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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 13, 1922, Image 8

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When You Buy Tires, Buy the Best
It is Cheaper in the Long Run
Are good tires and we unhesitatingly
recommend them to our customers. They
have a reputation to uphold.
We Do Vulcanizing and Any Kind of Tire
and Tube Repair Work
"Built Me Up"
USED Cardii for years strengthened me and, as'twas
and it did me more good recommended to do, it reg u
than any medicine I ever lated and built re up till I
was like another woman."A
utsed," writes Mrs. M. C. If you are weak, run-down
Ragsdale, of Fort Towson, and feel that you need a tonic,
Okla. "I used to stiffer with take Cardui, the woman's
* woiimanly trouble that weak- tonic, the tonic about which
ened me until I was a mere you have always heard, the
tonic that helps weak women
shadow, nervous, and could regain their strength.
not sleep. I (lid not feel like Cardui acts on the womanly
I could live. system and helps relieve pain
"It seemed that nothing and discomfort due to female
1elped mle till I heard of Try Cardui, today, for your
Cardui and began to use it. It trouble.
a a
a The Woman's Tonic
a H D *Aal~a *
An Underpriced
The CW Battery
(Wood Separator) has
quality plates, selected
cedar wood separators.
Built right, of all new,
high-grade materials. 6-volt
Easily the best low- 11-plate
priced bat tery you can $16.15
Sizes to fit all cars. Other sizes at
islightly higher
Laurens Storage Battery Co.
West Laurens St.
Phone 440
Willard Batteries
and Batteries
....For Sale By....
+++ +
'1 -I 10 -, +' +' + ++ + +1'
I ttt tte i:i le ft' h l'a I tt Fiele
1 itt1it etity prevlltni litei brl was
he it - sster. IElizablh l oh s n
wh bit a n sallowrtthe weddintgtt iing.
ith htiid ntcred w itt her broth r,
I.T. Johnsonll who11 giatve hv ai'. way,
lhey werIelet at the chattel by the
i e t i att h Iis brother, Charls
i ri '/ an. Th brite's gown wt bt
;ilvery metallic face headed with) crys
-11. It wa s at striking i 1s1tt 'ttt, nuid
-i waisated a tttiit heavy ttri
rainl of bridal Hai.ler cmoonet was
ir !,earls anul Oran..- bossoms aini her
rntlac veil was ornamnted
,vith a smaill spray of orange. blossomls
i the train. li ftight . ol tial hand
> lifl was ' valley lilies.
Mismml'tliately alft' thet ctremn iy a I
lrillialt recep ion was hebd al l th
tolt ' of the bride.
Mirs. ZimmIIermian is the daughlter of)
It lte l udge and .ltts. ltT.
lohnllsonI and one of' Spart anbuIIrg's;
Inost popular. young wometti.
. ln.Zimmerit itio is a member
)1, one of, the4 old families ofr this; se.
ion, is, a promi t nent t bilsus i1ins .nars -
tlis ' ity and .i ne mb'etI r of the city
.l3is t-'ran es i hnis F:14tt l ints
I' plitnenting It) s. It . .\. Cooper
id .ISS -latlr Sullivan , a A l- lect,
ttiso Prances D avis PntIitaitd a a
arge reciion Friday la ftern'oonAl from
live-b ltirty to six-i.tirty. Thf living
r it , rt ''ption hall and dining omli
wethrwn open fortte Ot asion adii
bautimft io rio ated with rall now' r st V
l'ink iost s being usIed in the dlining
r tii, tshri p ink zinnias in t h iv
ing rmt and calinlas in i the receptl
lietelvingttO with the hostess ' and thle
'iusts of hoor wirt . hts. Jaie Aavis,
mother of' the hestess. .\rs. N. It. D)ial,
\lIf. .\'. w. ullivan, ot Anderson, and
Mliss \Virginia StI llivan). At the end
> tit l in, \is trucite Owings, Alrs.
F. P1. AleGowanl and Aliss Riebecca Laake
I'ted tiertain. .\iss \'irgec inia Barks
laic introduced ith guests to the re
-t'int line aftera they wOeie I at Ite
loor. by .\liss lIbeeca I )ialI and .\ IIs .
Vance 11 rby.
