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lTtford, July '('A-.Dr. Graves "L.
night delivered a most earnest mes
ge Sbnday' morning at -the Baptist
urbl 'He, Mrs. Knight aid Mrs. 6.
? Cox were guests at the home of Mr.
d Mrs.. A. R. Holmes
s Mr. James Ellis, the field secretary
tlhe I pworth League, met with the
ung people here Sunday afternoon.
c splendid address to them was most
spiring and encouraging to 'he or
nifzation here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson, Misses
Jitha and Ruth Cooper, and Mrs. C.
. Oox enjoyed very much the conven
on of the B. Y. P, V. of the Spartan
rg assoelation, which met with the
oree church Sunday afternoon. A
en interest -was manifest and the
hung people seemed to be very much
earnest in their efforts.
Misses 'Ru*th and Allene 'Wash, of
reenwood are visiting their grand
rents, Capt. and Mrs. J. W. Lanford.
14v. J. T. Littlejohn will preach here
the 5th Sunday night. He and his
urig wife will visit here for a few
ys and they are planning to sail for
*Ina as missionaries on Sept. 3. They
th completed their courses at the
eological seminary and training
hool at Louisville last June. We
pe a large crowd will come out to
his young minister preach.
Woman's Missionary Union rill
Y aturday afternoon at 3:30. Ev
' ~come.
L. . ore and little (Dorothy
ting and Mrs.. J. R. Franks.
ural School Improvement as
i- will meet next Friday after
on d oh Saturday evening at 7:30
11 p ent a little program by the
ool' children consisting of songs,
itations and short plays, after
We still
our Big
do well
Big Specials in Gi
This Weel
6yards of 32-inch fast
- Ginghams for
~6 yards best qualit
-colors, this week for
* ~ $1.00.
* Most any kind of 6
and all sizes. Price this
Shirt Madri
Best quality 36-inc
~Shirt Madras. Price 51
*per yard, going this we
* 39c the Y
Gingham Dres
#eour Ghighmni
rDresses while they ar4
~, ~ 98c andL
'which the ladies wil sell teo cream d
for the benefit of the school' avery- 1
'body- If cordially invited to. be 'res
ent and enjoy the oocasion. f
Miss Carrye Lou Higgins. has re- 1
turned home from the ehospit l where
she had her tonsils removed. '
Mr. and Mrs.. W. M. Cunningham, of V
Adairsville, Ga., are visiting their
daughter, Mrs. 't D. Patterson. t
'Mr. James Cooper has returned home i
from Cedar Spi1ings institute to spend '4
fhis vacation.
The boll Weevil' situation is becom- n
Ing very alarming to some of our i
farmers. Some are fighting it very in
tensely. Many are using the poison, (
yet some report that over one-fourth i
of their cotton has already been punc- t
tured and the rows are full of dead
squares. Mr. C. 114 Waldrop and oth- (
ers went to Bethany a few days ago to $
observe tl' demonstration on the farm I
of Mr. J. B. Cook. 'Mr. J. M. Dd~h4olds c
has.been over his farm with the poison i
application. 1
a a
.Mt. Gallagher, July'1.-Our pastor, -j
IAev. Jennings Johnson, gave .us a
spiritual feast at our regular preach
ing hour Sun'day morning on the sub
ject, "The Ways of Life"... The text
used was "Blessed' is the man that
walketh not in th.counsel, of the un
godly, nor standeth in the way of sin
ners, nor sitteth in the seat of the
scornful." We 'were glad to have a
number of visitors to enjoy this deep,
yet single sermon with us.
The friends of Miss Agnes . martin k
will be -glad to know that after a brief
illness .she is able to return to sum
muer school at Furman university,
airs. W. H1. Davenport and daugh
ters Brooksle and Bernice, and son,
.1 We
have lots of ver
July Sale. "Thei
to avail yourself
C Best qui
color Dress cal, going
Sand fast$80 Mis
$4.00 Miss4
$5.00 Missi
$5.75 Ladi4
$6.50 Ladi4
pread and$7.00 Lad ii
week -Special Pr
-One lot;:
h Stipelwhite and 4
e and 75c 7 1
One lot
e. Lace, going
3 1
nd. HouseA
Sgoing out One big
ing for
ibchard spent Monday *fth relatives
it Abbev'Ele.
Miss Mildred Marbin has returned
roin Brevard, N. C., where she' has
een attending summer school.
Mrs. W. C. Sleigh, of Ware Shoals,
ad 'her four children upent Sunday
rith her sister, Mrs. C. A. Marler.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Neeves and lit-,
le son, Ernest, Jr., recently visited
frs, Neovee' mother, Mrs. James Mar
"Mrs. David Madden spent last Friday
Light (with her son, Mr. Glenn Madden,
a Poplar Sprigs community.
