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'They are GOODI
"Pain in the Stomach-and
Bowels. Intestinal Cramp
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were onyourbicycl
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tos the Coughi and Headlachec and works off tt.-!
Eold. W. "ROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
"3uffer o
D0~r.-7 ad.
time w1thwomanlyweak
ness," says Mrs. J. R
~'Simpson, of 5? .Spruce
3St., Asheville, N. C. "I
Sfinally got to the place
Swhere It was an effort for
Sme to go. I would have
SbearIng-down pains Ia
~jmy side and back-- es
' eclally severe across my
acand down tn my
aide there was a great
deal of soreness. I was
nervous and easily ip-.
Sset. TAKE
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9declded to use it," con
tintues Mrs. Simpson. "I
saw shortly It was'bene-.
Sfifing me, so I kept It up
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me. And since then I
Shave been glad to praise
Cardul. It Is the best
woman's tonic madel'
Weak women need . a
tonic. Thousands and
Sthousands, like Mrs.
Simpson,; have found
Cardulof benefit teethem.
Try Cardul fofryour trou
ble. q
Senate May Reh
For Tolbert
]Uy William E. Origham, Regular Cor- of
respondent of 'lle tBoston Trai- of
script. )
Washington, Aug. 1!9.--Tlhe Senate $1
tLipears ready to administer i sharp ai
ebuk to President illarding for unfit st
tpiJoitintents to public office. The Ie
wresident's readiness to listen to po- w
itical boomers and to play the game t
)f the reitblican machine .has led w
nito a great many unfortunate situa
ions. The National CIvii Service Cc
teform ieanguu, in its recent report hi
)it the diplotmat ic service, surprised tr
he country bl glossing over a good fj
11,nanV things and giving tie president ft
I cleal bill of health, whereas It Is L
lotoriou1s that "Mr. Harding has re
;arded the Latin American posts as h
rewards for 'political service and inl
11an1y instances has acted according- to
y. The unll fortunate effect has been e
lservable, however, more in iat in a
American than in American public 0
)pinion, for our friends to the south i
tre excee(lingly sensitive over the
tendency amion1g American ')residelts fa
o 1s0 political service in this coull
try as an excuse for sending to them
men lwith no knowledge of their Ian
4uage, customs or method of thought.
hI is on ly fair to say, however, that I
most of the appointees, with one glar- til
ing exception,'have been men of high ti
personal character and to Chile, Brazil 8
1ld Colombia the president has sent cl
nen of conspicuous ability. pI
The senate now, w ith a little more .h
leisire, aPpears depteriiC( to ;(ealn
Ahe -nominations with unlusual care;
Ind inl tile case of that of Joseph AW.
l'oibert to be Tlnited States marshal ti
or tile w1esteri (listrict of South Car
)lina it bids fair to suipport Senator i
I)ial of that state in his fight to have C'
he nomination rejected. 'Tolbert isn
.he member of the republican nationl
11 committee for that state and it is
Inderstood that his alppointment was d
recommended 'by .hie head(Ilarters of "
that orga iiization. Consequently the n
lifight that is being made to secure to
withdrawal of the nominiation or rejec- 0
Lion of the noniinee is one calling for (
1 line-upl) of thc republicalls in tile sen
ite against their own party organiza- S
tion. 'Tolbert. is the replublican "ref- P
ree" for South Carolina; a word C
coine'd in the time of Roosevelt when I
that president, distracted by the Pull- f'
Ig and l1auling of corrupt Southern 7
riepublicanln4 for aiPpointmIlents to office,
lelected what 1he believed to be tile
sqliarest mlen) hie could find to pass e
upon Solthernl patronage.'The scheme 1
wokce(l fairly well, although of
L.odrjse it caused its heart)Illilgs, an(d I
Mr arding, has ado:oted It.
ills seleltion of Tolbert in South a
PXarn'ina appears to liave been partic- o
larfly toforfu)do ; so much so 'that o"
Senator Dial l'as felt contralined to C
lay before the senate the Personal t
r'ccol'd of 'the referee and candidate, i
backed withI aflidav1~its, and1( these are t
now beinlg stud(ied 1)y a subcomittee 11
a~f tile comlmittee Oil tile juiiarly conl- P
sistinlg of iSenators 'Shortridge, o1' Call- 1]
rornlia; FMrnst of Kentucky, and AshI
urst of Ariona. ln add~itionh, Senator E
D~ial placed in the Congressional hi
record the story of Tolber't's opera- d
tiOnls as chief distributor of patronage
rotr 1h1s state, wvith thle result that tile ii
nomfinaition lias been .held upl and, un
less iMr. Tfoibert Can clear lihmself of 3
lie chlarges br'oughlt against him,1 the a
full committee bids fair to r'ecoml-1
mend rejection for thle good of the wre
pn'blicani 1)arty.
