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P.repatratiois foir Legishitive and Ex.
ecutive Action Appear to ie Nearing
Comlplet [ion,
'WPhrO'.ton, Aug. 27.-The exact
.scope of the administration's policy
in dealing with the rail and coal
strikes is expected to reveal itself
within the next few days as a result
of preparations for legislative 'and
executive action which appeared to
ijight to be nearing completion.
Whether the emergency legislation
to be definitely urged u':.on Congress
will include ait presidential authoriza
tion to take over and o)erate rail and
coal properties was a question that
still remained unanswered, but it was
indicated that administration ofilcials
probably would make a final decigion
on the point in the very near future.
Inl soie quarters it was believed
that the proiiosal to arm the executive
with these emnergency powers would
be tinally threshed over among , the
leaders who are with President ard
Ing on his week-end cruise down the
14otomac aniid that defiuite announce
mnit of !;olicy would follow the re
turn heie of. the presidential yacht
'.\layiower' toimorrow morning.
''lhose in tile president's c-ollidence
sa141 befu;f( lie left iecre for the crtuise
last night that althoughI he still be
lieved infdustrial peace would be re
stored without a resort to government
operation, lie was inclined to feel that
as a pr (cautionary measure he should
be given full authority to act before
congress begins its contemplated re
In addition to Secretary Hoover and
Attorney General Daugherty, two of
the cabinet mensbers who have been
particularly active in shaving the. gov
ernient's course during the strike
period, the president was acconpan
led on the '.\layflower by Chairman
Cummins, of the senate interstate
commerce committee, who already has
drafted for introduction in the senate,
a bill authorizing the executive to take
over and operate any individual rail
road which does not adequately per
form its functions as a common car
ried. 'Before he went aboard the May
flower, Senator Cummins had indicat
ed that his measure and a R1 ar one
relating to coal mines would , form
ally introduced early this ween.
Majority leaders say they are con
tidentltlat such legislation - could be
-passed through both senate and house,
if the uresident defluitely requested
it, but at the same time they concede
that congressional approval }vould be
by no means unanimous - Although
many 'members in both bodies are de
manding that the government take
charge of the situation in the most em
phatic manner possible, there is a
recognized elemenht of strength ranged
against any movement that might ap
proweimate a return of the war-time
government railroad administration.
Particular atten4tion was given. in
congressional circles today to the puib
lie statement made last night by
Chairman .Winslow, of the house in
terstate pommierce committee, declar'
ing that in his opinlon the coal fact
'finding and distribUtion bills8 already
pending wvould serve as a sufficient
warning to the industries involved,
and that more drastic legislation could
safely be 'withhold for the present. It
was pointed out also that President
.Harding's recommendation for a coal
puIrchasing andl selling agency had
thus far not even resulted in any ef
fort to bring in 'bills for carrying it
*into effect, and that even the fact-find
ing and distribution bills ,erop6sed had
not encountered perfect sailing weath
er either in' senate or house.
The senate having lAid aside the
lBorah fact-finding bill entirely' until
*th6 middle of the week because of
rprolonged attacks upon it, efforts to
deal 'with the strike problem at both
ends of the capital tomorr'ow wvll be
confined to committee conaideration of
To Stop a Cough Qudek
cough med'icine which stop the cough by
healing the inflamed and i.ritated tissues.
A ,box of G1lOVES (0-PEN'aATE
SSALVE for Chest Colds, Head Lolds and
(ouis enclosed .with 'every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chistiand throat,
of children auffering fromt a C0)# or CQo~p,
aild the that cmb wtth hajnenfe~
0roe' 0-enTai tough the poo
ta edsi 0 tpsae di 4th
Just sh youhf druggist tot RAYE$W
tile resp)ective distribution bills intro.
died by Chairiman Cummins and
(hairann I Winslow,
In the house committee the Winslow
bill will be made the sibject of a five
houtr public hearing, at which all per
sons interested -will be perlmitted to
resent their views. 11ouse leaders
plan to call it ipl in the house on Tues
The senate committee, with the
Cummins distribution measure Lbefore
it, has adopted no definite ,)rograni of
procedure, but it is expected an effort
\vi" be made by some members to de
lay action and hold hearings before it
votes its tipproval- or disapproval.
That liuppenied on the Road lleitween
A nderson and C leison College.
Anderson, Aug. 22.-Six people
Were injilred el ar here today in an
alttonobile colislon. Ms I -.. Calhotin
larris was driving to Clemson col
lhge and had got' about Seven miles
from the city when the aecildent hap
pened. A ear 2assed Mrs. Harris, who
was driving her Scrip)s-Booth, and
the el'>ud-of dust that was raised kept
hert from seeing the approaching car,
also blinding the driver of the llax
,well, who was a Mi. Gallbrell, of San
dy S.prings.
The door of Mrs. I larris' automobile
was thrown open and lier mother,
'Mrs. J. W. Morrah, of Mt. Carmel jind
little Alice Childs Harris were thrown
from the car to the ground. 'Mrs.
Morrah suffered a dislocated hip and
it was though that the child had also
been seriously Injured, but' her condi
tion is much lbetter this afternoon.
Both were taken to the Anderson
county hospital.
John Harris, father of Calhoun 'Har
ris, was also cut and bruised consid
'rably,'and the young son of Mrs. Har
ris, John Gradley, was also slightly
hurt, while .Mibs Alice Harris is suf
'ering more from shock than actual
injuries. 'Mr. Gambrell, who .was driv
Ing the other car was not hurt, accord
ing to reports.
Both of the cars were badly torn up.
The car of IMrs. Harris had the steer
ing wheel torn completely off and the
broken glass from tile windshield
flew in every direction.
'Physicians hre of the op)inion that
ione are hurt very seriously, 'still
it may be some time before Mrs. Mor
rah is able to leave the hospital and
v still lbnger time before she will be
ible to walk.
Employs Ibletaphone and Iaised Let
ter Books; Uses Memory.
eHonolulu, Aug. 26.-Scholdstic lead
rship at the Unifersity of 'Hawait for
the- college year which has just closed
goEgs to a blind boy, 'Henry -Bindt, a
third year student in tile college of
icts and sciences.
Besides attaining en average grade
f 93 in -all his. subjects (luring the
year, thlus leading tihe entire student
body in schlolar'ship Bindt took an ac
Live part in college .activities, hping
Ilocted president of tile student 'body
for the ensuling year', Ilresident of the
literary club, and president of his
class. He .was also one of the few stu
tents to -be chosen as charter members
of the newly organlized student honoa'
Blndt does the studying by tile aid
af readers and 'a dictaphlone, using af
so text books printed in tihe American
Braille system of raised letter writ
ing. Hie takes no lecture notes, de
pensling entirely on his memory, wvhich
11s inlstrutctors say is remarkably' de
Tile honor system 'was adopted at
tle UniversYty of IHawaii' lutring the
last year largely pa a r'esult 'of Bindt's
efforts in ')ectu ring, to students'i and
facuilty on .the. advantages Qf the .sys
temn. 'The blirfd boy received his early
schooling in theoCalifornia School for
the BlInd at Berkeley, 'California.
Plotuqas of Moon. . .
A Fkijnch iscIentist hies performedi A
wonlderf ul work which lie has devoted
himself to for fivo years in making a
complete' map' of the moon ' in the'
shiaye of 8,000 photographs, lie 'was
assiste51 in the work .iby tile photog
raphers 'of another astronoider who
had been makilng snlapshlot of thes
rnobr foi 1W year
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.iLurns Best Store-1.
Davis-Roper Con
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of NewI
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