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As good onyour
automobile as they
were onyour e
Orove's Tasteless chill Tonic restore:
Energy and Vitality by Purifying ad
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect. see how
it brings color to the cheeks and hov
it improves the appetite, you will the
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless 'chill Tonic is 'simply
3ron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON t<
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Face and Toilet
Brings instant, not.
u~ral beauty to face,
0 V g neck, arms, hands.
OU B ',iSimply wonderful.
Removes eruptions,
freckles, sunbyrn,
tan. Entrancing, last
ing fragrance. Try
i. 4 colors:
White Pink
AA yRose-Red
LYON-W" .C0- BEST for 7s
beau ti.
Proprietors: S n g
LYON MFG. Sold by
Co. all deal
ers, or di
42 So. Fifth St. rectf r om
BROOKLYN, us, 7S cents
N. Y. postpaid.
"'-p- SO~
The Quick,
Sure Soap Maker
"-the choice of thousands of wo-,
men for making pure soap quickly
-easily. Use waste grease, wa
ter and Red Devil Lye--that's
all. Easy, successful recipes for
hard and floating soaps on the
can label. Insist upon the gen
uine-pure, strong, lasting.
Ask for II byj namie at your grocer's
You Can't Trust
Calomel at All
It is Mercury, Quicksilver, Sali
vates, causes Rheumatism
and Bone Decay
The next dloso of calomnel you take
mn'y salivate y'ou. It may shock your
liver or start bone nerosis. Calomel is
dlangrrous. It is mercury quicksilver.
It rsheus into sour bilec ike dlynamnite.
cram ping and siekening you. Calomiel
attacks the honmes and shuouldl never be
put Into your systemi.
If you feel h'ilious, headachy, consti
patted and all knocked out, just go to
Syouir druggist and get a bottle of D)od.
*son's laiver Tone' for at fe'w cents wichl
~"is a harmless vegetaible subhst itute for
dange,rousR catltmel. 'Take a spoon ful and
If it doesn't, start ,vour l iver aind
st-raighten you upl better' anud qu icker
than :nsty en lomel an d w"ithout vnkinug
you sick,,y'ou ju~st gobc n tyu
Don't take enlomel! It can not he
trusted any mnore thn as leoparid or a
wild-cat 'Take D~odsh n's ,ive'r 'Tone
which Atr'aighutens you right up and
makes y'ou feel fine. No sats necessary.
(Give itto the children hecause It is
nerfectly hunmes and can not alivate.
* * * * ',* * * * * * * * *
* *I * * * * * * * * * * **
Dials, Sept. ii. ---Oi \ednesday af
itrnion A ist t 301h, tlie metmbers of
tie Wes.(ley lIUble class together witi
th l arI ly frienldet, mnet at thet bealuti
fitI grove sit irrou ndi ng the hti rch,
Where they uinjoyed a siu * per of O
becued mleat anld other good things
that go toward taking a delicious and
worti-while repast.
Tho Wesiev ilass coisists of a splen
did body of lenl, both young and old.
Sinlce its or.ganlizatiott a number. of
ye'ars ago it hats . colitinited to grow, 0hy
class Itotto ".\ly llrother and I" being
iheld inl mind by every loyal i member.
Air. Duiik tiurry is the ileiient teach
er, and ilucil of the success of the
class is attribute to the efforts of
.\Mr. Curry andi his loyal corit of of
A pleasant affair of recent date was
the aita community gathering of the
ftiends and ieilatives of the Suimrel
fainily, Sat urday, Seuimberl 2nd. at
lie healitifulI home of .\tr. and Airs.
.1)im Sitinerel, of Ilickory Tavern. Tlie
day proved oe(. of Iialloyed etnjoy
etiti to tlie several hundred present
oil the happy occasion. A delightful
piniic dinner .ws served at. the
"spring" and tle many frienlds of this
'stiemed family trust that ealh on1e
of the happy occasions will be even1
better than ilte one before.
