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Lient. Ilooliftle .Ilm e l I"-lt From At.
h11intlf to I'nlllie with Only thie Stop.
Sart )1ito. ('ali., Sept. .- -Having
cat( 1n today his fit st breakfast since
starting Ii! air dash fromt th' Atlantic
,-tn-t toit he Pl'aifi, Lies tenant JaIes
.1,. lioolittlto artiy airmifly who tla
ye-stterday collileled his fligzht bere
froiln .itksoll ville, F'la., in record tiel
was Iiusy w\iit! plats for his,;t ext fly
tn task. IN ms besn instrucite to
r,4 1ortI for dulty at .\ce(ook field, [hty
tit, Ohio, and p s to fly there, s arl-.
inl'-, Friday. ilt the spccially construict
Ad Dts Ilhviland11 plane which brought
!!iml hil re trwn the Atlantic coa),st well
wvithil ",I houtrs.
Lif-lltelant hiit ittle showi d- 11
rigni htIat lie \%ts w~lrl eil aholit his
n tak. ind atcordilg tot' i the rus
4f anp Hlying grnie, hQ ouight not bx
1nxiou s alltl it fol h has lenilty of
timl ito n the lljight anttd intends
to take it in tasy stags, instead of
wvith only onle stop as oil his flightI
frcinl occall to oveanl yesterday, lIeI is
rItome.Ired hfer as One of tsetno
in th.-4 haibit tf worryi'lal oring , f th
faious. airplane tlight of November
2(;. 191 . when 212 airplanes took tile
:Ar here at one(- tinie to celebrate the
atndfing Of thle war, Doolittle led a1 quiln
t-ot of "*Stunlt" flier'S Who :.Ut Onl every*
at thIt known in arial daring, fly
ing so Closely to the flagstaff on a
tall hoel, as to alnlost scrape it and
a1(then srinllg into the air1 only to Ithe
somle er1lually thrilling spectable, it
was Cwmnas n, though inollicial, report
at the tili, that DIoolittle and his team
had to) be Ordered to qluit that day for
thy kept oil vieforting fo hour.
Doolittle isowed much of that el
thusiasmll whenl he landed here just
before dusk ystrday. The most ap
parent featurh on his arrival And his
land, perfectly accomplished, . after"
a grind Of more than 21 hours in the
a ir, was a whiol4somie boyish grin.
That ;!rinl las ted until hie "submiitted"
to an interview which was Obtained
while he was taking a warill bath.
The reportert siat oi tie edge of tihe
hath tubt.
Dloolittle told of his start. ..f 1n111
nling into a1 stormi, how hie rose from
tie t m )Zone, hI lit! he sa' d -te d west,
how glad he't was to see wo fellow
airman imet hii at Imperial Valley,
Calif., and of the landing. Lieultenlant
D)oolittle mnade ani average of about
1441 mlilus ,.n hour. \\hen hle reached
Imperial \'alley and saw (he two :,acv-I
mnakers from flockwel: field-C(,aptain
Wmil. Randolph and K~ueatt.L
\\ebber--waiting to accomlplaany him
oil the last lap he "opened upl) wide"
his Liberty motor anti came at a speed
estimatt lt1511 111 mile 1oan hu11r,
an Antonia. 'li'as, Sept. - The
1tecOrd aipan light fromil thle At
1antic ec' t lie Pacifie coast by Lieltell
lint James 11. Doolittle (if Kelly filId,
will bt a stimulant to rapid develoi
ment of aeronautics ill thei Un ited
Status. I.iutenant Colonel C. C. Cu!
Vet', air1 oIl Icr of the eight!) corpls
arca, tdelared todalty.
This flight in wich Hiloel ittlec
s palnned't thet tontinen lt with one4 stopI
wouldt have a t wo-foltd asst't in av'Ia
tion1, hi:' said. I irst it dc'monstratetd
the featsibility ti' mov'ing ani ali' fleet
lii'kly Crom1 one0 tcoast to antherlC1
tind, it rev'e'aled~i the lossibilit its of
'ntl paIssen) '1'r trips) in less t hanI 2-1
sai 1t' In l ('ulvert "1'i1s to lont'e al'4
ha rg) flyig 1leet on1 411(h ttf the'
em111 ry, att 814n .\ntonioi. I y sutch at
l'ystemt ieach oif' te thlret' fledts
*ouri-r .rvi. heweenth * wo
* Gi6f0CiTNM
* C e e oCe ae * e e e ee *
(dowl) of day Monday morning, Sep
andtio f 01lroml 1thm1 t'eir Ii ttle dauigh
ter' er'ln Ice, age ; yearst' and14 2 months.
She had been Ill wIth typhid~ fever for'
several weeks.
