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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 06, 1922, Image 6

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They are
Stomach Trouble
Insist on Bayer Package
. h I miai "Bay'e" on
I n v va b e t , kr not L vI
I. j 110 -.1y r foil t l r
yo a i vi a .se& ~'v :1 1':r fo
lii I leadac(I le
'I o: 'ache Iam bihago
Neuragia ain, Pain1
\!' epIt Wnly "Iiye" ackage which
cn11!t.aini-! lroper directionrs. I Iandy box
s 4! I w iv. tabletsi cost few cents.
iru'.;ts '.so sell bottles of 21 and:
\spi-in is the trado mark of
S lt iayr r n facture of .l onoaceticacid
esI ofI t Satiicvlicayih.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
a tabsI
The purified and refined
alomnej tablets that ars free
- om nu:aea and dan~ger
No zB.;neeay, as
Caloen ct iko calomecl
a?nd a:& co~rnbmed. De
mand the reniuinc in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark..
Bilous Fever, Colds anid
Try a sack of new
flour from the mill.
There is none bet
We Deliver It.
& Babb
Lauren., S. C.
Avi-: (01: i:('ONOM Y
1.l1pune144 Imperial I outstehold .Atected
byI-:rn of Depriiession. hers C'uts
Tokyo. Auig. I1.-Evenl theI royalI
houlsol of .lananl iPben affected
I t wa v Ic of clony which is pass
in. i l l litry as a Iesitit vof
tihe ec'onical depre ssion . 'iscount
\Makiiitno, iis htevr ofr the imuperial
l'inm obi has ee lt ilI to rediei( the
i n beI a st idies in, 1 i ig, whle Io, ia t
is aIl Ied exI l I inl n m r e It he ha re -
I I i r t IuI II-II (f the I I lie rI ss anI fim
I-l - r i rI ncesse The .;ystei l o i f ouri 1
ladies nlow ivogn_ was. established
ill I li ,Ia liy ea (r f oI th .\leiji i ara. and
nwv< :- has IlI-n eban: ld. Ther arc
is hih lsshilits, :'I' lit- of, han1
llill r n .it'n !: !i itt li nn'wcoh - l ho tin
niil vit h s i t alii .togetlher abolt.
1 it em n loyes. Ths wminil ranasi
The Slki fIho thsin-nin ra nk im
rAA I;,: ointmentll I en.i i. Lonl tenkli.
-411 kii .*.()I shoki, inyohll, aan yol ,
ol if v ho I I- . I la ss Id I e of
Ithe il iia courl: h I .i .11i anii oi
ljin. who ar f tI imn -in, IrI .
I : h II th hu t'i Ilies has From on tlIo
'venil a \%wien sytem ployed as trvants.
Theseo formu1llabph. ( ourt ul ivs hlave.
hIld S .ea t in h . tl I lit it i eof te iom
0 ('r ia 1 l mlou hol d whv r men ta ' 1,1 1re n ot
Ililer itted to conlitrol. Thitle m jority
-.un1w 'riotn th ami i li t lf Itil iicd no
!il ityN, Ilheu -viests of, tht, Kamlo, the(
linijinshi andl other. niotable Shinto
Bitine('eo Att itingushe fami-y
T ll lirs aine the rank o1
('1h, we r( :: .Iv thell names< of
!"1ii. wh. h 1holes- en:"lin!g frma tith'd
N vt wtrI .ovivtk a t;-t. Ma I W
-ag hnient atiit~ae from thil t'ni
i lan ii n a s iof atn Character.
l'he kv (aag of tI *m Iirs lass thn is
. a' n a . 11r tl hat of i Ith -ons
-las .00 ym.which is are thanI
1IatIny o -hl licia.-: 0,1 she lint''-rial
.S t It tif I he c t:ntl ai s 'at <enl
liny of his 4i)2 st'hold, the min ister 1 of
the. iIwrII!ial h~ouis. is reor1)t hv
irtedtt a now tysteia of colirt htlitsI
It is understoaod that th inumhber of
hiolils w\.ill beil limied to five o ,iix.