From it he living ti (io t ges ts
weI Ushered into the dining iarooml by
Aiss sadi Sullivan and l rs. Itice
N'iekels, where at a1 beautifully ap
ointed table. .\lr. Claude Fergus o
Ind lars. Carit l .liller ec t pinek andtI
ite ic cream. They were assisted
i Serving by Alisses Fann 11 it, D ia 1,
Ptalherin tOwigs, Ellrise g.\illr and
lani. iloii les Davis, and inl entltlaitn
ng by \lrs. Jack I . Davis, 'f.Clinton,
nd .\Miss Irei ay.
In the reept"ion hall .\isses M1ary:
)wvings, I'aaura Emily Dial and .\art ha
11arksdale hadl charge of the pun, ICh
The CHARACTER of the MEN as well as their
financial responsibility had to be founnd 0. I. befo'n
we could become a member of the FEDERAL RE
SERVE system of banks.
Being a Member Bank of this National Svstem
means that our bank is one of a vast, stro.g CHAIN
of banks linked- together for the protection (f our
When your money is in our bank you can GET
it when you WANT it---because we can take our se
curities any time to our Central Reserve Bank and
get MONEY.
We add 4 per cent. incerest.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank,
The Enterprise National Bank
N. B. DIAL, President C. H. ROPER, Cashier
ma~ -
I''erehiun .llissiona1 ary as Supplf~y ini lan.U
At IIt Itlornlla servi le ist Silu
iy at Ile ! irst IBiptist chillch, o Ol the
I co1 ninlendation of t e boa rad of Itn
eonis, t he (htrh1 1in liniously vote(
an invitation to the 1 Ie4V. .1. Wash
WalI s to sulppfly as ast 0 liof ( hrch
d ring the I1onths of Otoher and No
ve!bhert , and longer 1oInIg to the exi
recli s of the gituatiott at h ti ne.
The i sign1atij.)on of the Iastor. the
ibv %*. II. T* t le n wa1a n nn.
a1111 acceptol 1-ed last Sunda,1Y. to take ef
I% et Ihe iast SuIndaly ill Sep14tC1t)eie'. It
is considertei likely that it reinires
two or thrl-e Inlonths toI seenre1- a new
irnstor. lin the interhnl the lRev. '\Mr.
W;atts has consented to le the ating
pastor. .\ir. Watts ., his wife and child.
had expect-4d to SaIil for), l'alestinle,
the1re to engagle in mlissionalry workIj
)ut tvinlg to del:y i k1ining ass
4)rtIs in to 1:. 13 lishi '(311 tot ted c ( 4i -
its Ilr missiollar'iess. accordillg to a re
ent elinig whL3!(h 'relluires that ap
proval of MItIh Uasspot1ts he llrSt oh
tained from inghand. The state de
rIntent had~ issud) the passports. btit
it will nlow take sevevral weeks to 111,ak.
Ithe e'Nxchanlges in order for .\Mr. Watt.
-nd his faily to saii. Periljssiont
fro4m (he foreign mllisi 4o ) imard. une(Itri'
1\hich M\r. anld Mrts. Walls will oper
me ablroad, w.as obtalineri by wi\y\
tertiav for .\il. at ts 1) take 11) th
bilpolary pastolraIt.e of the4' I l1anIens I
Pa ist 1 ,Ich IIrch II .on the rct ire ent of
the Rtev. .\ll. T m lm n
At th4e s Iam hi tI m'1 orn1I4Iins g al
chl( :ng the 1 arl I' dtea''onls, wasI
Card ofi Thanks
I'lcas. allow nMwxa' to thankI
she and he wIli) ;! m . and a
prom ise that I wil! conti ll' to do ily
bst tfoI al l te :- or ia r.11n4
cIoIIy. I thank you. very, very mnch.
.I0. V. W WvATS.
The Right
That's our job m- --
on you. Not ju
would look good
a man like you.
We can do that, too,
permit you to select,
iri our window displa
If's causing a lot of<
If you're going to bu
row-it will tell you
vice by getting the "
Laurens, S. C.
Hat on the Right Man
to sell you a fall hat that looks good
st a good-looking hat, or one that
on Jim or Bill, but one designed for
because we've the range of styles that will
just the proper thing. Proof enough of that
Y this week---.by the way, have you seen it?
y a new hat, see that unusual window tomor
quickly why this store performs a real ser
right hat for the right man."
:ed $4.00 to $6.50
Clothing Company,
*Greenwood, S. C

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