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Etje Ribbertizev
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
PIublished by
Laitrns, Si. C.
Advertising Rate on Applicaton.
Ubituarles and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Entered at the postoflice at Laurens,
F. C., as second class mail matter.
Vo0l. XXXVili. No(. :1 S Pagiles
L, %'RWNN. S. C.. AU'GU'ST 2. 192*1
Vile to the fact that the storm of
Sunday af(einlooni crippled the local
POwer systenli, pri'eveitiing the use of
ninating inciiiery 'art ot the time
ioniy ~i and Ius dy. The Advertisvr
forced to (elay it. piblicationli
thi veek and soie sibscribiers Will
: e( their papers this week abot
a day late.
Banlis of South C'arolina have loaned
e. co-oper0iative tobacco growers as
sbc'iationt the sui (of $1 1,4000,0)00 to hell)
m.n-k-t the crop. Tlhe Wlar Finance
C''o.-orationl is also as istilng in the
same amor.The zob o(vo asca
ion. like tile cotton 1 ascoeiation, was
nuf md with tht .ie of hl;in g the
:imate induistry of farming. A lux
i;ry tax placed on the products of the
tobacco farms is ca Cn atedlto offset in
some (mn.Stt' the Lnef! of the cO
-:'Ct>re m'ialketin a sSociatioin and
55C1ch1 v.ill i.nroVe a hiturdein on farimi
0g o( rat ionts.
* * *
The (citizens who mot inl the comr:
h.ouse Satiriday are to he commend:-!
ori .Zjluare;ly facing the cduIcat ional
coi,,plaiit about taxes in the state, es
pecially the Comparatively small item
of the state tax levy, but when it is
realized that the principal items of ex
penditure are for things admaittedly
inccessary and desirable there is lit
tle room for complaint. The ipeople
want improved educational advantages
-and are willing .to foot the bill. They
want the Confederate veterans aided
anlld their mentally delicieit eared for.
Thcy insi:t that the laws be enforced
and that crime be wiunished. All of
this takes money and money can only
be ased by taxation. The Advertiser
does not agree that alI of these ae
tivities are be0ing conidleted on a strict
ly economical a id feient basis, but
in them only nn any places for ma
terial reduction of state expenscs be
Card From W. P. Cu'lh1ertson
Editor The Advertiser:
Please allow me space to thanik Itmy
friends who annouinced me as a candli
date for County Superintendent of
Education and also a num1ttlberi of otli
ers who have so kindly solicited an(
encouraged mo to make tie race. Aln(I
wiie it wotul1 afford mie great leas
ur e to y ield to t heira wisites, yet after
malturtie deli hetat ion I have failecd to
gret thle conlsent of my'. ind to entetr
ptol ities, and must,. therefore, dec1lino.
At thte same time' I w.isht to as';urte my)3
fiknd: andi the 1att'1l generally that
it shail heO my itmrtiose to ('Oi ntiu to
do whtatever' I can to advan'e the
cauiro of edutcation and the moral anti
reliIgiouis uliift of the Pople of my
-' W. P. CUF.13ERT.SON,
H~omei Comig' at Mt . Ganllaghecr
'Nit. G4allagher 'Iaptist chuirch will
have its annual homite-coming daiy Siun
day. August t. 10)very oneo who has~
been at any tm connlected ihth that
churcht in any way, whether a's pastor
or laymtan. Is intvited to come and
wvorshtip with us on that day.
The program is as follows:
'10:00 Devotional.
Welcome by Sunaty School Ritt., W.
M. S. llresidenlt, H. Y.'P. ti. lpresidentt.
W'elcome b~y lpastor
Sermonl 1by Dr. 'TI. WV. Provence.
tOjpeecht by Rev. 'T. U. Rains.
Ditne~r ont grounds.
B. Y. P. U. -Demonstration b~y B. Y. P.
U. 7Siemnorial. Mr's. 0. .13. Blobo.
Survivors to Meet
The surviors of Company Fi, 14th S.
C; V., -at'e requested to meet at LAng-1
stan churcht for thieat annetd reunioni ont
Satuirday, Atugust 19ftht. All C;onfeder
ato vetetrans and theo public also are
cordially Invited to attend. Reade'..
this notice toll all the Confederate vet
Company Commander.
