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EThe lbbertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laiurens, 8. C.
Aovertising Rate3 on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
Utered at- the postoillee at Laurons,
S. C., as second class mail matter.
Vol. 3K, N4. 9 S Pages
LAAICENS, S. ('., SEPT. 1M, 1922
The Adveritiser las t night Ir-i ate(I
Its feat of the fllist iritnary of getting
retins frot every box in the couity
before g oig to press. It welt itself
one better by getting the Complete re
turns several hours earilier than in the
.first primaty. Eveiy box in the coun
0 was reported last night before
eight o'clock. l.or tle co-operation
jendered by many friends in securing
4nd tabilating the retus we extend
our thanks.
aurens Countly Missionary Institut
of the S. ('. Presbytery to Ie Held
Selit. 14.
Tho Lautrens county .Mlissionary In
'stittte of the 1.0". P'esbyterial, will
in eot at file First Presbyterian chtirch,
Latrens. September' 1-Ith at 10 A. AL
'\il the Piesbytelrin (.lhurlches in the
'oun11ty are uirged to send a large dele
Pation. Dr. It. C. ('oil, of Korea, will
fzive an address ont the work in Kroea,
ITh e progrtamin fori the day is as follows:
Illorning Service, 10 O'Clock
Plrayer by .llrs. W. -iunter.
firi tIngs by -.liss Julia Irby.
1(Cs.)onse by .lrs. '11. A. Austin.
".Ministers of 1921" by -.liss Carolinc
"cial Music by Mirs. V. ). Itach
Roll Call of Churches with iReports of
Mii sionary Addiress by lIev. 11. T11. Colt
A':poiitntent of ('ommittees: Noii
tng. Pl'ace of .\lecting, Resolu
lion", .11)(1 'ress.
1.ir by .lis. If. K. Aiken.
Youn11g Peoples Conferen'ce by .\lr. i
(eneiral \Workeors Contferone by Mirs
A. Al. "opelant1d for D . .1. .\l
Wells: Ai's. Will Leake for Auxil
iary, and Miss Sar'al n 111111tel fot
Suliday School Work.
Offt'ring for lible Women in China.
A nnOiinceimtentIs.
'ihle' Ilout' by Mi's. It. 0. 11ood.
Aflernoon Ses-ioi, 2 O'lO(ek
IHome '.\issionaiy Add ress by Rev. C
T. Sqtuires.
.choos frot Monti'eat by Mi's. 0. M
Schools anrd ('1)1llgos by Al iss J. I Iun
''0Ttorwel Orphdaniage by Mirs. L. R?
''r a illill 8,-hool by a~lrt'. D). ,1. Woods
I lymin arid .\luisi'.
Di'triibitiont of 'i,iteratutro.
\ citelaniteouts iiislitness.
F' r"rt' of(I ('omittteer'.
le11( iiur byv \lis. W. (I. Neville.
('arid IFromii .1Iss WoI'1ord
It is itni overwhteliing tinrg for 2971
of mty tne'ighbor1)s to (Igo to the polls oin
*a iuarticutlart dayi and~ say int no utncer
talit termts : ''We need yout Kalte0 Wof
ford forl a parit icular' job dlealintg withI
a f parit Ciul ari respjonlsibi lity3--thle odnien
t ion of ottt chi ldren in 0our couty
schoolIS"'. T amit dooely gra teful fot' thisl
coil tdence andl sentsitive to the r'espot
*sibili ty~ whtichit pllaceos upon1 tme.I
therefore. pledge to yout anewv, my 'IeO.
'le of Laurii''ns ('outttty, bothi those whtc
*votedi foi' and agaIist me, thIat I shall
niever' stlitt myself of time not' ener'gy
in giving every chtild in the county its
own best chaitee.
