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Ciga ettes
They are GOODI
No Wornms i a itealthy Child
Allueb tbewith Worms have an .
healhy whih idicates poor blood. and as a
tue, thete Is more or I a" stomah distbance.
OROVE TASTELESS 011101 TONIC. given regsa
larly for twoor three weeks.will enrich the blood.
hmprovethodigestio.audactsa gpeul h
Ie eooto the wholeyatemn. atwwlltm
411 or die the Worms, E tehld wallbe
Plesantttake. Ol perbotta
606 quickly re"liees Colds, Constipa
tion, BiHousness' and Headaches. A
Wino Tonio.
YO U -can have a
-Neck and Arms
Hagan's Magnolia Balm
beautifies Instantly. 72
years' WsnderfWJ success.
Removes freckles, erup
tions, sunburn, tan
makes skin like velvet.
WWon't rub of. 4 colors:
Brunette, White, Pink,
.. y and Rose-Red for lips
.4 and cheeks. Sold by all
dealers, or direct from us,
7s cents, postpaid.
Face and
/ Toilet
. POW. '
DER. -
R.. Fifth se..W-1r T~~f'f : -
You Can't Trust
Calomel at All
It is Mercury, Quicksilver, Sal.
vates, causes Rheumissm
and Bone Decay
The next dose of calomel you take
may salivate you. It may shock your
liver or start bone necrosis. Calomet is
dangerous. It is mercury, quicksilver.
1t crashes into sour bile l ikei dynamite,
cramnping and sickening you. Calomtel
attacks the bones and should never be
put into your systemn.
If you feel hilious, hendanby, consti
pated and all knocked out, just go to
your diruggist and get a bottie of Dod
soni's Liver Tone for n few e.ntq which
*ia a hiatrmlesa vegetable sua:.twitute for
angerouson e4!omlel. Tak at .'pi.mlutI and
if it doean't start v'or Iive~r and
btraighiten you up betwr and quicker
than ,nasty caln'nel aind wlthWm m xaking
you~ nick, you just go back unit get your
Don't ti a calomelt IIt can not be
trusted any more thtan a I' opard or a
wild-cat. Take Dodson'a itver Tone
which , straightens you right up and
snakes you feel fine. No salta necessary.
di j t to the children b<.causo it ts
perfe'etly harmless and can not salivate.
When Baby Frets
Dr. Thornton's Easy Tleoth
er Will Remove the
Cause of Pain. .;
W'rtch, -arefully, mother, for fovers
sa ess, eoui' stomach, coated tongue
40 and colic, or stomach anid bowef
di jders Oive the crying, restless
cida kow doses of Dr. Thornton's
~ayTo ther and note the immediate
ipovment. This old reliable baby
~'m~ycmes.in the form ,of a sweet
pb4rtat infrants take more read..
J~~~lai'ticky syrups or liquid med
4d (~ tu is eomposed of powdered
~tl5ep~c, dli ~ants and .granular
,~ ~anj~ ontins no oplates ~or.
y oa this carefully pro
t~ c~ ion . of a successful.
~ has woh hundreds and
~b V~r~d ~" unsolieited testimnanial:
st adop.
an ag i
00 ve 4 d
Sheo.-iff and Judge In Hands of Mob.
1laced on Train.
Nashville, July 29.-The sheriff and
county judge of Claiborno county,
Tennessee, together with a sheriff's
posse of 25 men were seized 'by a
crowul of approximately 200 coal "mine
strike sympathizers from Kentucky
'Ihuraday night and placed on a train
bound for Knoxville, according to in
formation receivod here today. Be-.
.fore the men nwere placed on -the train,
cow bolls were tied to bhe sheriff and
county judge, it was said. The entire
citizenship was reported to be terror
The sheriff of Claiborne count
which lies on the Kentucky border
near where outbbreaks occurred in the
'Middleboro, Ky., section, had requested
yesterday that Tennessee guardsmen
(be sent, saying miners or sympithirera
had come across the border and had
been shooting at stores and making
threats in Claiborne county.
Governor Taylor today called on At
torney General Palmer for an opinion
as to the executie's authority to or
der out troops, which officials say
could only be done through authoriza
tion of the legislature. The governor,
4t w.ws said, might send stato police
or ask President Harding to order
federal or Tennessee troops into the.
'Knoxvlile, July 2.--Denial that tihey
have -been attacked or mistreated in
any way by coal mine strike sympa
thizers was made tonight by County
Judge L. G. Payne and Sheriff E. K.