A most enjoyablle affair of Se ptem
her Ist was tle anutial Armstrong I*e
iinion at the home of 'Mr. bimck Arm
strong. The day was pleasantly spent
inl reniewing old ties and forming new.
onles, while in t he aftei'tnooni Some eX
ceptioiily good singing was enjoycd. A
delightfitI dilner was served in trute
pielie tyle onl the spatciouis lawn.
Il r. and -.\lis. Robert Gilreath and
I.\t'. and Alrs. Ode Gilreatl, of Green
ville % ere visitors of lr. W. C. lrown
lee and family, Sunday.
Aletss'Ws. 'alker G ray, Ambrose
Illolder, 'David Brownllee and Blooth
Gray coiposed a party that motored
to 'Ston l Jake h'I'll tisday, where they
enijoyed, tle ime'relh lints' and rt''ta ilir's'
1icic. -
Ar. and .\is. .1. S. I'hillips have Ite
Itrned to their home inl Saluda, N. C.,
after a brief visit with relatives and
'Prof. C. P. '11rooks has gone to
'reenville where lie rlsumet d his di
ties as principal of the IPiiey Street
Al\l. 1. M. Owings antd sister, Miss
ecil, having closed a suiccessfuil stinm
tmert school at allorse Creek, returned
110111 Friday. Aliss Cecil however, left
"'It-uiday for Conestee where sli will
(each during he 1922-23 termi.
Aliss Site Hendersoi has returned to
Winthro College, Rock 11111.
.lrs. Blackwell, accompanied 'by
Aliss Martha Mfhy and ..\Ir. Dick Black
.well. both of whotim are en route to
lirft respective colleges in Virginia,
of Quincy, Fla., arrived here Friday
where she will reiin for some timle
visiting her arenits, Mir. aId All's. \\.
('. '('ntr'y.
's. Mlay i'."laster'tlinig, of leannetts
v'ille, is the at tractivye guest (If heri
-sister', A.lt's. hFestits Currny.
'.\liss Nell ii arrtis aid .brothelr, .1 ack,
hiavelo ieturned from a deligh tfuil visIt
with Iiliss liontie atid. J . TI. (Gillesple,
Jir., oif Green11vilIle.
i. 1.tFank Curryt'3 andi mlothler v'~isitoil
relabt ives in Greeniivil I la'Itst -week.
.Aliss :.laiggle I). Curryv has gotne to
Fa irtview whtere she is a membher of
te teaching staft' ot the lFa irview~~ hi1gh
Al Iss MatIi(' SIimmoniis, oif Grteen viille,
spenout'thlet week -t'nd wvithI homietol ks.
were'( shiopinjg in thle "Mlountain City"'
Miss M.11111ie '2rante. of Gree'cnvil le,
ILeagule, was the weliomne visit or of
the0 ('haplter' at 'ialIs .Suiithiy aft.oirnoon.
Al iss ('rane is all elotilint speaker Cl, tand
lthooughly. tcontversanlt withI ever'y
phiasi' Of leaugiie woirk anti eveiry one
prtesenit entjgveld'e talk. Withl th h iel p
Of '.Miss Crane', a Ju1niotr League wits
of idli cers: Suitii'ntendent, Al\Irs. I'~nal
Ilaris; l'erident, Nell Illarriis; See
retary antd Treasuirer, Giay Citrriy;
Deopt. Snupt., ctuiaary L~ee Abieirciromib;
Fouritht 'iDept. Sitpt., -Fried Aberctromible;
li'ra Agent, .iack tin trris.
The Allsses -Armstrong, (If F'oitmtain'
Inni, were te guests (If their sisteir,
I.\S. Erntest Utendlerson, 'Sunday.
\ll's. Ii. Y. -Siimmions has r'eturned
froml it visit withI relatives In Wil
It is w~el. to dust futrniturte beforeo
apply-ing ftritlutre polish. Othierwise,
little patrtigles of dutst maity result in
scraotchtes when they aire ruIbb~ed over.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WIT!! PEPSIN" Is a specially
prepared SyrupTonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relioves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induco roguilar action. It Stimuliates and
IRegul ate3 Very ,Pleasant to Take. 600
ne bottle.
