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Lanford, Aug. '28.-Ihe Protracted
meetings is being well 1%ttenlded. Rev.
B. M. iobertson is very ably assisted.
in the 'meeting 'by Rev. W. 11. Budd and
son who leads the singing. Tiy are
from Albany, (Ga., and friends and ac
quaintances of !!ev. 41obertson from v
boyhood. The meeting will le moved I
to M~noree chuch Mondlay night and
contijinie here 'ifor miorning. service (
during this wek. Great interes't is
manifested. and the church and com
munity has been revived and .blessed
during this series of meetings..
The sehool is sclheduled to open here
next londay morning, September 4th. )
the trustees having secured 'a coipe
tent facility which promises a success
fiul term. 9
Amoig those attending the Spartan
Association at 'Cedar .Shoals were Mrs.
J. S. Higgins and daughters, 'Mrs. R.
T. Crow, Mrs. A. It. (Holmes, 'Mrs. C. D.
Cox and Mrs LM. G. Parson and family.
Mr. 'Richard 'Moore and family, of
Arcadia, and Dr. and iMrs. louston, of
Failrforest, wero guests of ir. G. J.
'Lanford last 'Sunday.
-Mrs. T. A. Cooper has returned home
after a delightful visit to her daugh
ter, Mrs. Godfrey, in Virginia.
Mr. Joe Cooper and Miss Myrtle I
Knighten, of 10noree, were happily c
married last week. After the bridal t
tour they will be at home to their t
friends who are wishing them a suc- I
cessful voyage on the sea of matri- i
Misses Edna 'Dee (arrette and Irene
Owings are guests of irs. Ii. C. Gar-I
Miss Myrtle Cunningham, of Tylers- I
ville,'spent last, week with Miss Belle *1
, Mrs. IV. D. 'Patterson entertained her
Sunday. School ens Priday afternoon
in a v.ost enjoyahc way.
Miss Ruth Cooper is visiting her
sister Mrs. 10dgar Wardell, at Ware
'ir. and Mrs. Alarion Bryson, of Ow
ings, -irIt-. and (Mrs. Frank Wood, of
Fountain Inn and Mr. Russel Cox and
family of Youngs, -were guests of their
parents, 'mr. and Mrs. -. 0. Cox, Sun
Mr. and 'Mrs. Charlie Iill, of lill
ville, were guests of Mirs. Stella Bomar
last Sunday.
The Misses Sanders, of Spart'anburg,
are visiting their sister, Mrs. 1lobson
1,1rs. Ethel Lanford and daughter,
*Now recei'
Millinery, 1
Pants, Mei
tain Goode
Toilet Article
bacco, Cigars
ry, Watches,
Sewing Mach
items not mei
- Make
No 1 Store 210
sections of Oklahoma much preniture c
opening of bolls was reported. Numer- I
Otis important counties of Texas wired 9
local brokerage concerns that the crop a
had been cut short to a serious extenti v
,by the long continued drouth. 1
Friday ended the August condition t
'l1Criod and the private bureau re
.ports that akupeared noted unusually a
great deterioration for the month. Of t:
several reports issued the highest t,
was 61.9 and the- lowest 57.0 per cent t
of normal, indicating losses for the a
month ranging from 13 up to 18.9 g
points, which compared -with the avir
age loss for the last ten years, taking
the goveIn Ient reports into collidera
tion, of 7.7 points. Indicated crop
'filgures ranged from 10,y00,000 bales
ip to 11,172,000.
S1E'K 110111E1S IN
Officers Making Effort to Find Perpe
trators of Several Burglaries.
Anderson, Aug. 27.-Local county
oflicers are exerting every effort di
rected toward the apprehension of tpar
ties figuring in three of the four burg
laries reported in and near this city
and county, the fourth case being the
attempted burglary of the hiomie of
Walter Pilgrim of Ware Shoals, in
Greenwood county, which is said to
have 'been attempted last night. In
two of the cases, the burglary last
night of the Hampton Mercantile Store,
at Pelxzr, of last Tuesday night, local,
authorities are baffled to a certain ex
Members of the county force Went
to Pi'edmont early this morning to in
vestigate the robbery there last night
of the llampton Mercantile company
which was rifled and a large amount
of merchandise talken from the estab
lishment estimated by the store man
ager at around $200, or more. The
goods taken consisted principally of
clothing andl shoes, the -boxes in which
these goods were contained having
been left near the store at various
points along the road.
Discovery of the burglary -was
made this morning, when Mr. Black
well states that he was awakened by
the .noise of an auton obile which, he
assumed, carried the parties who had
entered the store. The burglars gained
access to the store through a transom
666 quickly relieves Colds, Constipa.
ton, Biliousness and Hendaches. A
Fine Toule.
lO W
mnd winter stocli
asiery, Cotton Pie
Suits, Hats, Caps
Spreads, Towels,
, Toilet Water, Toike
',Stationery, School ~
~rns for Knitting Swe
es and Bobbins, Notii
visit and look us ovel
ur Headquartei
Bramlett' Shop
Ir. and LMrs. J. A. Fleming and Mr.
Aaurels !Patterson were in Spartan
urg last'Tuesday.