* Another' thing: I sh~all nevert for'get
witht my1 entrance into a political of
fie that I shall t'epr'esent it a pleciuliar
way all thle women wvho shtall rutn fot
ofiee in year's to come. 1 shall nevet
*forget that, and I promise titat *my
cond~uct in this high place of respon
sibililty shall reflect crtedit, and make
easly theO holding of women's place i1
liltlies. I shtall never for'get my dty
to thte thtousands of county school chil
dren, and I shall try to meet thehr neC'ad
gravely and wilth a so:'t of solctn
. F3athfutlly youtrs,
* ('ardl of Thaznks
I .wIsh to exprtless my feeliny "f
-gratitude to thte peCo'le of 'Laurennr
county for thte excellent vote I receIved
* n the -first primalry, as a candidate for'
Emhperintendlent of Education. I tp
p)reciato also thle many kindnesses
show'n me (during theo ca'mpaign.
Z''be shown soon at The 'Princessa.
Ahe ELhrm,"
'nlin laenders'andI Executiives of Lines
31ark Time While Awaitnlg Events
i xpeeied T'his Week.
Chicago, Sept. 9.--Aside from a 1110
tioll askin a dismissal of the bill for
an Injunctlion filed- by the government
against the -triking railway shopmen
of tho country on the ground that it is
alleged aid based on "misrepresenta
tion and supplressioni of facts," filed in
federal court on behalf of the unions,
,strike: leaders and railway. chiefs
marked time today, awaiting develop
meints expiected next week.
At the time t(he battle agalinst the
injuinctiop wis abegui, a mnas., of evi
dence, guarded by 35 agents of the
department of justice, arrived from
Waslihifnion and -w-ill be used -by the
governpnent when the hearing to have
the W(iporary inJunction made per
mauneIt colies before I'edleral Judge l
Wilkerson Monday morning. Black- I
burn Easterling, assistant solicitor 1
general of the United States, A. A. I
I.&claughlin and Oliver Pagan of ite
d(epal'tim'ent of justice arrived here to
day and James E. Beck, solicitor gen
eral of the 'nited States, is expected
tomii or'ow.
JF'ollowing the departire of Daniel
Willard, president of the HaItltinore &
Ohio road, there were no formal meet
ings of tle railway executives and it
was sa id that liole was ini prospect.
After a meeting hele yesterday after
nool rpI informal session was said to
have been held last night at an outly
ing roadhouse, the Pink Poodle, in an
effort to elide newspaper reports.
No announcements were madutle by the
executiv'es regarding either meeting,
but today p. . Byram, president of
tle (lilcago, I.\ilwaikee & St. Paul,
authorized tle following statement:
"There will be no more meetings of
t lie railway executives. President
Willard, who returned home last
night, may retIrin early in the week.
It only needed some one trusted by
both sides to act as mediator and .\lr.
Willard very generously gave his time
aid ability to the matter. lie not only
deserves the thanks of the roads and
the men but of the general public as
"Th is sc:arate agreement plan is al
ri'eady ini practice by the- railroad
brotherhioods. It will be a new policy
foi these particulair uinions. however.
"The 'recalitrant' roads (lid not in
any way object to the rest of us set
tHlng the strike separately with tle
unions, -hecause their atitilde is that
the striho is no longer of aniy interest
to them."
It. M. Jewell, hiead of the shop
crafts, and other un ion oflicials refus
(d to coiment in any way on the Iro
gress of the tarike.
A statement was issued by the Asso
(iation of Railway -xecutives assert
ing there had been a steady increase
il In le numbitiher of men employed in tihe
shiops and that a large volume of busi
ness was being moved.
Ill connection .\itII tile arrival of
I lie evideice to be used at the injunc
tioin hearing; .Monday, federal ageiits
said t hat an effort woulId be made to
iirove the existence oif a niationwidec
rail road sabotage lplot and it was ini
dlieated( that. wholesale ind oict meats
woiild 1)e sought against thiose held ie
s :onsibile by the government.
The eviden'ice birouighit to C'hic(ago
wats said to containi t housandts oif teole
se iamis, letters, pihoto0graphls, blue
pinits andi books, together wvith tran
scripits of staitieents of 17,1000 perstons
wholt hauve' beeni interrogaied by federal
Thet data w;as said -by governiment
officials to reveal lilots for (lie .wreck
lng oif tail way eqipilmenit, (lie dits
abilinig of locomotives, (lie cautsiing of
wrecks, the hiiurning of br1idges aind
thie oblstruction of the mail.