Mink of Claiborne county, in a state
ment to the Associated Press. NaSh
vill' dispatches had stated that the
judge, sheriff and a posse of 25 men
had been captured by miners from
Kentucky, belled and placed aboard a
train for Knoxville.
Johnson City, Tenn., July 29.--rwo
companies of the N-stional Guard at
Elizabethtown near here received or
ders today to-ma'.iilze at once in readi
ness to mov- to Clal-borne county
where trouble is reported as occurring
in the mining d:strict near the Ken
tucky border. The order was received
fom ,V. N. Brumnilt, adjutant genera'
"f' thI state, just as the companle.i
were tinloading their equipmnent from
a special train on which they had re
turned from encampment at Knoxville.
Presbyterian College Military Trainin
Unit Leads.
Clinton, July '29.--:Dr. D. M. Douglas
president of the Presbyterian colleg%
of ~outlh Carolina, 'has just receive:.
the folioving telegram: "Camp Mc
Clollan, Ala. The work of the Pres
byterlian R. 0. T. C. boys 1n this cam:>
gives your college first rating among,
the units of this camn!) area. Congrat
ulations. Col. E . L. Glasgow."
Dr. Douglas was greatly delighted
wlth th e news and says this is a most
remasrkabhie showing for his 'boys, con-1
sidering the college is not a military
institution and stuldents have no mii
tary training except that furnished in
the R. 0. T. C. unit.
Colonel Glasgowv, in charge of thei
tunit, 'Dr. Douglas says, is a 'wonder
-fully competent officer, having raised
military wor k from a drudgery to one
of the most popular departments in,
the college. D~r. UDouglas Bays most of
the rooms In the' dormitories have al
ready been taken~ for next fall and itI
,will 'be impossible for the college to!
accommodate all students desIring to
Frencli Goveruent Learns of German
Monarchist Plot to Take IHis L~ife,
Paris, July 28.-A brief official note
was ,issued this afternoon announcing
that the government 'had learned from
an authoritative source 'that German
'monarchists wore plotting 'to kill
Premer' Poinar-e. The note caused a
mild sensation in official and diplo
matic circles, Beyond the bare state
ment that it had learned of the plot
the foreige office refused all comment.
In diplomatic quarters, howeve r, it
was said the afrst news of the ilot had
reached the French embassy in 'Berlin
through the Berlia police.
When- Premier 'Poincaro left Paris
this- evening to spend the week-end at
his country homein the department of
the Mouse, elaborate precautions for
his safety were taken at the railway
stations. 'Detectives accompanied him
to his home and as an added -precaution
a pilot engine was sont aihead of the
train to 'prevent any attempt to wreck,
Al x narties holding claims- against'
the-edtate qf Mary A. Jeans, deceased,
afs bejreby notified and required to
pl'esent thoem, duly proven, to the un
d~xsigpred, on or 'before the 16th day
of Auigist hezt, at I1 o'clock A. .I., or
be fore ver 'barrel:.' I
T. P. JAN~S,
How Time Brings Changes in a
City's Landmarks.
Famous Old Washington Squai e, in
New York, Is a Good Example
Once Place of Execution.
It is swoot to dance to violins
When love and life are faih
To dance to flutes, to dance to ates
Is delicate and rare.
4ut 1% la not swet witlo nimble foot
To dn* uZpon-the air.
-Oscar Wilde. "1allad of leading GaoL"
A city grows. Landmarks which
have defied time fall before wreckers
nnd iandinarks of the future take their
places. Tie tales whispered about
them are lost in the crush of riveeing
hammers, In the rumble of subway
trains, In the roar of truck engla'ls
and the shouts of truck drivers.
Often thne works to change coin
pletely not only the physical aspect of
a locality, but also its spirit.
Washington square, says a New
York Sun writer, Is a name to conjure
with, more, of course, in cities and
towns far from New York than within
the limits of the greater city. Whor
ever aspiring and hopefully artistic
youth congregate, in every city in
every state, eyes are turned toward
the radical artistic groups with which
the square and its environs are inov
tably %ssociated. And foot have a way
of following eyes.
Countless thousands come every
year from Iowa and Missouri, from
Arkansas and Texas, to spend at few
weeks in the metropolis; perhaps to
stay, If the city Is wolcoming.
They go, after the Woolworth tower,
straight to Greenwich Village. They
drink bohemian tea in eagerly artistic
places; they dance to the strains of
violins in the hands of unpublished
poets. They dance and are thrilled.