01ce beofoire, at the instance of Sena
or ial, tile senate has5 iejected one c
af :President. IHarding's a-plointees in
Roulth Carolinal, aL tact whlichi encoulr
'Iges tile belief that it will follow its
hland ill tile Tolbert case. It appears
that inl Orangebl'rg coifhty Tolbert ap
ploinited as a sub-referee tor' thait (d15
trict one H. J1. Mixsonl. 'The termh of
thle ladly postmiistress ini tile town~ of
Bo0wm'an was expir'ing, and shle ini
formIed Senator Dial that Mixson had
rlimandedl $300 of h1er as the plrice of
ler' reapp~lointmient. Shle refused tot
pay tile monley anld commluhnicated with
the junior senator'. Meanltime Mixson~
11ad been nomhinatedl to 11e postmaster
1t (Jrangeiburg, and so violent was tile
>p)positiO into hlis confirmnationi thlat the
postofTIcOeieartmnit seint two inspec
Lois into tile state to investigate tile
20n(e. They reor)Ited back that it was
rute thait Mixson had( made(1 tis de- h
mand of the p)ostmlistress5, butt suggest- r
d ini theli' repior't tlat as he wvas io
ikoly soon to receive a fedlerai office d
lisel0f, and therefore go Onl tile fed' t1
"ral salary list, no doubt there would t
1)e no repetition of the Offenlse. Tile
ienate was not imrerssed by tis line ~
it argument, hiowever', and r'efused to
2onflim 'Mixson's nomlination.
According to tile statement of Sena
Lor Dial, as pulbliShe~d in Tile Con
Tressional Record, oflce brokerage is Ic
par't of tihe Tolber't system. Says the a
cenator uplonl this poinst: "The prloof 9
presented to me is .uinquiestioq~a1e on
b'he subject. The practice is to dilvide,
the state into districts and have sonme
me' in each district logif after this part
uke Harding
A ppointment
the nefarious business. I am told
many Instances where the oflices
mre sold-one bringing $750, another
,200, another $600, another $2,000
id different sums, all around the
ute -where there was competition. A
cent case w'is reported where $1,200
its paid anl dtnie party faile(I tc get
e oflice and after considerable
rangling the funds were returned.
One of Tolbert's referees was re
litly rejected by the senate because
endeavoredi to get a lady postmils
ess to pay him $300 to get her Col
'med. An alidavit of one of' his
mner followers states Tolbert admit
d lo Xeieted to realize $100.000
om1 this siolrce." The siatoir also
is submitted to the ilb-coimiiittee an
lidavit from the mayor of Tolbert's
wn charging drunkenness, carrying
mcealed weapons, the plossessionl of
barrel of liuor on the plea that tile
vner -w.asi a government oflicial and
ierefore entitled to hold it.
Another claige relates to alleged
Voritism ald discri mitiat ion against
orl(d war eter'anis in Civil service ap
>iitileiits. pIoon this poilnt Senator
fal says: "Mr. Tolbert's conduct
nec lie has beei appoilited 'referee'
ms shown him to he a spoilsan of
* worst class. For instaice, under
* practice of this administration in
rlecting postillasters, the civil service
)>mmlilissioll scnds to the-posto ce de
irtleit the tre names maklig the
ghest marks, aild tlls department
Alegates to Tolbert, the referee, the
ght to select whichever lie chooses.
. Tolbert has ruthlessly ign ored
m( spirit of the Civil service ald has
Tlsed to recomiend parties makiig
ie highest mark, except in very few
)ses. He has almost universally ig
mred the claims of ladies and ex-ser
ice mien."
Mr. Tolbeit has issued a general
enial of the charges against him
ith reference to postmaster alppolint
ients, but Senator Dial lits submitted
> the sub-committee specific examples
r alleged favoritism. For instance, in
reenville two ex-soldlers and one
Ivilian competed for the postimaster
ill). Willi'im F. Robertson made 79
er cent plus -five for' soldier prefer
rice; Charles C. Withington made G7.4
er cent plus 5 per cent fof soldier pre
rence, and Robert T. Thorne made
2.S0 Ipei cent. Tolbert endorsed
horne. ,In Abbeville Tolbert named
is nepliew over a veteran -with a high
r rating. :In Clinton he named a
ephlew by marriage over a veteran,
ut 'in 'this case the nephew had the
iglest rating of the three. Ii Ker
haw lie liamed llis own favorite over
veteran who had the highest ratig
r the three even without the flive per
mnt soldier pieference. These are
ioncrete instances. Ar. Tolbeit meets
iem with 'Ilie general (lenial that lie
as refused to acknowledge pireference
soldiers on the civil service list,
nd( 'he says lie .hasq the records to
rove it. Already ;.\r. Tolbert says
e has .recomimendled about 30)0 post1
tasters foir South Carolina. WVith re
ar-d to the .case of the Blowmian post
listress, Tolbert says 'lie has an afli
avit fromi the postmistress that she
oes not know Mlixson and never ha~s
(en asked -by 11111 for mioniey.
