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Arabs Will Quarrel Over the Privilege
of Entertaining a Visitor-Striot
Rule of Etiquelte.
Altholgh intst Arilbs Ire Biedouins
or iin als, luny of tihis aneieit riaec
live in ll vwns. To lih' triivelier 1ttinsed
to the w :ying 1'id ain St iIIl de
iner" Inducing 1i4l4 ion <,f th tilliil
fo, pr thisC IIi te i1:t(1o4 1, lofh oio tion 1in
iat s i gratre l Iw it cine
o wcrs wit 1: II i w Is. 118
ing I J~ I :'; II I Iufis': Iue if I I
cii: I; I 1! ro I !0 :: ho sI I It (III "ii t ry I
W4 it ' , it.'h itf li f i the ei-14
)w [rn 4 I I u- v Iag r no.ses
th 111ry 4. iiuontand i i:ws s ruigh the'
ity i:!' .li A in te wnist 1ive
I wt. I-i(sl I'tI I \vI
WTos and ofrre.The trvile Ar oin
der-s whs ilthw iret ;xatadpie sre fr
in h eih t!.h i 1 ie bo lsli aifd Iay
l ITY tlly I4 w:A ti -' li 1 y,: go n IS v lm
Tbn ie It w tin t he Ieie it itr
he si'ns t ii::: : ilt- w i le towofe
r1 e if(1,111i of th ibh tilte es w f o
: l;rt :i ri ItnIs w usIgd in li ar- f
I re O T IIIl \'dIIIayW I) 0 1 )hd tIe w Ih fl
bold iavt re ha ait bthii h l f rniiit i
'ia ia -n. a gn
to ! li mdon Io te Arnlahin
Io:nse Is idedi at re pl es1111.u lre for
there A t li p ileet 1 i to lie, ad
at I. IIl s 1n ri:1 n I i it'u la I cf1 II feeyIt
trea t I e'.r g ies beenIgy (set
Tler h' 3!nnin-.shingthn thevreland
Il1in' r h fn heac tea who lI twn
wio l sIt q anl Iver th e rivil A o en
hisfrti~nl 8 i si otoIr. n t ili.Io
Nfo Istle vot Ingth lo fis
itrys rwhere h -iie at algongrs an
'dd ado isnk woble hne theIght ofe
wih lIs o tk ri ths hndi I andt
hohl raile ge alwant alndigout.os
to14 I~ l er o l'441e, fi te ofus t r
hlem i i st fu-wI ing toi I e ao -
av guetig (f_:n Arabia eatily, it is p
1ll dl lb-uan , 1 a4 v eil utn t he tl t ton
in glua 1rd if hose ee y to beivi
1Iin. yoihiud vs Ithsec o
"Th ndt On1 e Nign1 s t Ilan
hureiis El tuckeyourfeet ron iryllr tt
matte ho uncomfot5 e rtble, eaue 1I14
wr d theon'at t lelhy hiured ban
htlk an d w i ad i il the aiit he a o
whil is Ol tr g th i t i s t n
epi Q the guersiwt ao night 1
These 14(481 car'go lieor (I Ntitvalue.
thatii gurive( lately hy1 41'it , 4114(1 4Si
iTer toin furnisininte roomocI
one csstd 1 very aefu nwot tilon e
i ali Aabn houie o fel ary tot
'41lzll (of iileroa iot fodistance lil MOMi
used, l bu linever bs bue til 441 1 i
!If y-eoue sholdae vist wen this tand of
"A:iiitIle. Thua d ad iehts,"obe
.uit tIle i ytor f114ie e i p ri'p fo
mtterkll hwauerfor tab lhse ife
you dn'ty wll be fiotnside(!redel had
noter ewer sen wi nt eii alled to
f a!lofgain !m e s 1111iy o 111CII
ueer. a -rge.
The ]ddest o reor as prob.