Demonjstrtont at itabun.
Th~e Bl, Y. 'T. U. .members of Rlabun
Oreek Ilaptist church will give a pub
Gio demonstratIon program sunday
'norning, ,August 41, at 10:30 'o'clock.
Ibyerybody is Ntordially invited to at
Wife of W. S. 1olt Died at Her Home
lu Dils Township Last Tuesday
Gray Court, Rt. I., July 29,-Mrs. Ad
die I3olt, wife of All. W. S. Bolt, of
I ickory Taverij. after an i llness of oil
:y 1:1 days duration, died at her home
Tuesday night, July 25 iti. While her
last illness could be counted in days,
Mrs. Bolt never fully regained her
u. al health aftier undergoing an op
eration lin the hospital during April,
1421, yet ever optjillistiv she did not
Complain, and wlien the last illnies;
came, surrounded 'by all her loved
oles oid faithful physician. she will
ingly and bravely obeyed the summons
to come up highler.
The deceased before her marriage
was Miss Addie llrownlee, daughter of
the late .1. 11. and Gabolle Dial Brown
lve. She was born and r'eared in the
shadow of Dials 'Methodist ehutrch, and
in early girlhood united with that
chlureli, rema ining faithful tihrtough
out the years to the checli of her an
Possessing an attrtactive piersoiality
with many esti mable traits of charac
ter, she was liked by young and old
Wednie5day afternoon the funeral
services were conducted in flabun Bap
tist church. her own pastor, the Rev.
C. W. Watson, of Dials. conducting
the seivices, intoerm ent following ini
lhe adjoiniig Cemetery. The floral
1trbttcs were many and beautiful, and
:w(re laid oin the new -mnade iouitd by
six young girl'S of the community.
I losides her, husband tie deceased is
.-urvived4 by four childreni, Tillmanl,
lack, N1i and Grtace, four brotiers
and two -.isters, as follows: essrs.
.j. R., W. C., 1). 1). and .1. 1'. Ur1ov:nle
and -.\lisses F.la in ne and Sallie 11rown
lee, all of this place
* S.* * e '..e e e 090 o
Lantord, Jitly 30.---The farenirs have
about "laid by" their crops and the bat
tie against the boll v-eevil is the order
of the day.
Mr. 'Louie i Lanford, of G: reenville,
spent the week-end \iti his mother,
31rs. 1I.thel 'L'anford.
Alisses Ruth and Alliene Wash have
returned to their home in Greenwood
after' a pleasant visit to relativos and
friends lhere.
'Miss Ollie Mae Taylor and Mr. Paul
K'oopert aie in reenvillI attending
the 11. '. 1'. 1'. Convention.
Mrs. .1. P. Blyers and chldren, of
Hfendersonville, N. C., ar'e visiting rela
tives here this week.
.\It-. Walter -Cox, of Laurens, was the
gttest of Mess's. Vernon and Gilbert
Cox last Sunday.
Miss Nina Lewis, who has been at
tenling the s1um-r school at Fuirman
is the guest of rs. J. R. Patterson
this week.
Mr. Lautrens Ilolmes celebrated his
hirthday with a big picnie (linner last
F'ida. Those presetnt report a most
(1delihtful occasion.
Mr. and .\lrus. \Vill11am Cast lebertry,
of' Chiesteor, werec guests of Mr. and Mr's.
WA. A. Tho:iias Saturiday night. Tfhey
1lef~it uday imorinltg tor' the10ir home
:iu'd shent Sunuday itn W\are Shoals with
)lir. Ca:st1 lberry's luothIier.
Mr. and Mirs. .\hion Drtyson, of Ow
ings and Me. and~ i'rs. Flail Woods,
oIf 1"outin l I, spenUt theO weeCk-enid
w'ithi Mr'. and Mr ts.5. A. Cox.
Prof. Etigene Cox and wife, of Texas'
atnd P rof'. II. Spear ifu rdetto~ and~ fault
Iy, ol 'ot 0gat, are !pendinlg pall of
thir vi'aeation at the home of Mr. 0. C.
