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As good onyour
automobile as they
werc onyour bicycle
Colds Cause Grip ana lftuenza
.LAXA'DVE DROMO QUININE Tablewt emove th.
,ame, There is only one "Bromo QuLa.in."
W. GROVE'S satu efbt . .
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on
package or on tablet you are not get
ting the genuine Bayer product pre-I
rcribed by physicians ove. wn'.y- two'
yers and pioved .iafe '.y n-.1!#r.u for
Colds Headacho
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which
contains proper directions. Handy -box
es of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
100. Aspirin is the trade mark of
Bayer Manufacture of 'Monoaceticacid- t
ester of Salicylicacid.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
Irom nauzea and danger.
No --alte nv-ecary, as
'Calotaa cct like calomel
and nali combined. De
miand the~ genuine in 10Oc
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Try a sack of new
flour from the mill.
There is none bet
We Deliver It.
& Babb
Laurens, S. C.
66 Cures Malaria, Chills, Fever,
__lBlious Fever, Colds anid
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All chIldren troubled with Worms have an n.
bealthy coldr, which indi'cates poor blood, and as a
role, there is more or 1 ess stomach distence.
larly for two or three weeks~will enrich thp blood,
lmprove thodidestl6n,and actas ageneraiStrength
.,ning Tonde to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off er dispel the worms, andtheChild willbe
-.i Arect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
9* * * * 9 *e *9Se oe
Greenwood Index-Journal
Laurens finally beat .us!
lit was some pitcher's battle.
We are glad you won, boys. you
iave been good szorts in defeat.
Old Yan Lefty Dobo got the breaki
-and won.
Tough luck, Devore. to lose a two
lti g:uuo. You deserved to win and
t wasn't your fault you didn't.
Anderson is on t)op again by a small
nargin, going there by licking Abbe.
rille, while Liaurens beat Greenwood,
Again we ay this -is a terrible lea
;ue; a kind of "off agin, on agin" lea.
rue, oh
-Lefty Bobo had our boys popping
hen up all afternoon, three hits be
ng all that he gave up and these wore
,videly scattered. He -pitched al,
nost unbeatable ball and Laurens do
ierved to win-especially so after
osing nine straight games to the
Ireenwood bunch.
Devore Andrews pitched a . game
hat would win about nine out of ten
ines, giving up only two hits, and
>itching air-tight ball at all times.
)ne little bobble by Leaman put Wal
trei? on in the sixth and Owens, E.
aid down a bunt, sacrificing 'Waldrop
o second and he went to third on a
hort passed ball that game old Tobe
ould only hobble for. Grady Culbert
ion singled through short after Tobe
iad dropped a foul tip for the third
itrike. So you see the breaks were
ust against Andrews. This boy is
,oing great now and should win every
line lie starts from now on out.
Tobe Liv'ingstone had the misfor
une to badly sprain his ankle in at
eipting to steal second in the fourth.
Lt first it was feared he had broken
is ankle, but. after delaying the game
one fifteen or twenty minutes nwhile
bandage was applied, Tobe went
>ainful that he had to be relieved by
>alnful that he hd to be relieved by
Valter Munroe in the last two or three
nnings. Tobe was game to the core
ad was cheered by both Laurens and
rreenwood players and fans for at
elmptig to -:Lay after Ills injury. Ills
Lnkle, while still sw6llen, twill prob
tbly be well enough for him to be in
hero against Anderson "Monday.
-Fare's hoping he wlll-for those gaines
nust he won.
We didn't wiln, but the Laurens fans
tot a scare in the ninth, with one
)ut, Leaman singled, Diorn got on by
In error, and with Peck Stuart, up and
>verdue for a lilt it looked anything
>wt rosy for Laurens. Peck popped ip
.o second and , Walter Munroe afte,
ouling about a half dozen, struck out,
Again in the first we had a chect
to score, but Dora was nipped at thirl
:n a short passed -balsl. We did not
get a single man as far as third base
1.nd precious few-to second.
We want right her-e to "comph~limeni
Pres. Rice Nickels and ils ball cl
for- the "good spor-ts" they have beet
under the nine straight defeats b:
the Greenwood club. Tile Laureni
elub is composed of a fine set of fel
lows and we know now that they are
good sports, for after being heat nini
times, they did not quit, but woul<
come back smiling and fighting ec
time. This is the mark of a. trun
sportsman and we are always glad te
praise an athlete that knows how tV
take his defeats as well as victories
The ILurens ball club can do tha
By the way, Laurens made the 'bes
shlowing of any of the clubs this
week, winning three out of five games
Greenwood winning two out of flve
Abbeville winning two and tieing one
and Anderson winning only one an<
tieing one. 'Laurens has eleven mnor
gasmes to play, twvo with Greenwood
fout' with Abbeville and five with An
derson and1 If they could twin all those
games froem Anderson and Abbevill<
they would not finish in last place b:
any means. Now, wvouldn't it be0 fuann
if they did? (With the pitching stof
that thley have it is entlirely possible
Thmerne ale nio bettet- pitchers in the
league than Blobo, Mloseley and Ow
ings. These boys ar-e nard nuts rt
marack -and if they get in there an<
work they can w-in practically all the'
.1alance of the games for' Larurens.
' Clinton Chronicle.
I:Laurenis is to he congratulated or
hte slendl~id mannier in 'whichl it .1
mpp~lorting its ball team: Wit~h th4
>r'obable exception of Greemnwood1 th4
Jarolina league games are drawlng
heir largest crowds In Laurens, ahl
wen in the face of a losinig streak
nterost or attendance has ot slowed
1p. 'Larrns hlas a good team now
Lad deselrves the support of thle fans
there as well as over the entire coun
Ity. Now that the tide has turned and
their standing in the percentage col
umn is on the uiclimb, added interest
is being aroused and a determined
fight by players and fans is being
whged to capture the .first champion
ship of the Carolina league. The team
Is fortunate in having the whole
hearted support that is being accord
ed it.