Prof. D. 11. Alexander, of Woodruff,
faited 'Prof. Fred ID. Co'x Saturday. Hie
' the newly elected superintendent of
ohnson high school. Prof. Alexander
ras onice pirincipal here and his friends
id former puLils were glad to see
fim again.
Mr. ILon 1111 and family spent last
veek at the home of Mr. .1. D. Wil
Airs. 'Sallie Nelson and children, of
reenville, were guests of IMr. and
4-s. J. BI. Williams last week.
'We were pained to hear of the death
f Mr.-ill Huff, of IEnoree, -which oc
urred at the home of his daughter,
irs. Blrin. Moore, at an early hour
londay morning. Mri. Iuff had been
xtremely ill for U1.ome time (and his
eath was ex-pected. Our sympathy
mOs out to them in this hour.
11I GE ( l.\ Iilm IN
Venthter ferI Pa1st Wcek was1 IlnfaVor
able In Texas and Oklahoma.
Now Orleans, La., Aug. 27.-Fairly
Vide price change occurred in the cot
on market this last week, supiport -be
ug derive(d from constant complaint
romthe interior of crop deterioration,
v'hile against the market was the for
ign situation and the labor troubles
a this country. 'H-eavy liquidation
ame from the long side and during
he later sessions of the week consti
utedi a good part of the offerings.
lighest prices were made on the open
ng session an(d lowest prices on the
last session of the week. From advanc
a of 36 to 65 points over the close of
lie preceding week the market fel) in
eclines of 55 to 73 points under, final
y closing at net losses of 52 to 65
oints. The market ranged over 91 to
36 points, October trading as high as
2.80 cents a 1pound, as low as 21.44
nd finally closing at 21.50. In the
:ot- departihent prices lost 13 points
n middling which closed at 21.75
gainst -14.88 on the close of this -week
ast year:
The weather of the week was con
,ideredl highly unfavorAble In Texas
md Oklahoma, .where drouth and high
emperatures prevailed. Conditions
vere somewhat 'better during a good
)art of the week in central and east
rn portions of the belt where dry
veather was desirable, but in those
ctions there .was a great deal of
omplaint of insect damage. Toward
lie end of the week the hottest weather
f the season was reported in Texas
md in that state, as well as in som<
Aing their fall
LJnderwear, Hc
1's Suits, Boys'
, Blankets, Bed
a, TaIeum Powders
,Cigarettes, Candy
Clocks, Sweater Ya
ine Needles, Shutti
itioned. Pay us a
Our Stores Y,
.L urens St., N~ext to
ver the entrance of the store. At first
t was expected that the amount of
oods stolen would reach a consider
be figure, but an investigation re
eale(I tle fact that the company's
>ss will not exceed $200, according
M Manager Blacgwell.
This is the second tin-i. that this
tore has been entered during the past
velve months by burglars, according
> officers. ' C'e store was rifled during
ie SP1rling of this year, offlicers state,
t which (fine approximately $1,800 of
oods wvere stolen from tle firm, ac
Why Bu:
You C
of A
All cars
class m
s of Clothing,
~ce Goods, Wo.
~, Stockings, W
t Soaps, Soda, Mal
rablets, Lead Penc
~aters, Spool Cottoi
>nls and Racket Go
r; it will pay you.
-s While in Le
- No. 2, Store Nol
cOirding to ollcers. The goods stolen
at that tine consisttt prinelipally of
articies of clothing and shoes, and it
is belleved that the burglary of last
night ha( sonie connection With the
previous olne, by oflcers.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an no.
healthy coldr, wh lch indicates poor bRoWd, ond as a
rule, there Is more or t ess stomach dlstbance.
Early for two or three weeks, will emiicli the blood.
improve thedigestion. and act ns a gencrixiStrenktl.
ening Tonic to tho whole system. Noture will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and theChIld wilIbe
lo srfect health. Plear-nt to '.eke. 60v oer bottle.
v a New 0
ain -Get the
Lutos at Bu1
Milk Prices
guaranteed to E
echanical co:
ris Mot<
Hats, Shoes, D
al Goods, Shirts
indow Shades,
;, Damask Table
:ches, Laundry Soapj
Is, Box Paper, Enve
i, Ball Thread, Need
ods. r We have hunc
Lurens---U-R .We
Co. h
th Side of Pu lie Sqai
geasoned Wood Wears Best.
Packing boxes tiunle of properly sea.
soned w oiil i ie foundl to r 'sist r itagh
haiilin.hg six t t enl tin s wel :eS
tloe mnadle or greei woil. Thi rel.
son is 111ht theI iberls oft Ihe iiiulst wooi
4ri nk away frog I nils a" th1
woodl tries nini InI this waty lose! th1eir
No Cycs for Them
The golfer InItIst looIp his eye ion th
ImIll. 'erbi:ips 1h t Is why pretly girls1
dlon't. go in ItIciI for golf.-Boston
r o
ne When
oe in first
)r Co.
ry Goods,
R~ugs, Cur
Cloth, etc.
;, Bluing, To
lopes, Jewel
les and Pins,
Ireds of other
say Here and
ave 20 to 25
Per Cent of
Your. Hard
~arned Dollar
-e in Burns Block

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