I-A ILY l1 N -I:S IN ('O'"l'O N
-'1.0 W :11 Y I (; I-: M. 1:RIES
.11iililig ('loses at 21.241 While Week
Ago 111 Stood 20.-1. ltide Selling
C'aused S11111np.
New Orleans, Sept. 10. Wide de
eliles were llade iII the early trading
orf this last week in lie cotton narket
after which there Were strong recov
iries, so that fronm losses inder the
close of the preceding week-I( of I31 to
1.7 pollits. There was a riste to net
advances of oniie to I:t poilis. On the
c.*los of the list showed niet declinies
of 0 to 19 points. October, after rad
ing as low as 19.88, rose to 21.14; and
finally closed at 21.26. 11 In le silo( de
parit men t rlwices lost :7 points oi mid
dliag Whicb closed at 21.:N. Oi the
close of tiis week a year ago middling
stood at 20.2.5.
Deel ines of the ealy sessions
were generally In1ii to heavy hedge
selling, conseqlazoi oii10 a. ti..
ing oii tie spot inl Texas inarke(ts. Af
ter thie1 lirst two sessionis Ihedgiing op
eiationis wre not so miitich in evidence,
either being lessened or else beiing coti
Tle iarkel came ha ck oii I e
improvemtents Iin the spot demand.ll~
dali ly sales in sollthern markets
ranging from -10,00o to t60,000 bales,
anld on a gene'ral dlisposition to still
tfurther lower crop estinates. Decld.
ed strength was showvn oin the last ses
VIon of the week becaise of a prijvate
bureau a mid-mont ht condition report o
-,0 per cent of normal, indiaenting
yield of slightly Inuder' tea miiillon
Crop and weather accotts of tle
wevk were altogether unfavorable
not ing fti Iher detlerloration , forced
maturity iof tle plant and a great deal
of premature oienling of bolls, iot on
ly inl tile western belt, hut in the con
tral andi- eastenii bells as well. At the
eid of the .W eek private aecouits wer'e
elainilig that t'ottoni was open to the
n ortlcrnmist limilts of tle helt and
that out' pickig would get the crop.
Some points in Texas wired in that as
miinich cotton was olin in the tields it
was diflicult to get sutlcleat pickers
1t take cale of it anid lahor has leen
cal led nl)citiful all along inl Texas. Ble
cause of tis state of affairs tle Very
large ginning ilguies Issued by the
elisuIs )u1reatl this week. S17,171 bales
prodticed to the first of September
against 18~5,787 to the sam date last
year, occasioned(l no surPIrse anid
caused but little selling. 'J leavy gin
Iling was generally considered to Ie
the result of premature opening of
At the end of tile week uneasiness
was felt over IrosIects of sioweis inl
-western anI celtral poltious of the
belt, ilost people consideling that ra in
at this time, with so nitch cottol op
en inl the fields, would be disastrous.
This coming week, it seems likely that
any raian or signsq of rain will imme
diately cause a buying llovleent. ld
111011th condition figures from priivatec
buireaus are due In tile early week and
they will probably play all importani
Part in the daily .picer' swlags, 1 11' a
whli le at least. The spot demand will1
lbe watched veiry closely, buit any furi
thier improvemienit in it iiiay lbt toffset
by an inecreased mlovement.
As They Heard-So They Speak.
11ahiy Is two anid a half' and talking
and lie wuas imensely pb'ku.i wvith
hiliiselfI. Swellinlg 'ut his litItle -I he'-h
lit nioidded hiis hiei se'veral tIimes anti
remai~rked sately, "I ami a ---od
boyl" Whre did lit ge-t i? is no(.w
the (1110s1Ion In thle lirownu fa-nily,
The J.
