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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, August 30, 1922, Image 12

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Mosquito's Strcng Wing Muscles.
.II In rOPOrtlon to size, it nuosqlito'
Wil g nuscles are equal in strength v
an eagle's. A mosquito can fly 50 mile
without a .halt, and with. a helpui
svind three times that distance.
To Pattons of Ltaurens City Schoolm
The 1922-23 session of the Laurei
City Schools will legin on 'Mon la
Sciptember II at 9 A. MJ. .I
New puipils, will be enrolled on Sei
tember 4i h, F-th and i6th. FExamin1
tionis for con(litionIed lumpils will b)
held on September 7th and 8th.
I with .1 f.!! fttentlon to .ome n
Illations rcqunired by law as follows:
Compulosry Atte(dnIIIce4-liVery pat
ent, guar(dian, or other person havin
ei.arge of any child between eight anl
fourteenl years of age inclusive, muc
send such child to a public, private 0
l-arochial school, or to a Competent ti
tor, u'ject to aiPproval of the Count
Supriliteldelt of IFduicationi, for fou
const.cutIve months, or eighty consecu
tive .chool days, during the scholasti
year that the school attended is in ses
sion. The period of compulsory attend
ance for the Laurens City Schools, a
fixed by the Board of Trustees, is fo
the first four school months, beginnini
September 11, 1922.
..Aire of Afenalince-It shall not b
lawful for any person who Is less tha1
six nor more than twenty-one years o
age to attend any of the free pubi
schools of this 'stale.
Vacclinatloin-Any board of educa
tion, school trustees, or any other bod;
having control of any of the sehoolb
may prohlibit the entrance into or at
tenlance at any school of all unvac
:inated pers('ons who have not -had thI
Parenitls are urged to have their chl
drenl vaccinia ted before the 1opeling o
school in 0! d r that sore arms may no
interfere with IheIr school work.
1-. W. GASQUP,
We Have Unlimi
for T
5, 7 or
Interest Pay
Inspection of property and c
be made within a few days
Blackwell, Sul
A Genuine S]
Cord-30 xd
The earn matera,<coi
today anu . yok sni
e Iletow
Dld Not Hand Out 85 Percent of Of
* flees to Catholics.
Dallas, Aug. 24.-A message from
former President Woodrow' 'Wilson
ldenying charges that he "handed out
to Cpthollcs 85 percent of the offices
Biwhile he was -president' has been re
' ceoivedl hero by 'R. C. 'Merritt, local
attorney. The charge was made by
- ictheRev. A. C. Parker, admitted cyclops
of the local Lu Klux Klan, in a po
litical speecl TI'uesday night.
"You don't know that the great un
- suspecting -Woodrow Wilson . handed
out to Cathollcs 85 percent of the of
-f1lce while he .was president, do you?"
t . l'P 1arker saild.
- Shortly after Mr. Parker's speech
V aIr. L\Iarritt wired the former president
asking if the statement was true'.
The text of ir. Wilson's reply fol
- lows:
- "Of course the statement is grossly
n false. I thought It inconsistent -with
the principles of our government to
conIsider the church connections of
11any one l)l)ointed to office."
It was signed "Woodrow Wilson."
Sulphur Peculiarity.
Yellow -sulpliur mielts on heating, but
if the heatim is continled and the
temlperature increased the upiten mnass
harden's1 an1d becomles solid, melts
ag la 1114 Is fiially c ionverted into a
gas. This pecillnr behavior of sulphur
- Is of the greatest signifieanee from an
f industrial amid teelhleal standpoInt.
t It has miade it possiil to mine it un
der the aluost uniusitil circumista c ties, i
feat w hNh01 would, iundler other condli
tionis, have beeni I mll 5hpossle.
ted Funds to Loan
erms of
10 Years
able Annually
lefinite commitment to loan can
after application is submitted.
ond, Va.
livan & Wilson
ys at Law
na, S.,C.
N for $13.50
stepctioni and workmsshipi
Arguments for and Against Made. Big
Business is Attacked.
Washington, Aug. 28.-Senate debate
today on the soldiers' -bonus bill con
tered largely on the land reclamation
amendment offered by Senator '.\c
Nary, republican, Oregon, but neither
that nor any of the other amendments
offered came to a vote. The unanimous
consent agreement limited discussion
on amendments to"20 minutes to each
senator will become nperative tomor
row and leaders were hopeful that a
final vote on the -bill itself could be
had before adjournment.
In the discussion today Senators
'Wadsworth, of New York and Sterl
ing, of South Dakota, republicans,
voiced their opposition to the bonus,
although Senator Sterling supported
the reclamation project. Senators
'Nicholson, republican, dolorado, and
1Hei in, democrat, Alabama, supported
the 'bill, the former also urging in
favor of the IMcNary amendment.