TI'he chloic of thit Nlies o) servil te
imperial coert has beent entrusted to
lian om 'tori and Counilt Chlingda, the
two chief attelidanlts oin tihe em-press
Ind thel prince rey ent, respctively,
[ilt Aieepts .tlanta Girl's Apology on
Ball Room Floor,
New York. Sept. 2.-An emlbarrass
ing incident on the crowded ball room
Iloor of the Ca ino at )eauiville,
i rance. a nonth ago. in which the king
If spakin w\ as let- stanlding by h Iis
in ig partn1Iler. - .- : Kather(ine11
litky, of Atfolana.whil she , whutied
I) rA et Itri faher, .1a mes l. Dioliey,
SrirtoIi of hl .\tiIt Nat ional
ank, ws exlained by the yoln, wo
nal olay he arrival on the .au
\i2 Te ikya itst eain Iat b enl
1h (:1o1 "s i owait a t"intile o
uit igut allince ichols setond ettn
f ltt Sin ofIld lianiai taotd Ii.'ed
imTimoney htr DoSnethregr.Th
<isngt refoted the littiateion loodfnct
grly and litremaodlrk ttl aed toPieNito
.selsi hen thet n drmcai daged Amer
oTe stiory on tat Kinrtg Alf[nso
tough .liss n etieey asYl aus dnotn part
yoer kitty dispatyh" hI' secrtary toi
lirranite pteftrml inroutIvot t
ge heigh fof the fayety .\hess beik
in to hbmlsomthinof "igraut pr
ane (tope in heltacks)-nd soft
Shee das amh;on ale othe daner in
te rus frher fthewilgndte tosa
an A'ltonso' facel ashwa nlefto dlone,
deickty returnedt'e k~ Cing wasl( msskn
fliCtion'caue(byher thOCouhtosness sheh'
ie"o' aem iiuos".ls
Ier All Nhi.011 iII louulh, Cold Wu1
D)over. -ept. 3.-( -harits 'lIoth of
Iostoni. who started Saturday evening
in an attempt to swili the E:glislh
1thanlilel from I )over to the Freich
shlore, hadl to give up1 varly this mlor
Ii-, al'ter iin beenl inl the water for.
il hour1s and ten minniles.
T11'h I I wa is t a I ken I from thl Water
shortly bef1ore 1; o'clocki at a1 polint I I
liilts off ile E.glish coast. ;lls man -
esasst he( was Inl good condition.
The sea wits choppy and the mLeilliri
ture't of thlt water was .)1% dev.reIes.
FI'' Ih hei. The wa %' its Clear,% bIlt
h high vin1d was ilowing.
TothI and S:in litlards, also of
Hlo.tonl. star-ted out Saturdlay evenling
to clide:tvor, to accomplish a task thatt
has been doll sucessl'tily by tly;c
tuo i m *n I'a I . .at Ii I w WOebb and
'. W. I -,css, both Englishlien.
'licha dis mli' it hi I h'ndid tari , it.l t
olla; . std at he vnd i Iwo libol1- antl
had to bev 1laken froml the water* whenl
he wa kS ei ze w vI th 'Ia v it)len 1. tattck
[1f coug-Ihng andl painl. inl tht- chest.
Tolbl stuck to his task thrloughouit
tHeiv ht buit. wvith Itheli voming of
2awl. he also a forced t14) give 111 in
(os)Iunc of te cold. 11hv rough Sea
kick-d 1)p by a still no-tleast wind
.ini bIl ti(ial condkitionls.
Toth hadl comeo to within approxi
mately s ix miles of thet' i-rnch coast
ihim from tht. watir. This was i most
hillicua I:i. . tl'or his body was so
h itlI v la 1111 d v g Ireatv to keep
Z; tile col ha his l atteilialtlis could
earce'y g41 a gri4 on mli. It was
ike lanodill :i - t eely h\ han'!. Two
1' thle sm: w saccomp)anying the
'1ro442-s 4Of pui lln him out. The tor1
;welo haa lihs:'Soyer Ale 'ormIick sight
e'd Toth throumIL1hllh I irst stlrtaks of
1iaylill, aii. Ilding1 ai the tim11 that
h1 eu11 noil 1144 a1s5istan1, 1 'procet'tleded
1411 its way t4 ::I -ill.
Neitlirt' Lichards n,,ori Toth will at
teplit agaili 11his seasonl to swill the
iha nn el. li lry Sillivaa of iow lll ,
.\ass.. 'Ind Waltor Patterson of Br'idge
polt, Conn1., lowetver, will essay the
feat. bot1h i avxng bet'n lunder long
tlailing for it. Patterson has an
nounced IiIs intention to wait for a
fol't n1ight, wh'lien ithe lelxt neap titles
will be running. Sullivan is likely to
take the water at any hour.