Will continu
markets aff,
Large Stoe
The greater
trade will contii
L. E. Burns kne
prices next wee
past 25 years o:
Let Us Contini
Jolies, S'pt. . were greatly
sho'ke a 1 an1 to hear, of the sut(
dfenl aind 1unthnlely dleath of, ourl coulsin,.
.\r. ('lurliv liabh, of Gray Court., on'!
the .5thI ill,,. \\e Symupathize Inost
tenlderly with the sorvly hervaved fam..11
U.N' il their irirepariable loss.
Bsorn AllynIst :1., to .\r. anld .\IlI-,.
I ollier \\'ardlaw. a soil.
.\r. and .\l.". Prvank 1'. Jone(s and1(i
i rank, Jr.. aIr visitsiilg Mhe fo 'si '
sister, .rs. J. A. .eM owan, of \\'ay
\\e extenld conlgrattillationls to .\r. ..
P . .\aefl-nv, (-)I \\are Shoals and .\iss
Grace. ol ('harleston, who were I
cently nor11ried.
James J. Storro
setts dluring th
during the pres
warning against
until absolutely
following sugge
"Don't burn v
"Cook and h4
sene stove om
heater. It is b
from room te
will perhaps I
"Cooking by
is more comf
"Kerosene c
and heaters c
probably any
try store in t1
The coal short
venience. How
will cause next
expedient thing
now have by c(
Tens of thousari
coal by burning
kerosene. If yo
the improved F
C. Br
ie right on sellin
:rd. Our Mr. L
:ks of 'Fall an
portion is already in
wue to get the best se
w values and how to
k. The firm appre
F Laurens and adjoin
ie the Great Work 4
.\lrs. 1 . \\* 'o j , visiting
o'r ri u t re .lf . i. F ulton, of,
ausly, at .\11 . \\1t~ licrri'ng, of
'Alts. To(con4 ('nnoll, of Alhhville, is
\Mr. a (til Mr. j\ lisi r., r.
ntly visilel th 1t 1,r's are nt14 s. A (..
I'l . l. . l Sim is, o i aterit no.
.11iss lh e Jet lol e t j o 1,1 T h a to
esnine teachin g in y
I olu bia, and l r \\ilnIll and
\'alter Jhllkins- and E-arle -(aine tv r
In- ln ti va .alhol with theirI.
raiip re ts Wi. .1n14 Alts \\. T1.
ous have retrn co ('olutnhia I
e r andhsecia
elit cslol Slra4e
I )r% Jonos, \\'orkinan andll] J n .
dawtsy -t1inding the mi e
Thnlilie boy of \\In. lnes, volored.
has st ove.r y a prI ti ain
any.tids cap Isisca
rom.Iu wlrsv coala
Se Kerosen
Wt Fuel Ad inistrat
ie War and special
ent coal shortage, ha a
drawing on te me
necessary. Mr. Sto
stions, among other
pound of coal this month c
,at water for your househo
gas stove. Buy a port
andy. It is cheap. It can b4
room It will save coal a
eep you out of the coal line
kerosene stove is cheaper
ortable during these warn
(n be bought anywhere. K
an be bought today at an
house furnishing store or
4e state."
age is already causii
much actual sufferinj
winter no one can sa
; to do is to save ever
>oking and ieating
ids of families are alr
Aladi NolSLer
sEN D S. C.
I ' I I I ; IE
' I sI a i I I T
lo r I' ! t I t - 1
II Is . ii hii I . \
. Im I~ g to nl b
*.;i rn, i -'r n il an -
fI I t It a a n
ir of MAlissachm.
col conIsigniee
s iste a loinely
wiye eotry stocks
rrow iniakes the
r in October.""
Idiwith a kero.
ble kerosene
r move easily
11(1 onsie. It
next winter."
than coal. It
erosene stoves
r hardware or
general coun
rig much incon
; and hardship it
y. Certainly, the
'y hit of coal you
vith other fuels.
eady conserving
bil-the perfect
>r heater look at
chandise the
business. The
iven. Our Mr.
dise. Look for
tronage of the
Loved So Well

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