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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 13, 1922, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Id' l in il4 44 1 i , l hI
\ 44
a nt his av'r
i c I I 44I
- ' 11. :
43 - t \ll t or in
n33 1'* I n. .\la V4 s.
T 4 < 4.f I h Y1' : 33.'Ait I
n : a ch 4i4e that his av
New Fall C<
this season' nefl
Priced from $1
New Fall WV
on style, and
Priced at $2.3!
Silks and wo
new materials
shades of Tric
Poiret T wills, C
Crepe, and
back Crepe. I
from $13.7
\ , : I \ J~ sl' . - Ja w ' 0 111 1.l
%)i t I nI allt Iii x
niIin n'
a t. 'n a:it~ t I Iw o
i 1-lst1 . ft l i t ~ I '
\ n t t'h : .\ i i -.t who
ni .\a n r~ Tnp i tii :' -
It r t ti iwd al. tr a
t't t . n tl o
- ' n' , si i
* tt I i i itl
~wstshde an
9.7 to $39.75
oo Seters in te
\i-. all
5 toi
It-:EVO . 'I~'TI N .\ N Y A I IS'l'lIYI
.\ lny sop-l beklicve thatt no Quak
Irit, iv .11 nt coun ty. llqlret is
;.ro ()f his l ita It t .. P'orter E tlledge.
tn t; 'on ifed Vae Soldier Itels Ie i'
rc !e ts that i h n t . r Ild himl oil
t h Q akes ivi;' a luhnn ' reek.ttt
lit 1 rth
r, I it( 11 tI .1 I t -\ it> Io I It I
'i h r i ..otti t h ir
T e w > t-ilt f r a i t a tI , ail
seineth ~ ~ ths twt a or soln n h
1 ' h'. t 1 ht \t .
()tl 'r tl1M' thiy w Ii alk a sd the
p i*tmov t h mt l it,
('I lvt a iia 4 .nnin , te nt 1 .1 Wlan
wWnii n e
T II' - ( . in b MCl
i. n : :,i I o the
s \e!., Sw T r ' war
11 41 t
se \ i1 ) A e. d ('out.
.b . n1\ ts: t: :e ' I tims
iIm . !I, :inally Iled.t,
-t n r I . R ( tv : iii
C w I of tL I'a 'a:. \\ on l
hah aki a tiriatin theoi
Eltv t IA hov Fih
ew l .- plann 1 t i1oer Ilk
$ th9 \\i sit .\n ob i tl Irih
-n n w h d I,(st ut and
, ii._ __t \ h s o fl t in ) tiltend
:aid to anture t e he re lti t wa
1::1 t uk toth wotoat. .\hove' Fish'
I ne iv t her i s a
: te tl. it whe re the
by ie-:an~eof \ndrs rotk tob tisi dayt
tn,.iti<. We1.
10ra ol evIIlIII II 1114 liII Drher are~'
CIIhaed nith BrIbinix Witn1ess.
(Irevnwool, Sept. in. --P:uraI l'oliee
inn J1. T1. .\bIliowell andl Tonilvr.
O n~rotriliser iviver, were arrvested
ta: IrdI.ay.1X oili 1harg-( (1* b tIill g
.j U i ce. s i iti g i way bribilig tilli ill
tiinicla t g it witne's . I.h wii er ie
!!e1e onl bail.
Th'le warra"nt was worn Wnit by ('onin
1Y Solicitor .\arshall I'. sailers. he
fr .\laigislrate 1). 8. .onItes. It allo.g
4" Inth tIt lly 9 and "on dliver vs other
0:1 01 Oti. .\e~owell and( .laver's in
im. bribed, coercedi a Ill Spil-iti
d t.aa Ine/ -'ish rc o. a egl i r tlo
:re n t h tP Itst-ifying. against E. C.
I h tiln. .l. t'. I l a 1 nd' Cluuboravi \ll
SIwll, chard wS i t avi _. at
Cirney in t) death when ole of
111-n.) acen iled be i' a Iton
r achi 'tpiee. whicb is alg ed to
hIi11 1:1't I ' !' 0:l i il his owIt
' .11ihorne (1 \ l vw \l is Io
co -i . tnlt at t e i it I i o gent rol
tui n isI w ile e<.n vee .\lndy ith
t i la)ne t-'. ieI tprsh tlng I ' on
f'' litor aneregs stil ate .
Chimney Swifts aand Their lue.
I 'hq I rd : R lled 1-41(bthe h! itn y sw I ft,
W ithouI st n 1n its 1liht snapsI
1ofY w it h It 1 be11'.k or foot lit tie t wigs lit
t. 4 e r o h:Il rn1y cho s, aln these It
carries one Y one'. into a1 chimniley,
einiine f u-m aginlst the 11id. untili
h~m inihed an aa~ot iitshelflike
h GrOd"E. 4mlyurin. the nest
ineseaO o certainl ghmdts In UtS
inenth: :Iree bownish Iliid that
'intkry -IIns nd hardens whn x
1-old to lite air. When the basket has
b Sii N f Ctt ( if inst a 11chlim, i y-Side It
i4is ms If it wer e coverd with a thin
ct aIt of Isinglass. On this lattice from
fourll to six white eggs nrek laid.
Til be shown son at 'l'l Princess
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
LAXATIVE DRO1.!) Q'N Tablets reannve the
.1,1us. There Il rn on2 "Brom Quinin
IW. GROVE'S siclature t box.
ill) ome ew Ratinr
sale.i Ne nreiil hbilg Pfce
Ill color, tand tr ds
nedW ul e of 4I' Neon- bdies
color, and smll anc ffeks.
or eth for hel hidrn'
in hie, thatli a11Ire good
5 V~'y(13' SopIand Pi
nelin of taes necka
,s( teve dy.t Stp in ande- Pi
boeofteeI - gr
till Silvertown
One Quality Only
The Silvertown ii the pioneer cord tire of Anerica.
Its history is the r'cord of every important develop
ment in cord tire construction. From the start it
gave the motorist a new idea of tire service.
The Silvertown is iade by an organization with 52
years' experience in rubber manufacture.
There is only one quality in Silvertown Tires. The
materials and workmanship in one are the same as
in all others. The name of Silvertown is always a
symbol of one quality.
Your dealer will sell you the Silver
town in any size from 30 x 3% up.
It7A.:.:ss- 1870
I Dress Materials
e in all colors for dresses; inexpensive for right
earing. Price 50c yd.
ast Suiting in all shades, and the colors are fast
trything. A material for right now wearing.
40c yd.
ashire Cloth in solids and small checks, for la
>r children's dresses. The colors are fast and the
y the best. Price 39c the yard.
autiful nev Fall Suits
ricotine, Poiret Twill,
Velour; somne 'box
and others plain tail-C
just to your liking
vns, navy and black.
ed from
9.75 $3.75

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