B3"rnic1(e wasil a brlighli ettle sunbeamt~l
and wvas a .Joy of the homo. MakIng
fr'iends was an easy task for' her', as
sple alwatys carried a smIle of s'un..
khie on her' beautIful face.
She was lid to rest Monday after
noon at 6 o'clock in the Rabuni Creele
cemetery, the funeral services ' .
(ondlucted by R1ev. 'W. A. Baldw-In, and
'Rev. Watson, of 'Gray Court. She Is
suirvived by her sparents, )i.\1r, andi I .
Joel Babb, three sistersS and one little
brother; .also a host of 'relatives and
friends whlo mourn11 her death. The
family have tile stympathy of theit
many friends In their sad hours of
Loose Leaf Ledgers. Etc.
Advertiser Printing' Co.
Of'icers Selze Liquor and Narcolles
WI' le Theat re (Goer IS Look Onl.
New York, Seit. 7.--A raiding party
of 28 internal reveiute agetits, 12 po
lice detectives andl two assistant red
eral attorneys swept dowln oil 'lotel
loigaere( inl the theatrical i trict to
night, arrested tenl persns 3(1and selz
edl fin anitities of na' cotics and litIuor.
Assistant l'nited States District At
t2orncVy Co (iinoly, Who Cr'ied i search
wa ralt issiled by Perieral Comiis
sioncer liitchcock, said the raid was
iniade as a step in a camiaign to plut
Scliek to tle wide-spread traflic in
crugs in tle white lght rostric!
A poliee cordu.1, which was estab
lished ahoit the h(otel durintg the raid,
attracted thronigzs to the scenle inl such
11111etrs tlhat it was iecessary to call
out tle i'eserves of two police stations.
\hii news of' the raid reached the
aildieices of t wo Broadway theatres
m 1anV m 11n an VOm1 left thei' seats
durci ng tihe intermission and rtished to
see the raiding party at work.
While the raid was still inl progress,
.\ir. Connolly emerged from tie hotel
to allnotiice:
"We are firulini: hyperderiic ne(eC
dies, stoves 1for smoking narcotic
druigs and all sorts of iraphernalia
all through this place, an3(d we are n(ot
throgh'll yet."
The raid lasted anl hour.
'.\Mr. Connolly said plans for its ac
com1 pi ishmwent had beenl inder way for
more than a moncth. Agents, Ie said,
had been registered at tice hotel and
had gathered the(, evidence.
These agents, the federal attorineyn
said, 1(arniied that the usual liet hod
of secur ing drugs was to "get next" to
thle hell boys. A -$10 deposit." they
saild, "usutially helped along the traisac
After making tihe leposit. the b)ell
boy hinted that there were lots of
things to see in New York; and that
tle giest oii the way out shoiId n ot
forget the house riules reqtiiring that
keys mIlust be left at the des'k.
Whenl the patron ret iu rn11 ed, t Ie
ageits said, he received vith his key
a small envelope which, it is alleged,
coitained lie particular drug tile' guest
ha2d told tle bell boy he wailted. Tihe
authorities saidtii that morpliie wis
sold at Ile ate of $-10 an ottlice, heroin
for $15 and cocine for $35. Charges
for guest s So nerved, agents said, ap
peared onl their bills under entries for
acito hire" ' and "taxicabI service."
WI.\111) ('llAi(:D
('hlnoognl lill lilux liia Ill Coil,,
o e'rsy Cith (olonel Willim nimk
llt It fino oga, Tnn., Se pt. 7.-Charg
inlg that Col. William Joseph Simmons,
iprial wizard of the Kiights of the
Ku Kitix Kan. has been on a ".pro
!onged debauch"' and Is unfit to trans
act the husiness of the organization,
Phil. J. Hays, exalted cyclops, and V.
I IIlmIiis, of Lookout ilau, No, 15,
1o2 'cattancooga, 2today answvered the
hill oI(f the Inmperial w'izarcd Ii led inc
('1h31ncery~'(court herei' to (n'iini thle 10
cal klIan from11 opeicratin3g.
The ipetitioni of \Wizard Simm~nons
stated thait thle charzi t er of thlie local
klan11 had heeln irevok:ed for i u22ileient
reasons1, -but tha lii2t had( ('Ointinuted to
mee'ot and3( carry on business, The a-.
swer says:
"hle thle so-called edict piuriports
2(o have bceen signced byx William Jn.osephi
81iimons, i ieriialI w iar, It is dle
31ied t hat it w as in fael s ignced lby hill
fort Ithe r'easoni t hat lie was, It Is be
lvdon Au ogiust 22, 1 922, and1( bad
a proloniged debac(h, ducring whliich
time~i, it is hel iev(d, he was 23nder' ' lie
('ffet of lcnt'xicntin3g liiuors and1(
dirugs, and1: honi no1(C1(t hi cli~slally acnd
ilss oif thel klani.''