Q 4.' Ia 4 arrie l at ly I I a' piit Ish
S i con gtelio si e1all ofo ilon1
11!ou to th o fia sut bi us, the i t-e
~ t a' bec ernes clearer whillerw ar tol.
him the water was lipteenl tuhed il~
'.I 4kiti aterrte use of the e
:to cc.' (uiI Vi' eie a lln~ii
Anowthier~1 erroset to pais coist-r
lnt 114f anvInren he (tlanilt ofi ofk
is.Th ereluilf~ weren' seral mills
of these t tol' the If Eilinill valu(. It
'i Spgan liave dsmuche anpordlr and11:
ane tothe fact eteat' note dritd
ji ine( thave tbeen lrely conte.
A ionofachnnr St<Ilnre workin' at(CI lhe
credockst Leauofn tecetif re- I1:1
d0 coinleation for 114 bein hit o
w oul b y a hule~f ( offerld he-i
nCounret Posgeke Stheps raso
Afatding ofhe horesen t of thbe
tr3Oify. ('osae thlip h fn tilt the
beingIv scaeNt g ('agwer theyr
unde~ injtol spas, puriped or '
blnrg the weesiial y tsu5(itle' h
ctnelp w~tod~ tslv." theuse.Nwte i
*wdu tefrekn that tboishd iasrgiay
namel' of al lgereat Ibratoh of the
-(urce.ht ba n(1.5c ws thep ofav,
dulo tt weeesedmuhas thei negroe
Katherine Spencer
One new filmn star who Is rapidly
)ming to the fore is Katherine Spen.
r. Miss Spencer Is a New York
irl. Her father, Alvin W. Spencer,
yrinarly of Cincinnati, 0., at one timo
m.1s United States consul to the West
1dies. Katherine enjoys the distinc
on also of being the niece of John
-bnson, the circus man.
1lo M . i
A SA "eeT I teli e bni oss -x I "nta
vaiiiix. Anad (lit boss tellit lie lie
wxgoiii lakil Oat n g. SoI
,-e diit for soiiv da expense wve ga
M: ::3Ir . )Ou know I tella VOU 0110
Iii hoMi n irolgl piie Wot (lit boss
(S loll, l e tilIi (lilt 1)11)0 13
i viLish, too.
ve go eral da Ileover to ea ioce i
Pr da fornsl. 1 dsavnno for sure, ut
)r wty (!it YIe sellit n ow I tink
Ai l1.%. kua ele ones(' oil (lit ioiI(I 11oitia
ince. i ut a1j in so s tron gta bow
e brejikit (lit llroldish law%%.
I try tiva, Well, time losa dt pipe
1 (ilkt roa1d, hult 114 ('1111 (10. 1 ti'ow
1i(side one tie a d den I itiata dat
Weeia go1 .1n0 fitsta lie oa1. PreetY
Lie c d till. *iis i enin getfor fre sh
ir way no ipoeoi sinell. nuit twhen
'e reaclma tree four ziile dowil (in
11tl havn its aooia sil only.
etle lilt i e know lens pipe nwas
lie. So ihe iai a nit go hak and
neda look. T but goti od I trou
1Vi fdl' oCtie -ajusn fdenow lin Sell
lid golinl inosta kno n.at Frce diy
it was mi h p ml e.B
eIio rea aiha (I ou mil e gow da's~
etrlen . di bos s nowit hes 1pe1wa
'ine.u loube mnia erod go c tan
11(1fork lcate-Juysa fotlliw dirai mell
dwhnal ta knek mden down
W th.n wet re a isa we g'o vet
lace rienolon. D' boss lihtnde pp
-n5 da hose a en ivrody~' goS cout,
no likay dlt wiiay I) iI olOteliihem eeul'
a ndi soka Ida pidple go down, btoda
Wot whou tel oenphciad lei
honea ayhetkamyido1n
-.on yd oen , feur o
/d gta o u Xe h uoa' td
suh utIa meae e a
(Cy-d t.