C ox,
D). (Cox and Mi'. G ilbert Cox att ended
rerviies at WVarrior Suinday mor'ning.
'The meet ing close'd Sunday night. Pas:
tot' Wall was vecry ably assisted in the
mteet ing by Rev. J1. L. WillIs, of Green
vi lle, who did some good preaching.
'.\i iss Carrye Lou 11 iggins has re
turned from at pleasant visit to lhe'
brother at liuffalo.
Miss Carie Fcr.ler has r'eturn'ed af
tci' a pleasant visit to Misses Mai'ie
end Lbila hello -Poole near War'rior.
The conltriactors of Central schoo01
butildinlg ar'e rapdly pulshling the work
andt the completIon of a beautiful
school building will oon1 take tihe pla1ce
of One that has stood the tests of time
for most of a century.
Mrs. Jess 'Massey, of Rock Hill, is
visitlig at the home of Mr. and Mr's.
L. *M. Cannont.
Mr. YateOs W~aldropCl has rectuirned
hiome fr.omt the summonir schoo01 at flock
Card'. of Thainiks
Tio theO m~any friends anld neighbors
'oth f'ar ai.& near, V.e ceprotis our sin
ce cs aa L t..'a: i.. ..'ul flowers,
lovaing kldness and hlear'tfelt symi
'.ilhv bc ' -wed iipc:: US' de'"hig the ill
...... d. . .... onl b' :oved wife,
mlothter' and sister.
W. S. 1/0 AND) CH rLDRFEN,
stuva mA'LT ism unaWnixmii
Card Vrom Mr. W. L. Gray
Editor Advertiser:
Ii a recent public statement I stated
that my environment would prohibit
my making the campaign for a seat In
the 18louse of Representatives of South
Carolina in response to the solicita
lions ("f my friends, here and through
out t " colity. Aly physician had
scheduled for mec an1 op)eration upon
my eyes about this date, which If fol
lowed Ill) wouIld have made 4t out of
the uttestion for me to have accepted
the ;proffered honor of malking the
race for the above mentioned iposi
tion. lence my letter declining to
run. 'Today I went to the hospital
and upon being examlined, was in
formed that it would be at least three
montls before the operation could be
performe'd. So 1 have reconsidered
the matter in riitestioni and 'will make
the race for a position in the Hlouse
of Representatives of South Carolina
inl tie Coming primary election. I
ti'ust tile voters or .the County, bot-h
men(11 and women will take Interest
enough in tile affairs of the county to
be present at each lleeting arranged
by the executive 'committee of the
D)lcmocratiC party of Laurens county.
Yous ru' ly,
WV. 1,. GR AY.
.1uly 31, 1922.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTM ENT falls
to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles. Instantly relieves Iteling Piles. and you
can get restful sleep after first application. GOc.
ilun'hi1ecute liafil J\r diinnr Friday.
Seld your pail or 111one :00. E
illakely. 3_ i t
For Sitle-llamipshire- pigs. FIve
Weelks Old, $,.00 Carroll 'S.\ Wallace,
Gray Court, S. C. 3-It-pcd
Notlee---llui:ks I edluced anid ti
Iroved. Come in and see tile new
I23 models and get prices. 14 dif
ferent Illodels. 10rnest W. Macben,
dealer. 3-1t-pd
For Sale--A good milk cow, black
.levsey, Good cow, in good condltion.
Apply to F. D, Davis, 316 Cemetery
street, Laurens. 3-It-pd
Wanted At One--A' position in a
nice family its housekeeper. Will do
the cooking for a small family. S1 11
salary per week, board and roo Ap
ply Mrs. iAlary Ball, Princeton,Ytoute
1. 3-3L
For Sale--700 lbs new crop Crim
soil Clover seed in tile chaff, Ideper
l1b. f. o. b. Cross IIIll. C. iial. 3-i t-I)
Isost-One houlind dog, color, red
-withl white face, feet and :wlite ving
neck. About two Inches clit off tip of
tail. Answers to name of Buck: Last
seen a few -miles below Waterloo. If
found please notify Tom Bennett, Lall
rens. 2- 1t-I)td
Los.--l'mlale bull puppy about two
mionths old. Brindle and wvhite spot
ted. Tail trimllied. Filder notify me
for reward. W. 13. 'Metts at Marchlnt
Motor Co. 2-1 t- Pd
For Menf---1 store room for rent, on
the nortI ride of tile square, 1 main
floor, tipstairs and basement. -Metal
vc I iing. bocntion blest ill Ilarens.
iSce T. E. li'utrn at J. C. Burns & ''o.