.I t also was intimatedl that (lie gov
etiinfnt wvould ask for subpoenas for
al7.ilfendants ini the injunction pro.
ceedings. This wvould re'luii'e thle
piresence' of some 230 indlividuals in
('ard of Thalnks
We .wish to thank everyone for (lie
thoughitfulnerss, kindness anyd sym
liathy showvn us in the piassing of our
dlea~- uitsband~ and father. May Godl's
bhlissings'he bestowed ini full upion you
Mr's. L. N. Bur-ns and Daughters.
Juvenile Frankness.
Amiong (lie subljects for "composi
tionis" given out in a prinary school
wias (lint of "bravery." TIhie 15ad who
drew this turned in his effort in these
terms: "Some boys are brave beocausel
thecy always play wIth little fellows,
and some boys are brave becaiise their
"-' re too~ short to run away, but
most boys areu brave betau~.j somebody
is lookIng on,"
Months sumt Didnia Mmell'."
"Sawv a big rat in our cellar last
fall," writes Mrs. .Joanny, "andl bought5
a;35e enke of RAT-6SNAP, broke it up
!Sto small pieces. Last week whlile
moving weo came across the dead i'at.
Must have -been dead six months, didn't
smell. RfIAT.S'NAP is wondeirful."
Three sizes,'95c, 65c, 1$.25i. Sold and
gularanteed by C. El. K~ennedy & Son,
.M1ven:ini'rdwar~e Co:, Pultsam's Drug
:Lanford, Sept. I I.--The excitepum
)f the first week !!I our s! ool :; ov'I
nd 'both teachers itld pulis are
uirnest about their work and all s,-e
iappy in their dif'erent positions.
Miss Sara Nance, of 'iYue West, wi
he guest of Mrs. J. It. Patterson Ia
Neek. lhe was i teacher here so
wal years ago and gave us two yea
f hard work in the school room. II
'ormer pupils and many friends al
leeply alppre)l'iative of her faithful -
orts alnd were so glad to see her
lave her in our 'midst again. iShe In
Iccepted work in Greenville, a scho
or next session.
The 13. Y. P. 1T. members of Warric
'reek church were entertained at ti
iome of 'Mr. If. M. Johnson Saturdt
vening. The lawn was arranged 1
eat about seventy-flve guests. Nivei
ilnute was pleasantly spent wil
-anes, songs and stunts which pri
'oked much mirth and 'laughter, aft4
hich the Iaanford 1. Y. 'P. 11. serv<
'ruit punch and cake. The occasik
vas one of enjoyment for all.
Master .11. T. Higgins, Jr., Unlo
. spending the week with 1114 gran
)arents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Iliggin
Mr. W. L. Castleberry and fani
>f Chester,- were the week-end gue.4
)f -Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Thomas. I
(Mr. J. 1. Johnson paid the city
2harlotte, N. C., a businebs visit )a
'Iliss M'dia Brooks, of Swansea,
visiting her sister, 'Irs. J. P. Patte
;on, this week.
eM iss Margaret Drummond has got
o Spartanijburg to enter the school th
;ession as a'student.
Mr. John Melmoth Fleming left fi
lleison college, entering the fresl
nan class. Mr. Grover Burnette h1
ntered Mars 11111 college, lNorti Car
MNises Lottie and Nell,,.-Teague,
Laurp1ls, visitd Misses Lenora i
Anniie Njae 1 tterson i:ecently.
The many fiiends of Miss Pear
Chapman, of Fountain Inn, were sn
prised to hear of her marriage ha
week to ir. 'Mirnest Reeves. H1,
rriends and former Alpils wish Ii
much, happiness. in her. we;1ded life.
'Mr. C. A. latfaway is in Atlanta, Gi
this week on a- business visit and w
also visit his father in Savannah, wl
has 'been very -sick. .
Hlappiness For All Women-"For sor
time I have been using Hagan's .Ma
-i Balm and now my friends a
asking what has happened to me. th
I look so well. I have been afflict
with freckles. blemishes and sallk
[omliplexioll for the last four or fi
years, btut now my complexion is wo
[lerfully im:iroved. Magnolia Hal
means happiness in a lovely coplile
lon. 'Respectfu"' - (signed) 'Nonie 1eli
ley, Nankipoo 'cnn." All wono
sihou ld use th-i 'iquid face -and toil
Panx1Jelir--BuI'llit ., white, pink, ros
red. 75 cents at druggists (ir by ma
I.yonl Mfg. Co., 12 So. Fifth St., Broo
Many' a (Laurens -'Reader Will Fr
Grileful for This I nformaationi.