Th'lis Is the nult the committee on
idiciary Is asked to crack regarding
ni imp lortan t presidentlial appiointmenit
1 South Carolina. The whole system
rott-en andl the senate wll -put its
.N. Onl it. if the nomilnation of ..iri.'
ol bert is con-firmied. ,Senators are in -
lined to believe without. question tihe
latement. to them of Senator Dilal that
rdinarily lie would niot mix In repub
Caln rows In *Southi Caroliina andt :that
imnmaterial to hims what republicans
ro appointed to olflee, but that t.hen
rotests comilng ilp from lisa state are
fguch a character he cannot Ignotre
1em. -Senator Dial has laid the facets
efore the senate. ini t-he form of
worn affidavits, and many republican
onators are assuring him that al
liough their -party can stand t'or a
00(1 deal, it cannot afford to stand
r TPolbert.
HistorIc Dodo.
"As dlead ats the dodo" is a common
(piression, butt few know what man
er of bIrd the dodo was or whlat
rove it from the face of the earth.
he dodo was a lirge bird, with a
tige hen~k and useless :itle wings.
or tgutese and( Dutch sailors found It
ii thle island .of Malurit is !n the In
tla OCea'ni dlurling the Sixteenth cen
try. It was so siuplid t hat thte Por.
igise namedtC~ It "doitdo," simipleton.
as introdutced into thle Island by the
uro~peana dlest royed Its eggsI anid
Dig, and1( it hbeame extincet in thte
eventeentht century.
Old IncasUsed Brass.
That the anciient Inica Indians hand
nowledge of brass5 is shown by the
ntalysis of an ax head composed of a
Ixtuire of copper and zine.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
)rugglasrefund onyif PAZO OINTMENT fails
o cure Itchin ,Bl Ble hieding or Protruding
siies. Instantl rel lees itching Plies, endyo
an get restful slee after first annlicatinn. Gn
Built and pricec
everyday use. .B
ness skillfully ble
ged strength.
The steel body flit
Brothers baked c
leather upholster
window levers, I
tires. A wide,
Spacious carrying
In short, closcd
protection at littl
price of an open
The price is $
Phone 200
7he Outstand inj
Fi in the 30 x 3%'i
E V R - o h s t i. . .
U. S. products
Th OeuadtterSC-i1
ideals moe rubbr-$0.6.
r .r~ VER bore hasb theaigh Ucaro
32dexa3s 22.95 20.45r- 1.6 5.
Vg 33 I . 5 _ $2.55 23.1 1. S95 -..
3414 3.65 160 13.00 210
g32x4B 77 3.00 23.5 1.6
734 x3Y4 S" 39.5 --3.0 2
- 35 x3 4B 224.95 35.45 16.9 5.75
S 36 x 4t' 2915 235 2245 0 .8
g33x4 ' 304.05 ....... .6 2.9
7*35 x44 40.70 43.65 39.30
3.7x 5 '" 51.85 45.75 41.70
Federal Excise Tux on the above has
- beuabsorbsed by the manufacgturer .
Whiether-vour choice -
isaCr ra Fabric
tie, tc.a U.s. Tire
7 Dealer can now give
you U.S. 3Ox 3% tircs
at the lowest prices in
T he U. 6.graiuait 4,.
standard is even higher~
7 -. ~ toa hn~ta was.
Ca7 u .D.SEC
U.SI ie i.C .wL
I for practical,
,auty and light
nded with rug
iished in Dodgo
namel. Genuine
v. Ample doors,
ieater arcid cord
straight seat.
.ar dignity and
Soroe than the
1585 delivered.
Motor Co.
Public Square
Tire Values
nch field
ner been offered
vice in these two 1
all automloblile4
hit side-$ 14.65...
er tread, thicker
Straight Side
rted States Tires
ted States @ Rubber Company
' h t?!?d|e:tnLratu 'Iwn'Ir ;, d
United $tates Tires
are Goo Tires
S. C. E. V. GOLDING, Waterloo, S. C.3
COMPANY, Gray Court, S. C.
REP. Laninrd Station, . C.e

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