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Stomach Trouble
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Lays
"LAX-FOS WivH PEPSIN" is a specially.
prel)ared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitua
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 dayE
to iduce regular action. It Stimulates an<
Regulate3 Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
We will drain your
crankcase free
Dead oil in you-.- cra'nkcase
should be cleaned out .every
500 to 800 miles without fail.
It will save you moneyon re
pairs. You'll get greater engine
power and gasoline mileage.
Bring your car to us. We
will drain and clean the crank
case FREE. Our only charge
will be for the fresh oil.
It's your opportunity to try
SUNOCO MotorOil-the won
derful new engine lubricant.
Martin Electric Co
666 quickly relieves Colds, Coistipa
tionq Biliousness and Headachies.
File Tonic.
Calomel is a
Dangerous Drug
Next Dose may Salivate You,
Loosen Teeth or Start
Calomel is mercury; quicksilver. I
erashes Into sour bile like dlynamit(
cram ping and sickening you. Calome
attacks the bones and should never b
put into your system.
If you feel bilious,'liendachy, consti
patted and all knocked out, just go t
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone for a few cents whiel
is a harmless vegctable substitute fo
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful an<
if it doesn't start your liver an<
straighten you up better and quicke
than nasty calonmei and without makinj
youj sick, you just go back and .get you
D)on't take calomnel! It makes yoi
sick the next day; it loses you a day'
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straighten
you right up and you feel great. N
salts necessary. Give it to the 'hildrei
because it is perfectly harmless and ea1
ntot salivate.
For Hogs
to Sweeten,
--dissolve 1 tablespoonful of
Red Devil Lye in a pint of
Swater, then add thin solution
tothe slop or coft foed for 10
hogs. Or diesolvo % of a can
In a. quart of water, and add
to a barrol of slop. Otir
thoroughly and food to hogs
nIght and riaorning.
Ahoayp demnand the genutne
* * * * * * + * * * * * * *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * 0 * *
Leakville, Aug :'t.-Thiis cool, rainy
weather is very favorable for the boll
weevil and they are doing a great deal
of daiage in sole farms through
Mr. and .irs. tLeon Yeargin were re
cent guests of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. 'W. W. Yeargin.
Mrs. Ethel Chancy, of 'Clinton, spent
several days last week with her par
(nts, ;.\lr. and .Mrs. (. -11. South.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sherbert were
the s-pend-the-day guests of 'Mi. and
'Mrs . A.lM. Garrett last Thursday.
'Mr. IM inn lard HalI and family, of
Laurens, spent the past week with his
parents. 'Mir. aind Mr's. Sam Hall.
A nuimber of people from this com
munity have been attending the Friend
ship Imieeting.
Mr. Chesley Hughes visited his son,
.r. Dock I ughes, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. .J. I1.. Pearson and
daughter, Cordelia, from Gastonia, N.
C., visited relatives here last week.
MIrs. Guy Garrett and children visit
ed her father, Mr. W. M. Coker, of
Gray Court, last Friday.
'Aliss Ruth Todd aigd several friends,
of atirens, visited Misses Sarah and
E1dith Yeargin Sunday afternoon.
Messrs. Noah Knight, ILock Knight,
AV R. R.'Henderson and 'Miss Emnia lent'
derson sp:ent the (lay recently .at the
home of AIr. 'T. If. South.
\ir. and Mrs. S. M. Garrett, Mrs. J.
IN. Leak and 'irs. Ella Owens were re
cent visitors at the home of 'Mr. Sam
oin to M r. and 'Mrs. Raymond Gar
rett, on August 13th, a son.
Mr. Neal 'Ilugh ! and son were
guests at the home of his brother,
Mi. 11. T. 'Hughes, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Yeargin were
recent visitors at the home of Mr. Tom
Owing5, of Owings. We are sorry to
state that Mrs. Owings Is seriously Ill
at this -writing.
Mrs. J. N. 'Wilson and children visit
ed lier father, 'Mr. W. WM. Coker, of
Gray Court, Saturday.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Gary Hughes were
guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hughes,
* Saturday night.
I..\iss .Jessle Hughes an( Alaster
'Louis 1I uglies, of Connie Maxwell Or
phanage, spent the week-end at the
home of IN'r. B. T. Hughes.
Jr. J. N. ;Wilson and family, Mrs.
.. N. ILeak and Mrs. Ella Owens mo
tored over In Spartanburg county Sun
day, to visit relatives..
MIs. GMaggie Garrett is sienlding a
few weeks with lier son, Mi. Raymond
MI. and .Mrs. Calvin -McCauley and
children visited the formers' parents,
.Mr. 1haddeus ldCauley, of Friendship,
last week.
'Messrs. Sam, Walter, Minniard Ball,
SW. G. Garrett, J. N. Wilson, J. H. Pear
son, with others froii Gray Court and
Harksdale, went to Mountville fishing
last Friday, and report a great catch.