If youri back gives out;
Becomes lame, wveak or achintg;
'if ur'inar'y troubles set in,
Perhiaps your' kidneys are "in a hi
D~oan's Kidney 'Pills are for .wei
I 4)cal evidetnce proves their merit.
M. C. icl~herson, 302 Wilsoni S
Lauirens, says: "Wheni I was famii
mhy back got to hulrting me1 oretty ha
ly. I cou ldn't hendl without a sha
pain shooting thlrough liy kidneys.
felt tired and ached 'all over. The
was a dull ache in my baenc wvn,
bothiered tie a lot. 'My kidtneys act
too i'requiently' atnd the secretions wec
untnatur'al. I used D~oan's Ktdn
Pills for this trouble andl they sol
fixed me up flne. I have hand no
turn of the trouble since takitng then
'Price 60ce at all dlealers. Dot
sitnply ask for a kidney remedly-g
'Dondl's Kidney -Pills-the same thi
Mr. SidPherson htad. Poster'Milliu
(Co., Mfra., Buffalo, M. y.
B6O qiekly relleves Colds, Conisti
tion, Biouiess mid' H~eadachiea
Fine Tonie.',
We carry par
every car ina usI
carry the large
in town.
Come Here foi
Card of iankk
I wish to thank the many friends
who voted for me inl tie second pri
* mary. Although defeated, I appre
ciate the handsome vote given me and
it shall strive to reciproCte this. evi
dence of confidence by giving every
support that I canl to the successful
u candidate ini tle administration of the
a. $
~ S * S * $ * e S e S e e
a For Sale-Duroc and -Poland China
pigs. Five weeks old. $8.00 a pair. 11
A . I.McCravy. 9-It-lid
Lost-30x3 1-2 casing on rim,, be.
>' tween ILaurens and iM. A. Sunierel's
le place. Finder. please notify Tom . J.
y Bolt at Dixie Flour & Grain Qo, 9-it-p
lWanted-To buy. a cow fresh In
imilk. 'D. 'E. Todd. 9-It-pd
.iangazines-iSobscribe to the follow
ing magazines through me: Cosmo
politan, Good 'lousekeeping, Hearst's
!r International, Har-pers Bazar, The
American Maguzine, Woman's Hom'e
Companion, Ialadies '-ome Journal,
Saturday l'Ivening Post, Country Gen
tleman. -Mrs. .1. F. Burton 'Phone 44.
it, .9-lt-pd
I- For Sale-One brand V'2'Ford tour
ing car. Never been run. John A.
Franks. 9-it
Sewin g-Will do all kings of sew
ing, dress making especially. Mrs. (0
17W. Long, South Harper St., Laturens.
if 9-2t-p
it Webiber Wagons-I have 7 medium
two-horse at $95.00; 6 light two-horse
$85.00; 3 heavy one-hoilse 150.00; and
2 medium one-horse $45.00 F. 0. l.
Waterloo. These prices are less than
factory prices. E]. V. Golding, Water
e loo. 9-3t
Is For Sa'le-ISIx to seven hundred
bushels Red Rust 'Proof ed Oats in
flive bushel bags. Also -fitly bushels
)r liastings "100 to 1", 85c p bushel.
- W. G. 'Lancaster, 10nterprise National
s 1ank. . "-3t
_ Notiee--I will be in the market for
cotton seed at Laurens, beginning
Sept. 11th. I will also keel) on hand
>A a supply of meal and hulls for sale
d or exchange at all times. Prices the
best, quality the best, satisfaction
legiuuaranteed. J. Paul Finley, Laurens.