'Senator 'Nicholson attacked big bus
iness men opposing the bonus, Men
tioning particularly the United States
Steel corporation and the Standard Oil
company. lie charged that the latter
company prolited through "uncon
scionable" prices charged during the
war and declared that it iII became
Judge E. H. Gary, (:hairman of the
board of tile steel corporation, to op
1ose adjusted compensation for the
veterans wlen his company had made
"great CGroflts" during tile war.
"Selator WVadsworth was particu
larly vigorous in his attack on the
mllsure. lie declared that the bonus
could be fillanced only through taxes
now or later and that tile American
peol e ha(d re'ached a limit in the bum
deln they could bear. Also lie argued
that the veteran; themselves, their
-wives and their children wouild have to
work hut the harder in tihe years to
come to 'ay back the money3 the form
er soldiers received, which, lie Conm
tended- would be insifielent to afYord
anry lasting belefits.
In presenting his reclamation
amendment, Senator McNary told the
senate that it afforded all opportulity
for congress to do "a great tlhing
in empire building" by reclaiming arid
lands in the west and swamp and cut
over lands in the south aid east. :ie
arguedoalso that it would give oppor
tunity to veterans desiring to get back
to the land, to acquire homesteads
with government aid aqd operate to
maintain a much needed 'balance be
tween the rural and urban population.
The declamation plan received the
suppoit also of several senators from
the west and south and was unoppos
ed in the debate. Senators Ransdell,
Coulsiana and -Fletcher, Florida, demo
crats, pictured the beneflts that -would
accrue in their states.
Young Man11 Who lias IBeeni Sentenced
to Hang. September Ist for Murder of
Polle Detective Walker in Atlant.
Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 24.-Gover'nor
'H[ardwick today took under' advlse
mnent an apmpeal for conmnutation of
thle death sentence of Frank DuPre,
convicted of the murder on1 December
14, last, of Irby C. 'Walker; pr1ivate
dletectivYe. The gov'ernior annlounced
thlat he desired to go over tile entire
court records of tihe case and that
pr'obawbiy two or three days would be
requilired beCfore he could make a de
ci sion.
The ulen for clemency was signed
by 150,000 persons, it was stated, an~d
was pr1esenlted to the governor at a
publllic hearing today in tile senate
chamber at thle state capitol. For
two hour11 Mr. H-ard(wick listenled to
the arguments for and against com-~
mutation of sentence, oppionlenll or
executive clemency stating that suchl
action 'would do mioreO to destroy law
enforcement in Georgia than any
tiling else. .Persons seeking commnuta
tion contended that tile youth was
"lihentally deficient". and that he wouild
not go ''unwhip~ped .of justice,' as
stated by Solicitor G1eo. J. Bloykin fdr
the state, were he senftenced to 1Nfd
imlpr'isofnment.. 'I
DuPr'fe is undler sentence to. e
hanged on iSeptember' 1. AppealtQt
thle state' suomreme court for a nlw
trial have bmeen refused ad the state
pirison' comnmissign refus&d -last weelt
to recommend executive clemency.
His attorneys a one that- shoulld
the governor re set thtervene they
will -appeal fo j3e fede a'l -court ii -
der habeas 00'pfoeedbugs.
'Dtective 'WA~~j waa killed wh n
he0 attempted to stop Dlupre In
flight fromi a jewelr'y .store afr
snatching,a diamond f m a tray. Gra
ham ,West, city comptroller, wjio also
was ' shot an d seriously woun ded'i by
the yeuth, was 'itmong those opposi$t
coimmutation 'of his8 sentene.
GOazette" Once a Coin.
A gazette ivas otiginally -"a certaft&
Venetian coyne scarce wor'th oltr farth.
Ing, according- to ftandle Colgraie's
Dictioinile, published ini 1011. IDeili
the~ pr'ie paid for the Ve4neian neNsM
paper of that dlay theA paper itset
fskelt1 ssumedl the name of the
Home Building
Home Building 6
Series No. 5 and
in cash and home
New Serie
Pay $1.00 per sha
worth $100.00 ;
amounts to $500
$1000.00. You
any time.
Now is the Ti
for a Hoi
See C. H. R
H E ti
dr'y with
poiuP so
It is( ala
age as it
*hills and
SE sure and
of ipotor
kirnd of 1
I,_ t
& Loan Association
S NO. 9
zLoan Association closed
has paid out $27,900.00
s in the last 30 days.
s No. 9 Starts
mber 1st.
tre on'first of each month;
it maturity. Five shares
.00; 10 shares amounts to'
can borrow on them at
me to Begin to Save
ne of Your Own
aoan Association
OPER, Sec. & Treas.
ret caught!
ought all gasoline was alike.
started with twelve gallons,
for his trip, but the tank is
some mjles yet to go.
sage is only one of the strong
E' "Standard'' Motor Gasolinie.
need..as dependabile in mile
is igvsfarting; powerful on the
edonomical in idling,.always
always satisfactory.
'ists do who drive the same
car as yours.
zo .Balanced Geofkke!

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