Iir. and 'Mrs. .Ellijali Riddle were re
cent. gnietss of 'Mi'. and' Mi's'. Calvin
b Miss .Jese Riddle spent Wednes
day night with shei' sister', 'is. Calvin
Mri. Will SouthI visited his grandpai'
ents, Mi'. and( Mirs. WV. RI. Jenderson,
- of Friendship), last week.
'We ai'e glad to repoi't Mi'. Amanda
~ Ilopkins is improving.
0 * * * S 9 9 9 9 e 9 eq ', S 0 * '* *
Hickoi'y TPaver'n, Aug. 21.-TPhe boll
weevils are .puncturing the squares so
badly t hat most all the fai'iei's have
quit picking upi the squares.
Mi'. Tilluman 'Bolt visitedl Mr. D~avid
Briow~nlee t'he ipast thi'ee days.
i. and Mi's. L. F. Aberci'omble
visited Mi'. J. C. Aberci'ombie and faim
1ly, Sunday.
Mi'. Jodle Br'ownlee was tlfy welcomne
guest of Mri. W. S. Bolt, Sunday after
aA fewv of the people of this section
attendled thle Wham lawvn pecnic Friday.
TPhe Rabun B. Y. P. ,U. inmebes
rend~ered a very inter'es'tng program
Sunday night at Rabuin Crieek church.
Miss Sarah .Roper spent last week
with i'elatives of Fountain Inn.
Mi's. iMai'vin Rhodes spent last 'week
with hiomefolks.
Mr. F~arl Bahb preached an interest
ing sermon at Rabun Sunday morning.
The county campaign meeting was
hold at Hickoi'y Tavern last Thursday
atil wVas enjoyed by ovoi'y one whlo
heard the speakei's.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stopa the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tIssues,
SALVE for Cheat Colds, Head Colds and
Crouph- a enclosed with every bottle of
should bl3'ubbed on the chest and throat
of children auffering from a Cold or Croup,
Th eli gffcofne ayes' Heealignoy in
Grove's 0-Pen-Trato Salve throughth pores of
the shin soon utops a cough.
Dioth rem'olles are packed In 0ne carton and the
cost of the comnbined treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Feels Himself Perfectly Competent to
RIule Over lls Domain. .
Rome, Aug. 18.-A fresh and search
Ing 1wind of inquiry and reorganization
is blowing throtigh the vatican with
the advent of the new 'pope, and some
of the old established dependents of
the palace, who are very iltumeirous,
find it altogether too bracing t 'e
Pleasant. Pitts XI comes of a pi ti
cal and iprosperous bourgeois stock,
and feels 'himself perfectly competent
to look ilto even the smallest details
of the' vast organization of wilch he
is the head.
The pontiiffr, wiile adhering oil state
and ceremonial occasions to all the
pomlp anld S-11lndor which I., tradition
al in the basilica of St. Peter and the
Vatican .palace, desires that his -pri
vate life be ruled by a truly apostolic
simplicity and frugality, and he is Ie
ported to have said that lie intends
to spend money rather on the propa
gation of the faith than on the restora
tion or beautifying of buildings and
Ii Itallin households, humble or
aristocratic, the cook buys all that is
necessary for the feeding of the fam
ily, and good housewives usially go
through the cook's accou nts every
day in order to keep cheek of them.
It appears that his holiness does the
same. It is related that the other day
a fowl, -price 20 lire (rathe r less than
-a dollar), was provided for the pope's
stupperl. For sollie reason lie did not
eat. it, aild ordevs 'Were given that
the following day the cook make
chicl'en croqluettes for lunch. The
crouiuettes duly arrived, but when the
accouint-s were looked through in the
evening it was found that another
fowl, price 20 lire, had been charged
in the cook's book. The cook was
called ii and "had -his head washed,"
w hiich is the (inainit Roman expres
sion for getting a good scolding, anld
the pope told him lie has no use for
any servant who was not strictly
honest and accurate in .his chrges.
It appears that some of the admin
istration of the huge vatican palace
has been carried on in a rather ha)
hazard fashion. *For instance, thou
sauds of lire were often paid for over
'time work to the regular staff of
1work-men who receive weekly or
monthly wages. Tie pope, counting
ill the regular days work and the ov
ertine charged, pointed out that one
poor man must have been work'ng for
considerably over 20 hours out of tQie
2-1. "I hope I shall never see such an
item in tiLe a'ecounts again," saild th
politiff with a tquiet twinkle in his
eye: "it would .be Indeed cruel to ex
pect anyone to ovetavork limil.Self to
that extent."
It has beei discovered that' the
,alterations and repairs to a &mpal
tl)alace in the Piazza S'cossacavelli,
near St. Peter's, which is to be the
seat of the Institute of Ariental Stu
(ies, have cost, although they are not
nearly finished, more than would have
sufilced to buy I whole new palace.
A strict rule has therefore been made
that iio exl)Cenditure surpa):ssing .3001
lIre may unader any circumstances he
inado wvithout the ai~lproval of a comn
mission consisting of Cardinals (eas
par tri, M.\erry (hi Val, I )e L ai and Sbhar
retti1, to .wvhom the pope has Inatrusteid
the dtuty of looking Into every lire
that is paid out.
