,
Irovision was made for two new spe
3Ialists in the extension service, one
o be know-n as specialist in tobacco
1rowing and handling, and the other
is specialist in i!eanuts, soy beans and
The request of Prof. L. A. Soase,
issistant professor of English, for a
fear's leave of absence was granted in i
)rder that Professor Sease might ac
ept the position of teacher and su
iervisor of academic work of the fed
%ral 'board students now. being trained
it Clemson college.
iDr. W. 'H. 'Mills, who for the past
rear has been in charge of federal
rocation training work, in addition to
its Work as professor of rural so
.iology, has g4ven up the vocational
raining work and will become instead
ipecialist in rural credits in coopmera- I
ion with the United States de)art- 4
nent of agriculture bureau of farm <
tconomdecs and f'arm management, lie
vill retain his college wvork as pro- 11
'essor' of rural sociology.
.A new divisioni in the .agricultural I
klepartment was created, to .be know~n
ts the division of markets, and 'F. L.
larkey, now extension specialist In I
narketinag, was elected chief of the
livision, the creation of wvhich enables 1
he college better to carry out tihe pro- I
'Ision of the act of the 1921 legisla- I
ure establishing grades andl standards
or certa'in truck crops and placing
he responsibility of the enforcement
if these up~n Clemson college,
The study of the English Bible was
ntroduced into the curriculum as an
ptionai cultural subject, This sub
Oct wIll be taught 'by ',r .W. H. Mills.
In order to .maintain excellence in
be college bant, .the -board authorized
be oppiointment ,pf a -band leader to
lye regular inatr~uctions to tihe meml
Msehnbers of the bhoard pre'senat at the
meeting wer'e M. 'L. Donaldson, of
Ireenville, J. 10]. Wannamnaker, of St.
I'atthews, W. W. Bnadley of Abboville,
t. I. Manning of Celumbia, A. F.
'ever of Columbia, RI. II. TIimmermnan
f Batesburg, IH. C. Tilima of Green
roo'i, 'W. D. Barnett of Columbia, 'I.
I. Mauldin of Columbia and Ri. M.
0o1)er, J-r., of -Kisacky.
Card of Thanks
-We wish 'to thank our friends for
lie many kindnesser, shown our dear
fary through hier IOnir rlnesa; also
at' the letters of symp~athy veceived 'bf
a since her death. May God's rich
at 'blessings rdat. upon each and ev
ry one.
Mr. and Mrs. Toy A. Drummonid
and, mi~fly.
~ou Guard Agattast Burglar5, But
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f grin, bic s'egg,etc. Destroy
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I. Zennedy & Son, Laurens 'Hard
araWCo., 'ttin' Drug Stoi'e,
** * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * *i * *~ * * * *<
Narnie, July 9.--The ladies of the
Linral Improvement Association met at
larksdale-Narnie schoolhouse Friday,
f'ternoonl at 3 o'clock. A very inter
sting -progran was carried out by he 1
idles, after which there was a special
ailk by Miss Hate Wofford of Laurens,
hich was very much enjoyed by all
resent. -We were also glad to have
vithi us Miss Sallie Gossett, the coun
y nurse, and we truly'hope it won't be
ong before we can have these good
adies .bagik with us. After all the busi
kess was attended to, Misses .M1ildred
3ur-ton and El3thel 'Bolt served ]iced tea
md crackers.
Mrs. Annioj)rummuond, of Lanford,
pent Friday with her sister, Mrs. W.
a. 'Reid.
'Miss Nell -'urts .s spending the week
n1 Greenville visit.ing relatives and
Miss Maud Madden retamiud home
4unday after spending the week with
ler sister, Mrs. 'R. S. Maybin, of Ware
'Miss Virginia Culberton, -of INkom,
s spending the week with-her grand
iather, Mlr. T. Ii. Bur-ts.
Mrs. T. A. Willis, of Gray Court,
;pent last week with hoer iparents, Mr.
ind -Mrs. Austin Brarnlett.
M-. and Ars. W. M. IMyers and little
;on, Ralph, spent the week-end in
3partanburg visiting relatives.
Mrs. Troy Owings and little son.
Walter, spent the Fourth with her
nother, Mrs. W. L. AWatson, of Wood
Miss Sara Burts spent last week
with her sister, 'Mrs. Lou Mobley, of
'There was a moonlight picnic given
)y MIss iRemell Reid Thursday night
in honor of her cousin, :Miss Bell Pat-.
erson, of Lanford. After hours of
)rog:ressive talking iced tea and
rackers were served 'by Mrs. Reid.
'hose enjoying this ddl.ightful occa
ion were Misses Louisc -Hunter, Alat
.ic Lou DeShields and .Nessrs. Leroy
lamage, Tom Burts, J. 3.- iDeShiolds,
W. M. Myers, Jr., Edd :and Luther
3ranilett, Charlie Knig'ht and Carlton
Master !Narvin Owings, of Shiloh
ipent the week-end with :Master Her
nan Owings.