It is ('hariged] inl th i ll 2hat the
Ku' Klux KIlan origaniz('d at Athlnta
hlas not compilied aw-Ith the laws of
Tenneossee by filng a coipy of Its ('har1
ter and is thleref'ore not1 enctitled t(o opl
erate in this5 state. It is fur'ther clatinm
ed that Imper'ial Wizard Siithmons and1(
other offieials of the klan were en1
jolined by the suipeior (curt of Fiulto03
countty, (Georgia, firomh irevoking the
chiarter (of Lookout Klan.
Cyclops liayes denies thcat lhe has
w itheid money, parapihernalla or' oth
er prioperty of thce natilonal organiza
2.10n 0or that a demiandI had1 ever been
mladle upon3 him for' any suh pr'opeirty.
A jury is dlemanded to tr'y 21ce In
Young Men's Greatest Need.
It Is not book-learing young mien
n1(e'd. izor lucstrucition albotit this o(r
., tut ia st! 'eni. t.f t'ertebraew,
thnt w~'i ciause themn to be loyal to a
trust, to nct promptclyS, 'oncenitraite
Garin,-vme.t 'ut ad.~ " t
No Worms In a Healthy Chbd
Allbldrpn trogbled with Worms have a8u4
hcealthy coer,- which~ Indicates poor blood, and e a5Sf
r'ule, there Is more or i pas stomach distunra'Wce.
larly for two or three weqkeswill enrich the blood,
itaprove thodlgestion, end actah oageneralStrength
ening Tontcoto tho whole system, Nature will then
throycoff or dlie ltheworms,sudtheChildwllbe
inrfeet heal . Pea$M totake. 600 er bOttle.
The Quinine That Does Not Affec
the Ihead
Becauso or its tonic and laxativo ef
(''ablets) can be taken by anyonc
withut causing nervousness o ring
Ing in the lim(I. 1G. W. GROVE'S sig
%aturo on box. 30c.
Stite of South ('arolina,
1114un1ty% of lanurens.
IN T lit 3 1'lrLaT co irrT
'Irs. %. 1. C. FIening, a 1xec'utix of
it willU~ bew
Wae hayse
DeseVi I
the last will and test ament of fR. F
Fleminig, Sr., decea(sed, Petitionr,
Miss Louise Fleming, R. F. Fleming
Jr.,,11. C. Fleming, ar1le Wilson an<]
It. F. .Jones, Trustee iI Bankriuptcy
I'ursiUant to a decree iI the Probatt
Cout iIll tile ablove ca titled C1180, I
will S(11 at > blic tauctioni to the high.
vst biddler, Oil salesilay ill October,
1922, I rrout of the o urt house, (1be
at laurens, South Carolina, during the
R EC-4 U. S
e just received
ricotine, Poiret
These are the se
rth your while
before you bu3
Suits and
Lots of suits an<
coats of all new ani
up-to-date styles
models that will jus
catch your ey6. Price
to suit all.
Laurens' Best Store.
usual hours of sale, all that lot, pilece.
or parcel of lan( situate, lying aid
belig Ill (lie '1oWn of Litureiis, Couinty
of Laurenis, State of Soutli Carolina,
fronting twenty-five feet and live Inch
es oil public square and running back
'ig (tyilvc feer and occupied by -11
Ing Birothiers Jewelry "Store, 11110 " ,
ed on the north by lot of J. k). C.
I leming, east by public square, south
by lPalintieto Bank andl~ west by lot of
J. J. Howlnd. Also varehouse lot
situated, lying and being in the ''own
of Iautrens, County of laaurens, State
. PAT. OFF..
this week one
Twill, Silks an,
ason '5 newest ci
to see these nift
r. Prices to suil
Wool, I
One lot wool<
Twills, Tricotine:
ens in all new an<
sizes 14 to 44.
$11.50 t
-Silk and Cr,
t One lot silk and
kinds and colors, ju
s Ths are the very ri
* Sizes 14 to 44.. Pri,
A $11:50ti
...-Quality Madke n S
of South Carolina, and bounded by
Ilanlds of J. 0. C. Fleming, lands of
.\lrS. W. W. JOIes, Public street, and
perhaps others.
''erms of Pale: One-third eash and
tho balanec In two equal annual in
stalinients with interest from dato it
the rate of eight per cent :)(er annum.
'Purchaser to have the option to pay all
(!1ash. Pur chaser to pay for statupl)
and papers.
Mdil S. %. S. C. PMISNG,
0xeculdrix of the will of It. F.
Fleming, i)eceasOd. 9-3t
big lot of
di Crepes of
reations and
y and up-to
Iresses in Poiret
3 and other wool
I snappy models;
o $29.50
epe Dresses
crepe dresses of all
st from the factory.
ewest of the season.
ees from
0 $34.5Q

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