The 'many friends of Mrs. Milton
Iolden and Mrs. Joel Smith 'will be
'lad to know that they ai'e some bet
or at this writing.
Our church 'will observe "Home
oming Day" the first Sunday in Au
ust and we take this opportunity of
aviting the public to worship with us
n that day. We expect to have with
a as speakers, Dr. Z. T. Cody and Dr.
rovince, of 'Greeville. Dinner will
e served on the grounds. Come and
ring well filled (baskets.
The Sullivan Family Beunion
The reunion of the Sullivan family
viii be held at Lebanon Church on
Thursday, 10th of August, 1922.'
(Wbn. D. Sullivan,
0. 1W. Sullivan,
G'oseph H. Sullivan,
B. A. Sullivan,
C. C, Featherstone,
Card of Thanks
!We wish to thank our friends, both
rhite and colored, for their help and
indness during the fire of our house,
rhich iwas struck by lightning last
'uesday afternoon, July 11th.
Mr' Will Walker and Family. )
Advertiser Printing Co. ]
Loose Leaf Ledgers, Etc.
ek of
y special prices
e special pricey
of these bargai
rity 36..inch Punjab Per
5e per Yd.
athing Suit.
~s' Bathing. Suits $2.19
~s' Bathing -Suits $2.98
~s' Bathing Suits $3.48
~s' Bathing Suits $3.98
~s' Bathing Suits $4.48
~s Bathing Suits $5.75
ices on Bathing Shoes,
rnd All Accessories
2 to 3 inch Cluny Lace,
cru, going out for
-2c per Yd.
2 1-2 to 31-2 Torchon
-2c per YdI.
pron Checks
case Apron Checks go..
c per Yd.
eiga ttes
They are GOODI
Insist on Bayer Package
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on
)ackage or on tablet you are not got
ing the genuine Bayer product pre
'cribed by physicians ove.: LtW.nIy-two
ears and proved safe by nlill!cLr for
Colds (Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Earache iRheunatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" 'package which
ontains proper directions. Handy box
i of twelve tablets cost few cents.
)ruggists also sell bottles of 24 and
.00. Aspirin is the trado mark of
Sayer Manufacture of 'Monoaceticacid
ster of Balicylicacid.
to offer you du
only come onc
ns. This week
Voile and Organ<
While it lasts we will s
and 75c quality Voils ani
dies for
35c per Yd.
Straw Hats
First big reduction i1
Hats. Get yours while w
you. Price
$1.50 and Uj
- Silks
Black and navy Satin
ieta, 86 inches wide. Pri
going for1
$1.10 per Yd
Navy and black Messe
inches, $1.25 and $1.35, thi
89e per Yd.
One lot SandSoie Satin,
wide, price $1.00 this wool
79e per YdI.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 3 1 I-ays
"LAX-E'OS WITH! PEPSIWI- is a speially.
prepared Syrup Tonle-Laxative for Habituel
Constipation. It relieves prolnptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular adtion. It Stimulates and
Regulator. - Very Pleasant to Take. -G~c
per bottle.
Son, Biliousne s and CHeadachest. A
Fine Tonic.
Monday, Tuesday
July 24th, 2:
The Te3
Singing Dan1
and Hawa
4:00 P. M. 7:30
ring this finals
e a year, and 3
11 all 50e Heavy Un
Organ-- ing, going f4
-. ..-Cre
White and
40 inches, g<
1 Straw
e can fit
A few Wa
$7.50, while
nd Taf
~e$1.50, M
One lot
Price up to Q
Jine, 3.6______
is sale Sbi
One lot Pk
to $4.00. TI
~6 Inches One lot e
o $2.50. T
'F s
"It Looked Like a Battlefield in
Europe," Said 41r. C. Dunster.
"Was staying at a hotel in a small
Po nsylvania town, Early one morn
and was abo'wit a pile of' deadl rata
killed with IAT-SNAiP the night be
fore. Looked like a battlefield in
Europe." Three sizes, 35c, 65c, $2.25.
Sold aid gua auteed by C. E. Ken
nedy & Son, Laurens Hardware Co.,
Putnam'5 Drug Store.
Pili Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggis refund mone OINTMENT pE
tes.ur Itchln .JMin . beding or Protruding
Plies. Instantly relieves Itchibng Pita, andyu
can get restful leep after first appication. No.
and Wednesday
ith and 26th.
1as Duo
:ing Comedy
lian Music
P. M. 9:15 P.M.
week of
rou will
bleached 40-inch Sheet
per Yd.
pe de Chine
black Crepe de Chine,
ing this week
39 per Yd.
ash Skirts
Bh Skirts, price up to
they last for
iddy Suits
colored Middy Suits,
15.00. A few left for
irt Waists
*ngee Waists, price up
lis sale
$2.39 1
olored Waists, $2.00
bis sale

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