Miss Mary Wade, of Norfolk, Va., is
ipending the week with'her aunt, Mrs.
A'. L. Sanders.
Miss Mildred Burtqn spent Friday
light with Miss I'thel Bolt.
Rev. S. -i. Templeman,-pastor of the
PIrst Baitist church, Laurens, deliv
red an 3Xecellen4 sermon at Narnie
-hurch Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Are all truly hope we can soon get
3rother Templemnan baek 'with us.
tMr. and Mrs. Dan Craddock and
:hildren, of Fomitain Inn, spent Sun
lay with \Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bram
fMt. and Mr.s John Knght.and fai
ly of the Trinity-Ridge section, spent
Wunday afternoon with the latter's par
mts, Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. :Craddpck.
Miss Nellie Lee 'McDowell and 'Mr.
3rooks Pitts ivent to ride in the aero
dlane Sunday afternoon. 'They, ei joyedl
t very much.
'Mr. T. H. Hurts and children spent
unday with Mr. and Mrs. !Hoamer Cul
>Crtson, of Ekom.
Mr. and Mrs. WV. L. Reid .and ,daumgh
er, Remell, and Miss 'Nell Burts and
rother Tomi and Mr. Carltoi .Cheek,
lpent Sunday In Gre~enville ,visiting
SA Red
It will pay ye
itato (if South ('arolina,
Lau11renls County.
Notice of special election on the
inest ion of issuing coupon bonds for
he city of Laiurensi in t he sum of
00,000 for Street Iimproveient of the
ity of Laurens.
Whereas, a written petition of a ma
iority of the freeholiders of the City
Af La-urens as apPears from the tax
)Ooks of said City has been filed with
:he City Council of the City of Lau
rens asking that an election lbe held
in said City of Lairens it which shallI
)e submitted to the qualified electors
:f said City the question of issuing
0loupon bonds of the City of laaurens
in the sum1 of $40,000 payable within
forty years iroi the (late of issue and
to bear a rate of interest not exceed
Ing t !per cent per annum for the pur
pose of Street Improvement of tle
City of Lairens: and
Whereas, the City Council of the
City of LIaurens has duly considered
Said petition and canvassed he same
and found it to be in proper form and
signed .by the .required niiber of
freeholders as prescribed by the Con
"tIion and Statute laws of the State
of South carolina made and provided
in such cases, and upon consideration
thereof, has adopted an Ordinance and
Resolution dated 26th :of Jilne, 1922,
that the prayer of the petition be
granted and that the .question of issu
ing said bonds be -submitted to the
qualified registered electors of said
City of Laurens art a special election
to be held iII and For ,the said City of
Laurens on the 12ith of July, 1922.
Now, therefom, -notice is hereby, giv
en that a special election will be held
in the City of Laurens oin Tuesday. the
25th day of July, 1922, ukion 1!ie ques
tion of issuing coupon bonds of the
City of Laurens in the sum of $40,000
to be payable within forty years Dtom
(late of issue and to 'bear interest at
not exceeding 6 per cent per ain'il
for the f-urpose of Street Improvemen'.
of the City of 'Lairens. Ac said elce.
tion the .polls will be Cnpeoned at S
o'clock in the forenoon and will be
closed at 4 o'clock in ihe afternoon
and() only (alified registered electors
of'the City of Laurens shall he enti
tied to vote at said electIon. The. bal
lots shall have printed upo011 them the
question , to be subillitted and the
words "yes" and "no" and the elee.tor
favoring the issue of s-tid h0o Is shall
vote fe ballot containing the word
"yes" and' the elector oppnosed to the
issue of said bonds shall vote the bal
lot containing the word "no". The
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11 274.for a fr
aid election shall be hel!d at Ohe plae
Is and by the personi.A Who have b(en
Itpointed itilagers to coniduct the
mle at each preciiet, as follows, to
For Ward One--\'oting place at (tv
Dlerk's office. .\anag1,1ers: J. F. Inp,ii,
I. T. Tollison and J. 1). Watts.
For Ward Two-Voti I lace at
Switzer's store. .lanagers: . . II.
Sextoni, J. 11. Cuilinnghian and Car1l
For -Ward Thice--Voting Iiace at
the 'Lautre's Cotton Alill sore. \an- I
tagers: Jim Lewis, Walter llellam s and
-aee Teague.
For Ward l'oul---Vottinfg place at
Davis-lloper Comipany's store. .\lan
agers: .1. C. Wasson, Jno. W. 1"o w ler
ar l Johna Switzer.
For1 Wald Five-- otlg liae at
JlaPs VW. nlia.;l rlsienc. Al
agers: l. W. inach'a, James Clardy
and T. Aae lRoper.
A. IIe lose of the election the man
agers willi ascertain the resuit and re
turn the same to the said City Cotinell
of the City olf ILurens as rei tIred by
iy order of the City Cotineil of tihe
City of Lauirells this thle 260 day or
June, 1922. th :11. '
Attent: Mayor.
City Clerk and Treas. .0-it
and Spe
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new su
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