Notice-I wilIl be in 'Laurens Studio
all (lay Friday and Saturdays until
st 2 1). in. H. Nicholls. 7.-5t-pd
r Music Pupils desired by a graduate
)r in piano of Randolph-Macon Woman's
College. Anyone interested apply to
Mrs. F. W. Chajiman, 657 South Har
,per St. .6-50-q)pd
11 Mone' to Loan-,Loans on Farms and
0 city 'property negotiated. Applicat.!ons
hand!!d with the First Carolinas
Joint Stock Land Bank, the Federal
I iand Bank, tinsurance companies and
icother pources. Apply to Dial & Todd,
g-. Attorneys, Laurens. . 5-13
reI M1oney to Lonn-The Planters N. F.
at L. A. is now receiving applications for
'd loans on farm lands. Apply to A. C.
w Todd. Secy-Treas, 5-13C
le Wood Wanted-100 cot'ds of ' good
i- Wood. Laurens Oil Mill. 7-St
im See our Special Prices on photo
x- graphs and picture frames Fridays
t- and Saturdays. Call before 2 p. in. on
'n Saturdays. -i. Nicholls. 7-5t-pd
et Ood Tilres-Clieap at Counts' Sta
e- ble. 48-tf
11. Goiernment Wagons-For Sale; or
k- offered in exchange for corn, oats, hay
or lumber. Wagons in good condi
tion. Dixie Ice and Fuel Co., Clin
ton. . 16-If
him Repair P'arts--For all makes of
cars. Rim bolts, wvedges and clamps.
City Vulcanizing Station. 40.tf
el Mloney to Loan on improved farm
landl at 7 1-2 per' cent. H1. S. Black
well, Attorney-nt-Law. 42-If
Moniey to Loan-On improved farm
andl city property for a 'period of years
at seven Por cent interest. B~omar,
id Osbo'ne & 'Brown, Attoi'neys, Spar
tanb~ur'g, S. C. 341-tf
ik Loans oni ileal Estate-Funds imme
diately availalhe at six per cent. In
surances companies, Joint Stack Land
t., Bank, Fedleral 'Land Bpnk and other~
ig souirces. Apply to srimplson, Coolper
d- & Babb, Attorneys. ' 4-If
rp For Bent-1 store i'oom for r'ent, on
I the noi'th sidle of the squ-are, I main
i'e .floor, upstairs and basement. 'Metal
aui ceiling. lLocation best in Laurens,
Dd 'See L. E. 'Burns at J1. (1. Burns & Co.
re Laurens. 2-If
ey lHagiig and~ TIies-B3u" our selected
)n secondl hand machinery 'e-rolled bag
o- ging and ties. All pi1ces and gradles
.'' guaranteed. Phone 380 our expense.
i't U. S. Bagging Co., Greenville, S. C.
et 47-tI
Dr. T. L. Timmermian,
al Laurens, South Cf rolina
,., 05c0 In., Peoples Ifankt kni1ding
ta for practically
3 in Laurenis. We.
st stock of parts
Necessaty Parts
Burns' Store
We Have Vnlimited Funds to Joan
for Terms of
5, 7or YearS
Interest Payable Annually
Inspectidav of property and definite cominitment to loan can
be made ,within a feivdays after application is 'subinitted.
-Richmood, Va.
Blackwell, Sullivan"& Wilson
.Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
Low First Cost.
Strength, Wear, Durability
High Quality
Good Looks
Real Economy
Standard Warrnty
Buy Goodyear Cross-Rib Cords for Cord Tire
Satisfaction at a Lower Price
NO%8 Clincher $13.50
0 32x01 Straight Side 19.75
82x4 Straight Side 25.46
33x4 Straight Side 26.80
- i2x4 Straight Side 31.45
33x5 Stratht Side 39.10
- Plant
Laurens, S. C. . 1Phone 402
The Judge
Said "Pay"
When one partylis sure they paid a debt and
when the otherrparty is just as sure the ac
count has not been wiped out, there is but
one result. There is difference.
In this difference is argument, and sometimes,
hatred; frequently court action and a whole
lot more trouble.
In the end the judge says "Pay," because a
recept cannot be shown.
'Cancelled checks would prevent much court
action. But. the safety for sou is what you
should consider. Pay a bill by check/'and. back
A oxnes the cancelled check---the best receipt
possible--and out records show it has psed
Pay by 'heck' Keep
the cancelled oies.
ke1verse the courE
Launns National Bank
J. J. ADAS,$ GEO. H. BLAKIi., Cashier

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