Vote fot' 0. 1). Scay for' State Super
ihttndent of Edutention .--Adv.
Senuaze Tihirealcens Complena~sIlen M[eas..
nre. To Postponeo Action.
Washington, Aug. 1 9.-Despite the
appriiecia'ble number' of senators who
are moved by clamor and the appronch
of the elections, the bonus for foimer
soldiers is in jeopardy. A majouity of
the 'members of the senate today voted
-to )01POpO the 'considleration of the
bonus bill tuntl I'Wednesday. This was
taken to mean that if the issue was
lpostponied unt il after the electionis the
'bonus bill wvould be bleaten.
T1he debates on the bonus bill1 will
be0 short or extensive accord(ing to reve
lations froip the \Vhite House. If the
president proi'tises to veto the bil}'
the vote may be had soon, If he hesi
tates the vote Wvill -be Pos5t1oned. If
lie agrees to veto, the IndicatIons are
that it will be Impossible to pass the
bill through the senate despite the
veto. In othet' wvords, the situationI
from the standreoint of those clanmor'
lag for a bonus as r'ewar'd for' thoir
service to the flag is pr'cai'ous., This
is the general opInion following an
uinniomcial canvass of the senate to
night. In the dlirect vote, niot more
than 30 senators will oppioso the bonus.
But more than 30 will refuse to sull
poi't the hill1 oveir and against the veto
of the pr'esident.
According to the unoflal poll some
of the ablest Southern senators aie
against the bill. These Include Son
4tors Underwood of Altaama, Dial and
Smith of South Carolina, Glass of Vir'
ginia, WVilllams of 'jississippi and
ShIelds of Tennessee.
Vote for 0. D. Seay for State Super
Intqdont of Eiduation.-Adlv.
WN'ashington, Aug. 19.--Samuel Gom
>018, Pre1SId(ellt of the American fed
ration of labor, ex-pressed the opin
on today that President Harding had
dded to the (Ii eulties of the present
ldustrial situationi by his message of
1 Seven Pas
1 Five Passe
1 Overland i
1 Chevrolet
1 Buick Six
1 Dodge Toi
1 Light Foum
These a
You don't have
the new Goodye
Instead of listing
with a so-called'
You can see fror
than the net pr
tires of unknowi
We believe the
- open basis, and:
The new Good
long-staple cottc
of group-ply con
in design, mater
product, built to
it has a differen
a new tread witi
substantially less
Compare these prices
30x334 Clincher...$12.5
30x 3% Straight Side.. 13.5
32x 3. Straight Side.. 19.2
31 x4 Straight Side..* 22.2
Goodyear Cross-Rib Tr
esterday and likewise had11 closn( an 1
tiuforttilia t ile for delivery. f
The labor chief inl a itical dIs- a
ulssioni of the viresiden.t's Imessage, t
tininouiced that his organizations I
vol0d oppose any legislat !oil carry
fig out the suggest ios that the rail- I
road labor board be given vower. to
Aenger Chalmera,19
nger Chalmers, 19
35 Big Four Touring
490 Touring .
Touring . .
ring, Nearly New
, Overland Touring
.re the Cream of Us
ng at Buttermilk Pri
is Mot(
The new Goodyear
o Cross-Rib Tread Cord
ting the "
in Advance
to be a shrewd bargainer to get the
ar Cross-Rib Tread Cord.
it at a high price, to enable the de
long discount," we list it as low as
ai the figures belowv that its adverti.
ice you are asked to pay for man'
1 value.
wverage man would rather buy tires
issure himself a product of recogni
year Cross-Rib Tread Cord is ma
n, and it embodies the patented(
ials and manufacture it is a represe
safeguard the world-wide G3oodyer
tread from the famous All-Weati
i a deep, clean-cut, cog-like patteri
'ith N ET prices you are asked to pay fo
D 32x 4 Straight Side.. $24.50 3
D 33x4 Straight Side.. 25.25 3
5 34x4 Straight Side.. 25.90 3
D 32x 4% Straight Side. . 31.45 3
These prie:s inclu~de manufacturer's excise tax
rad Cord Tires are also made in 6, 7 an
'liforcv its (IVCsi os, or ti alow the
(deral govern' enl t to puniIi;h criies
tgainst alienls suchsiha -., alleg"ed
o have b 1eent c01nitte" duing the
lerril, I lls., m Assncre, -shi he dt
weribed the p re-s idlIt or, p -- for
egislat ioll to cont rol co ! dist ribu on
Ls "probably imlpractical"
19, $650.00
9 750.00
. 150.00
. 250.00
. 650.00
ed Cars
)r Co.
bottom price on
aler to attract you
ye profitably can.
;ed price is lower
"long discount"
oni this frank and
zed worth.
de of high-grade
3oodyear method
ntative Goodyear
ir reputation.
ier Tread Cord
i-and it sells for
e "'long discount" tires
3 x4!4 Straight Side.. $32.15
4x4% Straight Side.. 32.95 .
3x 5 Straight Side.. 39.10
x 5 Straight Side. . 41.05
d 8 inch sizes for trucks

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