Englishi swimmillg eIxperts express
doulbt whether 1' it will ie possible for
any SWimllier to crOSS 111 ilainnel this
seasOnl. The weather has been con
tinttottly navrbeand the Wiem
ea11t11re of ith waterl has beell an1d
still is to) llw%. They declare that. to
nego-tiate ihn chiannel a virtually mlo
Lionlll'eS sl4a with i a tellperatilre of
bot i to2 I dc 'Iegrees, Fahrenheit, is
mati who ser'vedt a8 oostmatstter for a
mon)1thi and14 a hal f in I 121 , with I refer I
'lice to assessmen1t'is by thie Republli
enni organiizationl in Ithis state to se
Illre thie'il tilfluece ill laninig federal
1) ('4s, have been coniiled.
Mir. Mel'lhaney sabdl: "'There wasn't
anyt31hinug surprising to) me1 ill the
niewIspaperl storiest' sen1t out frlom Wash
ingtonl a few~ days ago tellIng that Seni
altor' ciLal wats opplosinlg the confirmia
lion of Jloe W. Tlber)~lt as miarshatl for
1111 Westternl distrIct or Southl Car'olina
on1 the grountd that thle Repulilcan 0or
ganiza.ftio)n In this state, of which Tol
berit is chirlmanf, had assessedi 'ost
maiusterIs andl other fedleral otlleliold
er's whoit have been applolitedl throughi
thle or'gan izationi's lifluenlce since
the puostmlastership of Folt '.\li1
thr'ough thle influence of th14 Repu-blI
can or'ganization and paid $50 for its
assIstance. The money was sent by me
to one of te Republllicanl bosses Inl the
state, who has since beenl applointe'd to
anti is no0w holdlig an1 Important fed
Oral office."
.\i'. .\llianey gave the dlet ails of
the pr'elimianis and says that 11e was
directed to remillt an1 expri1ess mioneCy
ordter rather' than a bank chec4(k or
'postoflce mioney or'der. Hie exhIbited a
treceipt fr'om the expr'ess comipanly for'
the remllittane, wihiich lidientesi t hat
lie amliount of $50 was tr'ansmitlted by
hlim to t he oflicer' ,r'eferre'd to.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup ia enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the cheat and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey In
side the throat combined wIth the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Sa 'a through the pores of
the skiln soon stops a cough.
B~oth remedIes are packed Is one carton and the
cost of the combined treatmen't Is SDc.
Just ask your drugglst for HAYES'
The Philos
Pur Drugs, Tole Arices
*" A T
S. B M.& E . .W l e y
kV~~.4, Kj6&KN-1-NU"F.H
Mintere CopnyLure
Laush Deprtn Stoha
Wilr Art
WTel Clardy Cto. CasCoP
J.86C. BurDn &Mo. WN8 F.ili
Laurens Coca Co.a Homert]
Qu Hose Frirsherst Dryottle
ofDlcosC oaFurniture, Stvs hnaaeie
CasiDear ntments Weor Banttu
WCToit mpeannPtwan
)phy of Peggy
I~~ ~~ _________________
Eye On Peggy
clothing Co. Davis-R-oper Co.
Man's Store Department Store
"Laurens Best Store-Quality
ers -- Suits Me Made it So.
Ien Luray Eseb oo o
nsyStorageggy en atoa
Cterian SevCe. lCaitalndS r Co0,.0
M Sto reJ DAmtStPreidn
StretPhne44 aYURe ABe0UTS Sto-liITyED
:eies of Suit Mnd Madenl for AmSomet. utfo
Diversraynfter Buoiner Co.r
LdyVtor PRec20orricdndPat
les Soage L.en ationay
angemBanyk Bn
ttre n c aptaanSrpu $100,000.00 RTOABKR
SaIATT.J AAS, President kfrOrPlmnLa
TUNrEouCshervc GO.HBAKLYCahe
m Set-Pon 44L. AB.OUBSlackweD
able CoJ ayewePineseTear
Diversion: Prter BudsaineHr
wod dco Rect.
ltoes, Luga, & ArLMck-e
LangHoe Buniser
igh SoloSoee.B.Welcwe"
adl JewelrR are -
oismountedine ndSatoe
~'uritur Co. J. C. Shell & Company
~ Pot OficeThe Family Grocer
teHmFunses Choice Vegetables in Season
.HUHJones-Taylor Hardware Co.
~git e erardware, Agricultural Imple.
d Je lry epaied nenuts, Milli Supplie, PaI {~
rsRutdOls, Varnishes, Sporting Goods.
Side of Square
Roper & Co. BENCHOFF'S
)oors, Sash BliudS 5 & 10 Cents Store
nish Your Entire BiU "Buy it in Laurens*'

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