,Not only is Laurens supporting the
team splendidly in attendance, but the
conduct of both the players and fans
1is good. After seeing practically all'
of the games played on the home dia
mond,.we can testify na to the gentleA
manly manner in which the team and
crowds hove conducted themselves. It
is a compliment to the town as well
as the :layers and fans, a spirit that
makes for clean sports, and that is
what we want, whether we are win
ning or losing. Dirty work on the
party of the team, or abuse at the um
pire. 'or rowdyism of any kind on the
part of the faus-hurts the cause of
clean athletics and will soon disgust
the public. We are glad our county
has no such record chalked up against
We wish the team mighty well. In
cidentally, we .might add that our Clin
ton folks need to emulate Laurens'
example .in supporting our college
teams. They have us beat a mile, and
then some.-The Clinton Chronicle.
*. * * * * * * . * * * S * S
* S
* * * S e-. S * a * * * S * S
Mt. OliVe, Aug. 7.-The hail storm
that swept over portions of Greenille,
Anderson and Greenwood counties
last Thursday night struck this see
tion doing considerable damage to the
growing crops. Corn was badly torn,
much fruit stripped from cotton, and
even watermelon. were bruised and
sonic of them burst by the large hail
'stones. The storm extended from
Reedy river across Saluda at Ware
Shoals to Shoals Junction. On that
side we are told the farms of Lat.
Rasor, Will Algary, and Eunice Cooper
suffered heavy damage. This section
of Laurens county, it iwill be remem
bered, was visited by a severe hall
storm last year in June, but this one
was more extenslie and iperhaps more
destructive than that. A safe esti
mate no doubt of cotton destroyed
here is from 100 to 200 pounds of
seed cotton to the acre. Other crops
in similar proportion. This falls heavy
on the farmers who are already strug
gling against the boll weevil -pest.
Mr. Jas. W. Washington and family,
of lielzer, were here with relatives for
the week-end.
Mr. Lonle Moore, of Cuthbert, Ga.,
with his wife and children, are visiting
his mother and other kin for a few
'M.Shelton Culbertson, of Pacolet,
formerly of this county, arrived Sun
day afternoon with his family to spend
awbile with hl:' sister, MIrs. Olive Hill.
A series of revival etings began
at SIt. Olive church ! turday after
noon which will continue through the
week. These meetings are conducted
by the pastor, Rev. J. F. Hawkins, of
Anderson county.
Mr. N. E. Cooper is enigaged in car
rying -back and forth to War~e Shoals
a number of young people who are
working at that -place.
Mr. 1W, E. Washington has gone
back to Westminster to finish up his
school session, began last fall.
(Miss Annie Baldwin, of Rock 11111,
-is here a few days .with homefolks.
Card From Mr. -Nash
To the Voters of Laurens County:
I a~n offering for the ofmie of Super
visor of Laurens county. This office
.I1, as well as you, am vitally interested
Sin. Naturally you want to know if I
~ am ltted for handling the very im.
portant duties of this office-you want
ito know if I will handle the business
and financial .part wvell, economic-ally
and judiciously and next of equal im
portance am I going to tr~y to make
roads and maintain them. iMy answyer
is: I fully applreciate the importance
of every dletall of the office-I feel
Ifully cap~able of discharging the duties
of same inipartially to part or party.
I have a set of engineering instru
ments and can handle the surveys that
mnay arise.
I realize the financial condition of
the' County, both private and Public.
II know the extreme necessity of eon
om.I know the great demand for
more roads improved.
'I think the chain gang labor should1(
'be organized in three gangs and as
much of the machinery that we have
that is needed be placed in active 01p
eration and kept in operation. These
gangs andl machinery be distributed
over the county andl give each iportion
its; right ful rho~wing.
W . M. NASil.
Hatbituai ConstIpation Cured
li 1 to 2i Days..
"LAX-FOS WiTh! PEPSIN" is' a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Lexativo for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 daye
to indue regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulatiei Very Pi.asant to rake. 60c
Keep Your.]
J. C. Burns & Co. Williai
Home of 'Relin
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Same Goods for Loss Money liHe
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Will Do It.
urniture Co.
urireC. . C. Shell & Company
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gh to See Well" Ihardware, Agrlcultra Imple.
d Jery Runedpaired ments, Mill Supplies, Palntsj .
Mlde of Square Oils, Varn~ihe, Sporting Goods.'
Loper & Co. BENCHOFF'S
eor, Sash Elinds 5 & 10 Cents Store
ish Your Entire Bill 'Buy it in Laurens*
rour House. WS W ULCSV
Clothing Co. DaVis-Roper Co.
ltan's Store Department Store
lers - Suits Me 'Langens Best Sto .Qualty
en LurayEasterby Motor Co.
, Shoes, ClothingDdeBohr v
dy-to-Wear * og rtesMtrCars
A ALPhone 200 Service and Pants -
Is Storage Laurens National
y Comnpany Bank
teries and Service .Capital and Surplus $100,000.00
Station - J. J~. ADAMS, President
Courteous Service GEO11. H. BLAKELY, Cashier
utg Company The Princess Theatre
dicines of All Kid ZNot Only for Amusement But for
-Diversion After Business Eouru
1d Victor Records
Lon&A. L. Mahaffey
nge Banly
$ 100,000.00
~TS rsdent 'Ask fo? Our Pullman Loaf

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