TLYI' I tte inhaa. Ara Con
> lIi"'t the Curia h'ngls, or King's
'n", a ppmoh ted t 'el 'n knighats
-A -- N e i eiiata.;l variotis
mltters wbieh imilght comou before it,
talors at thme Cirlin llegls began to
uIanmon t hese twelve to Inquire Into
11d jIudge their sulits. Thus, origlinally,
ae jury (I atIn, ldlrog t4 p~vear') were?
*'elve men(1 sworn to. lVetstite and
i'.re evIiece. Dii :1, reign cf
[enrm.v IV the jury leed to
.u nrege'it function'j jc~ of facts
Existed in British Columbia. as
Late as Century Ago.
Archaeologists Make Interesting Dis.
coveries While Exploring Old Com
munity 3ites, Mounds and
Aboriginal Graves.
Victoria, It. C.--The stono age,
which, scietitsts siy, came to tin end
in weslern Europe about 1700 B. C.,
wis carried oin for tinre than 3.000
years later, and in its most character.
IstIc rort- existed in British Columbi
up until its late as a century ago, ill
smine dlistrlets, Iiecording to Ittidinigs
ot it'riteologists who have been ex
poring some of t le old cotmunity
ites, ntiounds andl aboriginal graves
atlong tihie (coast ( and the iiterior of
the pro'ilive.
The stone age in, iritish Colutmha
has for many years been the study of
selentists of lot, who have beetn work
Ing to htid11(1 u) the story of the evolua
tion of the prehistoric civilization as
exemplified in Ihe trilhes whilh worked
out their exilstence betw'een the Rocky
niountinhs and the l'aeille. Valuiable
collections haive been obiainled.
It was only recetly; however, that
British Cohitinia, in ain effective way,
turned Its alttention to the past. Un
der the direction of rl'emier .John
Oliver, tile provincial iusetllil lilts
been piirIly relhult and lie collections
Jim oil exhibition.
The abiorigill occiulltlis of tle
colltltry belonged to the iolithe, or
liew stonte age, scielnlists detertiained
fron41111 the spiieillels obptatied frontil old
viliages an1d huryi ng I ltaces. Stonle an11d
boitt tools wvre ill aollinlion use wlien
th' Ilrst white explorers visited tihe
north 'acith-. although iol and cop
pea in saiill quantitles were foundt
1I iabinost tverywhere.
lin some n111sta11ces t titive races
hadc developed it degree of art. One of
the exhibits in the iuseunlia is at copy
of a steal humanli lgture hoaintg a
bowl. It l hillped fron i solid
bllocl of stone and then polished.
There lire two of these sichntvis very
nitic alke. ()ie wis discovereI near
Departure liay. Narluhno, aind( the
other in North Sa1anich, on Vaiouiver
['erjuilps ithe nilost characteristle of
the stonle age are te stone ixes and
laintiniiaers discovered ill inintly places.
They aire anost identleal with the
tools of tilt neolithie man found in
Tite stone weapons include daggers
aid war. ilbs. There ire n111an1y ex
antples of st tone dis8hes, hewi froni
s1i1iil howlders. With wiitt appear to
have been rolling pills of soiewhat
angular design tli prehistoric woian
of this coast seeins to have been well
'rimitive a 111 n Biritish Coluiliala
apparlitly hi( a little siaoking now
and tlhenti. Old slheII nloillds on the
Thompson and Fraser rivers have
yielded what appear (o liive been
stone pipes. 'T'le ea eXI)lrer4
found Ihe nlti v races ising it ir-iIe
tobactco, icotina attenuallta. Wilht
grows wild inl tho 'I'liompsm river
country and wil sioced a lone or
iixed witith Iitlas 3111d inikllilelk.
Bilenos Aires Centenarian, Made Slave
While Child, Holds Job and
.,, Drinks Liquor.