.b~aurens- 2-tf
Ladi5-Aellmstitch aid picot for
yourself and oth)lers. Att.ochient fits
ally Imakie sewinig mtachtine. $2 110st
malid. Me'ntIOnl kind of mlachilne. '.\Ie
F"or Sale-Thloroghbrled 'Iobland
'hi:na sho t s. 'Weigh fr-om 410 to 50
Ilounids t'eh. $5.00) each(. AlIso few
nice be"ef cowa. 1. TI. 'I foll ingswIIortht,
(Closs Hill, S. C. 2-lt-ii
lost--Li gilt look ing JIersey (cowI, 1n0
ior Sile-'Rleef cattle; also e:
youn-l4 .lcl:sey cow freshl iln mil1k. Mary
i,3.41-One,'t hundle of dry gooda on1
secondt han machU~t lin(-ry 1e-10olled hag
gin g and( t ies. All pr ices andt gr-ades
gu4aant eed. P'honei 280 our' cxpentse.
I'. S. Uagging Co., Greenville, S. C.
Buttonls 0o' all sizes covered. IHem
ht1:Ieing)~ :uni l~oting done, silver anid
gold thr ead' a specialty. Y'our Itratde
sol icited. .\1 rs. .1. .\!. WIgginls, Soulth
HarperCl 5:tree"t, 1~Lurens. 49-15t
Good TlirOS---(Cheal at Counts' Sta
ble. 48-tf
Money to Loan--On impr~oved1 farm
and city property for a per'iod of years
at a:even antI one-hlalt per OCnt inter
est. JRomar, Osborne & Brown, At.
tor-neys, Spartanburg, S.. C. 34--Tf
Government Walgons--For Sale, 01r
offeredi in exchange for corn, oats, hlay
01' lumlber'. Wagons In good condi
tion. D)IxIo Iee and Ftuel Co., Clin
ton. '16-it
Itim Repair Parts--For all makes of
ears. Rim bolts, wedges and clamps.
Ci ty Vulceanizing Station. 40.-t
Moniey to Loan1 'on) improved farm
'hand at 7 1-2 per c-ent. :1L 5. Black
well, Attorney-e t-Law. 4 2-tf
Dr. T. L..Timmierman
Lauren., South Carolina
Office in Peoples Bank Building
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Funeral Directors
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, - - S. C.
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneys at Law .
lli Practice in all State 0ourts
Prompt Attention Given All Business
Terracing : Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
A IbSointely Guatraiteed If used as
For Sale at Laurens Drug Co.
Charges for Political Announce
ments $5.00 in advance, except Coun
ly Comniissioner $3.00. -
For Congressman
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-election to Congress from the 4th
Coagressionail District, subject to the
rutles of the Democratic primary clec
I heruby announce myself a eandi
date for the Ilouse of Iteirvescn-tatives
froml Laurens county and l)lCdgo my
self to abide by the rules and regula
tions of the Democratic party.
J. C. t.\clDANEL.
Fiilends of W. L. Gray hereby an
nounce him a candidate for the louse
of Reliresentatives and pIedge him to
abide by the rules of the Democratic
The nany friends and suppot ters
of llugh D. McCravy respectfully an
nounce him as a candidate for the
louse of Representatives, subject to
the rules of the Democratic primary
I hereby announce myself a candi
(late for the House of Rnpresentatives
from Laurens county and pledge my
self to abide by the result of the Deni
ocratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for re-election to the House of
Representatives from Lasrens county
and ple(ge myself to abide by the rules
of the Democratic iprimary.
The fri(nds of W. ). Owens hereby
announce lhim as a candidate for the
House of Representlatives, subject .to
the rules of the (Democratic primary.