Most of then-perhaps even some
New Yorkers-who "dance to violins"
-not, it Is to be feared, "to flutes, to
lutes"-are inisslaig a thrill justifiably
Oin a gray morniv- g a hundred years
ago a trembling niwgro girl wias led up
the steps of a gibbet. Whether the
girl, Rose Butler, had committed the
murdet- for whilh she died cannot be
saId. Probably, not to do our ances
tors Iujustice, she deserved her fate.
At any rate she paid the penally. "It
1: not %wcet with nimble feet to dance
Upon the air."
The gIbbet upon which Rose Butler
and others dIed was set up at the
Point where now the Fifth avenue
busses sweep into Washington square
to (ischarge their loads of sights.-'rs,
ma1nay of thent to dance in the .re
coain:odlious of the village teat ps.
lIut there was no Wnshl: .on
square in those days. Instead, !he
space It now covers was part o: the
paiper field in wlh!ch those too nor
to he given tie luxury o' tomb ;aIes
Were bllrid. lundreds of paup fn
aerials Intse-id through lanes that are
now faimous streets of New Y.'rk's
"Quartier Intin." wvending their way
to the publie buryng ground.
Evi'en In tlhostt days the district was
taking on a more fashionable at1aeet,
Jbowever. Monument latte (or -sen
wih hane) passed on one side o the
ceimaetery tind it waS at the ins-ncee
of those who rodae over the fehtaon
able drive in stillI more fashh :mbhle
carriages that the iel was abanaoed
as a cemetery ha 18:23, after 26 y.ears
of service to the city.
Washington arch lasa rep~lace.i the
gibbet us the laughter ot gayety has
replaced the silence of thie p:::lper
.silld; as5 polished wood has re-l'aced
thae air as a dance tloor. Andi rime
chnanges thrills as at changes !and
sca pes.
"Poison Squad" at Work.
The Brooklyn Botainlc garden has a
poison squad which has enjoyed little
publieity. but has enjoyed poorC I..mlth.
A paraigraph of a recent report of the
gardlen reads:
"Dr. ['erley Spaulding, patho 'ist,
Uunited States Department of A -icul
ture, c-alied at the gardens an.i se
cured cuttlings of live species of cur
rant. The shrubs propngated from
these cuttings will be used by I. octor
Spauldinlg In hais investigations of de
structIve diseases."
The scilentist nowV has thuis etarrant
bush poison squad working nig; andl
day -see'ing how unhealthy It ej.t get.
These currnnt bushes have at' the
al lments that a curr~anlt bush 1 11heir
to, and the chances. are theyv may
novelr get well. If it wero possi:a for
these bushes to express their 'e, !ion
of ail tis listeners would pr- )tably
hea- soame sizzling current ophn U.
Elephant Desk Lighti for Good Luck.
Elephants eanrvedi frorn ebony or
ivory have long been popular in the
home, superstition haavlng attached to
them thte Power to' bring goodi luck
to thecir owners.
Now comes a glorified symbol of
fortune's smile for desk or bouadoa-,
consisting of a beauatifully made elo
troller. In this the animail, aturidily
made,0 bears on his bac-k the palian
quin-shaped ian ni, wic th fur-nishes a
rh(chly t-olored~ ligh.t.
Wheihor- or not an elephaant. so fit
tedl brings gooad luck tO. his8 poss*esoer
beyonfd the luck of Ownhiug Stnch an
(exquisit acce-slsory, t he aver-ago girl
would .find suaIlelent pleasure in
owneirslj to) belietv- liht sign land al
ready "come tr-ue."-Ixange.
"White- Coal" In Sweden.
*In 10X00 Stwedish, hydro-eawtri ta
tfons were developnag 1,90O0000.horse
power, 'he- equipment since added
prohp~Ay bt-a s1che'tu told close t -
When you need printing of
any kind call on us. We
do very good work and keep
fairly in line with prices.
Just a Square Deal--That's All
You BuyTo-day is
at the 1I *'Price
with No Tax added
AST Fall at the $10.90 price it
Seemed to motorists as if the
30 x 3%/ USCO had reached
the peak of tire value.
Yet the makers of USCO have now
produced a still better USCO-a longer
wearing tire with
Thicker tread-thicker side walls.
Better traction, longer service,
more mileage.
And the tax is absorbed by
the manufacturer.
The new and better
USCO is a tire money's ,
worth that was Iimpos
Sible a year ago.
It is posble
today only in 1
Uni.Be tedtts ie
United States TiRbbresmpn
Where You EUREKA DRUG CO., Laurens, S.< C. E. V. GOLDING, Waterloo, S. C.
Can Buy J. D. SPENCE &COMPANY, Gray Cuurt, S. C.
U. S Ties:C. L. WAL.DREP, Lanford Station. S, C.

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