Iluenios A ires.-A ntuonio Roas, a
negro whol( is retedti~ to be one ihunt
< tedalnd14 thiirPty-I wa yeiaris old, '-aras
a I lig h3ere as a inietdcino mian and
ticket seller'.'
lI wI notS111 too old( to put up~ a
f1ighat whleni thre men llT1l' h l hill upI~
robbledl lhim at ftew day3 i atgo, buat told
at rlmr~:ter' het wtoul h ave ade a het
to'r shoa wIng If he lui not "taiikein a
Antilot elziimt to halve b~tefn ('ap
Itureal in thle ('aingal whien a vchit'd. by3
Frenachi si lve tradiers. Thle F-'renich shaip
wals('11 iaptured by3 an1 EnglIsh vessel
andii z tai to) 3Iadira. Ilie wtas
brotrht to ArigentlnAt at the af,e of
Squirrel Wintered In Cushion.
I an agotr, Mt.-Octalve ( hi tn aOh of
fiamilly oif s~tuIrrels sipent a cory wint
ter In thle enishloon of thle batck acatI of
hiis auitomiiiile. Hie tiks it will he
some4 ~jobi 14) col let thle i'ent, to say
noth1ing of Ithe r'elairIis on the c:uehihms
tinil the, tiine4 It toaok hIm to; pick up
the aIcorn' shells. The squIrrels iooa
theIr ev'iction wIth great ind'ign,.tion,
Fell Giant Beech Tree.
Genieva.'-At Monthierodl (V'aud) a
glanl bleechl t'te was r'ecenly3 flee,
whieh wais eighteen feet round et te
base anid eIghty-nine' 'feet hi1gh, its
brtanchles yield!ng 2,r500 l Icuti eet of
IMichigan Man's Whine6rs
'9 Feet From Chin~ to ib
Brightoni, Mich'l.-Thlis t a I
c'ilas the 'hannplon bema .1
gr'owera of thet work1'll in .ioh.i .1.
Tanner, eIghtf-f our ytearls al .i,
than inelii feet fr'mn in to14 t'.
Mi'. Taiint'r (contrtols hais ba; I b i
tiu(kinig te (ende ini ii (rtou'sera
leg, lie satys lie ustarted op t'ie
threet' fetet of It. Tl),e ri"'-Ita
beare:Q' IlimiF to maknle iss e .
koI rs hIt 1'2 feet 1before M's
!.igp ites euuahm mv n mes i a seat
Our. Buyer, M
Is In the Nor
And we are
Fall Dre.
. and'
from him eve:
Come in and I
as they arrive
J A Popular-Pr
The new Goodyear Cross-Ril
genuine high-grade long-stapi
It is liberally oversize -the
measuring nearly 5 inches.
The deep, clean-cut, cog-lik
excellent traction even in sno
like a cogwheel.
,The scientific distribution of
center rib and the semi-flat
surface that is exceedingly sk
This new tire is a genuine G
-in design, in material, in cc
It costs less to buy than the ne
many "long discount" tires of
Why be satisfied with less th:
why take a chance on an uni
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sox 3% Clincher...$12.50 32x4 Straight
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These prices Inclnde vi
*.Goodyear Cross-RIb Tread Cord Tires are
r. S. C. Wood,
thern Markets
receiving new
;ses, Suits
ry day.
ook them over
The new Qoodyear
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iced Cord Tire
t a Rival
> Tread Cord Tire'is built with
e, cotton as a foundation.
4%/-inch tire, for example,
e pattern of its tread affords
w and mud, engaging the road
rubber in this tread--the wide
contour-gives a thick, broad
iw to wear.
Foodyear through and through
t price you are asked to pay for.
mnknown reputation andvalue,
m'this effieient tire can give--.
mown make?
are qsked to pay for "long discount " tires
Side.. $24.50 33x4X. Straight Side.. $32.15
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anqfacegrer's exclu tlax
also mnade Ins 6, P7 and 8 inch sites for trucks
14E BY
S .C.1

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