I herehy announce myself a candi
date for the office of County Commis
stoner of 'Laurens county and pledge
nyseli to abide by the rules of the
Democratic party.
I hereby announce myself for re
election as County Commissioner of
Laurens county and pledge myself to
abide by the rules and regulations of
the Democratic primary.
A. H1. M001liE.
I hereby announce myself for re -
election as County Commissioner of
Laurens county and pledge myself to
abide by the rules and regulations of
the Democratic pr'imary'.
We are authtorized to iinnounce th
name of 0. 0. TVhomnpnu as a candi
dla'.4e fol' re-election to the (11lice of
Probate Judge, subject to the rules of
the Democr'atic primary.
For County Tireasurer
I htereby anntountce myself for rc
electIon as Trecasurer of LTaurens
county and pledge myself to abide by
the rules of the D)emocratic priimary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the cincee of Tfreasturer of Lau
rens county under the rules of the
Democratic primlary election.
For Auditor
I herdby announce myself a candi
date, for the oflee of Auditor of Lau
rens county, subject to the trules of
the c Democratic prima ry.
I her'eby announce myself a candi
(ate for re-election as Auditor of Lau
rns county and pledge myself to
abide by the rules of the -Democratic
primary. J. WADD)Y THIOMPS$ON.
For Su, of Educattoon
Friends of Prof. W, P. Culbertson
hereby announce him a candidate for
the oflicoe of Sup~erinltendent of Ieduca
tion of Laurens county and nledge
him to abide <by: the ,r'esults of the
Democratic primar'y.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the olfige of Superintendenit
of Education of Lauruens county and
pledge mnyself to albide by. the .rules of
the Democrattie prliary.
(Ml"S. I0ARlf C. OWENS.
I hereby annoptnco myself a candi
date for the office 'of. Superintenldent
of Education of Laturens county and
pledge myself' go abide by the-rulest of
the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myflelf a candi
(ate for the offico of Superintendent
of Eductition of Laurens county~ and
pledge myself to abide by the rules of
the Democratic primary.,. ''
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the oflce of Superintendent
of Education of Laurens county and
pledge myself to abide by the rules of
the Democratic primary.
I hereby aiwiouncee myself-a eandi
date foi Superinteundent of Eduication
of L~aurens county and pledge mnyself
1o abide by the rules and reguationts
of the Democratic iprimary.
(ris) I(ATra V. WOnFmun
For Supervisor
I hereby announce myself a canU
date for the oflice of SupervJsof of
Laurens county, subject to the rules
of the Democratic primary.
Friends of Mr. 11. 13. Humbert an
nounce him for Supervisor, subject
to the rtile of the Democratic ipri
I hereby announce myself a candl
(late for re-elcotion to the omflce of
Supervisor or Laurens county and
pledge myself to aibido by the rules
of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announed myself a candi
date for re-election as Magltrate of
Laurens township and pledge myself
to abide by the rosults of the Demo
cratic primary.
Stray dogs are killing my chickens and break
ing up hen nests around my. dairy, so I have de
cided to shoot all dogs seen on the premises.
I don't vant to kill any dog, but must protect
my property. Please keep your dog off all the
land under my charge.
Stop Handing Out Cash
You stop when the policeman waves his hand
and you do not run on when you see the flash
of a red signal. "Danger-careful,"you warn
All the time you have just as dangerous a
habit---carrying your money on your person or
keeping it secreted at home. This is what
keep the police busy-- money hidden at home
or in your clothing. See To-Day's Papers For
Thieves are easily discourged. Better play
safe, and let a good, safe institution like our
bank care for your money, while you meet
your bills by check.
Put an end to
worry. It does
not mix well with
business or social
Laurens National Bank
J. J. ADAMS, Pres. GEO. H. BLAKELY, Cashier
An Underpriced
The CW Battery
(Wood Separator) has
quality plates, selected
cedar wood separators.
Built right, of all new,
high-grade materials. 8.volt
Easily the best low. 11-.plate
priced hat tery you can $1
Sizes to fit all cars. Other izces at
d1Ihtly higher
Laurens .Storage Battery Co.
West Laurens St.
Phone 440
and %r Batteries

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